Zhan Long Chapter 1365

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Sees my complexion to be not quite good, Lin Wan Er asked in side.

„In game had an accident." My speechless [say / way]: „After a series, instead was more troublesome, really has a headache."

Lin Tiannan said with a smile: „Since the ancient times is fights to win the state power easily, to defend the landscape to be difficult, moreover person that many in this game, after unifying all lord cities, means that with the artificial enemy of entire server, only many will not be short with the person who you will oppose, bringing Wan Er to go back earlier, solved the matter in game has been able to accompany her with single-hearted devotion."


I nod, stand up saying: „That next time again please several elders eat meal, next time I will treat."

The old men said resentfully: „Your boy will be also natural treats, was Sun leaves from the west side simply."

I let go to express very innocently, Tang Qi packed dashi to bring to go back one to make the midnight snack in the evening hotly, claimed that after all this was the fish of own fishing gear, ate is quite fragrant.


About 8 : 00 pm, arrives in dwelling, goes upstairs the Wan Er back room, after kissing goodbye, immediately went to the room, managed the proper business!

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Appears in the scarlet mountain range, discovered that the palace guard, the vault of heaven armed forces and cold uncultivated land Dragon's den army retreated, the wound barracks of palace guard completely have also broken camp to go, what replaces it is one crowd of Hybrid Demon are bustling about is building a new stone fortress in the scarlet mountain range, these Hybrid Demon are the Pearl armies, but to me is not very friendly appearance, the distant grinning carnassial tooth lowers roars.

I have not haggled over, original Hybrid Demon is impossible to tame, so long as they obeyed in the order of Pearl were no longer good for the enemy with Tian Ling Empire, the empire with the entire day under has wanted influence alone to be an enemy now, was really is incapable of dealing with northern Hybrid Demon again.

Examines the good friend, has sent a news to Yan Zhao Warrior: „Uncle, how?"

Yan Zhao Warrior replies one: „You a bit faster return to Tian Ling Empire, do not walk from the ground, flies in the space directly, we meet in your Xiao Yao Wang Fudi, I had the person of past immediately."


Pulls out City Return Scroll, that moment white light twinkle that returns to the city, but the player in Tian Ling Empire east gate square is not many, emerges the countless NPC common people from the city actually unceasingly, some of my surprise, aren't these common people should cultivate outside fertile farmland? Does this all go to the city come what's the matter?

Rises straight from the ground, god shape changed the body fires into the shallow forest to grant my mansion, this was also in the city most luxurious the mansion besides the imperial palace, the maidservant quantity expanded 50 people from the original 20 people, guard who in addition entered 300 palace guards, truly might be considered as impregnable...... It is not right, seems not impregnable, outside the Xiao Yao king mansion for several thousand common people, complexions is unexpectedly red, resented that appearance, is throwing the stone to the mansion and is cursing loudly.


My moral nature sank, bends down, fell in the yard in mansion directly, Yan Zhao Warrior brought Lin Qiong, Tantai feather two to command the level military officer to stand with dozens soldiers in the mansion yard, moreover more than 100 palace guard swords left defending of sheath outside the front door, guarded against these common people to burst.

„What's the matter?" After falling, asking that I am confused.

Yan Zhao Warrior said: „Haven't you looked to understand? We were attacked...... Moreover was attacked by the empire civilians, is incapable of counter-attacking radically, really irritated."

„Special details?" I continue to closely examine.

Nearby, Jing Yin holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Your highness, since you lead the vault of heaven armed forces and palace guard goes to the scarlet mountain range to expedite, in the empire range raises has been called ‚righteousness pledge' the influence, they hit ‚the equality and everybody are taking responsibility since birth' the slogan, instigated the empire civilians to revolt against the aristocrat to rule, was known as the lord of any world, only then sovereign, other aristocrats were the mean ganefs . Moreover, their essential targets revolt against the club law, requested to dissolve the army, but we were cruel warlord who in their eyes must overthrow ‚'......"

„Cruel warlord?"

I smile: „Mother, we, if the cruel warlord already did send out the palace guard to suppress really now? Lin did Qiong, this matter your majesty know?"

Lin Qiong holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Your highness, your majesty has known this matter, but he also has no alternative, these common people flaunt the banner of support sovereign to do these matters, moreover is only one group of stirred up common people, your majesty said that these are the subjects in empire, cannot injure their lives, therefore we absolutely do not have the reason of suppression."

Nearby Han Yuan makes a fist saying: „In my opinion, might as well build up the 100,000 palace guards outside city directly, wields the armed forces to enter in the city, kills not to remain these rioters!"

I stared his one eyes: „Cannot talk nonsense, your majesty ordered unable the military force to suppress, your how dare this?"

The Han deep pool lowers the head hurriedly: „End will make an indiscreet remark, your highness excuses me."

I pat his shoulder, said: „Didn't have other means? Yanzhao uncle, you hold the spear greatly, really won't always be at a loss?"

Yan Zhao Warrior shrugs: „What means can I have? I was suspecting now, this what dog P righteousness pledge who boils the excrement person secretly is, can be now the emperor?"

„Should......" I not hesitate: „The previous shallow forest almost tears to pieces the facial skin with me, such will quickly not always make the silly matter to come, said again, now the tiger tally military authorities of major armies have almost given Ministry of War, Ministry of War Shangshu is your majesty trusted subordinate, is equal to the military authority under entire day almost in the flight of steps leading to a palace hall starts, he does not need to dissolve the army, this is gets rid of one's capable subordinates."

Yan Zhao Warrior nods: „Also said is......"

Jing Yin shows a faint smile, said: „I obtain some news actually, heard this righteousness pledge initiates officially in a secondary main city."

„, Which secondary main city?" I asked.

„North Sea city, north the Port City pond of side situated in iron skull, this city by a marquis heavy will be guarding, was known as that is north the first vassal of boundary, in the city gathered more than ten million common people, it is said some first people hear righteousness pledge phrase time in the North Sea city, moreover in the North Sea city continuously some quacks appear in iron skull city, Full Moon City and fire Yun City, Tian Ling Empire and other cities, I suspected that the righteousness pledge and North Sea city has the complicated relations."

I slightly one astonished, has not thought that can be the North Sea city.

The Yan Zhao Warrior straight eyebrows slanting upwards and outwards tighten said: „This explained that must pass, although the North Sea city belongs to the Chinese area, however ruler in fact is a vassal, momentarily possibly changes the flag to change thought that moreover the player leaders in North Sea city are the sky rose are the original iron skull city players of head, the American will definitely not make us rule the world easily, did not give us to select pleasantly surprised feels strange."

„Righteousness pledge...... The righteousness pledge......" in my mouth has chewed several this phrases, said: „First, cannot begin to these NPC common people, otherwise definitely will lose the popular support! I have looked at the city management interface of Xiao Yao king, Tian Ling Empire popular sentiment is 97%, now fell to 82%, if we set out the military strength to suppress, the popular sentiment will also drop lower and lower, if to below 70%, will have caused the population outflow and army to be lax, city was in bad repair and other consequences, Tian Ling Empire now is the first under heaven city, we were certainly prudent."

„This......" Yan Zhao Warrior is somewhat surprised, has probably not thought that also has such subtle relations, touches the nose saying: „Why my holds the spear contact surface unable to see any data about popular sentiment greatly?"

„Nonsense, you are the main military, my this Xiao Yao king is a director."

„Good, did the words in the final analysis, what means have?"

My brow raises: „No!"

„Does not have the means you also such flamboyant to roar, I took you really!"


At this time, suddenly „Bang", the mansion front door transmitted a bang, as if some people pounded the front door at the bang, but this iron gate is firm in thick, short Cooldown wants to score is impossible.

On Dragon Xing the face passed over gently and swiftly to kill intent, has placed on the hand the sword hilt, the complexion cold, to nearby the palace guard of dozens temple Knight levels shouted to clear the way: „The Xiao Yao king is the world is supreme, who dares to dash the palace, immediately executes summarily!"

I beckon with the hand: „No, Dragon Xing do not impulse, they should be insufficient to clash, in brief, cannot make these common people be injured, otherwise the consequence will be serious."

„Yes!" These palace guard military officers were really too loyal and devoted, always followed to me.

„Should come did not evade, cannot hide for a lifetime." I sighed, said: „Comes the person, opens the door, I must talk with these common people, having a look at them to want anything."


Several temple Knight open the door rapidly, in that moment that the front door opens, outside common people have held up the flare, on faces has the anger, a leading People sound to exclaim: „This crowd of turtle eggs dare to open the door finally, to!"

That person wears a white clothing, in the hand is also grasping a handle thin sword, looks like not too likely is the common people, I knit the brows, the strength of imperial day starts, ran out of the palace suddenly, the invisible within supernatural power pushes one group of common people completely in out cannot move, Saint light are glittering in my body Zhou Liudong actually, looks at one group of people outside city, I said lightly: „I am Li Xiao Yao, do you want to do?"

„, Is he Xiao Yao king? Once held the spear greatly?"

„Is Li Xiao Yao, is your highness......"

„Your highness came personally!"

Many people could not control to kneel down, but that white clothing person actually deeps frown shouted to clear the way lowly: „Remember, you are the same with him, is since birth equal, we are not the outcastes, entire day, only then sovereign is worth kneeling, gives me to get up completely!"


Kills intent to ascend from the bottom of the heart, at this moment, not having what thought to butcher this white clothing person to be stronger than a sword.

However, I suppress, raises the sound track: „You are the subjects in day of plume empire, is the member in this country, do you arrive at the palace today for what?"

One group of common people dumbfounded, make excuses could not speak.

This white clothing person vision is actually chilly, said: „Burns down the palace, crushes your royal power, dismisses the palace guard, but also world clear and bright peaceful!"

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Zhan Long Chapter 1365

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