Zhan Long Chapter 1366

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„Right, dissolves the army, the world combined into one, does not need to want the army again!"

Common people loud should with, the quick one after another person raise the fist together, the loud request dissolves the army, after several minutes, all people indignantly request to dissolve the army, but these people have not requested to burn down the palace, after all this is the matter that the ordinary common people cannot think.

„This group of idiots were brainwashed well seriously." Yan Zhao Warrior smiles helplessly.

The forest arched is raising the long sword, lets somebody cool off or calm down loudly shouted to clear the way: „Shuts up to me! Unexpectedly also wants to burn down the palace? Your things of this crowd of serving the interest of outsiders, if no Xiao Yao king to lead the palace guard to fight up and down the country, times defeat the Hybrid Demon army, you can also jump for joy here? Perhaps you already have become the Hybrid Demon supper, simply is stupid, you have dissolved the army today, tomorrow will wait to be trampled by the oppression of the people of enemy, your wife and children will be devastated by the personal enemy!"

Lin Qiong is legitimate family background military commander, is Jiu Li City first, now will see I so was shamed naturally cannot tolerate.

The young people, were too impulsive, this time he did not have much difference with the Han deep pool.


I raise the arm, said: „Everybody calm down a bit, I know, this world has too much is not equal, the gap between common people and an aristocrat already should level, but after is not matter in one single day, if the aristocrat injures the common people are the natural justice is intolerable, the common people did injure the aristocrat to enforce justice on behalf of Heaven? My some gold coins, everyone 5, after receiving, do not come out to cause trouble again."

Saying, pulls out crash-bang one pile of gold coins to sprinkle from the package on the ground.

Immediately one group of common people Qi Qi kneeling down, said loudly: „Many thanks your highness! Many thanks world!"

They majority are the poor people, 5 gold coin enough whole family one year of expenses, but here outside has several thousand people, I was also spend to exempt the disaster.

That white clothing person also wants to say anything again, I actually walked to go forward, single-handed distant grasps, god arm [Defeat the Dragon] his to the side, a thumb buckle, blocked his throat to keep it from suddenly directly occurring, shows a faint smile, said: „This mister opinion is original, very makes the person admire, I will recommend you for the empire potency, please come along with me!"

Area, he had been caught the palace by me gently, Han Yuanzhua chicken same raises it in the hand, he just about to curses angrily is hit by a Han deep pool maliciously palm of the hand on the face, a fiery red piece, has fainted immediately, really will be will only show off the waste of glib lips.

Disbanded the common people outside palace, my even more is sad.

Outside, quick saw that Xia Yedai 2000 + palace guards has been catching up, some soldiers have been wounded, the armor was pulled crooked, even some long spear handles stiffly had been broken by smashing with stone, Xia Ye instigates the warhorse to skice goes forward the kneeling tunnel: „Your highness, are you all right? End future late......"

„I am all right, they how?" I look the palace guard who is wounded asked.

Xia Ye said: „Hateful righteousness pledge intertwined several thousand common people to stop up on the king main road, has forbidden the patrolling city duty of palace guard, even I brought the person came the palace execution protection duty the time also by them is obstructed, unavoidablily, end can only lead numerous palace guard officers to clash their human walls to come forcefully."

I one startled: „Won't you have injured these common people?"

„No, end will not be muddled." Xia Ye gained ground to show a faint smile.

I also feel quite happily, in the several Yorozuo lengths of palace guard was Xia Ye and scenery sound two people calmest, calm.


„Your highness......" he starts to speak but hesitates.

„What matter also has?" I asked.

Xia Yedao: „Not is only in the emperor capital city, presented many common people on Liancheng outside, they besiege the palace guard, imperial guard and flame Dragon Jun's military compound, even also used the crossbow arrow to kill our many soldiers, many military officers have soon been driven beyond the limits of forbearance, whatever this situation continued, perhaps Tian Ling Empire wanted the real chaos."

I nod, have swept a contact surface of empire city, the popular sentiment value such that only then 78%, such as I have expected, if we finding not as soon as possible instigated people to cut to kill him secretly, perhaps this civil strife has also continued, and this our enemy cannot move with the object of sword, the common people, could not injure!

„Too headache...... Yes?" Yan Zhao Warrior smiles to me.

„Can you also smile?" I shot a look at his one eyes, said: „This type of weaponry I first time has dealt with, really...... Compared with going forth to battle to go to war also difficultly, simply wants the human life."

„It is not." Yan Zhao Warrior smiles: „I lived the most lifetime, has not come across such thorny matter, the enemy is too deceitful, has not thought that the sky rose will play such one to us, is not simple!"

„Won't uncle you have a liking for others?"

„That cannot, ethnic enmity, absolutely irreconcilable!"


Again soon, Han Yuan, the dragon whetstone two people raised that white clothing person of suffocation to walk, said with a smile: „Your highness, examined result to come!"

I do not need to look that also knows way that they interrogate, but this is best.


„Um." Dragon Xing a nod, said: „The organization of this righteousness pledge is detailed strict, has a big deacon, the subordinate 3 [gold/metal] deacons, 10 silver deacons and 25 copper manages with 300 iron deacons, the status of this fellow is not low, is a silver deacon! Your highness, what to do we with him, reduce the head, worships us by the brothers who the righteousness pledge cruelly harms?"

„No." I beckon with the hand: „Cannot impulse, perhaps this person also a little uses, leading him to go the imperial palace to see right in front of one your majesty with me together, must make the sovereign know that this matter, we later handled affairs cannot act arbitrarily."


The gold practices level Cooldown, on the Tian Ling Empire king main road the extraordinary quietness, the player are miserable, majority has gone out of town to practice the level to go, but the player who makes the regiment system task is helpless, the condition of today did not have the means to make the duty normally, moreover made „righteousness pledge" like this do, perhaps, did not need to make the regiment duty, because the regiment did not exist.

If this righteousness pledge makes the Tian Ling Empire popular sentiment value fall to below 70%, causes the city to disintegrate, population to drain massively, that can only say that the sky rose was really too fierce, this move was one move removes firewood from under the pot simply, did not give Tian Ling Empire any means of livelihood.


Arrives at the imperial palace time, is very accidental, at least over 1000 players gather here, military rank qualified is allowed to enter the main hall, other is waiting outside completely, when I bring Han Yuan, forest arched and the others are entering the main hall, discovered that Fang Ge Que, Drunken Spear, Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han, Ye Lai and Mu Xuan and the others, it seems like everybody is very anxious to this matter.

In fact is also this, sky rose in the past to our tactics completely was oppression of the people [Assault], this time was actually a soft knife, was very sinister and ruthless, unexpected was not good!

„Does Xiao Yao, come including you?" Fang Ge Que said with a smile.

I nod reluctantly: „Does not come good, the backyard must be given a fire point to get up shortly!"

Ye Lai laughs: „Engagement is joyful, Brother!"

„Ha, thanks!"

I have arrived at the front line, Lin Qiongya that white clothing person is following close on, this time toward meeting in main hall at least over 500 people, soon has gathered together, the shallow forest wears the sovereign imperial robe to sit on the throne, after seeing me to come, immediately stands up, said: „Li Master, who is this person?"

„A righteousness pledge silver deacon."

I lift a foot to trample this person to kneel down, then gained ground saying: „Your majesty, the matter of righteousness pledge should you also know?"

The shallow forest nods: „Um, slightly has hearing, they are flaunting my banner, publicizes since birth the equal slogan everywhere, actually from some perspective, since birth equal these words not wrong, the hero did not ask the source, right Li Master?"

I nod with a smile: „These words truly yes right, but the matter managed mistakenly, they supported your majesty, actually the request dissolved the army, deeply does not know after having dissolved the army, your majesty landscape shortly will also surrender something submissively."

Nodding the head that shallow Lin Shen to be so: „Li Master said is extremely!"

Saying, he looks to this white clothing person, said: „You name, what background?"

In the vision that this silver manages proud intent has not escaped actually, raises the head saying: „Common people named Liu Weiming, one of the righteousness pledge ten big silver deacons, supports your majesty rule wholeheartedly, but the aristocrat system tormented the world to be too long in my opinion, must eradicate all aristocrats, on this day, only then a person can dominate above the common people, that was your highness."

The shallow forest said joyfully: „Continued."

Liu Weiming: „Righteousness pledge results from the western boundary mountain range, receives supporting of people, grows from more than 400 people to the present more than 300 million members, every day more than ten million people join the righteousness pledge, only essential meaning pledge, your majesty landscape, so long as there is a righteousness pledge, your majesty does not need to depend upon these only to meet the fly cutter again to make the boorish fellow of (spear gun)! Your majesty, Liu Weiming pleaded you, dismissed the palace guard and flame Dragon Jun and other armies, only kept an imperial guard protection city then, asking your majesty to approve common people's request!"

The shallow forest sneers, said: „You kept on proclaiming request to dissolve the army, said that must support my landscape, once all armies have all dismissed, wielded the person in landscape truly perhaps is your righteousness pledge big managed?"

Liu Weiming in a terrified way kneels down: „Your majesty, the common people are not this meaning, the common people are not this meaning! Your majesty please listens to me saying that since the righteousness pledge for the world Datong has been own duty, enforces justice on behalf of Heaven, captures the land in each region state county from the tyrannical gentry and senior official hand, apportions the poverty-stricken common people, this is also the reason that the common people support the righteousness pledge, but also invites your majesty bright mirror, the common people thoughts of returning home, this can create your such one generation of enlightened emperors!"

The shallow forest stares, on the quick face displaces is actually angry, pats the table suddenly, gets angry: „Do you dare to attack the land of state county city secretly?"

Liu Weiming knew that the speaking incorrectly words, kowtowed hurriedly: „Common people do not dare, we do not dare, the righteousness pledge does not dare......"

Situ firewood actually holds the fist in the other hand, said: „Your majesty, the righteousness pledge truly repeatedly attacks the government authorities of regional cities, plunders belongings sending out to give the people, makes regional noisily, almost soon worldwide chaos."

Shallow forest pain is grasping the fist: „You...... You instigated the innocent people to do the deal of treason as you like, this righteousness pledge was simply guilty of the most heinous crime, hateful and hateful, may get angry!"

Saying, the emperor looks to me: „Li Master!"

I stare: „Yes, your majesty."

„You are the Xiao Yao king, should Xiao Yao Zi Zai, but I...... I am really untrustworthy others, therefore can only lead the army to go to put down a rebellion by you, does not know that Li Shike does want?"

I am very speechless.

Yan Zhao Warrior in side joyfully: „Congratulates Xiao Yao, was near has also met to suppress the duty of peasant uprising......"

I stared his one eyes: „Your Sir......"

The shallow forest also said: „New holds the spear to obey orders greatly, is the vice general by you, leading the armed forces to follow Li Master to put down a rebellion together."

The flash Yan Zhao Warrior face was pale, making you take pleasure in others'misfortunes again!

Zhan Long Chapter 1366

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