Zhan Long Chapter 1367

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„Your majesty, is willing to supervise the matter of grain and fodder obsolete!" Wish the sea to hold the fist in the other hand to say suddenly.

I and Yan Zhao Warrior were not quite immediately comfortable, one side quite straightforward Ye Lai said directly: „Wish the sea duke and Li Xiao Yao is always inharmonious, if makes him supervise the grain and fodder to estimate that the palace guard must starve to death mostly."

The people laugh.

Wish the sea awkward, was mad to be blown in vain.

The shallow forest also said: „Yes sea male, you were over 80-year-old, said again before you and Li Master truly, has many misunderstandings, is sent under custody the grain and fodder not quite to be really appropriate by you, goes by others."

Wish the sea actually to insist that single Xigui on the ground, said: „Your majesty, was always obsolete old, but the empire has monopolized now, Li Master performs the unrivalled meritorious service, the eternity not two, obsolete will again act willfully and Li Shiguo? Requested that your majesty gives obsolete opportunity, making me supervise the grain and fodder, obsolete does not want any military authority, but there is any a rude place, Li Shike takes action first and explains later, asking your majesty to approve!"

The shallow forest one was shocked, wish to speak speaks of this situation, can that also say?

„Li does Master, you think?" Finally he inquired me.

I also hesitant lived, does not know that should let wish the sea to be responsible for the rear service, at this moment Situ Xin holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Your majesty, the sea is male, but end in addition the maturity, might as well by end male go to battle with the sea together, holds the post of the grain and fodder rear service the important matter, how doesn't know under your majesty intent?"

The shallow forest said with a smile joyfully: „On the general is willing to go to battle personally is the luck of empire, transmitted orders, Li Master leads Xiao Yao Wang Xian to assume the armed forces is the three services commander in chief, holds Commander Ge Weifu greatly, Lin Qiong, the Tantai feather two generals are the cutting edge, General Situ Xin, wish the sea duke to be the rear service general, goes to battle with the military strength and other to decide on entirely Youli the master!"

I nod: „Thanked your majesty!"

The people also 11 kneel down.

The shallow forest has gone down Wang Jie, is holding my arm, in the eye brings some not to abandon, said: „Li Master, your this moment should Xiao Yao outside the temple, but the righteousness pledge rebels, in the empire the civil and military complete in both person only has Li Master, therefore also exhausted Li Master once more goes to battle, the shallow forest crime, only has to be able in the day plume to await calmly Li Master to triumphal return! Li Master, which military officers you also need, but 11 points elected are, Tian Ling Empire defended firmly, left behind 50% imperial guards to resist any direction invading enemy."

I show a faint smile: „Does not use, had Lin Qiong, Situ Xin, the Tantai feather to go with me to be OK together."


„But, I hope that your majesty can issue asks for very announces, gathers the Tian Ling Empire adventurer to go together, such comparison is safer, does your majesty think?"

„Good, said according to Li Master then!"

My this is the player for Chinese area is begging the large-scale duty, finally was truly successful, Q-Sword, Yan Zhao Warrior and Fang Ge Que and the others claps the hands to laugh, said that anything the player on behalf of Chinese area thanked me and so on words, Tete polite made the person somewhat unable to bear.


After a half hour, the pre-war conference is held in the Xiao Yao king palace, all around full is the palace guard leads armor soldier, Lin Qiong, Situ Xin, the Tantai feather, to wish sea and the others, in the player Yan Zhao Warrior, Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han, Drunken Spear , etc. craved in the regiment system also remained, moreover Lin Wan Er brought Dong Cheng Yue and Yue Qing Qian also to come, since must expedite everybody is must go inevitably together.

On the giant sand table, was describing from the Eastern highest heaven city to West all terrains of iron skull city, entire mainland in the present.

Jing Yin selected with nearby the map of finger in iron skull city on, said: „The main force of righteousness pledge deploys troops for defense area this, but the information is inaccurate, after all was away from us to be too far, so long as our three services threatened the border, believes that these instead will have no place to go."

I nod: „That preparation transmits, making the palace masters in highest heaven city establish transmission outside the city, our army direct transmissions to the iron skull city, the adventurer used transmission on oneself."

„Good!" Q-Sword nods with a smile.

At this time, airborne ting fluttered, the large-scale duty came


System Announcement: Fellow players please note, is triggered the large-scale duty that by player Xiao Yao Zi Zai 【Stills the western boundary】 Has cleared, the player can transmit enters the iron skull city participation duty, in the duty kills the rebel army to obtain to put down a rebellion points, will put down a rebellion points to be possible 1 : 10 proportion exchange meritorious service, the points list first 3 players to obtain the extra rich reward after the war!


„Yo, rewards well, 1 : 10 proportion, before was 1 : 1!" Yan Zhao Warrior hey said with a smile.

Q-Sword is holding the extravagant sword, said with a smile: „It seems like can win promotion and get rich looks at this wave!"

Lin Wan Er walks arm in arm side me, said: „Husband, said in riches and honor danger to ask, 1 : 10 proportion makes me somewhat restless, I thought that definitely does not have any good deed, this duty is not absolutely simple."

Dong Cheng Yue nods: „I also like this think that husband......"

I shot a look at her one eyes: „Miss, I am not your husband......"

Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han hold the volume to laugh, ridiculed that my peach blossom whole body, Dong Cheng Yue draws my cloak to follow side me, is could not leave my appearance likely, without the means that, in fact I can accompany her and Wan Er Cooldown also truly is being fewer and fewer, can many some be some.

„What view do you have to this duty?" I asked.

Q-Sword shakes the head: „No, stills a peasant uprising, simple."

Ye Lai said: „Um, I do not have issue."

The short spear trick is wrinkling the straight eyebrows slanting upwards and outwards, said: „Actually, some monarchy truly many flaws, although this is in the game, but...... However I in fact very approve the righteousness pledge ‚since birth equality' this slogan, although the motive is not pure, but this slogan not wrong, we are the important military officers in regiment system, this time attended the war of putting down a rebellion, perhaps will have ‚helping an evildoer do evil' unavoidably the suspicion, when the time comes the common people in game will call us ‚executioner' and ‚the war machine of sovereign' and so on."

I somewhat sigh with regret, short spear trick truly a person of being individualistic, he pondered that the issue the angle is not quite same as us, but he said is reasonable, our times the war can only be called „protects empire complete war", is actually not a just war, regarding righteousness pledge organization, I hates its motive to be sinister, but in the final analysis, these instigated common people not wrong.

Held the sword hilt of butterfly sword, I said: „Do not think that many, we not wrong, the standpoint is different, the preparation, when the time comes has a look at the special details, little killed these misled common people as far as possible is OK."

Jing Yin holds the fist in the other hand: „Your highness is wise, Jing Yindai these innocent people thanked your highness in advance!"

I self-ridicule smile, actually in wants not to have what good thanks at heart, at this moment I truly turned into a war machine, executioner who helps shallow forest maintenance rule, actually...... I as if do not want to become this person, however is helpless, Cooldown and current situation push me to become the repugnant that person.


Outside Tian Ling Empire, a babel of voices, the army converges, this time we altogether used entered 50 thousand NPC armies, palace guard's beside 14 thousand people except wounded soldier went to battle completely, in addition vault of heaven armed forces 10 thousand person and strong wind from afar armed forces 10 thousand person and fall harvest armed forces 10 thousand people, moreover was 6 thousand imperial guards that Situ Xin led elite sends under custody the grain and fodder, these grain and fodder were levy from the iron skull city directly, from the head of household city, has not related in any case, but made me somewhat feel what apology was Yan Zhao Warrior and short spear trick has used the main force in oneself regiment, the strong wind from afar armed forces were Yanzhao uncle this hold the spear and to command greatly. The lifeblood, the fall harvest armed forces are also the strengthening of the armed forces that the short spear trick builds step by step, if there is a too big battle loss, I was really unfair to them.

The hoofbeat thunders, heavy cavalry of one group of palace guards has crashed in transmission rapidly, went to the iron skull city, but the player armies already transmission from city transmitted another main city, the present Chinese players have the absolute mobile superiority, all 1 level of main cities of world are our, we can transmit from the map East border region to the Western border region directly, this is the superiority that other servers do not have.


At present the white light dodges passes, I also appeared in the iron skull city, immediately summoned raspberry, shot up to the sky, circles to direct one crowd of Yorozuo long communities to go out of town in the place above of army, the army population were too many, enough one hour completely shifted outside the city, this was in the game, the action was quite rapid, changes into the reality, 50 thousand armies shifted go out of town, a day has not been unlikely.

Not far away, Li Mu is raising the pointed weapons, rides the big dragon, Ha Ha said with a smile: „Preparation Xiao Yao? Also must go to war, this time weaponless match......"

Lin Wan Er is also riding Little Bai, refuted with a smile: „Li Mu, do not have a low opinion of the enemy, the NPC common people who these join the righteousness pledge are not weaponless, in the picture that I from transmitting saw that their many people were fully-armed, it is said North Sea city that Monarch Hou oversee the manufacture of the pointed weapons to provide to the righteousness pledge personally!"

I was somewhat speechless: „North Sea city good and evil is to also be the city of day of plume empire rule, unexpectedly the flagrant such rebellion, did not have the natural justice simply, the Coordinate of confirmation sky rose?"

Yue Qing Qian is riding a roaring flame flaming phoenix, does not know mount where does, does not know how she learns the equestrian skill, but shook the head to say with a smile: „Does not know that our warhawks ride to search sky over the North Sea city, the alert of sky rose was too strict."

„Um, indifferent."

I beckon with the hand: „True definition pledge main army where?"

„Determined." Wan Er said: „On the plains of West, called the moonlit night plain, it is said gathered many people, moreover there is a player in US war zone to enter the righteousness pledge, revolted against our tyranny together......"

„Good complex......"

I touch the forehead, turns around to say to distant place loudly: „Dragon whetstone, prepares the dragon crystal artillery and invincible might artillery!"

„Yes, Your highness!"

Zhan Long Chapter 1367

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