Zhan Long Chapter 1368

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The moonlit night plain, length and breadth land situated in iron skull city West, here is one piece herded the region, is living wild horse, antelope, prairie wolf and other animals, but these animals have not existed now, what replaces it is a dense and numerous crowd, at least tens of millions people crowded gather on the plain, is in the majority by the common people.

However their weapons likely are not so are wise, many people who Wan Er said even take are cutting the bread the shovel of knife and hoeing and other clumsy iron hardware, absolutely does not have what battle efficiency.


„Really is the peasant uprising......" short spear trick sighed that said one.

I also somewhat sighed that ordered: „Heavy shield camp, the lineup, they do not attack, we cannot attack on own initiative!"

„Yes!" The Han deep pool nods.

One crowd raised emphatically the barbarian palace guard in abundance cloth of shield has become shield, the vault of heaven armed forces, the strong wind from afar armed forces and fall harvest armed forces in abundance lineup, was also orderly with our arrays, equipment complete compared with, the army of opposite party simply really looked like one group of motley crew.


The long blade in Han deep pool revolved slightly, he stares at the front, in the eye is passing an awkwardness, turns around to look to me: „Your highness, can we really with these almost weaponless common people fight?"

„They were misled, has become the enemy in empire, if they act willfully, can regard as the brave fighter them." My light saying, some are not at heart happy, actually I am same as Han Yuan, we are willing to challenge the powerful match, but does not rely on with these common people who bullies the weak battles.

Still remembers that initially our pledge was „fights for the weak one", what now our are the actions?

Suddenly, my heart like is receives the heavy blows to strike, is quite uncomfortable, but otherwise, can we be what kind of? Looks that the righteousness pledge crushes Tian Ling Empire, looks that our many brothers like this have all efforts wasted with the road of King the blood does pave? No, we cannot achieve, at this moment, only has to take up the butcher knife, this is our only choices.


The distant place, battle drum sound starts to thunder, behind the numerous peasant armed forces has the army, their battle drum sounds were starting to urge that the farmer armed forces started attack.

The front line, on throws over worn-out leather armor, in the hand is grasping a farmer armed forces leader of handle short sword to raise the short sword high, on the face is angry and shouts oneself hoarse is bellowing: „Compatriots, to be free, for equality, attack! We are since birth equal, is always not the slave of this group of empire running dogs, the attack!"

Was unavoidable!

My vision one cold, said: „Archer prepares, shoots their offensive!"

One group of heavy cavalries have raised the bow crossbow in abundance, the tidal farmer armed forces flushed, was distanced has shot Going out less than 100 meters time our bow and arrow, spread the day to block out the sun, flash blood incarnadine earth, crowded arrow arrow „puff puff" in the body of injection innocent people, casualty many people, but these people were very crazy, after many people arrow, actually as before forward dashed about wildly.

„Is this believes the equal the strength?" Jing Yin dumbfounded standing there, making her dance the long sword to meet these weaponless people, she cannot achieve.

Even linked many archers to slow down the speed of archery, they same were not cruel enough.

„Bang bang bang......"

The flesh and blood hit on the heavy shield of palace guard, these is the person of doughhead and farmer raised „pointed weapons" in abundance, pricks in the bread blade and manure fork the mail-armor and helmet of palace guard, a blood spatters in all directions, we are not willing to kill them, but they actually in crazy is slaughtering our soldiers.

Clenches teeth suddenly, I hold up long sword, said loudly: „Attack!"

The front palace guard already felt suffocated, raises the long blade in abundance, cuts off the head of opposite party, quick what person had scruples the match on nobody again is, in their eyes, these farmers and doughheads were the enemies, can kill own enemy.

The player team also launched the offensive, Li Mu and Wang Jian has led the [Zhan Long] melt god cavalry to advance the past, was almost slaughtering by the potential of conquering by killing.

The both sides great disparity in strength, less than farmer armed forces of a half hour of opposite party the rout in population insufficient 10% China area crack troops, this large-scale duty was hurried, player who coming also less than 200 thousand, in addition NPC army also on 250 thousand, in population absolute inferiority, but in the strength is actually the superiority of crush.

Fresh common people degenerated into corpse, when their battle losses surpass 10%, many people started the rout to flee and become separated, this is also the result that I want, the peasant uprising, was killed to exceed 10% times should also total military defeat.

Dead ahead, distant has heard hoofbeat, is the army of North Sea city, about 10 thousand person high and low appearances , a cutting edge military officer is raising the lance, one time punctures military deserter common people suddenly selects to kill, on the face full is the spunk, loudly exclaimed: „Righteousness pledge big deacon and North Sea city god Sir Hou leads to come personally, the people do not fear the despotic power of empire running dog, we can achieve this success!"

Hears the name of righteousness pledge big deacon, many military deserters looked like have knocked medicine same rapid turning head, turned around to attack to kill.

Was this wave has attacked, the army that so long as we defeated the North Sea city god marquis won total victories!

„Attacks their main camps!"

I am ordering loudly, opens the god shape to bring Wan Er and Yue Qing Qian and the others to advance forward, the army of main heavy cavalry and North Sea city of palace guard attacks in together, but Li Mu and Wang Jian immediately understanding leads the [Zhan Long] melt god cavalry to cover from the flank kills the impact, the left is Q-Sword leads one crowd of [Hero's Mound] riding war to be the player attacks, has been doomed in the flash of contact the failure of North Sea city army.

It is not out of the anticipation, less than the 10 thousand armies in 20 minutes of North Sea city on the rout, they were only a NPC army of secondary lord city, how also possibly was first under heaven city Tian Ling Empire the match of NPC army.

Distant, saw the colors of North Sea city god marquis, but I killed the past time does not see the person's shadow, sees only distant place mist and dust, Han Yuanti the long blade was saying: „That nonsense god marquis ran away, Sir, what to do can we, pursue?"


I said without hesitation: „Massacres this any North Sea god marquis, even if were stills this rebels."



On plain in great confusion, many Tian Ling Empire players are chasing down the common people of revolting to gain to put down a rebellion recklessly points, although somewhat despises, but I am unable to prevent, is being killed by them, although this game designs more and more user-friendly and exquisite, but many people regard a game it after all as before, what human nature since is the game also discusses and morals?

The Tian Ling Empire army pursues the several thousand defeated troops of North Sea god marquis to head west, they have not stayed, we have not stayed, in addition also has [Zhan Long], [Hero's Mound] and [Prague] three big Guild players, was also towed as for [Legend], [Judgement] and other Guild in behind, because has encountered one group of US war zone players' interception, had a fierce battle mostly.

On the plain the cold wind howls, here map as if already Shua new, when with my previous time comes Chi You tribe terrain not to be completely different, most remarkable is in the south border region, the map ZONE direction presented a piece of continuous mountain range, above the mountain range has soared to the heavens the barrier together, looked from afar somewhat was actually magnificent.

„Is Xishan."

Yan Zhao Warrior pouts, said: „Map that recently Shua came out, but nobody can pass Xishan, does not know that this North Sea god marquis is making any ghost."

I knit the brows: „Somewhat was always tempted feeling, nearby this Xishan definitely has the ambusher."

Q-Sword smiled: „Xiao Yao you were too oversuspicious, knot of Xishan is map ZONE, did not have the map toward the west again, the player and NPC could not pass!"

„Right?" The Lin Wan Er delicate eyebrows raise, are pointing at the distant place: „Do you have a look at the army of North Sea city to do?"


Q-Sword looked at the past, actually discovery that was called „North Sea god marquis" launched a golden reel, the reel has sent out to soar to the heavens the ray, opened a front door on map ZONE knot rapidly, his army filed.

„Does the ZONE south have map?" Q-Sword in great surprise.

„We what to do?" Yan Zhao Warrior asked.

„So long as solves North Sea god marquis, we can solve the righteousness pledge to be chaotic, after all he is the righteousness pledge big deacon, but also with consideration?" I show a faint smile: „Is great we dead in this mysterious map, does not have anything at the worst."

Yan Zhao Warrior laughs: „Good, I am also this want to result, attack!"

Xiao Yao Wang Heda held the spear to achieve consistently, immediately in the ground the mist and dust was billowing, palace guard, vault of heaven armed forces, fall harvest armed forces and other Tian Ling Empire the armies have crashed in map ZONE the crack in abundance, who knows that was waiting for in another side what we were, perhaps was an opportunity and challenge? Plays the game, for is a risk, if this does not dare to challenge, that also plays the game to make anything.

When I control raspberry overruns, only thought that at present one bright, the surroundings turned into another picture, unexpectedly the extraordinary beautiful scenery, on the big map a twinkle, the map name turned into „north boundary forest" from Xishan, moreover is an ultra-large map.


A Yan Zhao Warrior face is astonished: „Has the map really!"

Q-Sword laughs: „Is very good, big map Shua of destiny has extended really completely newly, looks like we are the first batch since the person of new map, the luck is good!"

I nod, look to the distant place, the 5 thousand + defeated troops of North Sea god marquis am dashing about wildly toward the distant place as before, but a sky gloom, looks like as if must rain.

„Pursues, rained destroyed completely god Hou Jun before!"


The oppression of the people able to move unhindered above the earth, were getting more and more since the player and NPC of new map, has formed a grand theater curtain bedding above the earth, however, in the massive players and NPC after the new map, the sky stuffy thunder fell suddenly together, the earth shivered fiercely, the backdrop of distant place was snapping unexpectedly!

„How?" Yan Zhao Warrior turns around to shout to clear the way loudly.

Lin Qiong holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Holds the spear greatly, one mysterious strength is closing the space potential surface, we as if were closed here!"

„This......" Yan Zhao Warrior could not speak.

I looked at a package, as expected, City Return Scroll is pessimistic, here is unable to return to the city.

Zhan Long Chapter 1368

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