Zhan Long Chapter 1369

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„What's the matter?" Lin Wan Er rides in the silver dragon carries on the back, raises head to look at the sky, saw only in the world as if instantaneous tarnish many to be the same.

I shake the head: „Does not know how, to feel we entered others' trap."

„The map of new edition?" Li Mu said.

„Perhaps, hoping is this." I have a look at the front enormous and powerful palace guard, unavoidably some worries.

Yue Qing Qian raises the dagger, under god shape is treading is saying with a smile void: „Brother Xiao Yao, we do not manage that many, kills directly, what god marquis the person of that massacres, the duty has also been accomplished, perhaps here knot can lift a ban?"

„Um , can only like this."

A butterfly sword finger, issues an order the later three services to overrun forward together, but the top right-hand corner of game contact surface presented population System Notification, in the human total since new map is 100 thousand, moreover is just 100 thousand.

Saw this digit time I am the moral nature sink, some restless feelings, we entered others' trap.

However North Sea god marquis also on that person, at all possibly is not our matches, has their ambushers in the front jungle? Should be insufficient is right!


Speeds away for nearly one hour to south, the new map compared with the wanting length and breadth that we imagined, the horizon reduced slowly, quick, a giant city appeared in our fields of vision, that was the city that a green city wall brick laid on top of one another becomes, the scale was probably similar to the highest heaven city, is the moderate scale in first-level lord city, on the map also gradually appeared the name ghost town of this city.

„Ghost town?" Yan Zhao Warrior knitting the brows head, „this name, this anything ghost thing!"

I have not spoken, at this moment, ting flutters in the ear


System System Notification: You have stepped into the foreign country city 【Ghost town】 In domain!

Map introduction: The ghost town, city of the perishing, the legend before the Flood ghost town was one of the world seven big famous cities, stands erect in the tumultuous times that successive years went on an expedition not but actually, one generation of clear(ly) glistened the Great Emperor to assume the city of this productivity, why however no one knew, overnight the ghost town degenerated into city of the nobody, nobody knows that which these humanity went, took Xishan as, the entire empire shut off with the northern domain, isolates into two potential surfaces, perished in light of this, however in the later generation exploration, the ghost town unveiled her mysterious veil eventually, please must be careful, enters the ghost town. Later, you will face the danger and challenge that some are unable to imagine, if conquers the ghost town successfully, the area will save from the darkness entire south, opens the new time!


„Is this enlightenment duty of new map?" Q-Sword asked.

Xue Rou nods: „Properly speaking is this, but was also difficult saying that always felt we were been cloudy."

Jian Feng Han said: „Manages his many, first butchered that North Sea god Hou Zai saying that he was the righteousness pledge big deacon, was the chief criminal of entire item matter, killed him to complete the task."


At this moment, the ghost town city gate opens loudly, several thousand people of North Sea god marquis enter the city in abundance, when we rush the city has closed.

Luckily, the dragon crystal artillery and invincible might artillery of palace guard and vault of heaven armed forces still, like this us had facing the qualification of any crisis.

Rapid [Enemies at the Gate], the Tian Ling Empire four big regiment sur- players, the total about 1 million, city of the nobody is unable to resist us obviously, is raising the butterfly sword, I bring Wan Er, East city, Li Mu, Wang Jian and Xue Rou and the others to stand outside the city gate in not far away the sky, ordered the later dragon crystal artillery to start to bomb.

On the city, the NPC army of North Sea city deploys troops for defense in the city wall, the archer pulls open the bowstring to aim at us in distant place, what a pity can too be really small to the damage that we cause.

Has a look at behind people, I said: „Sends out few people, first enters the ghost town to investigate from space, believes firmly that in the city did not have what ambush to say again."


Everybody diverges rapidly, I raised the long sword rapidly to fly from the city gate, opened the shield of standard hand summon stars to keep off the innumerable arrow arrows, was pasting the city main road to the forward flight in the past, actually only saw that shops were the front door shut tightly, the stove of blacksmith's shop several thousand years had probably not ignited, in the bakery was also an emptiness, the only living creature was these bustles about in the city is constructing the North Sea city army of fortification, and they should also be the first arrival, was not ripe winds the terrain.


A spin body has crashed in residents in city, pushed the front door loudly to collapse gently, took a step in the noses was filling decayed smell, toward , the ashes in fireplace has corrupted again traceless, the chair in main hall bumped gently completely has become pile of powder powders, went upstairs to have a look, in several rooms also nobody, the quilt completely decayed has become one pile of fragments.


Raises the long sword to enter the basement, an extraordinary putrefactive odor transmits, this basement was used to preserve food, in glass jars the souse once food, as if was also having the appearance of strawberry jam, but definitely not nice-smelling, that many years, already fermented one bunch of stinking things.

Lifts the hand, „clang" pricks the bottom the long sword, has unearthed several rice depth furiously, does not have any discovery as before.

Leaps the body, continued to search for common people residence as well as barracks on several other streets, anything discovered does not have, had proven to the underground from the space this city was a dead city, some people will not lay an ambush to us in the city.

„What does your side have to harvest?" Asked in team channel.

Lin Wan Er: „No, anything does not have."

Yue Qing Qian: „Um, here is also."

Old K: „This truly is a dead city, mother, soaks the dog deng not to have!"

Xue Rou: „I go, old K you were also too vulgar, Brother Xiao Yao kicks the team this goods quickly, he drew lowered our overall quality levels, hee hee......"

I also laugh: „Do not make, the atmosphere is so serious!"

Lin Wan Er said: „That present what to do, husband?"

„Orders to attack a city comprehensively!" My diving posture in the space, looks at the city four directions the air-to-air fertile plain, said: „This map we know nothing, does not know that can have any unknown thing in waiting to attack us, therefore we should better take this ghost town as the foundation of foothold first, otherwise when faces the thunderbolt possibly has become confused, our Going out, assists to attack a city, do not use the dragon crystal artillery, in the situation of not destroying the city takes four Daijouike, captures alive that North Sea god marquis."



I have pasted the rapid flight Going out, a troop North Sea city army exudes the roaring sound to raise the shield to come to square to keep off emphatically, but where can block, all had driven out by my one set of skill, simultaneously Lin Wan Er drops from the clouds, the silver dragon howls a dragon rest/breath also to make these NPC armies unable to bear completely, skill that in addition the silver spear strikes, destroys completely a troop person rapidly.

„Wife you defend, I kick the gate!" I raise the double sword to laugh.

Lin Wan Er physical defense is less inferior than me many, the whole body surpasses 30% [Drain] effects, naturally does not dread with these NPC soldiers engages in hand-to-hand combat, the consecutively several skills have massacred one group of people, likely is a beautiful small devil, said smilingly: „You a bit faster, we left the Tian Ling Empire domain, always makes me feel somewhat restlessly."


Actually restless far more than is she, thinks including me somewhat restlessly, rapidly goes forward, [Blade Rush] broke through stop of one crowd of NPC, the god shape changes the attack effect that under the body rumbles to ride the wind to cut suddenly, immediately tears into shreds one group of people, before rushing, fights a boots loudly foot, „", the giant steel and iron door bolt after iron gate such kicked out of the way horizontally!


The outside innumerable palace guards flushed under leadership of Han deep pool, this city gate announced that was solved!

„Your highness!"

Jing Yin progresses to come, said grinningly: „Such with ease broke the city, your highness military might!"

I nod: „Quickly seizes the entire city, the armies of some multi- captive North Sea cities, capture alive the god marquis . Moreover, all advances the city to erect the heavy artillery, prepares for that defends a city."



Four big city gates in 20 minutes on the entire tribe in our hands, remaining was one has slaughtered, the tens of thousands remnants in North Sea city naturally were not our matches, insisted the person who revolted against killed completely, kept one to assign as for these people of disarming, I also want to obtain something from their mouths, after all we knew nothing about here.

After near one hour of street fighting, ended the fight rapidly, cuts to add up totals ten thousand people, captures 7000 + people.

Without the armed forces account, therefore in the square of city center, all captives was bound in the same place, but numerous military officer also respectful standing from Tian Ling Empire on square stair, waits for me to give orders, although I am only a Xiao Yao king of director, as if my status militarily in the mind of people must high in a big way holds Yan Zhao Warrior of spear by far.

Yan Zhao Warrior is somewhat helpless, I somewhat am also helpless, it seems like only when I leave this game thoroughly time, uncle's three services marshal position can true straightening up, really be painstakingly he!

„In the past, honest!"

The Han deep pool raised a chicken to raise a person to come likely, was that North Sea god marquis, when we saw this person could not bear smile, god Hou in this legend unexpectedly only then about 1.6 meters appearance, looked like very short, the armor of military might put on laughable that his body could not say.

„Wait / Etc.!"

My diving posture goes down the stair, is holding the both arms of god marquis, scolds to say to the Han deep pool: „Do not be impolite!"

„Yes!" Acting in a play of Han deep pool coordination.

I help up the god marquis, but when his look contacts me, makes one that my innermost feelings cannot bear shock, what look that is, floods angry and contemptuous, is teasing and wins, what he has made to us, will have such look?

„God marquis, you is a captive." I said.

He raises head with a smile, said: „Come Li Xiao Yao, you are that world civilizing role of government martial arts first person, this I have to acknowledge, however in this world, hey, after you have killed me, naturally can understand all."

„Your what meaning?" I asked.

The god marquis sneers: „I sacrificed 100,000 soldiers, attracts here the running dogs of your empire emperors, aren't you clear? Li Xiao Yao, only if you can live are going out of this foreign country, otherwise waits for death, do not think that the ghost town can save you, here is one for your preinstall good grave!"

I: „......"

Zhan Long Chapter 1369

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