Zhan Long Chapter 1370

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„Sir, making my blade chop this grandson!?" The Han deep pool has worked on the back of the head of god marquis angrily, his palm was too big, can grip god marquis that frail nape of the neck unexpectedly.

„Wait / Etc.!"

I lift the hand, said: „He eventually is a side vassal, although participated in the righteousness pledge rebelling, but should not execute by us like this, detained him."


The Han deep pool raised the god marquis to walk.

The forest arched approaches, to lower sound saying: „Your highness, the entrance has closed, we could not exit, what to do now should? These people of North Sea city are not willing to open the mouth, moreover after we interrogate, as if only then the god marquis knows that this ghost town what's the matter, other people even are Yorozuo long know nothing about here, they with us same felt that trembles, frightened, what to do?"

I deeply inspire: „Do not be anxious, would thinking that solution, ordering all Yorozuo long rank above military officers to prepare to meet."



A news, came from Fang Ge Que: „Xiao Yao, your present situations how?"

„Entered one to call the ghost town city, temporarily prepared to defend, awaited calmly the development of situation. Outside situation how?"

„Entrance closed, no matter how we make are unable to rebuild the space relation . Moreover the palace mages in highest heaven city are unable to construct transmission in your potential surfaces." Fang Ge Que was somewhat helpless, said: „We almost it can be said that know nothing about that domain, busily cannot add on you, what to do?"

„Does not have the means." I also feel somewhat weak, said: „Here had thousand NPC army and thousand player, the player is unable to return to the city, hangs to return to the city approximately, this was not the matter, was thousand NPC army is Tian Ling Empire absolute elite, if there is an accident, must move the basis."

„Yes!" Fang Ge Que clenches teeth saying: „This, I will continue to try to find the solution, you in that side also diligently, believe that this new map opens is not alone to harm us, is right?"

„Right, we can only think like this."

But the destiny company is never one according to the company that the common sense plays a card, who can determine?

In the ghost town does not have the royal palace, only then a worn-out decayed administrative hall, is about by the church and so on outside the construction reconstruction, Li Mu and Wang Jian, six he and the others remained to defend a city, but I and Yan Zhao Warrior, Jian Feng Han, Q-Sword and the others entered the administrative hall with one group of NPC military officers, on sand table that several NPC enlistments were just doing well division region.

„We were stranded here." Lin Qiong assured [say / way].

The Tantai feather is hand-held the sand table table, clenches teeth saying: „This is a trap, but we jumped unexpectedly, why was hateful we not to discover earlier!?"

„Now lamented that was useless."

My finger draws the position that we are on the sand table, said: „Although is indefinite, but has certainly a stronger enemy to wait for us, several regiments send out the warhawk to ride to search completely to pry the surrounding situation, must ensure a ghost town surrounding area hundred li (0.5km) security, once there is an enemy intelligence to need the first Cooldown notification city."

Situ Xin frowns saying: „Your highness, which now we biggest problem does not know, lost the direction, moreover our supplies are not many, the grain and fodder that carries are most only to suffice to eat for three days, the road that if cannot find, does not need others to hit, we will starve to death in the ghost town."

Yan Zhao Warrior said: „Xiao Yao, we should send for method that direction, looks."

„Um, the human cannot be too many."


Situ Xin holds the fist in the other hand saying: A cavalry who „I dispatch the imperial guard in the past? Does not use too many people, 1000 people of feet, at least can defend that place that we come, once the entrance opens, we return to the great power plume immediately, how is it?"


Situ Xin turns around immediately, said: „Chujiang, you come!"

Multitude of people long leave ranks immediately: „Commands the Sir!"

„Immediately leads 1000 cavalries to go out of town, defends to the entrance that we come, once the entrance opens, immediately repays, understood?"

„Yes, Sir!"

Chujiang exited hurriedly.

„Your highness, what now can we also make?" Situ Xin asked.

I sighed, said: „Sends 100 troops to exit, each 10 people, rug -type search this stretch of domain, once discovered that the fertile farmland, fruit trees and other possibly becomes food place immediately repays, what we first need to solve is food issue . Moreover, sends for searching the ghost town each inch land, having a look in this city also to have preserve food."


The players can not eat meal, but the soldiers of NPC army are actually every day must light a fire to prepare food, if several days do not eat meet the starving to death person in the same old way, that is not the situation that I want to see.

Moreover this is the first day that we come, fully did not know about here that can only walk one step to calculate one step, even I do not dare offline now, the person who after all ordered to chase down was I.

In the evening, has interrogated a North Sea god marquis, but does not have any result as before, he stopped talking does not speak, even if were Han Yuan has exhausted the torture, as before is actually not able switchroom his mouth.

Night, stands in the city wall that the cold wind howls, here night breeze very cloudy and cold, and is very big, blows the cape to fly, flap flap to make noise, the keenly blowing of war flag of palace guard in the wind, looks at the spark of distant place soldiers alert, luckily here night field of vision is also good, the star light illuminated for us was very far, if some people sneak attacked, we can very early discovery.

„This called any matter, we were stranded in this map really" Dong Cheng Yue are holding staff, bored accompanying side me, said: „I said your highness, what do we play to select to play?"

I laugh in spite of trying not to: „Plays a wool, you looked that which I currently have that mood."

Dong Cheng Yue throws smiles: „Wan Er offline urged that chef has cooked food, after a half hour, offline eats meal, should not be too anxious, anxiously, moreover you do not need too to worry that here has our thousand military strength, moreover is Tian Ling Empire elite, conquers the main forces of seven big kingdoms, was known as that in this mainland the strongest regiment, what you is also worried about?"


I shouted the tone: „Actually is not worried about anything, is only some fear unknown things, after all we know nothing about here, must have any matter, does not know how should deal."

„Um, is right." She cracks into a chuckle, walks the going forward racket my shoulder: „Your highness, the matter that you consider were too many, this was also too tired, if I you throw up one's job, makes Yan Zhao Warrior be responsible for all matters directly, snort, offline slept, here what happened does not close your matter, is right?"

I laugh in spite of trying not.

Yan Zhao Warrior raised the long sword saying: „If Xiao Yao this, I perhaps have cried, here said on words person to be too few, Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han military duty is quite low, even if the prestige in the player is quite high, but actually director motionless NPC army, but our fight main force is 500,000 NPC!"

Dong Cheng Yue min min red lip: „No matter, your highness must have meal and sleep with us in any case together, no matter here!"

Yan Zhao Warrior smiled: „When did you rest together?"

Dong Cheng Yue cheek one red: „I mean on Cooldown!"

„Yo, our East city young ladies will also be shy, is really the marvelous sight!"

„Your this does holds spear greatly"

Again shortly afterward, the Wan Er information came, summoning our offline to eat meal, Tang Qi also rapid offline, this boy regarding eating meal this matter on super positive.

Eating meal time, Qin Wen also came, the human were in attendance, the vegetable is also good, in fact lives every is very here sumptuous, after is occupied by each people here not to be short of money, rich really good, each can eat the high quality meat!

„Were you surrounded?" Qin Wen somewhat was astonished however.

„Yes!" Wan Er helped me abundantly one bowl of gruel, said: „Was stranded in a new map, does not know that will have anything, therefore we do not rest tonight, all night plays!"

„Good" Qin Wenwei smiled: „You are in any case steady, do not stay up late daily, otherwise I must go to complain to the uncle, do not blame me to calumniate somebody to superiors."

„Knows that we little stay up late."

„Eats quickly, will meet ghost town perhaps to have an accident."


Finished eating the food, got online!


The characters appear in the city wall, as before is the night in game, but as if the daybreak, the East was having the potential of daybreak.

„Brother Xiao Yao, you come finally!"

Yue Qing Qian raises the dagger to walk, said: „Soon, has the player to go out of town to hunt, but meets some strong monster in the jungle, was massacred, after killing, resurrected in Tian Ling Empire, if we do not want to stay here, commits suicide on the line directly!"

I am somewhat speechless: „If can not need to commit suicide, do not commit suicide"

After all we can resurrect, these NPC may not have the means to reactivate, I do not want to make the Han deep pool and Jing Yin, Situ Xin, Lin Qiong and the others die in this map.

„The sky is about to shine." Yan Zhao Warrior deeply inspires, he absolutely does not have offline, after becoming held the spear greatly, the shoulder pole on this uncle shoulder also heavy, really pressed him.

„Um, dawn"

Xuyang raised from the East slowly, punctures thoroughly all darkness.

However at this moment, a white at dusk of faint trace in distant place raising slowly, are also getting more and more.

„What's the matter, what is that?" Situ Xin asked.

I shake the head: „Does not know that is the fog?"

Wish the sea actually to stroke the beard saying: „Likely is not the mist, reversed image has the thing of consciousness, otherwise from all directions will start to surround the ghost town? It is not wonderful, definitely has the thing!"

My hurried [say / way]: „Orders the people outside city to come, shuts tightly the city gate!"


The mist is getting more and more thick, are getting more and more, gradually approached the city about 300 meters to be far.

„Mass-criticizes with Long Jing, what has a look is?" Situ Xin asked.

I shake the head: „No, waits again."

At this moment, „whiz", a shadow has shot from the mist suddenly, „" one directly spike above the city wall, is away from me, only then less than 10 meters remote, when sees this sturdy arrow arrow, people Qi Qi holds breath a cold air/Qi, several female players frighten a scream.

The arrow place of arrow arrow is sewing a number of people unexpectedly, pricks from the mouth department, latter craniocele, moreover this person we knew that impressively is that multitude of people long Chujiang that Situ Xinpai exits!

„Mother!" Situ Xin grasps the long sword, the look pain said: „What ghost thing is that is?"

Zhan Long Chapter 1370

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