Zhan Long Chapter 1371

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In all person vision projects frightened, I am raising the long sword, spins the body to fly, draws out from the city wall brick that steel arrow, pulls out that bloody number of people slowly, nearby palace guard looks fear, they have experienced the life and death struggle, but has not seen such death shape, benefits the head of arrow penetration person, is this big strength?


„Army prepares, the shield crosses top!" I order to say loudly.

Not merely is the NPC army, the player also has lifted the top the shield, no one dares to question in the dense fog the strength of invading enemy, even if the monster, possibly is also the strength completely the monster above us!

„What ghost?!" The Yan Zhao Warrior complexion is pale.

Lin Qiongti the long sword, was saying: „Your highness, future bad...... They hide in the dense fog, we occupied completely the inferiority......"

At this moment, suddenly in dense fog „whiz whiz whiz" was about hundred giant arrow arrows has shot, the accurate aim was not very accurate, but in the strength strong, deep injection city wall, some shot on the shield of palace guard, unexpectedly penetrated the shield directly, shot through the chest of palace guard soldier, this strength really went against heaven's will!

I looked at the heart to tremble, lifted the hand saying: „The dragon crystal artillery, aims at the dense fog, bombing!"

„Bang bang bang......"

In the city wall shivers, the dragon crystal artillery is spitting large flame firing off, mushroom cloud shock-waves surge in the dense fog under city, the storm that produces rapidly has also blown off the dense fog, at this time we saw the dense fog invading enemy in finally, impressively is height at least 5 meters humanity, but is not the food transvestite and mountain ridge giant that clumsy giant, but wears the armor, pretty humanity, but the build has gone far beyond us.

They are wearing the bow and arrow, kills the arrow arrows of our soldier from there, stands in the dense fog, even if were bombed after by the dragon crystal artillery and invincible might artillery, actually gorgeously not but actually, but was the sincere armor is torn, the thigh and abdomen bled to continue, the battle efficiency, their armor was too as before sincere, like was the armored vehicle, the dragon crystal artillery as if how.


Li Mu clenches teeth saying: „Is this what gadget, the army of which empire? We had not run into such match before!"

I nod, said: „First has a look at this gadget the attribute to be what kind of!"

Yue Qing Qian actually shakes the head saying: „Useless Brother Xiao Yao, my skill can the detection of very-long-range monster Level and attribute, but these time could not see that can only see their Level is 275 levels, the attribute cannot see."

„275 levels?"

I knit the brows: „Is this omen that 275 levels of editions clear? But...... What matter but our sleepily here this is, whose offline telephones, asks game official what situation?"

Yan Zhao Warrior shakes the head: „Useless, I made the person ask, Ouyang Nuoyan said that our that many player and NPC army since the new map was the system independent setting production, the gizmondo cannot change the procedure, needed us to go through a strategic pass to escape, even if were many players sues is also useless, because the gizmondo was helpless."

Jian Feng Han narrows the eyes to focus, pair of straight eyebrows slanting upwards and outwards raise, said with a smile: „Xiao Yao, did you also rather too high look at these giants? Is stronger besides the strength, they not necessarily are our matches, does not fight to defeat, this is not your style!"

I nod, but the moral nature somewhat is serious, these giant soldiers as if are the strengths that the North Sea god marquis takes advantage, since North Sea god Hou Gan attracts here us with the life, he certainly thinks that the strength of this mysterious giant army can defeat us, therefore the strength of this army is not simple!

„How don't they have the sound?" Wan Er asked in side.

I am also vacant: „Does not know that their archery are very as if bad . Moreover the arrow arrow quantity of carrying are not many, attacks a city to be also not necessarily able to grab any bargain forcefully!"

Saying, was ordering: „Palace guard, saves the shell, when they approached again the saturation bombing!"

„Yes, Your highness!" The Han deep pool nod meets the command.

At this time, [Prague] Guild some warhawks rode to search the player to ascend to heaven, went to the low altitude to investigate the further information of this mysterious army, however, when they arrived above the giant soldier top of the head, these giant soldiers worked on behind was shouldering the wire rope unexpectedly rapidly, „whiz whiz whiz" the throwing heaven, rode to search warhawks pulls down forcefully, draws out Axe and great sword, one has hacked to death, the strength value was much higher!

„I held......" Yan Zhao Warrior deeply to attract an cold air/Qi, said: „Too fearful......"

He was somewhat flustered.

Q-Sword has licked the lip, said: „Archery, although is very bad, however belays is much higher!"

„How do I feel them in what?" Dong Cheng Yue said.

Lin Wan Er nods together: „Um, I have this feeling."

I clench teeth: „Sent the assassin to be player [Stealth] in the past, had a look at this giant army many population."

Yue Qing Qian nods, soon, returns to report: „Brother Xiao Yao, their total numbers of people probably in 10 thousand about, do not arrive at our 1/10, actually we have the stratagem which ensures success."

„Was difficult saying that they were 275 levels, many of us did not have the full level, Level was disparate, will be killed by the second."

„They came!" Jian Feng Han somewhat excited looks at the distant place.

Really, among these giant soldier each people are distanced about 10 meters, has formed the array, the rear more giant soldiers came, and is hauling giant freight vehicles, on the vehicle is placing great crags.

„What do they want to make?" Wan Er opened the bright eyes.

„Definitely does not have the good deed......" my moral nature to tremble.

„They must attack a city with the stone!" Yan Zhao Warrior is gripping tightly the long sword.

The voice has not fallen, the distant place has transmitted startled day whooshing, Giants soldier both arms brandish a great crag, roared throwing the great crag, that several tons stone departed several hundred meters in his hands unexpectedly directly!


The sole trembles suddenly, the stone pounded a gulf in the city wall directly, in a flash, I and Yan Zhao Warrior looked at one another, the heart quick was cool, what we faced was what enemy?

„The dragon crystal artillery, aims at them, did not use the frugal shell!" I order loudly.

The words that yes, we do not counterattack perhaps, this frail ghost town quickly must degenerate into the ruins, once the city wall damages, our ground cavalry soldiers facing tyrannical of match, really are also the unmatcheds in the world?

The airborne, one after another great crag broken wind comes.

I jump hurriedly, the opening god shape, raises the shield of protection city wall stars, „" a bang, that great crag like is the shell hits on the shield of stars, I am also the whole body tremble, the tough value of shield of stars fell instantaneously about one-third, was this hitting power rather too also terrorist? Is two bang pounds, the shield of stars dispersed.

„The Xiao Yao elder brother, we came!"

Wang Jian, Li Mu and Matcha and the others opens the god shape to block one after another in the city front, brandishes the pointed weapons to cut these great crags, but basic on cutting, the stone was too big, like is the truck the big stone, who can block?

„Bang bang bang" sound is unceasing, dozens god shape players in airborne quick could not resist, HP fell below half, but these giants actually as in continually threw the great crag, around the ghost town in the city wall rapidly has also been being scarred, no wonder North Sea god Hou said that here was our grave, it seems like truly possibly can like this.

I somewhat am fearful, the crack troops of day plume empire here, entire palace guards completely, vault of heaven armed forces, fall harvest armed forces and flame Dragon Jun and others here, once whole army has been annihilated, this to Tian Ling Empire absolutely is lethality hitting hard, the shallow forest must guard the landscape by these armies, I have actually taken this dead end them.

In a flash, hundred taste weeds, lament at heart angrily with mixed in the same place.



The great crag falls in the city wall, pounded pile of hashed meat one group of palace guard soldiers, afterward was full is in the bloodstain rolling into city, has been battered to death many players, a Cooldown entire ghost town fell into the thick death fear up and down.

„Mother, cannot be like this passive!"

Jian Feng Han is grasping the long sword, said: „Perhaps Xiao Yao, we such passively got down to be broken the city again to slaughter, died passively, could win on own initiative, I must lead the [Vanguard] brothers to go out of town seek battle on own initiative, you?"

„Going out of town field operation?"

My moral nature sinks: „It is not good, temporarily does not know their ground battle strength is what kind, perhaps goes out of town is bringing death, we defend a city have the heavy artillery to support for the time being, went out of town does not have on any superiority!"

The Jian Feng Han brow raises: „But defends in the city dies, that was also too aggrieved, you lead troops to be discrete I to know, or this, I lead the [Vanguard] 7 thousand players to go out of town, tries water, how is it?"

I look to Yan Zhao Warrior: „Uncle, do you think? Q-Sword, your opinion?"

Yan Zhao Warrior opens the god shape to avoid a great crag bang to pound, bending down in an extremely difficult situation on the ground, said: „This is also means that the player who however goes out of town was not necessarily able to come back, this was real."

Q-Sword said: „7 thousand people are too few, Jian Feng Han, I have the [Hero's Mound] main force to go with you together, we crowd together, in addition some NPC armies, can have the 200 000 player military strength, can fight!"

„Um!" In the Jian Feng Han eye brings to be excited and grateful.

Hence, two war duplicate class grandmaster players must fight finally shoulder to shoulder.

I also said: „Your Guild in together how many people?"

„16 thousand people." Q-Sword said.

„Good, I give 4 thousand flame Sergeant Dragon again the soldier to you, adds up to 200 000, if the fight is smooth, I have other main forces to go out of town the battle, if disadvantageous, I have the person to aid you, you do not use the war."




The heavy iron gate opens slowly, Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han stand up from failure to drop the city wall, summoned mount to come, leading the 200 000 person to go out of town rapidly, many players directly turned the wall to build up outside from inner city Going out without enough time.


The battle drum sound is thunderous, the distant place, this mysterious Giants army has not had any action, in a city wall inside and outside same place rock attack, this has to somewhat confused as before.

Do they actually in want to do?

Zhan Long Chapter 1371

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