Zhan Long Chapter 1372

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Near a half hour of Cooldown, Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han and other players were the 200 000 army of head array all over outside the city finished, but the distant place, the Giants army had the backlash of consciousness unexpectedly, as if must make way a domain, as battlefield that both sides engaged in a decisive battle.

I stand in the city wall, said by far loudly: „Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han, do not leave the city to be too far, must pay attention, do not lure the enemy in deep, otherwise possibly forcefully shut off with us."

Q-Sword raises the long sword, said with a smile: „Relax, Brother!"


Battle drum sound even more strong, [Hero's Mound] and [Vanguard] two big Guild player dispelling lineups, the rear area is the flame Dragon Jun's 4 thousand people, by vice- is commanded commands the army to go to battle personally, the sur- dozens dragon crystal artillery, were momentarily best the preparation of playing a position game.


An artillery sound, this is the command artillery of attack, the next quarter, the 200 000 army has fired into the match fully, the war cries of distant place from soaring to the heavens, the rising sun have dispersed the dense fog, the vision institute and place can see the dense and numerous giant armies also in starting [Assault], these giant soldiers hands grasp huge Axe and extravagant sword, in the mouth are roaring the consistent slogan: „proud Tian finishes an apprenticeship, Jing Ping all sea!"

My diving posture, must pass.

Lin Qiong hurried [say / way]: „Your highness, you cannot walk!"

Situ Xin also nods saying: „Yes your highness, you are the present three services commander in chief, once you will have an accident to fear the army the morale of troops to vacillate, do not go, we watched changes quietly then!"

Wan Er nods to me: „Comes back, husband......"

My long floating returns to the city Ikenohata, the palm is gripping tightly the butterfly sword, the vision goes to the distant place once more.

The battlefield in our several li (0.5km) outside, the billowing mist and dust has almost blocked all lines of sight, can only see that [Hero's Mound] and [Vanguard] riding war was the player just likes tidal submergence in the past, supplemented the skill bang to kill the sword blade edge in the thigh of giant soldiers, but the giant soldiers were lofty tree proud Li in flood not but actually, are they are raising the long sword and Axe likely on the contrary, attacks fell in the crowd, one struck also to surge unexpectedly the circular shock-wave, the attack of these giant had the regional sputtering effect!


The first giant soldiers whole body full is the scar but actually, the muscle on both legs had almost been truncated quickly light, only the remaining countless bones of the dead, such died in battle.

However giant soldiers trade actually at least was dying in battle of dozens players, the battle loss of both sides differed so much as to be beyond comparison radically, at this time, Q-Sword had also given us sketchy attribute sharing of giant soldier

【Giants armed soldier】( 1 level of elite soldier)

Level: 275





Introduced: The brave warrior of antiquity Giants, perished for many years, ruled in one corner of the kingdom in another potential surface of mainland, now finally set foot on the beloved place of mainland under leadership of arrogant space warfare emperor, their doggedly sincere, pledged that must recapture this to be their landscape world, the Giants armed soldier body was tyrannical, in ordinary humanity, their mighty forces definitely will raise the dreadful rough sea waves in the mainland by far


„1 level of elite soldier......" Yan Zhao Warrior grins, said: „Also has 2 levels of elite soldiers?"

„Guarantees does not permit......" me to look at the distant place, said: „Our ground cavalry soldiers cannot display the overwhelming superiority to come, Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han have defeated, making them come back......"

„You thought that they are willing to come back?" Yan Zhao Warrior smiles bitterly: „Just contacted them to lose seriously, soldier but who is unable to massacre the Giants, in this situation by Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han arrogance is impossible to fly back without any results, even if will be defeats many people they also certainly to create the attack after the enemy will retreat."

The mist and dust of distant place is getting more and more rich, we can only see bombing near the ray and ear battle sound.

I reported a news to give Q-Sword, making him share the field of vision, quick, in the Q-Sword field of vision the scenery appears in our at present, was the Giants armed soldier is brandishing the monster bang to kill our players impressively, but the flame Dragon Jun's soldier lost very seriously, they with belonging to NPC, so long as projected on by the Giants armed soldier is almost killed by the second, absolutely did not have the suspense.

„Shield wall!"

Does not know that was who had shouted, over a thousand flame Sergeant Dragon the soldier set upright the shield, greeted the impacts of opposite party about hundred Giants armed soldiers, but as if could not block, Steel Blade of Giants armed soldier swept away, pounded to fly the shield all, Axe fell, dozens people perished together, blood instantaneously incarnadine ground.

„Collection fire!"

Q-Sword holds up the sword to dance in the air in airborne, diverts a giant, making behind Mage and archer output together, after two rounds, massacres, calculates HP of each giant sketchily approximately in 5000 thousand about, has been next to some BOSS, but at present these giants are almost countless, the strength value crush we, this weaponry want to win are too difficult.


Don't be Foolish raises long spear to say to not far away Jian Feng Han: „The east side came one group of Giants armed soldiers, altogether about 5000 people!"

Jian Feng Han: „Has the person to withstand!"

„, Good......"

Don't be Foolish somewhat hesitates, because he knows that this duty is almost unable to be accomplished, but had about ten thousand people to kill as before, finally could be imagined, these over ten thousand people were to almost bring death, one group of players were the ant surround a giant likely generally, killed can massacre for a long time, but the giant struck casually can make the player be frightened out of one's wits.

In an instant engaged in fierce battle for one hour, the 200 000 player who we went out of town supported by strenuous efforts, population already insufficient half.

I have sent a news to Q-Sword directly: „Retreats, hit nobody to hit again!"

Q-Sword actually overrules my words: „No, casualty that many brothers, I do not have the face such to go back, must kill the foot 10,000 Giants armed soldiers to go back, we have completed 4700 + to strike to kill!"


I am angry saying: „Q-Sword, don't you take everybody's life to work as the life?"

Q-Sword also fierce said: „Xiao Yao, you must consider that my situation, I lead everybody to come out not to earn a living returning to the city, mother, cultivates the behavior to have the strength of spirit, we were been cloudy by the sky rose, I rather happy dying in battle outside city, does not want to lead the remnants to return to the ghost town, humiliation was encircled dead! Jian Feng Han also thinks!"

„Was insane, you were insane!" I grip tightly the armored hand, said: „I lead the [Zhan Long] brothers to go out of town to aid you, can rescue many people to retrieve many, should not be silly!"

Saying, the butterfly sword was raising, I said loudly: „Melt god cavalry and palace guard, go to battle along with me, meet the brothers outside Yingcheng!"

Yan Zhao Warrior actually suddenly entrains my shoulder, said: „Xiao Yao should not be anxious, you look at that side!"

Passed is soaring to the heavens the dust to look at the past, the discovery at least 3 thousand above Giants armies appeared in the southeast corner, has been ready to make trouble, so long as our aiding armies went out of town, they rapidly will cover to kill, this was their real intentions.

The moral nature cannot bear one whin, an inexplicable dilutedness arises spontaneously, but can give up [Hero's Mound] and [Vanguard] person not rescuing really? But I led them to enter this stretch of death domain!

„Goes out of town!"

My jumping without hesitation leaps city wall, simultaneously gains ground to the Han deep pool said: „One if southeast the direction Giants wants to interrupt us, uses the complete firepower reenforcement of dragon crystal artillery and invincible might artillery, makes them eat all the way the shell while their crowded!"

The Han deep pool nods: „Compliant, Your highness!"


The [Zhan Long] player 11 goes out of town with me one after another, gathered 3 thousand quickly + the riding war is an army, Dragon Rider of leader circles in airborne, the palace guard also set out about 5 thousand heavy cavalries to go to battle together, looked at the past from afar, at least 5000 Giants armed soldiers presented in [Hero's Mound] and [Vanguard] interrupted our ways, must kill off them, the road that otherwise Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han linked did not have.


Raises the butterfly sword, I urged that Xiaolongnu has killed, the melt god cavalry and palace guard war cries soar to the heavens also has killed.

These 5000 Giants brave warriors had also discovered that our intentions, turning around of uneven Shua Shua, raised the giant pointed weapons to kill immediately, has not approached me to open the god shape changed the body, was more flexible.


The Giants armed soldier iron hammer of lead falls, but I am rapid [Blade Rush], ingenious MISS falls this to strike, the whole person flies rapidly, like is a shell hits in his abdomen, my strength is very strong, even if the Giants armed soldier also hit draws back several steps continually, this is a quite young giant, pretty, looks astonishedly to me: „This is a special humanity!"

„More special!"

I raise the double sword rapidly, erupts one wave to ride the wind to cut + [Strength of a Thousand Men] directly, the violent that fatal strike strikes the digit to fly, especially rides the wind in 15 [Combo] that cuts consecutively for 4 10 times of injuries, is directly broken the armor bang of this young Giants armed soldier, the heart also together twisted to break to pieces, the direct second killed, after obtaining magnanimous points, he loudly drops down.

„Attractive!" Dong Cheng Yue hee smiles in the rear area.

Right, I to prove these Giants armed soldiers am not cannot kill, they same will die!

The melt god cavalry and match attack rapidly in together, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K and other god level players are good, seize to slaughtering do not drop the wind, however these only then 230 + and 240 + levels of players were miserable, Level by the crush, the strength by the crush, after many melt god cavalries continuously two was also hit hard, directly was killed!

„All range skill open together!"

I was shouting loudly, opened [King's Domain] directly, simultaneously filled the next altar liquor, after restoring many fury points, opened the eternal boundary again, Lin Wan Er and Li Mu and the others also in abundance starts skill, Dong Cheng Yue raises Aiersha scepter, froze countless Giants armed soldier, after one round walloped, unexpectedly 11 washed out these 5000 Giants armed soldiers.

However their volumes of blood were too high, after being ice-breaking, are our tired times.


, Simple leads one group of [Vanguard] remnant blood players still to fight bravely by far, the Lin Wan Er rapid flight goes, said loudly: „Rhyme elder sister, you still in anything, retreats!"

Zhan Long Chapter 1372

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