Zhan Long Chapter 1373

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The battle drum sound of Giants army just likes the startling thunderclap, making the eardrum of person have the ache tearing feeling. Giants armed soldier of one crowd of whole body equipment mail-armor and helmets drew fully is being the shackle of steel and iron thorn flushed, 22 connected, continuous several hundred meters, was having the cry of roaring, roared to wallop!

The fierce impact noise and thorn prick the sound, player and NPC human body and warhorse body miserable howling sound promiscuously become a piece, the blood blurred the line of sight rapidly, the melt god cavalry and palace guard cannot undergo such fiercely attacking again, the flash casualty are innumerable.

„Kills! Kill! Kills!"

Giants soldier unconsciousness was shouting slogan of slaughtering, one group of people advance suddenly forward, a giant puts out a hand to catch to force in the mouth from the warhorse a palace guard heavy cavalry, „tittering", bites together with the hard helmet together, horrible to look , do these things eat the person unexpectedly?

Everybody is dumbstruck, the melt god cavalry almost in almost lost all fighting spirits instantaneously.

I raise the butterfly sword to fly in the nape of the neck horizontal plane of giant, the exercise speed advantage cuts to kill many giant soldiers continuously, but this is unable to turn the tide in favor, more and more players died in battle, the palace guard also loses seriously.

Dragon Xingti is bringing the iron (spear gun) of blood to rush ahead in the crowd, after receiving two giant armed soldier converging attack, was already injured, an arm hangs down, bone by opposite party heavy Axe shaking, is lucky is he, changed other palace guard military officer perhaps to be hewn two halves.

„Your highness, could not withstand." Dragon Xing the corners of the mouth overflowed blood, is whooshing to me loudly.

I tread nape of the neck of giant armed soldier fiercely, formerly flew rapidly, saw from afar Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han, Tang Gu and Don't be Foolish and the others is still struggling hard, immediately loudly exclaimed: „You have not walked, wants to tow the [Zhan Long] person dead together here?"

Q-Sword clenches teeth: „Retreats!"

Jian Feng Han has also raised the long sword: „Retreats!"

At this time the heavy artillery sound also reverberated, the crowded shell erupted in the crowd of not far away Giants soldier, the invincible might artillery range and might were astonishing, the consecutively 78 artillery folded put together bombing, unexpectedly ripped pile of hashed meat dozens Giants armed soldiers, but consumed was too big, the quantity of Giants armed soldier in 200 000 above, our invincible might artillery shell was at least limited, even if were the opposite party is crowded to make us rumble to kill us together unable to kill!

Simple raises staff to lead one group of people to clash forward, at the same time shields with the magic, but more and more Giants armed soldier in the front, waves Axe is the player hews the fragment horizontally the [Vanguard] riding war, [Vanguard] first Monk floats fresh Wan Ren to roar is raising the monk's staff, in the front clears the way, was actually besieged by three Giants armed soldiers, the airborne ray twinkle, bringing sputtering injury Axe 11 to fall!

Floats fresh Wan Ren one to roar: „Father does not believe cannot block you!"

The Jinzhongzhao skill opens, the whole body is sending out the golden light, horizontal monk's staff above top of the head, has made the defense gesture, „Bang", Spark spatters in all directions, before his warhorse has bent , the foot slid in the ground, when second Axe falls, chops directly on his shoulder, third handle Axe „ka scratches" one, unexpectedly directly cutting to kill [Vanguard] first Monk!


Don't be Foolish is raising the lance, a face with amazement.

„Could not leave, we......" on the face of Goodbye Tears the look is unattractive, several people no longer past talking and laughing merrily, after all these time somewhat was serious, the match who we face was too strong, goes far beyond our cognition scopes.

The butterfly sword in my hand flood has soared to the heavens the ray, bellows: „I clear the way to you, walks quickly!"


The sword broken landscape falls, strangles to death dozens Giants armed soldiers in the same place, and dizziness several, attracted the massive hatreds, they already roared are dashing about wildly to me, just, was Simple and the others has set aside a road of retreating.

In the ground, Xue Rou personally leads the melt god cavalry to cover to kill from the flank, another side is the melt god cavalry who Death God's Elegy leads, the [Zhan Long] riding war is the player like is two sharp swords cuts off the attack route of Giants armed soldier, has formed a secret channel, provides to [Hero's Mound] and [Vanguard] two big Guild people.

Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han lead the remnants to retreat rapidly, they also know that [Zhan Long] could not insist absolutely many, truly, was less than ten minutes, our lineups somewhat have been defeated and dispersed, crossed a meeting again, was flushed in broken pieces, was good because of everybody strength is also good, hit at least can also run, opens the special effect of flying general to speed away the escape.

Under the city the mist and dust is billowing, I raise the double sword from the sky to revolve to dance in the air intercept the Giants armed soldier everywhere, although is insufficient to massacre them, but at least can block their chasing down, reviews looked that Wan Er, East city and other [Zhan Long] the players arrived in Dacheng to get down, under the large quantities of player's goes through from Beicheng wall ten front doors enters.


The butterfly sword deeply pricked in nape of the neck of Giants armed soldier, pulls out carries over a scalding hot blood, he is miserably howling the backlash, but more Giants armed soldiers already eye dew ominous light visits me, but absorbs in the lethality of my double sword, first Cooldown has not rushed ahead. Looks at this group of giants, I hate and get angry, single Tiao the words, they completely are not my match, the words that however gangs up on, possibly my over 1 minute should not be killed.

The players died here are transmitted Going out, my overlord rebirth is also possibly invalid, I am unable to imagine, if I not here, Yanzhao uncle whether can deter the that many military strength of palace guard and vault of heaven armed forces.

„Xiao Yao, came back!" The Yan Zhao Warrior information has sent.

I am not loathsome, jump, changed into the rainbow light to fly together to the city, a half minute was less than falls in the city wall, Darling Duck hurried added the blood to me, HP already less than 30%, the attacks of these Giants armed soldiers were really too savage.


„Shouted...... Shouted......"

I puff, on the white battle dress was almost been incarnadine by the blood.

Jing Yin looks at my appearance in side, the look that reveals a distress, said: „Your highness, you laborious......"

„It is not laborious."

I shake the head, said: „Preparation, they momentarily possibly attack a city, must defend the ghost town, otherwise we ended."

Yan Zhao Warrior nods: „Um."

„Point calculates the battle loss."

„Does not need the point to consider as finished." The Yan Zhao Warrior complexion was very unattractive, said: „Our 100 thousand people enter a city, until now, remaining 70 thousand do not only arrive, the 200 000 person who [Hero's Mound] and [Vanguard] go out of town only remaining is less than 20,000 people came back, you brought the Going out about 10 thousand person also buckles about 4 thousand, the strength of this war differed so much as to be beyond comparison completely."


My fist falls on the crenelation of city wall, aroused dust, nearby Jing Yinmin the sip red lip, said: „Your highness, perhaps this is the divine intervention...... We fight up and down the country, slaughter innumerably, now finally degenerated into a slaughtered side......"


I shake the head, said firmly: „Our series landscape, to fight to stop the war, to this day next piping time of peace, we have handled this matter of doing, should not be this fate."

Saying, me has been turning around, looks at Jing Yin, Han Yuan, Lin Qiong, Situ firewood and the others, said: „You followed me to leave Tian Ling Empire to come here, please believe me, I will certainly lead you to live am returning to the day plume!"

People Qi Qi good military salute: „Your highness, we to you believe that does not doubt!"

„Um, prepares to defend! Raises ice water to come up, prepares to cool the invincible might artillery and dragon crystal artillery, the soldier who do not let the Giants is easily close the city wall, the archer prepares completely, after meeting they enter the firing distance, uses the arrow arrow to aim at the eyes of Giants to shoot."


I deeply inspire: „Orders the garrison troops of another three city walls also to alert fully, should not be lax."



When high noon, hot sun overhead.

The street and common people residence in city have become the wound barracks, the innumerable wounded soldiers are lowering lowly is sobbing, smokes from kitchen chimneys flutter, the kitchen work camp in city also started to prepare food, the NPC army was different to us, they must eat meal on time, otherwise did not have the strength to fight, but each soldier was bringing 1-2 days of dry rations along, the military baggage army has not brought too much supplies, the thing that then, ate definitely was a major problem.

The point considers as finished the buckle of player, we have come in 50 thousand players, after this fights , the buckle about half, the main loss of [Hero's Mound] and [Vanguard] completely, is really too miserable!

Q-Sword sits under the crenelation, on face is bringing the ashes of catching, has not cleaned, is holding the long sword, dreary of face, which also has the least bit China war zone perfect first person of appearance, this defeated miserably, making each of us handle to guard, melted the god cavalries to arrive at the battlefields of these Giants armed soldiers, did not raise the [Hero's Mound] hundred deep pools to ride.

Walks to go forward, my hand presses gently on his shoulder, said: „Brother, should not be depressed, perhaps we will die completely here...... However, we have made contribution, not?"

Q-Sword looked up my one eyes, was having the bitter and astringent smile: „Xiao Yao, can we live are really leaving here? Perhaps, lets brothers completely offline, after the new system clears, gets online again, this will be better."

„You think that I don't think?"

I refer to behind the NPC army in city, said: „Here also has at least 40 thousand Tian Ling Empire NPC armies, they are true elite, then defends elite of landscape, if makes them die in vain here, we are unfair to the Chinese area, since has been unfair to continuously the effort, said again, once the new edition clears, these said ‚arrogant day clansman' the giant army definitely will invade the northern continent, when the time comes Ze deep pool city and fire Yun City bear the brunt, we need the NPC army to guard the territory as before, therefore these people cannot die absolutely."

Q-Sword nods: „Um, you said is also reasonable, but do you have to lead everybody to live are flushing the Going out confidence?"

I smile bitterly, shakes the head: „No."

Q-Sword also smiled, standing up same racket my shoulder: „Brother, not regretted with every effort."



At this moment, a warhawk on city rides to search falls rapidly, said: „Your highness, the distant place had giant army to come, but the population were not many, was holding the white flag, likely was not the appearance of attacking forces."


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Zhan Long Chapter 1373

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