Zhan Long Chapter 1374

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Arrives at the city wall, about 100 + people of Giants soldiers come slowly, these person of looks are tranquil, the middle crowds around a hand to grasp the person of white festival stick, this giant about 6 meters high, in these giants of fight category, the body puts on different unexpectedly is white robe floating, looks like ten branches out the dust the appearance, moreover is an old man, must be floating in vain.

„Prepares to shoot arrows!" The Han deep pool shouted to clear the way in a low voice.

„Wait / Etc., ascertained said again." I said.

Jing Yin nods: „Um, this group of people are not attack a city obviously, will otherwise not come that few people."

Xiao severe orders to say loudly: „Do not attack, puts them to approach the city wall, the archer builds the bow completely, prepares to kill them at any time!"


This group of people approach slowly, the soldier hand of overhead grasps is fighting the hammer, arrived at the city wall, tampers to tamper the gas channel: „In city, who is the commander-in-chief, comes out, my family Sir had the words to say!"

I leap the body, floating is built on airborne, in the hand the butterfly flood is moving the bone-chilling cold ray, said: „I am the Xiao Yao king in day of plume empire, is the highest direction of this army, what words did you have to say?"

That must the old man cup one hand in the other across the chest in vain, says with a smile: „This time, after we are the soldiers, first ritual, but also asked on the king your highness to forgive our proud Tianzu conduct attitude."

I look to the distant place, there has covered entirely the corpse, we without enough time gather up dead bodies for them radically.

„Massacres empire that many soldiers, but also asked us to forgive?"

I cannot bear smile: „Your so-called proud Tian clan may really suffice arrogantly......"

The old men twisted must smile: „No matter your highness acknowledged that at least obsolete can believe that was your so-called day plume empire entered our proud Tianzu area, not? Perhaps if you across the backdrop barrier, will not have been sieged here, said over and over again, was you breaks into our homelands, therefore we launched the attack."

My behind forest arched raises the eyebrow, said: „Old fogy, you are what kind , the words that must attack a city then attack, our empire servicemen never fear death, come!"

The old men laugh, being calm and composed even in press of work said: „Obsolete named ‚hole room', is fights the emperor one under of place enlistments, was open about the facts you saying that south of this uncultivated land, we altogether had over 100 thousand proud Tianzu brave warriors, our strengths believe that you saw, whether proud Tianzu can move into the northern boundary, became the lord of mainland?"

I suddenly feel fearful, 100 thousand such fearful proud Tianzu brave warriors? That as if we really did not have what hope, was only these 100 thousand people together attacks, Tian Ling Empire definitely is unable to block, the defense of this ghost town was very strong, moreover was stationed by the Tian Ling Empire sharpest 50 thousand armies, was actually not necessarily able to block 10 thousand proud Tianzu brave warriors, if their 1 million armies attacked a city really...... Inconceivable!

The Han deep pool is raising the long blade, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Old thing, father manages you are any side or Kong Yuan, washes to be clean your neck, waits for father's sword to chop!"

Yan Zhao Warrior knit the brows, said in a low voice: „Xiao Yao, here NPC military officer one has not been the lamp of province oil, do not make them continue Hu Lielie, otherwise the situation will only develop in the worst direction."

It seems like the uncle wants to have the leeway of maneuver, since this proud Tianzu attacks us, wants to serve some purpose inevitably, so long as we meet their requests, can perhaps live is leaving this ghost town.

Therefore, I coughed, the look have ordered Han Yuan, dragon whetstone and the others to shut up do not permit to speak, afterward cuped one hand in the other across the chest to say by the etiquette of empire serviceman: „Hole Sir Fang, we were also have no intention to intrude the expensive boundary, did not have the meaning of disrespecting certainly, but also looked at the bright mirror, so long as you can the making way path, making my army retreat, we naturally can return to the territory of day of plume empire, did not commit the slightest offense with the expensive armed forces, as long as there is anything to request, we will consider."

„Your highness will speak."

Kong Fang shows a faint smile, said: „Your highness, if reads through empire annals, should tomorrow, proud Tianzu be a several thousand years ago ancient race, once was thought to vanish by the common people, but in fact we to avoid the wars of various god are dormant in a wild region, passed the day of several thousand years of eating birds and animals raw, grows continually, finally had the present several million population, after the Pangu great god is epoch-making, this stretch of world belonged to proud Tianzu, however secretly was actually made short humanity by so-called Lady Wa and Fu Xi, the dove occupies the magpie nest, enabling place of proud Tianzu corner to live, is arrogant to us. The day clan is ruthless, these hatreds...... Passed along with the years, now the arrogant space warfare emperor holds up the war flag, for retrieves proud Tianzu the dignity, seizes to be our territories again."

My vision one cold: „Does hole Sir Fang, what proud Tianzu want?"

Kong Fang the pupil becomes greedy and cruel, quack laughs saying: „Isn't your highness clear? proud Tianzu wants on this day, we must rule all of three lives!"

„Leeway that has not revolved?" I let somebody cool off or calm down said.

Kong Fanggong cups one hand in the other across the chest, says with a smile: „Has...... The arrogant space warfare emperor treats people generously, how to be ruthless? If your highness wants, some are willing to replace to fight the emperor to decide that causes to think the hammer to drive out the backdrop gap once more, puts your highness to return to the northern empire, told your emperors that making him lead his subjects to transfer out seven big main cities, goes to north the ice ridge mountain to live, including Tian Ling Empire and highest heaven city and iron skull city seven big kingdom all national territory leaves proud Tianzu, this then sufficed."

I could not bear smile: „Puts me to go back? My behind these mighty forces?"

„, They are the pig dogs that the belt punctures!" Kong Fang laughs: „For serveral days the servicemen in plume empire were only the war machines, significance that has not had, the ghost town was their graves, do not want to walk."

I sneer: „Said, but puts me to go back to notify, to human taking away destruction news?"

„Your highness is really a smart person."

Kong Fang the stance could not withstand extremely arrogantly, raises the festival stick in hand, laughs saying: „proud Tianzu Bing front refers, who can the enemy? Your highness suffices the intelligent words also to maintain a livelihood, otherwise then together becomes with your dog emperors the arrogant space warfare emperor ghost under the oppression of the people!"


My look also becomes fierce, lifted the hand to draw out the pure honored sword slowly, said: „Wan Er, East city, Li Mu, Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han, you thought that we can make hole room dog bastard live are leaving?"

Wan Er is grasping dragon tooth sharp knife blade gently, said with a smile: „I listen to the husband......"

On Dong Cheng Yue staff already reappearing magic gloss: „I also listen...... The volume, listens to the Wan Er husband......"

Q-Sword draws out the long sword: „Proper cannot, on!"


The next quarter, rays have overshot from the city, I am grasping the double sword, shakes together the shock-wave suddenly, shoves open the rear proud Tian clan brave warrior, the double sword raises together chops to the hole room.

„The Xiao Yao king, you wants to do!?" Hole room in great surprise.

„Kills you!"

The instance that I spoke, sword blade edge pricked in his chest, he was an official of civilian post, physical defense and HP is very common, fell 25% blood all of a sudden, good killed!

On the city, Han Yuan laughs saying: „Chaotic arrow fires, massacres them!"

In a flash, in the city various attacks, magics flew Going out, more than 1000 melt god cavalries start [Blade Spin] together, looks like the masters of more than 1000 imperial carte and tierces is launching the attack to be the same, is very magnificent.

Kong Fang has not come to exude second by Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han beheading skull of one on the left and other on the right, this bloody head is very giant, Q-Sword entrains his ear to lift the head, shouts loudly: „Goes to TMD proud Tianzu, we do not submit!"

City over ten thousand arrows fire, 100 + proud Tianzu brave warrior turning around casualty who hole room brings more than half, the remaining some remnant blood must walk, either was chased down to reduce by the god level player, either had been massacred by the dragon crystal artillery long-distance bang, 100 + people has not been living departure.

The negotiation failure, this time made war really!



The distant place, the shocking battle drum sound thunders, giant shadows appear in the horizon, not only has proud Tian the clan brave warrior of step war, some are riding the cavalry soldier of great war beast, this is the cavalry soldier who first time sees proud Tianzu, that mount likely is the great bear, but the forehead has the acute angle, looks like likely is the rhinocero, thinks that the strength is good, making them arch the words of city wall not to be wonderful directly.

The vision changes Han Yuan, I said: „When their cavalry soldiers come, every 10 invincible might artillery sur- 50 dragon crystal artillery aim at a cavalry soldier, must rumble they to me, cannot make them approach the city wall, understood?"

The Han deep pool raises the long blade to crack into a smile: „Your highness feels relieved!"

He was very happy that it seems like it is very satisfied to my diplomatic politics.

proud Tianzu won to this world, summation that if we live on dishonorably, that can only fall an infamy, let alone we are only the players, kneels down to sum to NPC, this absolutely is the great shame, we cannot achieve, is absolutely undoable.


Earth in shivering, after peace negotiation tearing, proud Tian the clan brave warrior of blotting out the sky flushed, the total number of people probably approached 10 thousand, this is very essential one wave, not the words that they repel, we can only die here.

„Standing by!"

I draw out the double sword, the arm somewhat shiver unexpectedly, does not know that is frightened or excited, now entered the game later, unexpectedly can also make me feel excited, should thank proud Tianzu the day to fall the surprise-attack forces.

The impulse and physical defense of giant are too strong, therefore cannot make them overrun directly, for this reason, must have a cavalry soldier to go to under the city to stop, finally this duty gave the fall harvest armed forces, the short spear trick was commands personally under the Military Control 10 thousand person deploying troops cities, distance city wall 20 meters far, the shield stood in great numbers, waits for the impact of match.

The dragon crystal artillery and invincible might artillery started to manifest suddenly, mushroom clouds erupt on the distant place earth, rips open and fire the hard coke the body of proud Tianzu brave warrior, however this cannot prevent their impacts, in the thick smoke, instigated to fight the beast proud Tianzu the cavalry soldier to clash at almost 10 meters altitude.

Zhan Long Chapter 1374

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