Zhan Long Chapter 1375

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In the heavy artillery echo sound, the first row of proud Tian clan brave warriors are reduced to ashes all, their giant shields by the fire to the heat, the powerful body could not be stood up to the continual baptism of invincible might artillery, the mist and dust is billowing, blocks the sky, the distant place transmits soars to the heavens the war cries, their behind clansmen started a crazier impact.


Drunken Spear is raising the long spear, the opening god shape soaring in the midair, orders the fall harvest armed forces outside city to organize to defend loudly, the heavy shield soldiers of all fronts stand in great numbers in abundance the shield, the rear long spear soldier arriving that at least three meters lance breaks out forward in the ground, this is the impediment method that they can think of only.

„proud Tian finishes an apprenticeship, Jing Ping all sea!"

A Giants fierce gentleman of whole body belt blood flushed crazily, on the both legs was shot completely the arrow arrow rapidly, „splash" knees down crawls forward, will brandish the extravagant sword in hand to pat the heavy shield soldier to sweep, but the abdomen entered by several lance thorns rapidly together suddenly, the long blade soldiers of fall harvest armed forces will fly a blade, the abdomen belly of this proud Tianzu fierce gentleman was cut completely, the intestines and blood will flow turbulently, picture incomparable cruelty.

But more defense areas slowly were broken through, proud Tianzu the giant brave warrior brandishes the pointed weapons to wallop in the crowd of fall harvest armed forces, goes against in the city numerous long-distance is being the firepower of player, such back and forth attacks, consumed until HP light falls to the ground dead in battle, as if these proud Tianzu soldiers absolutely did not have the sense of fear to be common to the death.

„Was insane!"

Yan Zhao Warrior is wrinkling the straight eyebrows slanting upwards and outwards, grips tightly long sword, the god shape changed the body flew suddenly Going out, almost, I and Wan Er, East city and Li Mu and the others also god shape changed the body overruns as if by prior agreement, in level line flight attack in the necks of proud Tianzu giant fierce gentleman, we know that the eye was their only weakness, shot falls their eyes sufficiently to make them kill one another blindly.

In the city wall, the fine silks are grasping long bow, „whiz" shot blindly a left eye of giant soldier, came an arrow rapidly again, halfed-volle successfully, shot the right eye blindly, at the same time said to behind one group of dark Moon Elf archers: „Shoots blindly their eyes, do not attack other spots!"

The dark Moon Elf young girls are the inborn archery unusual archer, immediately in the city whiz whiz the arrow arrow dances in the air, proud Tian clan soldiers who will arrive in the city region shooting blindly, in addition the heavy artillery thunders, unexpectedly made my faint seeing have the hope of defending.


The ray of butterfly sword penetrates nape of the neck of blind proud Tianzu fierce gentleman directly, the double sword raises, rapid is several swords gets down, the head of this proud Tianzu fierce gentleman slanting fell, unexpectedly had been completed beheading by me.

Not far away, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue coordination, proud Tianzu a brave warrior butchering, the far place, Matcha mobilized the god shape again, from the sky departs S curve You Yi among 5 proud Tianzu brave warriors, mobilizes the attack diversion match unceasingly, can actually perfect MISS fall the attack of opposite party, had to plant, the technique and tactics operation of Little Demon truly was unparalleled in the world, this point I and Q-Sword, Fang Ge Que and other peak players have to acknowledge.


A distant place bang, I turn around hurriedly: „How?"

Yan Zhao Warrior said loudly: „It is not good, nearby the east gate was broken a big opening by the giant, Xiao Yao you have hurried to have the person of past, that side at least 3 thousand proud Tianzu armies, they soon could not withstand!"


My rapid flight goes, simultaneously said loudly: „The [Zhan Long] god level player, comes with me!"

Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue, Matcha, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Death God's Elegy and One Second Hero and the others flew in abundance, a troop person kills to east following the city wall edge, when we fly saw that several proud Tianzu fierce gentleman is brandishing Axe to divide to chop the city wall, each axe gets down to spatter in all directions the giant stone, on that city wall also rapidly presented Dadong.


Is raising proud Tian the clan brave warrior sinking body of long sword, unexpectedly hit thoroughly the city wall directly!


He tumbles in city, roared is brandishing the long sword not to prepare the good vault of heaven sergeant soldier to hew meat sauce one crowd, I flew hurriedly, said loudly: „Wan Er and East city, you have the person to defend outside the city, inside gives me!"


Everybody flew to the city, intercepts the giant who these tried to enter coherently, but I raised the long sword to fire into the city, flew high one time to ride the wind to cut tyrannically, the sword light passed the nape of the neck of this giant, carried over a blood, in an instant hit his HP spatially, came time [Strength of a Thousand Men] again, beheaded him, the blood spattered in all directions, just liked the brook is flowing, soldiers of one group of vault of heaven armed forces dumbfounded looks that has knelt quickly: „Xiao Yao Your Highness Wang!"

„Continues to fight."

I said simply, spun the body to fire into outside the city, actually saw about 3 thousand fall harvest armed forces outside here city already soon whole army has been annihilated, to prevent giant close city wall, many players jumped out the city to fight are also massacred, perhaps the corpse repeatedly, this ghost town really must turn into the ghost town horizontally.


Also is a bang, the city gate of East city wall drove out, is one grasps the giant fierce gentleman of heavy war hammer, proud Tianzu the soldier, the individual battle efficiency far more than is being our ten times!

A moral nature dilutedness, but raises the long sword to kill as before, is the garrison troops of here palace guard makes up the gap, in city wall, Wolf quick led a troop melt god cavalry to kill, 11 leapt the city wall, acted as MT to constrain the footsteps of proud Tianzu army outside the city, cannot make them attack the city wall continually, the city wall of this ghost town was tattered and torn, perhaps came an impact on probably again all the avalanche.

If no superiority of city wall, we in ground battle, perhaps already by whole army has been annihilated.

Superiority of proud Tianzu ground battle was too big, the time of Chinese area so-called cavalry soldier first under heaven passed by in fact, now ground battle branch of the services most powerhouse without doubt was proud Tianzu, not to mention their powerful cavalry soldiers, were only the infantry sufficiently show disdain for the mainland.

Thump in battle drum sound, the distant place proud Tianzu cavalry soldier appeared again, unavoidablily, can only continue to order the heavy artillery long-distance locking attack, cannot make them near the city wall.

At this time, the city gate opened suddenly, one crowd rode the war is the player has welled up Going out.

„What's the matter?" I asked loudly.

Ye Lai raises Axe to fly in airborne, explained: „Is the [House of Prestige] person, they do not want like this by in dire straits in the city, rather the choice dead to fight outside the city......"

„Mother, this is brings death!" I shouted abuse, but did not have means that the person was ambitious respectively , can only look that they brought death.

Quick Thunder Swift Wind truly is also a man, leading about 3 thousand + [House of Prestige] riding wars to be the player after Going out, the infantry who goes round proud Tianzu, directly soars their cavalry soldiers to go, he saw the fighter aircraft, proud Tianzu the cavalry soldier quantity are not many, the East are not most over 100 cavalry soldiers, although is some rides is fighting the beast cavalry soldier, but should the battle efficiency be very ordinary?

The next quarter, the fact on fan maliciously on our faces, 200 + [House of Prestige] riding wars is the player surrounds an arrogant space warfare beast cavalry soldier to fiercely attack, actually by the war beast of opposite party unceasing with roaring the impact gives to kill, in an instant 200 + players die completely certainly, but HP of this arrogant space warfare beast cavalry soldier also has 40%!

Ice cold despair is soaking body, my sound somewhat shivered: „What ghost thing is this?"

Wan Er shakes the head saying: „Close combat surely does not have the opportunity, must massacre them with the dragon crystal artillery long-distance bang, I saw a moment ago, the beast cavalry soldier of high attack of heavy artillery to fighting has the extra injury addition, an artillery gets down at least 400 thousand attack injuries, probably hits 15 times to kill a head, wants tall Duo compared with the efficiency that the player died in battle."


I layer on layer nod, said: „Heavy artillery collection fire, only aims to fight the beast cavalry soldier to attack, do not waste the shell!"

Jing Yin holds the fist in the other hand: „Yes, Your highness!"


Quick, south city wall damaged several gaps, the situation also became in imminent danger.

Is good because, proud Tianzu the loss is not small, at least over 5 thousand proud Tianzu fierce gentlemen poured under the city, piles of corpses were starting to send out the rotten smell.

The war of this besieged city continued for nearly 5 hours to end fully, the distant place conch resounded, proud Tianzu the army diverged tidal, they gave up the offensive of this attacking a city.

But our losses were too big, four sides outside the city wall full is the player and corpse of NPC army, the battle loss achieving has let the degree that the person is unable to endure.


Yan Zhao Warrior holds fully is being the long sword of blood, dull sitting in the blue stone in city, on difference not „" drew up several tobacco smoked dry to resolve one's worries.

„Our also remaining how many people?" He asked silently.

I stand in the one side, said: „Player also remaining is less than 15 thousand people, NPC army also remaining 30 thousand about, the total reduced below half."

„......" He muttered has complied with one, the look was somewhat vacant, said: „Has not thought that after I replace your holds the position of spear greatly, the first weaponry hits such distressedly, this is a disastrous defeat......"

I smiled: „Facing the unknown match, lost lost, did not have anything, but did not want all people dead is here good."


In the city, everywhere is wounded soldiers, our also remaining 30 thousand NPC soldiers, but actually many wounded soldiers, must make them restore the battle efficiency as soon as possible, otherwise proud Tianzu the next wave of attack feared us unable to resist.

Han deep pool and Xiao severe, Jing Yin, Dragon Xing, Xia Ye and other group of palace guards standing of military officer uneven Shua Shua in my about, is waiting for my order.

„Your highness, has sent for the city wall that tears down the giant stone of Dashengtang to patch to damage, but needs the date and time, at least takes about two days to patch completely." The scenery sound somewhat worried: „I somewhat worried that proud Tianzu possibly will not give us this Cooldown."

I nod: „All right, patched with every effort is good."


I also asked: „The shell reserves of heavy artillery how?"

The Han deep pool said: „Still left over more than 50%, your highness does not use the anxiety."

„Um, that is good......"

I think that said: „Rides to search the remaining warhawks dispatches half Going out again, seeks for the exit / to speak in the north boundary, we must leave here to Going out as soon as possible, but not by in dire straits here."

Xia Ye holds the fist in the other hand: „Yes, Your highness, end will manage immediately!"

Zhan Long Chapter 1375

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