Zhan Long Chapter 1376

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Continuously the online over 20 hours, many player offline have made the rest one after another slightly, well rest for a better fight, is in order to goes on living in this stretch of new domain, but now to us goes on living is really too difficult.


My desolate sitting in an overgrown with weeds chair, Lin Wan Er volt on my leg, smiling saying: „Did not want the pressure to be too big, you have made contribution, even if were we cannot go out of here is really not your mistake."

„If not walk Going out, that definitely is my mistake."

Looks down ant that in the thick patch of grass crawls, I incomparably said disconsolately: „Who lets me is the commander-in-chief of this war, thinks the departure regiment system that can quit while ahead, has not thought finally has actually fought a war of such failure, even if were our Going out is also the disastrous defeat, I now the only hope by whole army has been annihilated here, that should not be the worst worst result."

Wan Er throws smiles, the cheek by my knee, said: „Husband, you shouldered many."


I am caressing her long hair lightly, said: „Treasure, you bring East city, Matcha and small wolf their offline to rest a meeting, rests the foot 7 hours to get online again, proud Tianzu has not counter-attacked quickly, they as if in waiting for anything, you stressed the Cooldown rest, the matter in ghost town are supporting by me temporarily on the line."

„But you also need to rest!" She digs the small mouth to visit me.

I smiled, lower the head have kissed on her lip, said: „Do not forget, your husband is body of Yang Flame, little rested Cooldown not to matter, this was my last war, I must whole-heartedly, clever, quickly go!"

„Um, good......"

In her unhappy going guild arranged everybody offline.

The players are getting fewer and fewer, quick only remaining is less than 5 thousand people online, but Yan Zhao Warrior does not have offline throughout, his was also old, needs to rest, but holds the spear greatly, this uncle does not insist offline.

When Wan Er, East city, Wolf and other [Zhan Long] player one by one offline, in Situ Xin, the forest arched two empires the general progress to come, after to standing up from failure to discontinue, said respectfully: „Your highness, had difficulty."

I said lightly: „Is the issue of grain and fodder?"


Situ Xin holds the fist in the other hand saying: „The grain and fodder that we carry along has exhausted, the warhorse of heavy cavalry more than a day has not eaten the fodder, the weeds in ghost town were almost gnawed up, the words this way, we will not soon have the cavalry soldier available."

Lin Qiongdao: „More fearful was the grain ration of soldier has also exhausted, we and proud Tianzu was different, they were cut-throat, available swallowed the corpse of dying in battle to eat food, but we...... Our military provisions finished eating, starting from yesterday evening, all grain rations reduced 30%, many soldiers are hungry, this way, can not fight burst!"

I have rubbed the awake song eye, asked: „Other means? Where did we send the Going out warhawk to ride to search to be the food?"

„No, this stretch of domain surrounding area in hundred li (0.5km) is a desolateness." Situ Xin clenched teeth, said: „In wilderness can herd actually, once however our heavy cavalries the Going out herd horse, that may not come back, the warhawk rides to search to investigate, proud Tianzu the army is divided into 12, pitches camp in our four directions separately, sieged us radically here, each at least had 5 thousand above military strength, any can pose the lethality threat to us, we may draw back roadless."

„, Knew......" I already should guess correctly actually, proud Tianzu will not make our any person live departure, they know that we are in the north seven big kingdoms the sharpest army, puts us to walk leaves trouble for the future, but if kills us completely here, then drafts to them north has the absolute advantage.

At this moment, a person grasped short-sword to walk, wore the official's costume of Monarch marquis, leading several Yorozuo to be long, was the lord of Jiu Li City, wish the sea duke.

„Sea male, has the matter?" I asked.

Wish the sea to hold the fist in the other hand, said: „Your highness, wish the sea this time to accompany the armed forces, but the good duty is responsible for the grain and fodder bringing up the rear matters concerned, but actually dereliction of duty makes the three services be stranded endures the hunger here, this wishes the crime of sea! However, wish the sea to have a news to tell your highness."

„Um, what news?"

„We enter this stretch of mysterious domain time, the rear also 5000 people of rear service armies are responsible for shipping of grain and fodder military baggage, but they with, had not ridden the repayment that searches according to the warhawk, these 5000 people had been killed by proud Tianzu all, but the innumerable grain and fodder and weapons as before are actually detained in the entrance mountain valley, so long as can bring back these grain and fodder, should the enough 30 thousand armies eat the first half month."

Wish the sea to hold the fist in the other hand, said: „Asked your highness to give me 50,000 troops, wishing the sea is willing to command the army to kill Going out personally, being our grain and fodder seizing!"

I stare: „This......"

Situ Xindao: „Your highness, did not accommodate hesitant, before today , the armed forces started to kill horse Qurou, many wounded soldiers need to eat to the full, the words that such got down again perhaps, we wanted whole army has been annihilated here."

Wish the sea to visit me, said: „Old man knows the anxiety of your highness, then the old man only brings 3 thousand imperial guards to go out of town by starlight, before guaranteeing tomorrow the sunrise, certainly grain and fodder snatching, Your highness, cannot hesitate!"

I look to Yan Zhao Warrior: „Uncle, do you think?"

Yan Zhao Warrior nods: „Is this means of means that this, after they go out of town, I gather riding war in the city am a player, many calculates many, we go out of town toward south, attracts proud Tianzu the attention, like this after wishing the sea to lead the imperial guard goes out of town, to could smoothly the grain and fodder snatch."

„Um, can only like this."


Fanned out in two groups, wish the sea to lead 3 thousand imperial guard heavy cavalries the north gate to go while the night, but Yan Zhao Warrior led 2 thousand in player to ride the war is elite left Nanmen, directly soared proud Tian the clan military compound of distant place to go.

I assume the ghost town, which has not gone, a here need pillar.

Is raising the long sword, walks on street, has the wounded soldier everywhere ** the sound, many people injure one after another heavy and die, our people were getting fewer and fewer, but more places are the heavy cavalry with tears slaughter their warhorse, must kill horse Fenrou, but ate, the person who otherwise starved to death will be more, some people dug three feet to look to eat, cooked down pot gruel the mouse, earthworm a minute of food, looked at the person very to feel sad.

A young palace guard heavy cavalry is carrying one bowl of horse Rou, with tears, this horse Rou is his warhorse, from now henceforth he was only an infantry, the sorrow in the look not being able to say.

I cannot bear change countenance, lowered the head.

Jing Yingen in me behind, walks to go forward to hold my hand: „Your highness, all right?"

I turn around to have a look at her, said: „All right."

I know that this NPC palace guard Yorozuo long female, is loving me actually, but...... As if not quite good, between the player and NPC simply do not have what result.

Jing Yinmin the sip red lip, said: „Your highness, does not need to rebuke oneself, we follow your highness to fight up and down the country, has not regretted, the dying in battle battleground was the fate of serviceman."

I think her beautiful appearance, cannot bear turn around, puts out a hand to hold her cheek, said with a smile: „But you have the better future, should not death in vain here, you not get married......"

Jing Yin cheek one red: „Only wish to follow your highness, will never get married."

„Any words that silly thing, spoke, I do not belong to here, you are not me, your life journey also steadily!"

„Yes, your highness......"


After two hours, the riding war that Yan Zhao Warrior leads was the player team came back, but tempted the enemy, therefore did not have what damage, a distant place chaotic voice, about 10 thousand + proud Tianzu the giant soldier was away from the city three inside and outside, after one created a clamor, retreated, they as if do not want in the appearance that the night attacked a city.

Quick, dawn.

Xuyang punctures the cloud layer together, I stand on the Beicheng wall, is looking out the distant place, does not have any news.

„Did warhawk ride to search?" I asked.

Jing Yin shakes the head: „No, your highness......"

I am very disturbed: „Wish sea there news not to have, what's the matter......"

The Han deep pool said: „Wants...... End will lead the palace guard heavy cavalry to go out of town to aid?"


I beckon with the hand: „If wished the army of sea, that many people went also in vain to bring death, do not lose the military strength of palace guard in vain."

Xiao Lidao: „Your highness, actually we were sieged with it here, might as well have a bloody road to clash Going out, the east , south , west and north four directions, always compares waits for death to be better here."

I smile bitterly: „proud Tianzu waited for us to go out of town to break through, their present total military strengths above us, the individual battle efficiency are above our ten times, Xiao severe you thought that we did break through?"

Xiao severe is resigned-looking: „Approximately...... Cannot......"

At this moment, suddenly airborne warhawk rode to search to fly, the warhawk has as if been injured, crooked tumbling in the city wall, the soldier stood up from failure, on the face was the blood, said: „Your highness, 3 thousand imperial guards that the sea male leads were ambushed in the valley, is about...... Probably was one cannot run away......"

„How many military strength do they have?" I asked.

„At least 100,000 audiences!"

Situ Xin mentioned the steel knife in side, looked deathly pale: „Your highness, that 30,000 imperial guards are my...... Requests earnestly your highness to dispatch troops to reenforce immediately, they cannot such in vain die!"

Lin Qiong also holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Your highness, end is willing to lead the cavalry soldier to break through to reenforce!"

I am silent, asked that the warhawk rides to search: „What military strength does the north have?"

„The northeast corner 5 thousand proud Tianzu armies, northwest corner also 5 thousand, are also holding troops."

I gained ground to implore the tone, congealed to choke speechless.

„Your highness, dispatches troops!"

Situ Xin, Lin Qiong, Han Yuan knee down together.

A Yan Zhao Warrior face embarrassment: „What to do...... They...... They must reenforce!"

Jing Yin holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Your highness, if not go out of town reenforcement, perhaps cold morale of troops!"

All people look to me, waited for me to issue an order.


Passed the long time, I look down to the people, said the sentence lightly: „Transmitted orders, shuts tightly the city gate, no one permits to go out of town!"

A stabbing pain, wish sea at heart, these time was unfair to you.

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Zhan Long Chapter 1376

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