Zhan Long Chapter 1377

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„Such gave up the sea male?"

Lin Qiong eyes red visits me: „Your highness, although the sea male had the political view to be different from you, but...... But the good and evil sea male is also Tian Ling Empire three male one, such made him be buried in this stretch of wild region?"

„Sea is male, is 25 thousand armies is important?" I asked one.

Lin Qiong had nothing to say in reply.

Situ Xinti the steel knife, was saying: „What your highness considers is...... If we go out of town rashly will only degenerate into the dishes of proud Tianzu 200 000 army, the possibility of not having returned alive."

Scenery sound vision profound looks at outside city the distant place, said: „Had been a pity that 50,000 imperial guard officers, such buried the bone battleground...... The supplies in city were also getting fewer and fewer, Your highness, we have arrived at water completely grain paddies certainly......"


I nod, has not spoken.



A news, came from Fang Ge Que: „Xiao Yao, your side situations how?"

„Does not have the words of reinforcements again, possibly wanted whole army has been annihilated."

„Frightens? Do not say things just to frighten people!"

„I did not have...... me to smile bitterly really": „Lao Fang, our time enemies are similar to proud Tian the clan army of BOSS rank, moreover is 275 levels, Level crush we, and this army the intelligence quotient of direction is not low, tempts us to step into the beyond redemption situation step by step, this time we have had a low opinion of the enemy completely......"

Fang Ge Que said: „I know...... I know that I am attempting with the dragon crystal artillery and ZONE backdrop of invincible might artillery bombing boundary, but does not have the too big effect, after this backdrop shuts down, no one knows how to open, was right, the empire emperor shallow forest royal cart has drafted, 1 200 000 Empire Armed forces exhibit west of Ze deep pool city, if proud Tianzu comes out, definitely is a decisive battle!"

I cannot help but at heart one tight, said: „Lao Fang, you underestimated the strength of proud Tianzu soldier, their cavalry soldiers, our 200 rode the war are the player hit one not to hit, even if were adds on the NPC army also completely is not the match, has if possible makes the shallow forest start the fortification in the ZONE exit / to speak direction immediately, impediment without city wall, proud Tianzu vast stretch of flat land entered the northern various nations."

Saying, I have thought suddenly a matter, said: „Was right, you go to cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, found Frost, said that I was stranded in proud Tianzu the area, asks that she does have any means that proud Tianzu the strength was too strong, Frost will not get rid to fear the army of human empire only to be hung to hit."

„Um, I go immediately, what to do if she doesn't believe me?"

„You go to the mansion of Xiao Yao king, in the inner courtyard practicing wushu hall are putting a blade, is the town country blade, is taking this blade, Frost should know that I met dangerously."

„OK, you support, we momentarily relate!"



Switches off communication, in the city actually transmits one to clamor, I asked hurriedly: „What's the matter?"

Dragon Xing holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Your highness, the army has mutinied, many people eat do not sate the appetite, even has starved to death several thousand people, therefore a Yorozuo of strong wind from afar armed forces long instigates the mutiny, the soldiers about 5000 + strong wind from afar armed forces are attacking Nanmen, tries to have a bloody road to seek for the means of livelihood from Nanmen, holds the spear unable to stop greatly."


I, jumped to leap the god shape fearfully change the body have fired into Nanmen, came to Nanmen time actually discovered that a confusion, several thousand strong wind from afar armed forces, had the cavalry soldier also to have the infantry, the complete hand grasped the pointed weapons to stand in the Nanmen square, the soldiers of surrounding troop palace guard and vault of heaven armed forces encircled it, even Han Yuanti the long blade was giving a loud shout: „dragon crystal artillery preparation, they dare the storm city gate words, on military law handling, executes summarily!"

„Han Yuan, your this scoundrel!"

That Yorozuo who in the crowd, takes the lead in instigating the mutiny long is raising the lance, points to Han Yuan the spear sharp, said: „You are also the humble birth, I and others joined the army for what, to not eat to the full belly, now we were stranded in this damned place onset and retreat cannot, I lead the brothers to seek a way out, you actually obstruct in this, is what meaning?"

The Han deep pool clenches teeth: „Your his mother had to plant says again?"

At this time, Yan Zhao Warrior appeared above the city wall, shouted to clear the way: „Grandson Fang Lin, you are also a four General Pin, unexpectedly instigates the mutiny, can you pay attention to me?!"

Yan Zhao Warrior is commanding of strong wind from afar armed forces, holds the spear greatly, Sun Fanglin holds the fist in the other hand to say immediately: „Commands the Sir, mutinies I not to hope, but the soldier in camp mostly is I the brothers who leads from Jiu Li City, end really will not exercise forbearance they to starve to death here, does the Sir you know? The people of some barracks have been unearthing the meat of dead to eat, do you want to make the empire army degenerate into really with the situation that the animal is a companion of?"

Drunken Spear one was shocked: „Cannibalizes the flesh......"

Sun Fanglin nods: „Right, they ate the meat of dying in battle, moreover was the meat of empire officers, but I did not blame them, they want to maintain a livelihood, but the home to return to of empire serviceman should not be this, even if today will hold the spear to punish greatly really end, end will do also this matter, the brothers want to maintain a livelihood, does not want dead in vain here!"

Yan Zhao Warrior dejected.

At this time, I dropped the ground, trod full is being the ground of gravel and weed walks.

„Your highness!"

Soldier of one crowd of mutinies turns around to salute in abundance, Sun Fanglin also holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Xiao Yao Your Highness Wang!"

„Can you lead them to go out of town?" I let somebody cool off or calm down said.

He has been startled being startled, said: „Yes!"

I look to soldier of one crowd of mutinies, said loudly: „We, although has reached water completely grain situation certainly, but this will not stop, we need some patience, waits for the appropriate opportunity, if you trust me, that stays in the city not to want Going out, does not believe my, with grandson side Lin Going out was, Han Yuan, Kaesong gate!"

„Yes, Your highness!"

The Han deep pool moves the rope rapidly, front door opens slowly, Sun Fanglin sits in immediately, absent-minded looked at my one eyes, progresses to go outward, said loudly: „Many thanks your highness helps!"

With approximately also 3000 people that he goes out of town together, other remained completely, these 3000 people howled to go out of town, full speed has fired into the south, the south was vast, perhaps had the opportunity that they maintained a livelihood really?

I stand in the city wall, is looking out from afar.

But after soon, Yue Qing Qian taishou is pointing at the distant place: „Brother Xiao Yao you looks, proud Tianzu war flag!"

Really, the distant place presented the innumerable blood red war flags, is proud Tianzu the armies, in an instant encircles watertight the grandson Fang Lin 3000 people, proud Tianzu great war beast cavalry soldier back and forth [Assault], has disintegrated instantaneously resisting of strong wind from afar armed forces, then purely has slaughtered, we cannot hear the pitiful yell sound, but can actually see there is having all.

„Deserves to be damned!"

Dong Cheng Yue let somebody cool off or calm down said the sentence, her individuality was quite straightforward, hates the wicked as if they were personal enemies, naturally abhorred the matter of this mutiny.

Lin Wan Er sip red lip, said: „If in the city can find a point to eat, perhaps will not have damages like this."

„Ghost town is a trap, where will have to eat."

I smile bitterly, said: „We during match's design, this time can Going out many people calculate that completely many people, hoping everybody to live Going out."

Q-Sword shakes the head: „Was too difficult."

At this time, a warhawk rode to search the rapid flight: „Your highness, Beicheng had the sound, the massive proud Tian clan army started to be close to the Beicheng wall, your highness a bit faster in the past had a look!"


Flies the north gate time, actually in the distant seeing horizon overspread proud Tianzu the soldier, this their population were more, attacked the Beicheng wall alone the population at least above 10 thousand people, really thought highly of us, actually by our relative strengths, they sent 3 thousand people to attack a city has made us unable to endure completely.


The battle drum is thunderous, that is radius at least two meters giant battle drums, the sound just likes thunderous general.

„Looks quickly, what is that?" Dragon Xing the hand is pointing at the distant place, said: „On the lance of their former camp soldier, seems poking the thing, the day......"

I fix the eyes on look , the pointed weapons of proud Tianzu soldier are very giant, but the lance is very sharp, on the spear point of each lance soldier is puncturing a bloody number of people, does not need to think that is the head of imperial guard soldier, behind proud Tianzu army the captain absolutely is the master who is good at launching a psychological attack, this act is no different is on Tian Ling Empire army morale the fatal blow to city.


A Han deep pool layer on layer fist falls on the crenelation, on the face completely is the spunk.

proud Tianzu army is nearer, approaches us about 500 meters time, can see that on a lance of military officer is puncturing a number of people, the white hair dark green face, wish the sea!

„Sea male!"

The forest arched collapsed on the tears instantaneously, in the hand the sword blade edge shivers, points to outside the city, the anger exclaimed: „proud Tianzu, the father does not kill your entire clan, vowed is not the person!"

I have raised the long sword, shouted to clear the way loudly: „Preparation, makes war!"

The heavy artillery sound resounds once again, rips piece by piece hashed meat the proud Tianzu soldiers outside city, the might of invincible might artillery and dragon crystal artillery is without a doubt, our shells are not just many, reserves already less than one-third, this is a lethality threatens.

However, as soon as we fire off, the proud Tian clan army outside city instead rapidly diverged.

Under the city is in an instant empty a piece, only leaves behind several hundred proud Tianzu corpse.


„How?" Han deep pool vacant.

„They as if have not wanted to make war, but makes us have a look at the sea male severed head." Situ Xinshen inspires saying: „They also in waiting appropriate fighter aircraft?"

„Perhaps......" Q-Sword said leisurely.

At this moment, suddenly the airborne stuffy thunder, the lightning fell on the mountain top of distant place, the dark cloud intensive appearance sky over the top of the head, the gale came, as if must rain.


I suddenly one startled, said: „They rained in!"

The dragon whetstone is vacant: „Your highness, how rained?"

Scenery tone channel: „Stupid, rains the lead wire of later dragon crystal artillery and invincible might artillery to be affected, may have dud and other situations, to our big disadvantage!"

„That bad......" dragon whetstone pair of tiger looks at the distant place, said: „In proud Tianzu is hiding any person, will use up all the tricks......"

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Zhan Long Chapter 1377

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