Zhan Long Chapter 1378

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„Lives in the lead wire part of invincible might artillery and dragon crystal artillery with the thick bouquet, cannot make moistly, hurry up, transmitted orders completely, do not delay!" Yan Zhao Warrior loud order.

Dozens warhawks rode to search rapid launching, the transmission order. But nearby palace guard soldier everywhere seeks to obstruct the rain the thing, the army has is used to build the thick cloth of tent, but does not calculate too, in the war was burnt down much, now was shorter, therefore many soldiers take off the armor or directly cover the heavy artillery with the shield, afterward comes out into the open.


„Archer, prepares to shoot blindly their eyes!" I am raising the butterfly sword, loud order.

The battle drum sound is strong, the space sways scattered the heavy rain, in the curtain of rain, the dense and numerous proud Tianzu soldier went to return, their battle drum sounds also became crowded, was really was waiting for the appropriate opportunity will attack.

Must block this attack, otherwise after we do not have.

My moral nature one cold, said loudly: „Makes war!"

„Bang bang bang......"

The invincible might artillery and dragon crystal artillery can launch, proud Tianzu has as if looked down on our intelligence quotient, has probably not thought that we will guess correctly ahead of time their plans, has guarded.

„Defends the city gate!"

One Second Hero raised the lance to leap the city wall, more and more [Zhan Long] player and palace guard heavy cavalry went out of the city, has formed a line of defense outside the city, must some people sacrifice, otherwise the city wall directly was attacked ends.

„Be careful, their beast cavalry soldiers!" Lin Wan Er loud [say / way].

The heavy hoofbeat transmits, several hundred beast cavalry soldiers start the impact together, the speed is extremely fast, the dragon crystal artillery of palace guard was very difficult to aim, aims was also very difficult the instantaneous bang to massacre, directly caused under these beast cavalry soldier speedy approach cities, strangled to death with the [Zhan Long] player in the same place.

I draw out the double sword to rush to city hurriedly, just likes meteor full speed has fired into a beast cavalry soldier!


Shoulder numerous hits on fighting beast bridge of the nose, it was calling out pitifully the backlash, but fought the proud Tianzu cavalry soldier on beast actually outrageously is a lance thorn strikes, the spear punctured thoroughly the rain water sharp, directly soared my front!

The shield of stars starts rapidly, „" hits to draw back it directly, I dash am combo, chops him again and again to retrocede, One Second Hero brings dozens [Zhan Long] players to sphere to kill it, but I have fired into second, slows down its impulse with own body, afterward fires into the third beast cavalry soldier, in an instant I already and several beast cavalry soldier direct conflicts, eased behind the pressure of player greatly, but own blood strip also had one-third.

Not far away, together the orange ray flood, is Wan Er large-scale BUFF skill, Li Mu has also raised the long sword, starts one to roar, greatly promotes in the surrounding 400 yards attack power of player, Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han and the others also in abundance to rush to the city wall, is shouldering the respective mission respectively, must everybody go to battle together, otherwise this city wall definitely cannot defend.


Is less than a half hour, under the city already the rivers of blood, the bloody water and rain water fused in together, are flowing recklessly, incarnadine the subtilis place outside city, incarnadine in frontal line the armor of everyone.

The palace guards die to fight do not draw back, take the life the beast cavalry soldier to kill as the price under the city, and soldier in kitchen work camp raises the butcher knife to clash goes out of town, sphering one to fight the beast corpse to start to cut, this war beast just likes the hill is common, can provide many meat actually.


A beast cavalry soldier of hundred husband long ranks noticed that some people cut to fight the beast corpse, loudly shouted to clear the way suddenly: „Massacres them to me!"

Immediately was one group of proud Tianzu brave warrior raises the lance to project the past, „puff puff" in the sound, the soldier in palace guard kitchen work camp was penetrated the body dead by the giant lance in abundance, blood stream everywhere.

Everybody as if has had no time control to be too many, can only do kills the present match.

At this moment, suddenly Jing Yinzhan is in the city wall to say loudly: „Your highness, the west gate broke......"


I am dumbfounded, Q-Sword has transmitted the real-time picture, the west gate city wall was smashed completely, many proud Tianzu brave warriors crash in the city wall, raises the pointed weapons to kill everywhere, meets no resistance, moreover proud Tian the clan army of advancement at least over a thousand, have kept radically off cannot block, the ghost town has fallen into enemy hands, imagined compared with me must quickly!

The sword blade edge changes, a nape of the neck penetration of present proud Tianzu brave warrior, my foot tramples to turn his corpse, raises the long sword to returning to fly, said loudly: „Yanzhao uncle, having the person to stop up a breach in the past!"

Yan Zhao Warrior already opened the god shape to walk, gathered one crowd of [Prague] player and about 2 thousand strong wind from afar armed forces, went to the west gate along the city main road, but definitely could not resist, most was also delays.


Humanity that under the city died in battle are getting more and more, the city wall damage is also serious, even was flushed about 50 meters road section by a beast cavalry soldier, becomes the goal of their with emphasis attendance, melts the god cavalry to defend under this gap in large numbers until death, was too frigid.


A news came from Fang Ge Que: „Xiao Yao, good news!"

„What news, Lao Fang?"

„Frost led the north corner several god level powerhouses to come, said that must drive out the backdrop to tie with the supernatural power forcefully, but continued the Cooldown not over 1 hour, about 1 childhood started to carry on, you a bit faster, after 1 hour, will have the position that everybody was arriving at you to enter inevitably, we were waiting for you here, Cooldown was urgent, our people not since new map, avoid could not come out."

„Gives me a countdown!"


Comes from the countdown that the good friend shares appears on the contact surface, reciprocal starting from 59 : 59 second.

At this moment, Lin Qiongti long sword has been killing, said loudly: „Your highness, we found the arrogant space warfare emperor in position, in our north, but more than 2 thousand proud Tianzu brave warriors are protecting him, we what to do?"

My idea has decided that said loudly: „Opens the east gate, all people clash Going out from the east gate, fans out in two groups, Lin Qiong, you leads the palace guards, the vault of heaven armed forces, the strong wind from afar armed forces, the fall harvest armed forces and imperial guard surplus people, is circuitous from the West with Situ firewood and the others, then place that goes to us to come in...... Um, I let hold Ge Dailu to be good greatly!"

Has reported a news to Yan Zhao Warrior, making him lead all NPC armies to break through Going out.

Yan Zhao Warrior instantaneous was anxious: „It is not good, I bring the NPC army to escape, you what to do?"

I: „All right, we died also fell 1 level, you brought NPC to return to Tian Ling Empire to go, is a very vast war, we needed these NPC to live, the uncle let alone, you brought NPC to walk, I led the player to sneak attack the arrogant space warfare emperor!"

„Was your boy insane? Sneak attacks the arrogant space warfare emperor?"

„Otherwise, attracts many proud Tian clan military strength, quite makes you break through? Rubbish, you hurry to go to the west gate and Lin Qiong, Situ firewood set."


I issue an order, all players start to gather to the north gate, soon after, 4 thousand + players appear in the north, is in the players absolute elite, we come in 50 thousand people, unexpectedly now on only the remaining this people, looks like really feels sad.

Once knew when our final duties, one group of people were actually excited.

Li Mu smiled grins with ear to ear: „Mother, making our sleepily here non- person not ghost is so long, the father also really wants to have a look at this arrogant space warfare emperor is any gadget!"

Drunken Spear: „Cannot dispute, does him!"

One group of people raise the pointed weapons to scold the bad language in abundance: „Does his mother!"

Everybody feels suffocated, is waiting for present bursting out.

I opened the god shape, is raising the double sword in the crowd front, said: „The soldier who on road runs into proud Tianzu does not need to pester, goes round by the Movement Speed superiority, armed forces that we directly soar the arrogant space warfare emperor, can massacre well, cannot kill mostly, but at least must delay for one hour, enabling we also remaining 200 000 NPC armies good retreat."




4 thousand people have fired into the north tidal, by far, the dense and numerous proud Tian clan army in greeting us, various types of clumsy and giant pointed weapons cracks emptied, struck to massacre players, but more people rapidly drilled from the slits, turned toward the armed forces in their distant place to seep headed by me.

The heavy rain has seeped the whole body, a faint trace cool feeling.

The front proud Tianzu soldier are getting more and more, Wan Er in left, Matcha in right, has formed the [Zhan Long] strongest broken against sword blade edge, penetrates, distant can see that at the same time the blood red giant war flag coiled one group in the rain.

„Is the arrogant space warfare emperor!"

Wan Er is narrowing beautiful eyes: „On flag has emperor character!"


I wallop ahead of time, but the front presented proud Tianzu unexpectedly „heavy shield camp", these great manpower grasp several tons „heavy shield", has formed a row of line of defense, must break through them!

In the hand butterfly sword turns gently, the strength emerges, I lift the left hand, the place of imperial day starts, the focal point gathers on all heavy shields, but the strength seems to be insufficient, then bets all supernatural powers, the surroundings fluctuate rapidly together the domain gloss, looked at Wan Er and Matcha was dumbfounded, the next quarter, the shields of these proud Tianzu heavy shield soldier raised in abundance, have been separated from their control, some soldiers went all out to grasp the shield, was brought to fly as before, was lifted the heaven with the shield by me.


The armed forces account of arrogant space warfare emperor on 200 meters away, my big hand raises, immediately several hundred shields led dozens proud Tianzu brave warrior to fly together rapidly to the big account, the next quarter, the fierce impact noise was unceasing, the flying speed of shield was extremely fast, the person in armed forces account will have been battered to death much, many of them unexpectedly high-ranking officer.

„Exciting, kills!" Q-Sword raises the long sword, leading people to cover forward kills.

Chaotic, wore blood red to fight the giant of armor to clash from the crowd, the hand grasped a handle sword, on the face completely was the spunk: „Despicable humanity, dares to sneak attack my camp unexpectedly, courts destruction simply!"

The arrogant space warfare emperor, came!


Cannot see Level and attribute, this is one surpasses our cognitive domain BOSS!

This is [Zhan Long] second from the bottom, 12 : 00 pm is the [Zhan Long] big result, but also waits for anything...... The fresh flower throws to new book «Builds up God Domain» elder brothers T. T, do not throw to [Zhan Long] again, builds up the god domain book number 1075763, everybody collects, prepares to change the position ~~

Zhan Long Chapter 1378

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