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Dawn, 10,000 people of palace guards arrived at the river bank, Dragon Xing, Xia Ye oversaw the manufacture of the dock personally, after seeing me, somewhat was stunned, Dragon Xing walked to go forward, said: „Commands, you decided really can begin to this named dragon Dragon Jun's water robber? If end information not wrong, the total number of people that the dragon Dragon Jun water robs has been over 10,000 people, altogether has 70 + warships, last night the palace guard exterminated is one small......"

I am raising Zhen Yue Blade, smiles saying: „Right, must begin to dragon Dragon Jun, they have plundered many years in Wu Shenhe both banks, even the hot crag artillery and dragon crystal artillery had, fights with them, is not only the palace guard trains, but can also seize many heavy instruments for us, I also planned that makes the palace guard rob growth in this crowd of water!"

Dragon Xing beams into a smile: „Commands wisely! However, end will have a few words not to know , said that did not work as to say......"

I: „Said!"

The dragon whetstone lowers the sound, collects said near my ear: „Crazy Lei Jun tuan Luis always tolerates the subordinate, therefore crazy Lei Jun rolls, although the discipline is loose, but strength actually, your majesty has a high opinion to crazy Lei Jun tuan, if commands you to move crazy Lei Jun tuan, must consider over and over, this is one bone that is difficult to gnaw, perhaps otherwise the flame dragon regiment already began."

I nodded, shake the hand of hilt to be tighter: „Clothes eating insect does not eliminate, throughout can be the disaster, since even connected Yanlong the regiment and legendary Emperor Yu regiment not stick one's neck out, that this matter is done by the palace guard, something must some people do."

On Dragon Xing the face passed over gently and swiftly a startled color, afterward then admires, holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Good, regardless of the Sir must make anything, my Dragon Xing gave the Sir this life, at the worst died!"

I smile the racket his shoulder, said: „Oversees the manufacture of the dock and warship well, needs the resources completely to Pearl to be male, she will support vigorously, we must take this dock to destroy completely the dragon Dragon Jun's hundred warships as the foundation, pushes our hot crag artillery and dragon crystal artillery, erects around the dock, momentarily prevents them to sneak attack!"

„Yes, Sir!"


I returned to turn around, look to Han Yuan, Xiao severe, said: „Who knows crazy Commander Lei Jun the camp exact location of unit of armed soldiers?"

On the Han deep pool face passed over gently and swiftly pleasantly surprised: „General, our is...... Can move crazy Commander Lei Jun really the unit of armed soldiers?"


I crack into a smile, stands up from failure to start: „Preparation, the speed is fast, does not alert the enemy, crashes in their long units of armed soldiers directly, forcing them to put down the weapon!"


The next quarter, the 4 thousand troops of palace guard, the infantry advance in abundance, the cavalry soldier is pulling the warhorse slowly, the cavalries of palace guard are Heavy Armor, the experienced cavalry soldier will not let the warhorse before the fight extremely in the weariness, on the road that therefore marches pulls the warhorse to march forward is the best plan!

After 20 minutes, palace guard step military compound goes straight to moon/month of blade edge forest the Northwest, the distant place can see that again smoke from kitchen chimneys curling raised, crazy Commander Lei Jun the unit of armed soldiers in burying the pot has prepared food, 5000 people of camps, several hundred smokes from kitchen chimneys fill the air above the sky, is really magnificent.

I wave, the order said in a low voice: „Cavalry soldier starts completely, with me to their armed forces, all around the infantry battalion encirclement, these 5000 people of do not want to flee directly!"

The Han deep pool said: „Sir, the crazy Lei Jun tuan long unit of armed soldiers is elite in regiment, has provided at least 20 dragon crystal artillery, we?"

I: „While its unprepared sneak attack, controls the dragon crystal artillery!"



Next quarter, people Qi Qi flushed Going out, but for I do not bring to the too big attention, has not entered the conditions of thousand frost wings, progressed to Going out, was bringing palace guard the barrack about 2 thousand cavalry soldier direct impact crazy Lei Jun tuan, what was laughable was the opposite party 5000 people of armies scouts the radius only to arrive at outside the barrack unexpectedly 100 meters, such scouted does not want!

„What person?"

In the camps several grasp the soldier of long spear to roar angrily lowly, raised the long spear to encircle.

My palm, revealed that south town the general token, said: „South town general Li Xiao Yao comes to inspect, puts down your pointed weapons, otherwise I am impolite!"

One group of soldiers are stunned, but military appointment was distanced was too big, will be unexpected we to resort to violence, then the putting down long-barrelled guns, Han Yuan immediately raised the long spear to lead in several thousand people of direct impacts the armed forces, both sides rows of dragon crystal artillery also rapidly to be controlled, above the school ground nobody drilled unexpectedly, instead was in the military compound is the soldiers and military officer is drinking heartily everywhere, when can hear the woman played with the cry, this crazy Lei Jun rolled really wildly, tolerating the subordinate to vent own desire no doubt to stimulate their fondness of countryside and strengths, what a strong soldier need was the blood and iron discipline, actually wasn't this type by the desire. Fondness of countryside of stimulation.

I raise Dragon Reservoir Sword to dash, at the same time shouted to clear the way loudly: „Disarms, all disarm! Comes the person, in armed forces account with my together direct impact!"

A troop palace guard cavalry advances, middle the armed forces account presents dozens grasps the guard of long spear to block the way, Han Yuan radically not hesitant, lifted the hand to throw Going out the long spear, „tittering" has massacred a long spear soldier directly, the surrounding cavalry soldier imitated, in the result protection about hundred crazy Lei Jun group soldiers of armed forces account were killed all, Han Yuan was very angry, this fellow was a kind of person who in the eye did not rub the sand, where can bear the wicked matter that the soldier bandit colluded with.

„In control the armed forces account, do not kill people again!" I drink one lowly.

One group of palace guard cavalry soldiers trade hand become the long bows, at daggers drawn, but the barbarian blade shield camp also broke in the barrack, great shields the armed forces account will encircle watertight.

The Han deep pool raises fully is being the long spear of blood walks to go forward, bright sound track: „Palace guard commands, town southern general Li Xiao Yao interview long spear Battalion Yueluo to control!"

At this time, in tent finally sloppily dressed will take away, reddened all over the face, the liquor air/Qi was threatening, was stewed to the gills reeling drunk, but saw the soldier who outside the armed forces account died has become sober immediately most probably, the complexion said pale: „Palace guard? Damn, you may know that this is the crazy Lei Jun tuan camp, you dare to excel at rushing to the long unit of armed soldiers the armed forces, Li Xiao Yao, even if you are south the town the general, who gives your authority to make you kill my soldiers, to enter my barrack?"

I show a faint smile: „Disarms!"

The Han deep pool walked to go forward, bends the waist to draw out the saber of luo waist, said: „Your this sword, does not kill the bandit invader who grabs the common people, is used to kill inadequate of dog?"

Does the exceed luo body sway, stumbles above a row of rifle rack, said: „Palace guard! You dare so, I...... I must report command Sir, making you unable to eat to capture walking!"

In this time, in the tent several females were running suddenly in abundance, untidy appearances, a face whiten, above the clothing of lower part of the body is also bringing the blood, face tears accommodate, like is the frightened fawn looks at the palace guard of surrounding at daggers drawn, desperate knees down: „Has killed me...... Has killed me, I rather die do not imagine am toys same goes on living......"

I stand up from failure to discontinue, said: „Miss, we are not crazy Lei Jun, we are the palace guards, crazy Commander Lei Jun the unit of armed soldiers crime amnesty, had not been disarmed by us completely, the miss does not need to be afraid, which person you are, we will deliver you to go home!"

This female face tears: „No, the father is massacred, I who your became a soldier was also smeared the fame and integrity by him, I did not have the family, I may turn over to nowhere, I only want dead!"

At this time, jumped over luo actually one to sneer: „Does cheap person, your husband here, you want dead? Do you want to invest at present south this town the arms of general? The cheap people, where can you arrive go?"

I get angry: „Shut up!"

On exceed luo face even more fierce, draws out the saber of nearby palace guard suddenly, chopped directly to the back of this young girl, my hurried Dragon Reservoir Sword left sheath [Blade Spin] Going out, „clang" a standard parry luo long sword, but this young girl stumbled to me, „crash-bang" jumped into my arms, actually another face hate looked to me, said: „You with him are also a person, you are the animals of fish common people, lets loose me!"

She is struggling, works loose from my arms suddenly runs backward, actually does not want to jump over luo to raise a handle long halberd to hold!


The blood spatters in all directions, the cutting edge of long halberd penetrated the chest of this young girl, the halberd point has shown from her back, blood crossflow.

Standing that I shock there, although is the virtual character, thought that so real, such a young girl dies before me, am I unexpectedly helpless?


Zhen Yue Blade comes out of the sheath, thousand frost wings start directly, the personal appearance plunders with the young girl wrong body, Zhen Yue Blade „" cut off the handle of long halberd, Dragon Reservoir Sword has divided in a flash to cut in the exceed luo napes of the neck, Han Yuan and the others also in abundance has encircled simultaneously, bow and arrow „Shua Shua" violent shot, in an instant jumped over luo already in the body the multi- arrows.

„Kneels down!"

The Han deep pool walks to go forward a foot to jump over luo to trample knees down, then looks to me: „General, handles him?"

I did not say a word, went forward is a blade, the blood spatters in all directions, jumped over luo is only accurate BOSS, under the remnant blood conformed to the duty plot establishment, the head is reduced by Zhen Yue Blade instantaneously, tumbled out was very far.

When I turn around, young girl grasps the front half long halberd handle to knee down slowly, visits me, the corners of the mouth move, seems smiling to me, could not say half a word words to come, to close the eye again to turn into a corpse.


The Han deep pool trampled a foot luo corpse, said: „Bastard that bastard, the pig dog is inferior, murder such as the bastard of hemp!"

Xiao severe walks to go forward, he left several points of calmness compared with the Han deep pool, light saying: „Commands, you have massacred luo, this is mutual slaughtering between empire military officers, has touched the military law, once will investigate perhaps the unusual trouble, we now what to do?"

I look that surrounding one crowd knees down crazy Commander Lei Jun the soldier of unit of armed soldiers, said: „They grab the common people to sit by and do nothing to dragon Dragon Jun, has not matched to be called the Empire Armed forces, disarms completely, all ships back the palace guard camp the weapon appliance of long unit of armed soldiers, sends under escort Tian Ling Empire these 5000 people again completely, takes them with the evidence that dragon Dragon Jun colludes with mutually, our initiative whereabouts Great Emperor Chen Yuan, hopes that can also have the favorable turn."

Xiao severe nods: „Um , can only like this!"

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Zhan Long Chapter 807

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