Zhan Long Chapter 808

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Crazy Commander Lei Jun outside the armed forces account of unit of armed soldiers, gathered about 200 + young women quickly, the female who plunders majority of each region, was raised by the intermediate and senior military officer in the military compound to make something for one's own exclusive use, I raise fully am being town Yue Dao of blood arrive at one crowd of female front, asked: „Which is Lan Xin?"

Immediately, the crowd flurry of female, they as if likely are the frightened fawns, is unable to believe anybody.

I settle the throat clear , to continue saying: „I am the empire palace guards command Li Xiao Yao, last night once passed by the star light town, old wielding lets me for the granddaughter who he retrieves named Lan Xin, Lan Xin, if you are still coming out, do not make the grandfather continue to feel alarmed and anxious, I will send the specialist to deliver you to return to the star light town, please believe me!"

Finally, in the crowd quite had the young girl of beauty to walk, a green clothes, in which one that came out from the to exceed luo tent, her pair of beautiful eye visits me, the tender body shivered slightly, tears crossflow: „Are your you grandfather make you look really my?"

I nod: „Are you Lan Xin?"

„Um" she has turned away, looks to the ground more luo corpse, in the eye is passing hatred, said: „Six months ago was abducted by the water robber, I have served this person general, Lan Xin to massacre luo thank you, avenges for me!"

My min purses the lips, has not said anything again, turns around to look to the Han deep pool, said: „Makes hundred husbands long have hundred people to escort Lan Xin to return to the star light town, other people provide to wind around disbanding completely, instantly sends under escort this 5000 long units of armed soldiers to return to the empire!"

„Yes, General!"

When hundred people of teams bring Lan Xin is returning, the duty has also been accomplished, the ting is revolving in the ear together


System System Notification: Congratulates you, you have completed the SSS level task 【Rescues young girl Lan Xin】, Obtains the reward: Presently Level empirical value promotes 75%, gold coin several + 10000, charm values + 10!

Also good, such reward better than nothing, but the promotion speed is very at least fast, compared with killing the strange promotion must, shortly probably rise quickly again first-level.

Although the crazy Lei Jun's long unit of armed soldiers was encircled by us, but actually to escape several cavalries, therefore we are not here really safely, must hurry back to Tian Ling Empire as fast as possible, perhaps will otherwise send for by Luis's individuality in the halfway interception palace guard, we were really when the time comes difficult to manage.

Luckily, this does not have what stop all the way, the palace guard sends under escort 5000 NPC armies to enter a city, caused that above the square a troop player is waiting and seeing, but saw after me, they also instantaneously understood, present Tian Ling Empire, which player without does not know that I was in the player the military rank highest person.

20,000 palace guards send under escort 5000 long units of armed soldiers to await orders outside the imperial palace, I am leading Han Yuan, Xiao Li and the others, takes again the five multitude of people of long unit of armed soldiers long enter the imperial palace main hall together, before the front door, a chief aide-de-camp walked, stared my one eyes maliciously, said: „South town the general, present you may really be awe-inspiring, mobilizes soldiers to attack other Empire Armed forces arbitrarily, he he"

I show a faint smile: „Receiving makes receiving let, does your majesty and wear your highness to be above the main hall?"

„Yes, they were discussing official business, making you have the human to go in!"


Led one line to step the main hall, this was my N th times steps into the Tian Ling Empire palace, but this mood somewhat was disturbed, the matter completed the later political ability somewhat to be worried, if Locker were one generation of Ming, definitely will get free for me, if were an unenlightened ruler, took me to act arbitrarily for the reason can massacre completely at the scene my, but this was the game, how killed me one time, the privilege of player on was infinite resurrecting.

In both sides the main hall, the civil and military whole body of ministers establish separately, after I bring the human enters, sees only crazy Lei Jun tuan commanding to protect country general Luis suddenly to knee down, red silk handkerchief above arm along with it dragging, saying of his tears crossflow: „Your majesty, you must take responsibility for crazy Lei Jun tuan! Crazy Lei Jun in does not turn over to area the sea and Luhu to fight a bloody battle, the army battle loss has surpassed 50%, our blood almost dyed completely each inch land of empire, but Li Xiao Yao depended on is having the asylum of your highness, was depending on remarkably the meritorious military service, unexpectedly blatantly in the camp that the military god riverside attacked crazy Lei Jun, killed my senior general to jump over luo, but also disarmed 5000 people of long unit of armed soldiers all, this was simply lawless, your majesty, you must take responsibility for crazy Lei Jun, how otherwise several thousand officers ghosts of our army rested"

This time Luis looked like did not have generation of commanders was dignified, instead likely was effeminate of winning favor by ostentation, the facial expression that Theodore, Luo child and the others have revealed disdaining, wore the princess is speaks frankly: „Luis commands, please get up, you spoke like this, appearance that which also a little empire armed forces commanded?"

Luis gains ground, the tearful eyes said dimly: „Your majesty, the feudal official is suffering from injustice!"

Locker Great Emperor holds Wang Jian's handle to stand up, does not get angry, but said: „Palace guard commands General Li, has what objection regarding the words that Luis commands? You mobilize the palace guard to attack crazy Lei Jun arbitrarily, and has given their weapon, whether this matter is true?"

I nod: „Real, but I have the reason that must disarm."

„What reason?" Big imperial prince Theodore lets somebody cool off or calm down looks to me.

I look up one crowd civil and military as well as the Great Emperor, said neither arrogant nor servile: „Area Wu Shenhe always has the water robber, this group of water robbers said that as dragon Long Jun, had about hundred warships, and supports the soldier over ten thousand, they the stirring up trouble both banks common people coast Wu Shenhe, kill and torch to be a cinch unceasingly, and female who excels the cross-strait beauty has plundered completely, according to my knowledge, guards in Wu Shenhe the surrounding Empire Regiment, crazy Lei Jun's wreaking havoc to dragon Long Jun sits by and does nothing, and colludes with dragon Long Jun in secret, therefore I will lead the palace guard to go to check."

Luis stands up suddenly, a blood red eye is staring me: „General Li, you make slanderous accusations against others! My crazy Lei Jun is always loyal to the empire, how possibly possibly to make the matter of this disloyal non- righteousness? You have any evidence, why to insult my crazy Lei Jun prestige, my Luis will not let off you!"

Wears Princess Margaret Road: „Right Li Xiao Yao, do you have the evidence?"

I nod, wields single-handed, Xiao Li immediately orders people to transport in the main hall a Long Jing artillery and a hot crag artillery, I am pointing above engraving, said: „This is I in the war artillery that on the dragon Long Jun's warship searches to give, this above is carving crazy Lei Jun's armed forces seal exactly, this is the armed forces storehouse gives out the crazy Lei Jun's proof, although has abrasioned much, but can see the outline as before, dragon Long Jun the beautiful woman who grabs in both banks, the long unit of armed soldiers that many have delivered to crazy Lei Jun profanes to play for more luo, the personal testimony of this matter is too many are too more."

Immediately, the senior king great anger, pounds the table, the anger shouted to clear the way: „Can Luis, have this matter? Was your crazy Lei Jun in cahoots and act in collusion with the water robber really?"

Luis frightens hurriedly kneels down: „Your majesty, the feudal official feudal official does not know this matter really!"

My corners of the mouth raise, say with a smile: „Perhaps General Luis does not know this matter, but the long unit of armed soldiers controls more luo one to grasp, invited your majesty wise judgment."

The senior king looks to Luis, said: „Luis commands, don't you know this matter really?"

Luis will knock thump the sound on the ground: „Your majesty wise judgment, the feudal official does not know the circumstances of the matter, but the feudal official supervises ineffectively to the subordinate, making more luo do the matter of this seething discontent among the people, the feudal official is duty-bound!"

The senior king smiles lightly: „Good, since you apologized on own initiative, I then approved you! Presently, censures Luis for general, no matter what as before crazy Lei Jun rolls to command, you must the fitting out discipline well, lighten a punishment and watch subsequent behavior!"

Luis's protecting country general must be higher than 1 level compared with my these four town generals, but directly falls the general now, was lower than me 1 level, had the two-level taste certainly not to feel better, but also very loved actually.

Luis returns in the sequence of nearby military commander, I stand in as in same place, Locker Great Emperor looks to me, in the eye passes the look that is keeping me from ascertaining, he said with a smile slightly: „Li Xiao Yao commands, you rout dragon Long Jun to be active in Wu Shenhe, can state one's case for the Empire Subjects that this merit then took down!"


System System Notification: Meritorious value + 400!

I relaxed, that night has not wasted time, and had not been fallen the crime.

The senior king coughed, continued: „General, dragon Long Jun has rebelled in the military god river bank, just likes the maggot of tarsal bone, does not eliminate not quickly, what do you have to suggest?"

Bans the marquis Luo child to hold finishing a job, leaves ranks saying: „Your majesty, we once sent out many armies to chase down dragon Long Jun in the military god river bank before, but the quantity of empire battleship was really too few, suffered a loss each time, this made dragon Long Jun so wild, saw only according to me, do not put down, we biggest enemy was the northern Hybrid Demon territory, but was not dragon Long Jun this trivial 10,000 people."

My knitting the brows head, said in a low voice: „Unexpectedly wants to appease this group of dragon Long Jun?"

Wears the small sound track: „Do not speak, you could not look that the father emperor has attacked crazy Commander Lei the unit of armed soldiers not to be very happy to you arbitrarily?"

I nod: „Looked"

Wears shows a faint smile: „That is not obedient, waits to order!"


I am confused, big imperial prince Theodore has stood up, said: „Father emperor, cannot appease dragon Long Jun, I suggested that must send a Qiang soldier to go to thorough extermination dragon Long Jun!"

The senior king said: „Whom sends to go to be quite good?"

Theodore said with a smile: „Palace guard commands Li Xiao Yao civil and military complete in both, his palace guard also had the training complete thousand army, unearths the basin training sailors in the camp, was exterminated dragon Long Jun by the palace guard is it would be the best!"

I knit the brows secretly, Theodore really quite looks after to the palace guard, was difficult to gnaw the bone that like this to give us dragon Long Jun this.

The senior king said: „General Li, can you be willing to meet the command?"

I leave ranks immediately, said joyfully: „Stills the rebellion for the empire, is duty-bound."



System System Notification: You received the SSS level master line regiment duty 【Exterminates dragon Long Jun】!

Task definition: Leads the palace guard to exterminate dragon Long Jun, brings back to the imperial palace to report after carrying out orders the dragon Long Jun commander Long Lin head, you will obtain very rich reward, but please must be careful, by far dragon Long Jun imagines you are much more fearful than!

Zhan Long Chapter 808

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