Zhan Long Chapter 809

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A new concept appeared, the master line regiment duty, this was different from that duty that the player can share, but rewards to be the same, but must add on a meritorious service to reward additionally, the meritorious enough high words, my military appointment should continue upward to promote, um, the officer the bigger the better, this can also the series soldier be getting more and more.


Nearby, Luis leaves ranks, said: „Your majesty, the rebels of long unit of armed soldiers because of exceed luo one person, now more luo has all suffered extreme penalty, these soldiers are innocent, asking your majesty to show mercy!"

The senior king nods: „Remitted the long unit of armed soldiers 5000 people then."

Luis visited me, said: „But...... The 5000 people of mail-armor and helmets, the iron (spear gun)s and mount long unit of armed soldiers disarming to move away by the palace guard together with our dozens dragon crystal artillery and hot crag artillery, invited under your majesty together the aim, making the palace guard return the pointed weapons instrument of my long unit of armed soldiers!"

My cannot help but laughs in one's heart, the thing that I eat also wants to make me spit, that may be difficult! Then walks to go forward, said: „Your majesty, crazy Commander Thunder unit of armed soldiers is stationed in Wu Shenhe, unsuccessfully, has wasted empire that many military baggage instruments in vain, but my palace guard now soon must meet dragon Dragon Jun, making me return, this is no different removes firewood from under the pot!"

Locker Great Emperor smiled: „Li Tongling, is your meaning?"

I: „Asked your majesty to grant the palace guard these pointed weapons instruments!"

Luis in great surprise: „Li Xiao Yao, you!"

Who once thinks that the senior king said: „Luis commands, the palace guard will soon meet the enemy, the so-called good steel to use on the knife edge, this batch of equipment have given him and that's the end, the pointed weapons instrument of long unit of armed soldiers lets the armed forces storehouse preparation again and that's the end."

Luis suffered loss without redress, has been speechless, stands gets flushed in the face with anger there.

The Han deep pool and Xiao severe behind repress laughter in me, but crazy Commander Thunder the 5 multitude of people of unit of armed soldiers are long , then the face whiten, thinks that Luis in a blaze of passion, the days of these people definitely do not feel better.


Left the main hall, Pearl followed me, somewhat was slightly disgruntled: „You attack crazy Lei Jun, should say one with me, otherwise I do not know how should protect you."

I am having the apology: „Your highness is embarrassed, then situation was really too urgent, therefore I have not borne, directly had the person to disarm."

But Pearl said: „Good, I know your individuality, ok...... Monarch will assign to have not to give outside, you are become the person of important matter, will not bother inevitably also about trifles, the matter above palace I will help you level as far as possible, Li Xiao Yao, your well built a mighty army the palace guard is, was right, I wrote a letter to cure a cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, praised you before Sir Frost......"

I said with a smile: „Ha Ha, right? That thanked your highness!"

„Does not use politely, quick the fitting out troops, exterminates dragon Dragon Jun is not a simple matter, this group of people were really too deceitful, initially flame Dragon Juntuan, the legendary Emperor Yu regiment together attacked, dispatching 7 thousand + people not to defeat them in the military god river bank, you were certainly careful!"

„Um, yes!"

Stands up from failure to start, leads the camp that Han Yuan, Xiao severe and the others is returning to the palace guard, but that 5000 people of long unit of armed soldiers returned to Luis, Luis was effeminate, continued to ask me to demand return that 5000 people of equipment, but I attended to about say him, did not fling this empire to command.

Walks on the road, at the same time opens the guild chat system, sees only Li Mu and Yue Qing Qian and the others to chat

Yue Qing Qian: „It seems like meritorious value exchanges equipment to be quite good a point......"

Li Mu: „Cannot enter the meritorious list first 10 people to exchange equipment directly, does not have selectively?"

Lin Wan Er smiled faintly: „But Drunken Spear exchanged the military appointment, became the fall harvest regiment to command directly, and official title of my family pig was equally big......"

Wang Jian Ha Ha said with a smile: „Completely different? Xiao Yao elder brother's commanded the gold content to be too high, the palace guard 5 thousand people, listened to him to order, moreover was south the 4 levels of towns the general, short spear trick that fellow compelled painstakingly very much, became by a status of commanding Battalion Tuan of legendary Emperor Yu regiment controls, the military rank 8 levels, missed the Xiao Yao elder brother long distance!"

I could not bear say: „Others only started......"

Yue Qing Qian said with a smile immediately sweetly: „Yo, Brother Xiao Yao gave up finally in the guild appeared, said what quickly over the two days was busy at?"

I somewhat embarrassed said: „After firing off does not turn over to the war of sea, has not been idling, NPC army here matter was too many were too many, the palace guard was also fitting out, therefore [Zhan Long] here development and strengthening depended on you together diligently!"

Lin Wan Er said with a smile: „Relax the pig, we can handle, you lead the palace guard with single-hearted devotion and that's the end!"

Li Mu meaningfully said: „Xiao Yao, I must say one as the brothers, you have spent that many energy on the palace guard, is worth really? I thought actually that flowered that many Cooldown on the palace guard, might as well lead the [Zhan Long] brothers to go to the Shua chart, or accompanies the Cang Tong goddess to be also good......"

I smile, said: „Li Mu, you have not to know that I asked your, in the future after the country will fight, if we will capture the city of other server, will attack easily, but how to defend?"

Li Mu is stunned, said: „Defends?...... Sends several main guilds to move into for a long time, prevents to counter-attack on the line!"

I said with a smile slightly: „Good brothers...... We seize next Full Moon City, sending 2000 thousand players to guard, truly can prevent to counter-attack, but do we capture Port City again? Even, do we capture fire Yun City again? Also can distribute several million Chinese players to guard? Like this splits up our military strength, can't block fire Yun City this type at least to have the super servers of 7000 thousand players?"

Li Mu has been startled being startled, said: „, A your such saying...... I discovered that I considered too simply......"

I smile: „Therefore, our [Zhan Long], the center of gravity of peak player wants suitably shifts to the NPC regiment direction, if everyone can be the same with me, can bring a NPC regiment, then we can order the commander rank NPC to bring several hundred thousand crack troops to guard a city, does not need the player to guard, then the NPC army is attacking the city that plunders to continue to prepare for war, lives off the government, this can conquer main cities in the true sense!"

Li Mu deeply inspires: „This......"

Wang Jian exclaims: „Originally...... Originally the Xiao Yao elder brother has thought far...... I thought that was Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword also not necessarily has the Xiao Yao elder brother to think far...... Chinese war zone CBN fights the online their rank in front of the Xiao Yao Elder Brother......"

I laugh: „Um, after 2018 Eve, my ambition above Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han, at least, I will again not have cared about a time PK victory or defeat, whose rank also will not care about CBN to fight the online to be higher again, I must have, is able to move unhindered the achievement of world!"

Yue Qing Qian chuckle: „Eve? What Brother Xiao Yao was receives certainly to stimulate, Sister Cang Tong, you said what quickly that late he did experience? I remember that Eve Brother Xiao Yao is you crosses together......"

„?" Dancing Forest badly said with a smile: „Certainly had many stories?"

Bai Qi also grins to smile: „That must certainly...... Perhaps also had the bloody incidents!"

Lin Wan Er affirmed that blushing over the face, had not spoken.

I hold the volume to say with a smile: „Your this group of fellows, the group teams leader, held flag Wei not to do, my complete lu?"

„Guildmaster military might, series rivers and lakes!"



Also chatted a meeting in the guild with everybody, encouraging them to make the duty in the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den camp, strives for some meritorious values, the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den meritorious service and Tian Ling Empire are general, later can also arrive at Tian Ling Empire to hold an office, at present many players seeped the camp of NPC army, for example Simple, Jian Feng Han, Goodbye Tears and Drunken Spear and the others is the legendary Emperor Yu regiment, but Fang Ge Que, Ye Lai, Mu Xuan and Bai Li Ruo Feng and the others has also joined the flame dragon regiment, some have done Battalion Tuan to control, some still pace back and forth in what long, hundred husband's long ranks, not only player. Is the military officer, simultaneously is Guildmaster and group of teams leader player guild and others, in the NPC eye, we are the regimental commander of commission army corps, actually is also the relations of mutual use.

Soon, arrives in the palace guard camp, the be continuous several li (0.5km) everywhere are the tents, in the tent is rows of makeshift beds on the ground, but Tian Ling Empire is the rain forest region, the rain is moist, is on the floor to be easy to be affected with damp for a long time to fall ill, therefore I suggested that Han Yuan fells the trees manufacture bunk, and is two bunks, big saved the space, enabling a tent to live in hundred people, now turned has been able to live in 200 people, was makes one to contribute for the expansion of armaments.

In the camps, Dragon Xing progresses to come, said: „Commands, the dock has been constructing, morning time, one group of dragon Dragon Jun's warship distant has waited and seen us, but was erected by us in the hot crag artillery of ashore frightening off."

I nod: „Continues to try hard!"

The Han deep pool is raising the long spear, frowns saying: „Sir, do you think? Dragon Dragon Jun is one group of water robbers, they appear and disappear in the military god river bank for a long time indefinitely, we oversee the manufacture of the speed of warship to be too slow, more than ten warships from the start are not only able to contend with their about hundred warships directly!"

I said: „Yes, is unable to contend."

Dragon Xingdao: „Commands, how can we exterminate this group of dragon Dragon Jun?"

Xiao severe is also puzzling, said: „Too was really difficult...... Commands that assuredly, is it possible that had the idea? If there is, do not hide the truth from our group of waiters?"

I smile: „Yes, I had preliminary plan."

„What planned?"

I said confidently: „Dragon Dragon Jun, although appears and disappears in the military god river bank without the trace, but...... They have certainly harbor or dock on the land, since with supplies food and instrument even has been the woman, so long as we search their land foothold, has burnt down, forcing them to come ashore to fight a decisive battle with us, when the time comes naturally is the world of palace guard cavalry!"

The people, several Yorozuo is in great surprise long: „Commands the Sir, real person of high skill also......"

I am raising Zhen Yue Blade, horizontal blade, slightly somewhat is immediately small happily, the spring breeze blows the Zixiao cape to flutter.

Zhan Long Chapter 809

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