Zhan Long Chapter 810

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At noon, accompanied Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue Going out to eat the hot pot, then in the afternoon came back, unexpectedly in the discovery hall had the baggage, originally was Tang Qi also came back, this goods were very actually positive, second day of the lunar New Year came.

In the afternoon , to continue to get online!


Appears in Shuai Zhangnei of palace guard, the front of this tent is the armed forces, the armed forces' cavalry camp and infantry battalion comprised, Zuo Jun is Dragon Xing the demon flame camp, the right armed forces are Xia Ye the star blunderbuss camp, altogether 5 thousand armies guard here, the graceful account is situated in the core, is quiet and beautiful, this is the tent that Han Yuanwei I prepares, it seems like he also thought that I am one like the secluded person.

Went out of the tent, a guard officer walks to go forward, says with a smile: „Commands the Sir to awake?"

Player offline, NPC thinks that we fell asleep.

I nod: „Um."

The guard officer corners of the mouth raise, say with a smile: „Commands, commanding of other empire regiment mostly has to wait on the concubine to live in Shuai Zhangli is lonely together by the solution, little a person, many several people, as far as I know, Shuai Zhangli under Theodore main hall has 7 to wait on the concubine, in the tents of two your highness also 4 people, even if bans in the marquis Luo child's tent also 1 favorite imperial concubine, why Shuai Zhang of Sir air-to-air doesn't have?"

I smile bitterly, wants me to do in Rome as Rome does? Person but who I have the girlfriend, if Lin Wan Er knows that I raise to wait on the concubine in Shuai Zhangli, does not bite to death me to be strange . Moreover, even if I must bring female to enter Shuai Zhang, that also certainly is brings Lin Wan Er to come, therefore shakes the head says with a smile: „Chief aide-de-camp, the matter that does not need to wait on concubine was exhausted, I have brought the girlfriend, you do not need to inquire about."

The guard officer stares, obviously does not understand that the girlfriend is any thing, actually also nods saying: „Compliant!"

I already summoned Flying Scythe War Horse, stands up from failure to start to directly soar the school ground direction, only listens to an intermittent drill slogan to shoot up to the sky, the barbarian soldier in blade shield camp is training the tactic that the defense, advances on, but the distant place is the dense and numerous cavalry soldiers in the tour equestrian skill, in the target range is one piece „" sound.

The Han deep pool is raising a handle sword, stands in the crowd of barbarian blade shield, a blade chops the effort and angle that a shield strikes just right, he is demonstrating by oneself, although this fellow is Yorozuo is long, but does not have the rack but actually, becomes integrated with one group of soldiers, moreover Han Yuan strength is day by day strong, unclearly became the first master of palace guard, naturally, my this commands to be an exception, after all I am not NPC, moreover Han Yuan does not dare to fight me.

„General came!"

The Han deep pool puts down the sword, mentioned long spear to stand up from failure to start to come, to say with a smile: „General!"

I nod: „What has to progress?"

„Sent scouting of Going out already Going out quite a while, temporarily did not have the news."



Several minutes, one row of cavalry soldiers dash to come, to raise dust, one of them goes forward saying: „Commanded, general, Wu Shenhe the east bank we had gone on patrol completely, had not discovered that any suspicious dock and harbor, the only harbor was burnt down to abandon six months ago by dragon Dragon Jun, the subordinate believes that dragon Dragon Jun's foothold certainly in West bank!"

The Han deep pool knit the brows, said: „Wu Shenhe the West bank, that was the governing place of legendary Emperor Yu regiment, the legendary Emperor Yu regiment in the military god Hexi Fangtun field several hundred li (0.5km), was the empire military provisions food important habitat, properly speaking...... The legendary Emperor Yu regiment well-trained and equipped army, should not tolerate dragon Dragon Jun to supply in own domain is right? Is it possible that...... Two your highness are the same with exceed luo, is colluding with dragon Dragon Jun?"

I shake the head decidedly: „Is impossible, is the imperial prince, the status is prominent, does not need to collude with the bandit invader, moreover is not short of money does not lack the woman, this has not needed, waiting investigation result!"


I continue to look at training in the training ground, every 10 minutes on the meritorious value + 1, this palace guard commanded to work as was simply carefree, moreover I the main experience obtain now make the duty, was unnecessary kills by oneself kills BOSS strangely, even if must kill, kills top BOSS, for example blood giant Kyle this kind, but the Hybrid Demon army previous battle lost two big king level commands, the next attack should meet Cooldown again, after all has had a fracture.

About after 1 hour, was one row scouts the cavalry soldier to come back, stood up from failure to discontinue to knee down saying: „Commands, General, we walk randomly in military god West Bank, has harvested!"

I slightly one happy: „Said!"

He said respectfully: „The military god West Bank altogether 3 harbors, are the legendary Emperor Yu military ship the harbor of grain and fodder, each in soldier 5000 people, and erected the dragon crystal artillery to defend, dragon Dragon Jun does not dare to approach, but...... Opens up wasteland under shield in the armed forces of legendary Emperor Yu armed forces, the small fishing villages established a harbor in military god West Bank, the villagers have purchased the grain, fodder, steel and iron, I have inquired, dragon Dragon Jun every week will send for this fishing village purchasing the grain and pointed weapons from the villagers hand, this fishing village was almost depends upon dragon Dragon Jun to support, the fishermen turned into the merchant, the robust men turned into the blacksmith, was right, this fishing village called ‚to work as Yang Village', wielding in village was the younger brother who banned Hou, was the cousin of General Rotter, called Luo Xin!"

„Luo Xin?"

The Han deep pool frowned: „How can be he?"

„Who Luo is Xin?" I asked.

The Han deep pool said: „General, you have not to know, Luo Xin currently about is 30 years old, but once was one generation of stars, in 21 years old promoted with the military exploit for on general, were historically the empire youngest on general, but afterward had some gaps with the Theodore main hall, therefore were eliminated the military appointment, became common people, from now on will vanish, have not thought that Luo Xin unexpectedly , in Yang Village when have wielded!"

I asked: „Luo is Xin this person, very fierce?"

Xiao Lidao: „Civilizing role of government martial arts, is considered as in the empire on is the outstanding generation, but the manner is stubborn and petty, has offended many people, and is greedy, he knew perfectly well that dragon Dragon Jun takes grabbing the common people as to live actually as before must sell the weapon and grain to the dragon Dragon Jun, Luo Xin this person recognizes money not to recognize people fully obviously, his at heart, absolutely does not have what sense of shame and any charitable disposition."

The Han deep pool asked that scouts the team leader: „How many villagers works as some Yang Village altogether?"

„About 1000 people of allow!"

„This......" Han Yuan knits the brows: „General, these 1000 people if as expected are on Luo Xin the former subordinates of general, should be the brave generation...... We want to capture to work as Yang Village, must face this group of fight heroic people, Sir, please three think, Luo Xin possibly imagine fiercely compared with us!"

I nod: „Is fierce, that must capture him! Selects the soldier, takes 1 thousand light cavalry, the marching speed must be fast, as fast as possible arrives to work as Yang Village, ruins this foothold! No matter who I Luo Xin is, but dares to support dragon Dragon Jun, that must capture him!"

„Yes, General!"


Soon, 10,000 cavalries are ready and waiting, this people do not have the equipment mail-armor and helmet, puts on mostly is facile leather armor or is soft armor, physical defense abdicates color plate armor many, but greatly has actually promoted the speed of migration, and warhorse will also be insufficient too to be strenuous, everyone will carry the bow crossbow, carbine and saber, regardless of the close combat will attack.

Everyone takes three days of dry rations, spins to go, bypasses the broken blade edge canyon under my leadership, passed through the destiny bateau-bridge of military god river bank to arrive in the blood demon forest, distant can see the [Zhan Long] practicing level player, even many people have recognized, grinning greeting: „Guildmaster, leads troops to go to war this is!?"

I 11 said with a smile: „Um, you refuel to practice level to pick up the little girl!"

„That proper, practices the level to, picked up the little girl, Bi others poor people were ugly, one meter 49......"

I: „......"


Soon , the ten thousand people of cavalry regiments of palace guard passed through the station of legendary Emperor Yu regiment, some people had already set up the checkpoint on the road, one group of legendary Emperor Yu regiment long spear soldiers walk to go forward, is the hundred husbands of head long is raising the long spear, loudly shouted to clear the way: „The future, notifies the name!"

The Han deep pool trail arms progress to go, said: „Palace guard commands, town southern general Li Xiao Yao to lead the palace guard elite to carry out the task, but also asked the brothers regiment to allow to pass!"

„Palace guard?"

These hundred husband long corners of the mouth one, sneers saying: „Yo, originally in does not turn over to the war of sea to claim credit to the great palace guard, what's wrong, now has extended the claw to the station of our legendary Emperor Yu regiment? Your palace guards may be really good, under the main halls and two your highness do not pay attention, but also wants to pass through from here? Sorry, detours toward right, goes to wilderness!"

The Han deep pool was in a rage raises iron (spear gun) to come hardly: „Courts death, unexpectedly is so extremely arrogant!"

I scold to say hurriedly: „Han Yuan, do not impulse!"

The Han deep pool is a brave general, the combat is brave, but the natural disposition is also crude, nobody can block him besides me, my shouted at makes him restrain the warhorse to stop was same place, Xiao severe could not bear express admiration: „Han full beard is the non- brain careless person, you also think commands the Sir that easily unexpectedly trigged him!"

The Han deep pool turns around, said: „My Han Yuanzhi admires to command one person......"

Xiao Liti the long blade was walking, said: „This holds flag Sir Wei, I am Yorozuo of palace guard am long, leaning general Xiao severe, but also asked you to stretch the rules, we were carrying out the emergency task, must pass through!"

Properly speaking hundred husbands long noticed that Yorozuo long looked like the grandson sees the grandfather to be common, but this hundred husband long too D, the brow has raised: „Father does not let, again?"

Xiao severe is a discrete person, immediately progresses to overrun, raises the long blade: „The grandfather has chopped you!"


In this time, the crowd rear person of legendary Emperor Yu regiment is progressing to come suddenly, is a player, on the shoulder wears the symbol that Battalion Tuan is controlling, is raising a long spear, said loudly: „allow Ou, can not be dissolute, immediately allows to pass to me!"

This hundred husbands who called allow Ou long turned around, look at the person, a face was respectful: „Controls, here is the station of our legendary Emperor Yu regiment, how can make the palace guard want to come to come to walk walks?"

The control cracks into a smile: „Relax, I and Li Xiao Yao are friends, can not disobey orders!"


I progress to go forward, say with a smile: „Short spear trick, you mix like a fish in water in the legendary Emperor Yu regiment look like......"

A Drunken Spear face forces painstakingly: „Motherfucker, I bring entire battalion of groups to set up the checkpoint and sentry post here, especially like guards the toll station here, where you saw me to enjoy the sight and sound of the wind whipping up the water......"

I laugh: „Was good, I am making a regiment duty, turns head to express gratitude with you again, first walked!"

„Wish your duty failure!"

„Your younger sister......"

Zhan Long Chapter 810

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