Zhan Long Chapter 811

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Dashes about wildly, the palace guard has passed through the station of legendary Emperor Yu armed forces, proceeds again, at present is piece of an oil cauliflower of smelling as sweet, vast, here is the armed forces in empire opens up wasteland, throughout the year is planting various types of grain, but now is the spring, therefore was the oil cauliflower, I raised Dragon Reservoir Sword to graze in the front, turned around saying: „Transmitted orders, can not trample to open up wasteland!"

The Han deep pool nods: „Yes!"

As long long is long as the multitude of people to hundred husbands from Yorozuo, an order layer upon layer, the palace guard cavalry Ben Lve on the paddies track, actually has not trampled to small patch of farmland place, but Han Yuan looks to my vision respect, hasn't this family background poor fellow probably seen such commanding?

In 20 minutes, on the map marks, when Yang Village appeared, is away from us about 2000 yards distance, here also left the region that the armed forces have opened up wasteland, is the weeping willow, the spring breeze blows gently everywhere, looks on the map, several red dot, my brow raises, said: „Does a small fishing village also scout unexpectedly? Luo Xin has really regarded his foothold here!"

The Han deep pool said: „Luo Xin is one generation of stars, the barrack life has become his custom, moreover he makes this underground transaction with dragon Dragon Jun, thinks that also knows the danger momentarily will arrive, therefore dispatches to scout is also the normal matter."

I grasp the long sword, said: „Dispersing, cleans up these to scout, do not alert the enemy, I do not want with a Romanian Xin to come front impact!"


The Han deep pool understands that my meaning, we need to sneak attack, instantaneous uniform Luo Xin's these 1000 + people of teams, once otherwise makes them prepare, the palace guard will possibly have the enormous buckle, after all I do not have to be proud, although the palace guard is very strong, but is actually not necessarily able to win under Jianfeng of star lossless.

Distance about 500 yards away, on the tree sits young people, the body puts on facile leather armor, in the hand is grasping a handle bow crossbow, looks like likely is not the appearance of fisherman, decides however is when Yang Village scouted, I jump, the warhorse changes into ice magnificent to scatter, opens a pair of incorruptible wing suddenly, thousand frost wing conditions start, speedily pasted the horizon to fire into that small woods suddenly, the speed quickly certainly, just liked the meteor!

The Han deep pool and Xiao severe also raised the sword to clash Going out, when outside Yang Village altogether 7 scouted, cannot make them warn, otherwise our sneak attacks were defeated.

On the willow tree, light scouting was napping that year, when he discovered I fly late, suddenly has opened eyes saying: „Was bad, damn, how did the empire running dogs come?!"

I do not wait for him to counter-attack, immediately is 13 levels of [Combo] skills erupts on his leather armor, this boy is 153 levels of Titan level strengths, in the hand bow crossbow „" two ripple fires, but after on my Hidden Dragon Armor spatters in all directions two Spark to me has not caused the too big damage, is my Zhen Yue Blade chops to cut on the contrary continuously, this goods could not support immediately, whinned to fall down the willow tree, and also blew out Emperor Tier chest armor, picked to throw into wraps, in any case I after obtaining the Holy Dragon cauldron potion on did not take to wrap the space, in wrapped. What the blank space are many are!

Another several directions, Han Yuan, Xiao severe were the number sword has also assassinated scouting, in addition 4 scouted also dies under firing from horseback of palace guard cavalry, was shot the hedgehog, did not have with enough time, when the people in Yang Village made anything to warn the movement to come, not to mention notified.

Luo Xin truly is a general's talent, compromising for the general interest lives in this small fishing village, but actually frequently is maintaining the alert, unexpectedly can also send out to scout to stand guard, what a pity the day does not help him, after early spring rains, in the armed forces opened up wasteland the ground are the muck, the hoofbeat are weakened, ten thousand people of palace guard rode to arrive outside the fishing village not to make the too big sound.


Arrives outside the fishing village rapidly, Xiao severe vision one cold, a one-eyed looks at the situation in fishing village, said: „They have prepared, careful trap!"

I nod, however runs in the front several palace guard cavalry soldiers crashes suddenly, really has buried the trap in the surroundings of village, Han Yuan manner is resolute, immediately shouted to clear the way lowly: „Approaching throats, speed is fast!"

Also was several palace guards flushed Going out, has arrived in the fishing village not to step on the trap, but entered around that moment actually surroundings of village full is the arrow arrow shoots, was all killed with horse.

The Han deep pool clenches jaws: „Heavy Armor shield cavalry soldier, gives on me!"

100 + celebrities and warhorse equipment the mail-armor and helmet cavalry soldier has raised the shield to overrun emphatically, I also lead the people to follow, we will come the hasty, Luo Xin Yiding not to have the too complete preparation!

Really, on the shield of front Heavy Armor shield cavalry soldier is spluttering in abundance the ray of arrow arrow, but the bow arrow is quite disorderly, has not formed the too big lethality, moreover is unable to penetrate the mail-armor and helmet of heavy cavalry, in the house in distant place, even many untidy fishermen, to should not say that is the soldier grasps the long sword to run, although they have prepared, but our surprise attack effects are as before striking.

„Be careful, is the heavy cavalry!"

When the Yang Village soldiers are bellowing: „On (spear gun) shield soldier, the both sides bow and arrow shield, the archer aims at the eyes of their heavy cavalry, shoots falls their eyes blindly, the heavy cavalry is a headless fly direction carelessly dashes!"

The Han deep pool deals immediately: „Lifts the high shield, definite direction clashes to me!"

Distant place, one crowd, when the Yang Village soldiers were grasping the crude shield and long spear flushed, erected the shield in the ground, the impact of welcome heavy cavalry the long spear stood in great numbers, was not right, that was not a long spear, but was the lance, all over the body was the steel and iron casting, the handle of long spear is the lignin, encountered cavalry soldier [Assault] to be easy to break off, but the lance is different, but lance need many irons, therefore has not popularized the use.

Luo Xin got so far as that many irons to build the lance in this small fishing village unexpectedly, fully obviously his method.

Heavy cavalry who the Han deep pool personally leads the palace guard wallops, immediately the (spear gun) shield soldier first defense of opposite party was broken through instantaneously, but also many heavy cavalries and warhorses are injured, when breaks through to second, multipler cavalry soldiers have been injured, Han Yuan waves the long spear, delivers suddenly selects to fly a person, draws out later raises hand to throw Going out, penetrates a soldier directly, drew a sword to progress to kill.

The construction cost of heavy cavalry was really too expensive, trained the expense, warhorse, the mail-armor and helmet shield to put together, a heavy cavalry built the price at least is 5-8 times of long spear soldier, the tactic that Luo Xin used exchanged in fact, long spear soldier 1 traded 1 greatly to gain, even 2 traded 1 and 3 to trade 1 also to gain.

Was a pity, this exchange is facing the troop of small scale to be useful, once has encountered the cavalry soldier impact of palace guard regiment scale, Luo Xin these several hundred long spear soldiers also existed in name only.

Finally, after palace guard buckle 20 + heavy cavalries, covers to kill, the 500 + long spear soldiers of opposite party then completely became the corpses.

I point to the distant place, said: „Han Yuan, having 1000 people to control the harbor in the past, do not reveal the flag of palace guard, must be quietly, when Yang Village took!"

„Yes, General!"

The Han deep pool had the person to go far away, but I and Xiao severe continued to lead the person to prey in the fishing village, simultaneously I also ordered, can keep the captive, does not need to execute completely, therefore the palace guard showed mercy, has not killed off completely.

While people recklessly in the fishing village rushes ahead, on the track in distant place has heard the hoofbeat suddenly, I narrowed the eye to look at the past, in the discovery woods corner one group of cavalry soldiers appeared impressively slowly, uniform service pattern equipment, in each individual hand a handle lance and a small circle shield, the warhorse body side was hanging bow and arrow, adze and other equipment, and mail-armor and helmet on everyone was fine, presented the red, will not compare equipment inferior anything of palace guard.

The formation front, a long sword, has a heavy touch the person head of shield to cover under the iron helmet, is only passing an eye visits us, sneers saying: „Did the running dogs in empire come finally? My this small, when Yang Village finally has also brought to your attention!"

Xiao Lidi shouted to clear the way: „Luo Xin, you, since once were the empire serviceman, why must be in cahoots with dragon Dragon Jun, you may know how many people you have killed indirectly? You may know how many villages and small towns dragon Dragon Jun had looted and small towns coast Wu Shenhe for these years, has killed how many innocent people?"

„I know."

Luo Xin's voice is very light, said: „That how, they and my what Gan?"


I draw out Dragon Reservoir Sword, is pulling the Flying Scythe War Horse reins, said: „Was needless to say anything again...... The preparation attacks, beheads Luo Xin!"

My behind palace guard holds up Steel Blade, has made the [Assault] gesture, but Luo Xin slightly has uppered shift a point the shield, said with a smile: „Good, the young master armed forces that lets your this group of palace guards know that anything is called the genuine empire heavy cavalry!"

The hoofbeat rings out, the true decisive battle started!

I can obvious notes, when Director Luo Xin the heavy cavalry attacks, the shield passes forward, and front cavalry soldier is maintaining the crosswise formation, such comes to form the maximum impulse.

In an instant contacted, „bang bang bang" the fierce sound is unceasing, Zhen Yue Blade in my hand also flew Going out, able to move unhindered among the 200 heavy cavalries of opposite party, simultaneously [Black Tortoise Realm] falls, reduces their mobilities, Dragon Reservoir Sword sweeps away, the [Seven Star Fragment Slash] bang kills in the crowd, simultaneously is a [Ice Domain] effect, finally surpasses 20% heavy cavalries frozen, encounters one of the palace guard round to cover kills.

Just contacts, the palace guard truly ate slightly to owe, many people were penetrated chest armor by the lance of opposite party, but after losing long weapon, Luo Xin's cavalry soldier held up the adze rapidly, the short distance divided to cut, was makes dozens palace guard cavalries fall, adze lethality, and was facile, this Luo Xin truly was a general's talent.

But the quantity differed was too big, after 2000 + palace guard cavalries attacked one round, but also in Romanian Xin behind only then 20 + people, and Luo Xin after massacring several palace guards, HP also fell much, he was Demon Harvest step accurate BOSS, with the Han deep pool the step was the same, could not withstand the attack that ganged up on.

Zhan Long Chapter 811

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