Zhan Long Chapter 812

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„Preparation, [Assault]!"

Luo Xin raises in the hand high long sword, on the face full is the bloodstained, said: „Kills off this group of empire running dogs completely, our beliefs will never vacillate!"

I raise Dragon Reservoir Sword, the sound am letting somebody cool off or calm down said: „Damages Wu Shenhe the coastal common people, to slaughtering ignored, establishes in this cruel on belief also insufficient to say!"

Luo Xin stares, actually clenches jaws: „to become Wang defeats the invader, has not thought that the present palace guard was unexpectedly tyrannical to this way the situation, the boy, who were you?"

I raise the arm, said: „Does not need to tell you, the executioner who your this ignoring life, not having the qualifications to know! The palace guards, prepare to put the arrow, aims at their eyes!"

I behind several thousand palace guards held up the iron bow, the next quarter, the arrow arrow such as the rain went, one group of people together with Romanian Xin was shot the hedgehog completely, was whinning falling to the ground, the blood flowed one piece in the fishing village, before Xiao severe brought the person rushed, saw that the body still completely made up a sword to kill in the convulsion person.

The Han deep pool also had the person to come back, said: „General, we altogether have captured more than 100 people, processes, massacres?"

I shake the head: „Does not need to massacre, these should be once empire servicemen, puts into prison to safeguard completely, then interrogated, how they contacted with dragon Dragon Jun, when did the dragon Dragon Jun next time supply to be?"

The Han deep pool nods with a smile: „End will understand, asking the general to feel relieved that quick can know!"


I follow to look that Han Yuan how he interrogates, sees only one group of captives to kneel there, Han Yuanti a handle long blade, was saying: „Said that when the dragon Dragon Jun's person will come?"

An about 50 -year-old high and low old man face indignation, spat a saliva: „Does not know, your empire running dogs!"

I walk to go forward, sneer saying: „We are the empire running dogs, but at least we do not kill the common people, what are you? You help dragon Dragon Jun kill the cross-strait innocent civilians, what thing are you?"

The old men were asked by me are dumbfounded.

The Han deep pool looks to another captive, said wickedly: „Said, otherwise a father blade has divided you!"

That is about 20 -year-old high and low young soldier, on the face full is the scared look, should the recruit who wins over from nearby village, his complexion was exceptionally pale, said: „I...... My anything knows......"

The Han deep pool has licked the lip: „Right? Does he know?"

Aims around that old man, Han Yuan knife point flashes past, the head of old man rolled Going out, the speed that my knitting the brows head, Han Yuan kills people was too fast, has not stopped including me with enough time, but this old man thinks that also kills has not killed people, and also thinks one occupied completely the [say / way] of justice, died pities insufficient.

Old dies, young immediately startled the face to be green, made excuses saying: „I said that will you forgive me?"

The Han deep pool nod said: „Certain!"

Recruit trembling sound track: „Dragon Dragon Jun's person...... In the morning just had come, making us prepare the pointed weapons and grain and fodder, tomorrow's time will loot the armed forces to open up wasteland some city that the legendary Emperor Yu regiment is stationed in......"

Han deep pool in great surprise: „What? Are they so bold, dare to attack the storing grains city of legendary Emperor Yu regiment?"

„Yes...... Yes, at least they said......"

I am raising Zhen Yue Blade, single Xigui side the recruit, said with a smile: „You know that is which stores grains the city? Legendary Emperor Yu regiment altogether several cities of storing grains, several stationing troops small towns."

The recruits shake the head hurriedly: „This...... This I do not know really that they had not said which concrete is, but after a dragon Dragon Jun's armed forces master drank, got drunk and said something improper to say......"

The Han deep pool asked: „They had said how many troops uses?"

The recruits shake the head as before: „I do not know......"

I look to Xiao severe, asked: „Said the situation of storing grains the city?"

The Han deep pool said: „The legendary Emperor Yu armed forces altogether have 14 opening up wasteland small towns, is the small towns that some stones construct, the defense is vulnerable, in each opening up wasteland small town has about 2000 people of garrison troops, then is 3 stationing troops cities, each city about 1 thousand person high and low, commands the Sir, end will think that they must attack the words of 2000 people of storing grain cities, at least must use double and even three times of strengths, in other words, to sneak attack the storing grain city, dragon Dragon Jun might turn out in full strength very much."

I nod smile: „Good, waits is this opportunity!"

The Han deep pool pouts, said: „Boy, the dragon Dragon Jun's person had not said why they will attack the storing grain city of legendary Emperor Yu armed forces?"

The recruits tremble, looked by one that not to have the old man corpse of head, said: „They said that recently had a palace guard of minding others'business, damaged their cooperation with the crazy Lei Jun, has stolen several ships, and has established the dock and camp in the east bank, therefore the crest of wave is too big, cannot hunt in the east bank, dragon Dragon Jun's commanding Dragon Lin has thought of catching off guard, therefore chooses the storing grain city of legendary Emperor Yu armed forces to attack, planned that packs the grain 70 warships, then they can three years not come ashore in Wu Shenhe."

My secret heart startled, exclaimed in surprise that NPC AI in this game was too rather high, if not attack by surprise this to work as Yang Village, perhaps I do not think that the dragon Dragon Jun's next hunting place unexpectedly is the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces!

The Han deep pool is raising the long blade, said: „General, do we need to officially inform the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces? Let them early prepare!"

I asked: „Do you think?"

Xiao severe shakes the head: „Does not may, we can guarantee that in palace guard does not have the dragon Dragon Jun's traitor within, actually cannot guarantee in the legendary Emperor Yu regiment not to have, once divulged a secret, that fell short!"

I smile: „Xiao severe said right, do not tell anybody, this news only in our several people, the day after tomorrow before dawn, knows the person who this news puts under house arrest completely."

Xiao severe clenches teeth, puts out a hand on neck, said: „Commands the Sir, the best procedure is actually this!"

I one soft, lowers the head saying: „I know, but I do not want to become that type, in that case, what I and Theodore, Luis these have to distinguish for the person who to reach the goal resorts to all means?"

Xiao severe vision also gentle, smiled: „Um, end will obey Sir, forever follows about the Sir!"

The Han deep pool said: „But, can that many storing grain cities, which be?"

I said assuredly: „Which storing grain city most approaches the water shore, to be away from the harbor of legendary Emperor Yu armed forces to be farthest, which that was, dragon Dragon Jun will definitely not choose the distance shore too far storing grain city, shipped the grain and fodder to be inconvenient, but also was easy to receive the interception of legendary Emperor Yu army cavalry, they to will not do silly, Xiao severe, you had a look, was."

Xiao severe said confidently: „According to commanding listed condition, was sneak attacked the possibility in a big way was ‚Lucheng', this city distance stationing troops city was very far, and was also very far from the harbor, but from water shore actually only then less than 20 minutes of traveling schedule, chose Lucheng to sneak attack is the top picks, naturally, all these were must under the result that the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces did not garrison."

I: „That was easy to do...... They meet mostly in at nightfall sneak attack, right?"

The Han deep pool nods: „Certainly is!"


I ordered immediately: „Early tomorrow morning, the palace guard army standby, eats in the morning much, takes day of dry rations, we detour from the wilderness, do not bring to the attention of legendary Emperor Yu armed forces, fully enters the cauliflower , the cavalry soldier discontinues, the infantry keeps silent, all pillow spear sits armor, prepares to meet head-on, sends out to scout to disguise as the common people, once confirmed that dragon Dragon Jun all came ashore, immediately the cavalry soldier brings up the rear, the infantry besieges a city, making them be unable to escape even with wings!"

The Han deep pool makes a fist to say excitedly: „Yes, end will obey orders!"

Cooldown in game is reality Cooldown 4 times, waited for that one day was also 6 hours, therefore I also 6 hours of Cooldown can bustle about, but now reality Cooldown soon dinner, means that my director palace guard ambush dragon Dragon Jun was about about 12 : 00 o'clock at night, um, if can eradicate dragon Dragon Jun, that stayed up late to be also worth!

Continues to arrange, to receive to work as Yang Village, leaves behind a group of captives to continue to dress up the blacksmith and fisherman, then leaves behind 1000 + palace guards to mix in the fisherman and ensure here absolutely safe will not divulge a secret, after treating as all these, I sit in the harbor shore, cannot bear somewhat self-ridiculed that as if I more and more likely was armed forces have commanded, compared with team leader Li Xiao Yao of protector squad, my this palace guard commanded to do but actually also very competent!


A news, came from Lin Wan Er: „Pig head, offline eats meal!"

I in cauliflower in offline, washed the face immediately went out, the dinner decided that in nearby did in the pot shop to eat, was bringing Dong Cheng Yue and Lin Wan Er same place, Tang Qi, one group of people sat after doing the pot shop a good dish to start to chat.

Lin Wan Er: „All day as before matter that pig head, this is busy the palace guard?"

I nod: „Um, is leading palace guard to purge the Tian Ling Empire military strength...... I discovered that leads the palace guard to make duty and murder the promotion speed of time their to be quick, shortly afterward, the main force of palace guard can have the strength standards of 7 levels of Hybrid Demon again approximately, when the time comes, ahem, draws the country war is certainly powerful!"

Lin Wan Er throws smiles: „Good, your this fellow soon was bewitched!"

Tang Qi said: „Actually Li Xiao Yao, Q-Sword also in has gained incessantly the meritorious value in the flame dragon regiment going all out recently, he now is also only hundred husband's long military ranks, but will rise the multitude of people not to be the issue again shortly afterward steadily, the speed of his Shua duty was quite fast, once can approach big imperial prince Theodore, almost can have a meteoric rise, you were probably same as Li Xiao Yao."

I laugh in spite of trying not to: „Fang Ge Que is Battalion Tuan of flame dragon regiment has controlled, Q-Sword upward crawls again, perhaps also wants to fight with Fang Ge Que high, when the time comes must have a fierce battle."

Tang Qi said with a smile: „Does not have you to mix well in the palace guard, solemn armed forces command, four General Pin Zhennan!"

I shot a look at his one eyes: „You?"

„I? I was one of the flame dragon regiment what grew now......"



Finished eating the dinner, at the request of Dong Cheng Yue, our one group of people went to KTV to sing the song, two female played very happily, not too quick 11 points time, I urged immediately they went back earlier, in one hour is Cooldown that dragon Dragon Jun came ashore, cannot delay, perhaps now has delayed, Han Yuan, Xiao severe, Dragon Xing, summer leaf and the others led the officers to put in order armor to repair standing by soldier, my this commanded leads two beautiful women to sing K here, could not be justified!

Returns to the dwelling, immediately gets online!

Zhan Long Chapter 812

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