Zhan Long Chapter 813

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Gets online, I appear in the cauliflower, got online awakened two small honeybees of deep sleep, humming sound was dancing in the air in my ear, but the distant place, Han Yuan, Xiao severe and the others was leading the innumerable palace guard soldiers to hide in a person of high cauliflower, very special period, did not say that anything cannot trample to open up wasteland, if can exterminate this goods dragon Dragon Jun thoroughly, trampled flat the entire armed forces to open up wasteland is also worth, the 5 thousand people of palace guard basically crowded in together, basic on will not trample too many paddies.

The Han deep pool is raising the long blade, pulls the warhorse to walk, the mouth of that warhorse tied down by the cloth, forbidding it to exude the cry, actually cannot bear collects to eat a cauliflower, looks at my some not to be cruel enough, Han Yuan grins comes with a smile, said: „General, we have ambushed quickly one all day, but the dragon Dragon Jun's wool has not seen one, you said that this group of idiots can not come?"

I knit the brows: „Should be insufficient, we have not divulged a secret . Moreover the palace guard has issued to the dragon Dragon Jun's going on an expedition command, if I were the dragon Dragon Jun's command my also meeting want to do a bulk bargain then to go into hiding the waiting rumor in the past."

Xiao severe nods: „Sir said right, we peacefully wait for the news!"


About after 10 minutes, a light cavalry comes rapidly, the body also wears the cotton garment of common people, said in a low voice: „Commanded the Sir, military god river bank presented the dragon Dragon Jun's warship!"

„Approximately how many?" The Han deep pool asked.


„Has 21?" The Han deep pool knits the brows to say.

I said: „Waits again!"

Also after a while, another scouted, returned to the report in a low voice: „General, on the river surface presented altogether 54 dragon Dragon Jun's warships!"

I asked: „Broad side drinking water how many?"

„Drinking water is very deep, should carries the soldier!"

„Very good......"

In 78 minutes, third scouted, excited said: „General, on the river surface presented 81 dragon Dragon Jun warships!"

Han deep pool great happiness: „Is very good, it seems like they have really turned out in full strength, General, we bet right!"

Dragon Xing is rubbing Jianfeng in side with the hone slowly, said with a smile: „When, my sword already incomparably sharp......"

I said: „Waits again, after they all come ashore, we again!"



One group of Yorozuo long such hide in the cauliflower in wait for the news, soon after, scouts again the incoming telegram: „General, 5 warships approach shored, has gotten down about 2000 cavalry soldiers, directly soared Lucheng!"

I nod: „Searches again!"

The Han deep pool said: „These 2000 cavalry soldiers should be are used to attack Lucheng defense, are other 8000 infantries are used to attack a city and transport the military strength of grain and fodder?"

I smiled: „Um, when these 8000 people also come ashore, was the time that we moved."

Dragon Xingdao: „How to move, please command clear instructions!"

I already stood up from failure to start, grasps the sword hilt to say with a smile: „One can wait for me to order, Han Yuan leads the palace guard cavalry to interrupt road between dragon Dragon Jun and their warships, Xia Ye leads 1 thousand person to capture their warships, should better take 81 warships completely, if they extremely in the resistance, that burn down the warship, Xiao severe, Dragon Xing lead 3 thousand people to besiege a city, must make Lucheng watertight!"

One group of military officers nod in abundance: „End command!"


Again shortly afterward, scouts the incoming telegram: „81 warships all approach shore, but they kept a group of people to defend above the warship, all artilleries and dragon crystal artillery were under the defense readiness condition, they altogether probably also had 30 dragon crystal artillery!"

My Mo Shu Cooldown, after enough 5 minutes, shouted to clear the way: „Palace guard, attack!"


Were commanded one group of elite cavalries already to clash Going out by me and Han Yuan, the horse's hoof has been trampling the cauliflower place, when we to Going out already saw the shore to anchor the dense and numerous dragon Dragon Jun warship, but their majority of people disembarked, was turning toward the direction of Lucheng to move, the palace guard cavalry speed was fast, has interrupted them the channel among the potential of thunder with warships, progressed to cover kills to go.


Water robs the face whiten: „Our intermediate total, that group of damn palace guards ambushed unexpectedly here we, the palace guard of day killing, this time we ended, rode Heiei, notified Sir Dragon Lin quickly!"

What a pity, the speed of palace guard was too fast, the people fired from horseback one to draw out the sword rush with the bow and arrow immediately in the past, this crowd of water robbed battle efficiency Luo Xin troops the half on land, was frightened by the palace guard directly breaks the balls, the back row is killed, the front insane generally has fired into Lucheng to seek the protection of cavalry soldier.

I lead one group of heavy cavalries also to chase down to the Lucheng direction, reviews looks, dense star blunderbuss camp soldier in attacking warship, is the tide general spread submerges these warships likely, 11 seize, obviously after this fights , the sailors of palace guard can aspire to seize entire Tian Ling Empire fully, even if flame Dragon Juntuan, the sailors of legendary Emperor Yu regiment is unable to contend with us!


, Lucheng appeared in our front by far, the city wall be only three meters high, is the toy is likely ordinary, the dense dragon Dragon Jun water robbed already occupied the city, with city is killing one group in the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces, but the infantry battalion of palace guard came to besiege a city in all directions a iron bucket this small storing grain city, this dragon Dragon Jun was unable to escape even with wings.


The warhorse that I ride disappears instantaneously, oneself also obtained the ability of flight, leading one group of cavalries to fire into the several thousand crowds of opposite party, saw distant place a combat general of flame color mail-armor and helmet raised a handle long blade to rush ahead in the crowd, was dragon Dragon Jun's commander Dragon Lin, the bandit chieftain in that legend, must fight a battle to force a quick decision, otherwise the buckle of palace guard will be very big!

Dragon Lin also from afar sees me, in the eye is passing the anger: „Does palace guard command Li Xiao Yao? Damn thing, fights!"

I did not speak, the strength started, whole person meteor flying to Dragon Lin, the sword has raised together, rudely, occupied a commanding position to Dragon Lin is being one time chops to cut the attack!


The huge energy collides, has formed the small shock-wave, surrounding dragon Sergeant Dragon the soldier was overthrown in the place, Dragon Lingeng is shaken by me flies to draw back the hit with horse in the city wall, one group of dragon Sergeant Dragon the soldier is dumbfounded, one of them has opened the mouth: „Day...... Sir Dragon Lin was shaken unexpectedly has drawn back, south this town general good fearful......"

I show a faint smile, open thousand frost wing effects, attack that the full speed impact, occupies a commanding position, if this was unable to repel to stop in same place dragon scale, I did not need to continue in Tian Ling Empire to mix!

Raises hand, Zuo Zhang faces upwards, strength of the thunder flow in referring, airborne is dark clouds, the surroundings earth shivers, the thunder and lightning falls suddenly together, innumerable Thunder dragon kills from the dropping from the clouds bang in the crowd, this group of dragon Dragon Jun are the false dragons, which can withstand wreaking havoc of real dragon, was rumbled torn to pieces!

In an instant, in that region besides the dragon scale, died in battle completely!

I raise Zhen Yue Blade to jump, is built on the airborne hundred meters place, the silver ice wing flies upwards, the whole person was being covered by thick incorruptible, looks at one group of dragon Dragon Jun, shouted to clear the way loudly: „Disarming does not kill, otherwise executes summarily!"


In I one after another seize under the imposing manner and attack of person, one group of dragon Dragon Jun in abundance in consternation, on faces full are desperate, Dragon Lin hold the injured arm to shiver are standing are in-situ.

„Works as......"

A long blade of dragon Dragon Jun military officer fell to the ground, are getting more and more, but Han Yuan and the others cannot stop to brunt, after having killed several hundred people, as before was drunk to stop by me.

Dragon Linyang the Tianchang smiles one, in the eye is bringing the despair, laughs saying: „Brothers,...... Our dragon Dragon Jun has come to the end today finally, my intermediate total, was unfair to everybody, you have worked as the captive, hopes that can also go on living, we will say goodbye next life!"

Saying, Dragon Linheng has the long blade, wipes on the neck, immediately the blood spatters in all directions, this Demon Harvest step BOSS such suicided dead!

I keep mouth shut, walk to go forward to pick up Dragon Lin the head to throw into the package, this is my duty goods, no one can take away, otherwise could not attain to reward.

Under the city, dragon Dragon Jun about more than 5000 audiences surrendered to work as the captive, Han Yuan, the Xiao severe and the others 11 receives, but at this time, distant place one row of cavalries came finally, was the cavalry soldier of legendary Emperor Yu regiment, the two imperial princes in most front row, looks at the tactical situation in Lucheng, could not bear said in consternation: „General Li Xiao Yao, you...... Did you receive dragon Dragon Jun?"

I shake the head: „No, we will send under custody these captives Tian Ling Empire, whatever your majesty punishes."


Looks that Lucheng was dyed one piece by the bloody water, suddenly in the eye severe Mang dodges to look to me: „Did you obtain news in advance?"

I nod: „Yes!"

„Why that does not inform the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces ahead of time, makes us suffer such big loss?" In eyes is having spunk.

I raise am bringing Dragon Reservoir Sword of blood, said lightly: „Sorry, two your highness, we also hurriedly obtain the news, therefore dispatches troops to notify you directly without enough time, hopes that you can understand the difficulty of palace guard."

Sneers: „I understand that your Li Xiao Yao may really be a general's talent!"

I: „......"

The Han deep pool probably does not visit me by like this taunting, then walks to go forward saying: „Two your highness, we command Sir to exterminate dragon Dragon Jun, is great merit one, the palace guard completes the task that the legendary Emperor Yu regiment and flame dragon regiment collaborated not to complete, two your highness said that we command are the general's talents, this saying actually right!"

cold snort: „Place that Han Yuan, here some you spoke?"

I did not have to make them say again that the loud order said: „Palace guard, is leading the captive, withdraws troops to return to the city!"


This time has not walked the destiny bateau-bridge, 81 warships that but seizes with Xia Ye shipped 3 times, about 6 thousand people all will ship to the opposite shore go, does not need to detour is very far.

But this war, the palace guard altogether buckle of does not have over 1000 people, if is really one wins! This is also my goal, training, but non- buckle, otherwise always like does not turn over to the war of sea, half promotion half die, the palace guard forever is not perhaps able to stiffen.

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Zhan Long Chapter 813

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