Zhan Long Chapter 814

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Sends under escort more than 5000 dragon Dragon Jun to capture, enormous and powerful returning Tian Ling Empire, one group of guards outside city gate are dumbstruck, but in my package is holding Dragon Lin the head, leading four Yorozuo long subordinates to enter Wang City, directly soars the royal palace main hall, duty that here receives, here should also hand over is right.


In the palace, the senior king is inviting the whole body of ministers as before, Pearl, Theodore , the player who several are assigning the duty, noticed that I come to watch the fun in the one side, opened the video system, looks like has not seen CBN Battle Ranking ten player, lacks prospects! Raises the sword to walk to go forward, my respectful to a king bow, was saying: „Your majesty, the palace guard fulfills their mission, exterminated dragon Dragon Jun thoroughly, the bandit chieftain Dragon Lin head here . Moreover, more than 5000 people of captives outside the city waited for that your majesty handled."

A bodyguard walked, in the hand is holding a tray, I placed above the number of people, the bodyguard have won, Locker Great Emperor swept one, in the vision was passing a loathing, said: „Theodore, you have battled with the dragon Dragon Jun's pirate, you should know whose this head belongs?"

Theodore nods saying: „Father emperor, was really Dragon Lin the severed head, palace guard Li Tongling truly has exterminated dragon Dragon Jun!"

Locker Great Emperor pats the throne, stands up with a smile, said: „Can complete...... Ha Ha, General Li Xiao Yao is really the empire pillar of the state, ahem, this dragon Dragon Jun abuses power in the military god river bank, lets our Tian Ling Empire such as the fishbone in the throat, now finally this stinger capturing, the palace guard has established the unrivalled distinguished merit, good, Li Xiao Yao has commanded, what reward do you want?"

I lower the head saying: „Whatever your majesty rewards!"


The senior king laughs, system ting of next quarter reward has reverberated in my ear, this senior king also really not mean-spirited, not only has rewarded me, has rewarded the palace guard the army


System System Notification: Congratulates you, you have completed the SSS level master line regiment task 【Exterminates dragon Dragon Jun】, Obtains the reward: Level + 1, Charm + 50, meritorious service value + 400, gold coins several + 100000, palace guard army soldiers Level + 3, obtain to grant the weapon: dragon crystal artillery × 50 and hot crag artillery × 100 and crossbow car(riage) × 200 and gold coin × 2000000!


Feeling pleased making a fist, these many rewards! My behind Han Yuan, Xiao severe, Dragon Xing, the summer leaf four will be also delighted beyond measure, saying with a smile that Han Yuan even chuckles to oneself: „General, had these dragon crystal artillery and gold coins, the strengths of our palace guard can a big promotion big section, Ha Ha, good, the strength of palace guard has been able to include the empire absolutely first three!"

I hold the fist in the other hand saying: „Thanks your majesty to grant, your majesty, outside the city also more than 5000 dragon Dragon Jun's captives, how should solve?"

Locker Great Emperor asked: „Li Tongling, you thought how the bandit invaders of these treason and heresy should handle?"

I think that said: „Might as well scatter them, imitates into the people husband, in the armed forces open up wasteland the practical training, or is sent to frontier service the border to protect the territory directly, after all the manpower was rare, massacres also in vain wastes."

Locker Great Emperor hesitates: „This word rational......"

But at this time, Theodore stood up suddenly, said: „Father emperor, Li Xiao Yao this word is bad, dragon Dragon Jun defies the empire to order blatantly, with the father emperor is the enemy, how the evildoer of this grade of treason and heresy can appease, if we appease dragon Dragon Jun today the 5000 capture, will then then meet 10,000 and 100,000 even 1 million rebellious people to raise the standard of revolt tomorrow the revolt royal power, the father emperor, please three think!"

Also holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Father emperor, the emperor brother stands to reason!"

What I also want to say again, Pearl has actually drawn my arm, what hinted me do not say again, but I also clear, the palace guard was too greatly was too big in the Tian Ling Empire merit, the crest of wave has covered the flame dragon regiment and legendary Emperor Yu regiment completely, therefore Theodore, so visited me not to be feeling well, thinks also to be but actually fair carefully, Pearl did not make me argue, probably also thought that should endure to be uneventful for a while?

I retrocede one step, stood no longer speaks side Pearl.

Who once thinks that Theodore sneers to look to me, said aggressively: „In the armed forces was widely known that Li Xiao Yao commands is a kernel, never will kill the captive, today looks like really so, General Li, I suggested that will hang along the major road by these 5000 bandits completely, warns others against following a bad example, does not know that you thought how this will propose?"

I think that outside the city that 5000 have put down the weapon, was hugging also the captive of survival hope, thought that the scalp somewhat tingles with numbness, clenches jaws, does not say a word.

Theodore continues to pursue asks: „Didn't General Li, why speak?"

My sound is very low: „Your highness thinks to kill, that has then killed, oneself take responsibility is, does not need to ask me!"

Theodore laughs: „Father emperor, these rebel not to remain definitely, massacres!"

The senior king somewhat seems to be weary, after a yawn, said: „Theodore, that this matter is handled by you on the junction! Other matter? If not, that then dispersed, I was somewhat tired."

Not far away Luis holds the arm front, the red silk handkerchief has fluttered on the arm, he said: „Your majesty, since the previous time does not turn over to the sea fights, Hybrid Demon territory in being dormant motionless, but the military strength of awe empire the buckle most probably, has been not much left, end will suggest that sent the elite masters in empire to cross cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, the attack awe state, cleaned up the Luo Lin army, raised to hold a memorial service for deceased Duke Luo Lei the head of Luo Lin while convenient, how didn't know under your majesty intent?"

The senior king stares: „What? Attack awe empire? This...... Perhaps opportunity not yet mature?"

Thunder Sidong: „Did not turn over to the sea and a Luhu war to cut to kill Sellin, the Kyle two kings, the Hybrid Demon territory was already frightened by the slightest sound, extreme nervousness, according to end looks like, the military strength of Hybrid Demon territory was not much left, their conditions were almost the mackerel shad are in a dangerous situation, the great danger, believes that could not get away was too far, we should attack decisively, raise the master of King to sweep away the north, first extinguished the awe empire, the time extinguishes the wild Dragon Clan territory, afterward pushed directly into to sweep away the well, scarlet Pingyang and storm abyss god demon, 11 put to death the Hybrid Demon kings, the meritorious service that at that time, your majesty performed unprecedented will melt now, was enough your majesty name to go down in history, eternal. Left a good name!"

Luis said non- world meritorious service time, eyes of Locker Great Emperor obvious one bright, the life of Great Emperor will not be many, was the monarchy naturally wants the history to leave a good name, he was not willing later generation to think one were a common lord, this Luis almost poked in Locker's pit of the stomach, I shouted not to be wonderful darkly, NND, Locker Great Emperor will certainly be swindled!

Really, after several seconds, Locker Great Emperor is grasping the sword of King, on the face completely is the lofty aspirations and high ideals, said: „Luis commands to say is really, the people reconsider, goes to battle by whom quite well?"

Theodore holds the fist in the other hand to say immediately: „Son feudal official believes that the palace guard can draft cleverly in fighting, commands civil and military Xiong who Li Xiao Yao has to show disdain for world slightly, might as well palace guard these 5 thousand to go to the Hybrid Demon territory to attack the awe empire?"

Locker Great Emperor nods: „General Li, can you have the objection?"

My pain, this was must operate with the palace guard, then clenched teeth saying: „Your majesty, the palace guard goes on an expedition again and again, the soldiers are weary, even if goes to battle again, I had also suggested section Cooldown goes to battle again, and...... The northern Hybrid Demon strength is immeasurably deep, does not command the mackerel shad that said to be in a dangerous situation like Luis, on the contrary, they possibly conceal one's abilities and bide one's time, wait for our arrogant troops to challenge!"

Because Luis long unit of armed soldiers 5000 people of instruments was given by me, was massacred the luo control by me, therefore bears a grudge as before, saying with a smile that lets somebody cool off or calm down: „Li Tongling, you will not have feared Hybrid Demon, doesn't dare to go to battle? If intentionally will exaggerate the strength of Hybrid Demon army, is it possible that shifting responsibility onto others so does want to make your majesty withdraw an order?"

I sighed: „You do not need to prod me, I go and that's the end."

Pearl holds the fist in the other hand to say in side: „Father emperor, Li Xiao Yao commands to lead island of resistance inevitably not that smooth defeating Hybrid Demon, was inferior...... You give together the decree, transfers the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den military strength and palace guard goes to battle together, this at least many several points of stratagem which ensures success!"

The senior king nods: „Plays certainly."

At this time, big imperial prince Theodore stood up suddenly, said: „Father emperor, even if palace guard and cold uncultivated land Dragon's den army goes to battle together is also not necessarily able the total victory, the son feudal official requests a combat assignment, lets my flame dragon regiment and palace guard goes to battle together, the Hybrid Demon territory invades repeatedly, we should have one time in the true sense to their expeditions!"

Senior king great happiness: „Theodore, do you have the triumphal returning assurance?"

Theodore nods: „Has!"


The senior king laughs, said: „Worthily is the empire crown prince, then should have gathers like this loses the place the boldness, plays certainly, the flame dragon regiment goes to battle along with the palace guard together, to echo mutually, needs instrument, grain and fodder, supports by the strength of whole nation!"

Theodore lowers the head to say with a smile: „Many thanks father emperor!"

I also bow: „Thanked your majesty!"

Has a look at behind Han Yuan, Xiao severe and the others, Han Yuan is a brave officer, is excited, this is performs the meritorious the golden opportunity, Xiao severe somewhat worried that Dragon Xing, the summer leaf two generals are also happy and worried at the same time, but I at heart somewhat am agitated, does not know how this line, never will turn over to the situation of war of sea to look like, the Hybrid Demon kings are not simple BOSS, they will have the strategy, flame Dragon Juntuan, palace guard put together will not surpass 200 000, perhaps this 200 000 person really completely ruined in the Hybrid Demon territory also perhaps,...... If cold uncultivated land Dragon's den Frost, Zi Shu and 15 Dragon Rider soldiers go to battle together, perhaps some stratagem which ensures success, have not managed, damn cannot live, fights with every effort and that's the end!

Thinks of here, I have turned around, stared Luis one eyes maliciously, is the stupid idea that he offers, otherwise the palace guard once more will then not face this total destruction.

In Luis eyes passed over gently and swiftly panic-stricken, obviously has not thought that I will visit him with this look, he knows that I moved have killed the heart, has the opportunity words, I without hesitation will certainly remove this effeminate crazy Lei Jun to command!

Locker stands up, has lifted up high the top the sword of King, said with a smile: „Then two days later, expeditionary force goes to battle!"

Zhan Long Chapter 814

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