Zhan Long Chapter 815

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After Locker Great Emperor issues the order, the system edition had also issued a news, this expeditionary force already became a time edition information, and player was enterable, and can gain the meritorious value and reward in the expedition


System Announcement: Please note, SSS level master line regiment duty 【Tian Ling Empire expedites】 Had issued that 12 : 00 pm, Tian Ling Empire flame Dragon Juntuan, palace guard will go to battle on time, crossed cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, attacks the awe empire of Hybrid Demon territory directly, any player may enter for in the city guarding place, this expedition will obtain the reward at the meritorious value, ranks the meritorious list first 3 players to have the opportunity to obtain the inferior god level and Country Weapon level reward, if the expedition wins, the player will obtain a double hideaway minute of reward!


Goes out of the instance of imperial palace main hall, I opened the chat channel of guild core management level, said: „The edition of tomorrow, [Zhan Long] must participate, we expedited the Luo Lin territory!"

Dancing Forest: „Oh, finally can start fighting of revenge?"

Yue Qing Qian said with a smile: „Yes, must take revenge fighting!"

Lin Wan Er looks deeply, said: „Pig head, why NPC army, only then flame Dragon Jun and your palace guard go to battle, certainly what person offended in the empire?"

I laugh: „Almost...... Therefore I in the understanding lacked self-confidence, hopes that [Zhan Long] all players can participate, perhaps otherwise light depends on a palace guard to meet Alexander, the big imperial prince Theodore that side I did not count on that he can give me the too big boost."

Li Mu said with a smile frank: „Relax, this player camp should participate majority, even if put together everyone to fall 1 level not to make the palace guard die in battle completely."

„Um, prepares well, 12 : 00 pm will go to battle!"



Has reported a news to Lin Wan Er, urged that she has a bit faster rested, was very late, but she also orders me a bit faster to rest, cannot stay up late, I fast complied, but also clearly knows, the words that must rest really also at least were one hour later matter, the palace guard also had too many matters to wait for me to process, where can want when to rest when rests.

Outside the city, wooden stakes set upright, the dragon Dragon Jun's person condemned to death was hung, struggles to keep, then waiting for death slowly.

I raise the sword belt Dragon Xing, Xia Ye and other Yorozuo long to pass through, the dragon Dragon Jun's multitude of people long have actually recognized me, he was putting on the rope by the neck on, actually complexion red cursed angrily: „Li Xiao Yao, you had said that so long as we disarm will not kill us, why? Why...... Now can actually kill us? What we have made the mistake, did we believe mistakenly the person? Li Xiao Yao, you are so contradictory, die like a dog, you just wait, your Li Xiao Yao this life die under the sword and spear inevitably!"

„Shut up!" Dragon Xing turns around to look that this multitude of people are long, shouted to clear the way lowly: „You think that we do command have not striven for you? However this Tian Ling Empire can it be that he decides, your dragon Dragon Jun slaughters the cross-strait common people few, you thought that you damn? Obedient dies, do not let your contamination the sound smear our ears!"

This multitude of people long faces are angry, the was still scolding: „Contradictory, dies like a dog!"

Dragon Xing did not say a word, lifts the hand to take out the bow arrow from the horseback, „Shua" the cold arrow flew together Going out, immediately this multitude of people long napes of the neck were shot through, flowing that the fresh pool of blood anchored, the Adam's apple was shot through, wants to voice actually again cannot make any sound.

Good official who administers punishments got angry: „Why do you kill our people condemned to death? You...... How was your this general so unreasonable?"

The dragon whetstone lets somebody cool off or calm down said: „You, if refuses to accept, kills me?"

The good official who administers punishments bump into this type of hard stubble not to speak immediately, but mumbled several: „These persistently unreasonable becoming a soldier, get what one deserves in the Hybrid Demon territory dismember a body!"

The Han deep pool is holding up the long blade: „What did you say?"

Good official who administers punishments in great surprise.

I said in a low voice: „Han Yuan, do not say again, we return to the camp!"

Is pulling Flying Scythe War Horse, I am walking silently, before the summer leaf skices several steps to overtake, said leisurely: „General, I know that you do not feel better, but...... However we should not regret for our actions, all days that our palace guards make are looking, hundred years later, the right and wrong naturally can have a judgment just, the words of person condemned to death...... The general please do not care."

I nod, the heart is agitated, actually some comforts, Dragon Xing, Xia Ye, Xiao severe, Han Yuan these four control level military officers finally truly became a fist, such palace guard will also burst out the most fearful explosive force, frightened entire Tian Ling Empire sufficiently, entire mainland!


Returns to the palace guard camp, enters the armed forces big account, Dragon Xing continues to ask: „Commands, 81 warships that we capture add on 4 originally, is 85, anchors near the dock that the palace guard builds, but our trip are to go to the Hybrid Demon territory, is the land routes, is unable to carry, what to do?"

I think: „Leaves behind 1000 people to guard the barrack, keeps 1000 people to guard the dock again, other troops go to battle completely, this time long-distance imagines us is much more fearful."

The Han deep pool said: „General, why said?"

I show a faint smile: „We in did not turn over to the sea and Luhu to fight have no doubt massacred many Hybrid Demon, and also has killed two Hybrid Demon kings, but...... Sellin is sea-nymph king, originally with the Hybrid Demon army not concentric, blood giant Kyle is the giant king, foolhardy, therefore these two were in the Hybrid Demon territory the weakest two kings, was ranks 15 th Luo Lin to be brave and resourceful on the contrary, moreover silver, Seurre, Sif these immeasurably deep kings still, their military strength also preserved completely, Tian Ling Empire fought to win is arrogant troops, Seurre, Sif, Luo Lin strategy was impossible unable to think that Tian Ling Empire will go to battle on own initiative, the Tian Ling Empire warship were not many, not never turned over to the sea to go to battle too possibly, that on only from cold uncultivated land Dragon's den Goes to battle, the road which must be taken is the awe empire, if I am the Hybrid Demon king, I will also send to ambush the Tian Ling Empire army around the awe empire with large army, this war, was equal to that the opposite party has prepared the mighty forces and numerous traps, waited for us to bring death!"


The Han deep pool has held breath a cold air/Qi, a complexion paleness, said: „Such being the case, why the general did not explain with your majesty that makes our palace guards brave hardships and dangers?"

I smile bitterly: „Your majesty renders meritorious service cherished, to listen how possibly to south a I small town the words of general? Also, Luis vivid has made a cause false appearance of eternity sovereign to your majesty, that is the thing that your majesty most longs, this was beyond control we."

A dragon whetstone layer on layer fist falls on the sand table, said: „Damn Luis, this boy should be cut to pieces really! Sir, this war, we must find an opportunity to be Luis!"

I laugh in spite of trying not to: „Needs further consideration, he is one commands, kills an empire bureau of investigation to lead is not a minor matter, said again Luis this person is good at flattering extremely, is deep your majesty to like, we are the servicemen, do not think that many, well won this war to say again! Right, did the Empire Armed forces storehouse give out our 50 dragon crystal artillery and 100 hot crag artillery to?"

„Cooldown can." Xia Yedao.

I turn around saying: „General Xia Ye, you dispatches two multitude of people long, leading 2000 people of audiences to receive this batch of weapons, do not return to the camp, sends to cold uncultivated land Dragon's den directly, all ahead of time ships all heavy instruments in our palace guard camp to cold uncultivated land Dragon's den again, that moment of when going to battle with, the heavy instrument advances, since we cannot hit the Hybrid Demon territory in the hard strength, that must use these heavy artilleries well . Moreover, over the two days should not be lax, is under intensive construction, like this arrived at the fight time can also little die some people."

Xia Ye nods to say with a smile: „End will respectfully follow the Sir to order!"


Also wandered in the palace guard camp for a long time, then went to territory Dragon's den, in Dragon's den is recruiting Cliff Dragon Cavalry as before, I attempt to direct the army, but System Notification, Cliff Dragon Cavalry are most can only leave the territory 2000 yards, a farther place will lose has controlled, this is also a balanced way, otherwise has this crowd to have 120% attribute Cliff Dragon Cavalry to go to line of battles, perhaps the player of other guild must cry completely.

To the early morning about 3 points time, offline, must rest well, once the expedition estimate at least is 24 hours of fight, is a protracted war!

Takes down the hard helmet, urinated to eat a thing directly to rest.

In the dream presented many people, but is almost the people in game, I noticed that Luis happily is laughing, saw Dragon Xing, Han Yuan and the others whole body is the blood bellows to command to me walks quickly, saw that Theodore, Pearl, Locker and the others lie down above the empire territory that the blood dyes completely, as if in the dreamland is the thing that I worry about, but must open eyes is the next day 11 points, all these are only the dreams, but can also depend upon my both hands to change the result.


Took a bath in a hurry, goes out of time Dong Cheng Yue and Lin Wan Er of two female room already in I, Tang Qi also, and Dong Cheng Lei came, brought many between-meal snack to Dong Cheng Yue and Lin Wan Er, this fellow really loved own younger sister, but Dong Cheng Yue also enjoyed the concern of this elder brother, with a smile rubbed the shoulder to Dong Cheng Lei, then also said: „Elder brother, I want that model of pink Chanel pocket, latest that do you help me ask the friends in Europe to buy?"

Dong Cheng Lei did not ask the price that said: „Good, in the afternoon went back saying that the direct mail gave you here address to be good."


Dong Cheng Yue launches the both arms, is holding the neck of Dong Cheng Lei from behind, said with a smile: „Elder brother was best!"

I sit, said: „A half does hour made war, eat?"

Lin Wan Er said with a smile: „Point went, some people will deliver!"

„Good ~"

After several minutes, an electric car stops before the villa, goes the little elder brother to deliver the meal to come, is not sumptuously, one group of people gather round eat but actually also happily, after finishing eating in a hurry, then has gotten online, this expedition is just one time gains the reward in the significance of other player the opportunity, but for me, this is the secondary dying war of palace guard!

Zhan Long Chapter 815

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