Zhan Long Chapter 816

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Gets online, appears in the armed forces account of palace guard, the outside troops sound seethes with excitement a piece, when I walk Going out, surroundings many tents have captured, the distant place, Han Yuanti a handle long halberd is directing one group of long spear soldiers, Han Yuan pointed weapons trade actually frequently, without the means that the smelting iron level of empire is also actually ordinary, the impurity in iron ore has not refined, the pointed weapons standard is inferior to the player greatly, therefore the sword and spear sword halberd will break off frequently, but what Han Yuan this brave officer is also attains anything on using, 18 sword and spear clubs every kind are skilled in any case.

„General, you came!"

The Han deep pool walks, returns to report: „Majority of troops arrived in Tian Ling Empire, the Great Emperor built the stage to take a mass pledge for flame Dragon Jun, palace guard outside the city......"

My sip purses the lips: „That a bit faster, do not miss."



One group of cavalry soldiers start in abundance, has fired into the Tian Ling Empire direction along with me together, a golden stage appears outside the city by far, Locker, Theodore, and the others already, when I bring Han Yuan, the dragon whetstone four will be arriving, transmitting orders officer calls loudly: „Palace guard commands, town southern general General Li!"

Locker already stood up: „Since has arrived in full, that prepares!"

One group of bodyguards place on the head of cattle the sacrificial altar, but Locker loud said some for example „empire life or death, cuts down wickedly" and so on words drive the morale, the nature, regarding my such player useless, but Han Yuan, dragon whetstone and the others hears very vigorously, even is somewhat excited, this pledge rally as if a little effect.

Big imperial prince Theodore stands up, said several.

Two imperial prince walk to go forward, was representing the tiger tally and supreme commander sword of military authority a handle has given big imperial prince Theodore, said with a smile: „Emperor brother, this expedition, you are the marshal, flame Dragon Jun, palace guard and Dragon's den Armed forces receive your to control, the feudal official younger brother has not gone to battle with the order, then can only await respectfully the emperor brother to triumphal return to turn over to Tian Ling Empire!"

Theodore smiles, the tiger tally in the waist, do not work on the sword of marshal, a racket shoulder, said with a smile: „Many thanks the emperor younger brother good intention, I will definitely triumphal return, is bringing the head of Luo Lin! Tian Ling Empire all things must you many manage by diligently, do not increase workload the body, the emperor brother also waited for you to assist me forever to defend the empire!"

Nods: „Yes, emperor brother!"

It looks like, two brothers are intimate, undercurrent surged has actually been able to see the clue, Theodore extracted the wartime to see some stratagem which ensures success in the palace guard and Dragon's den Armed forces, therefore daringly will request flame Dragon Jun to go to battle, can say, so long as in flame Dragon Jun in this fought triumphs to turn over , the position of this crown prince was stabler, the senior statesmen in North Korea , China will also support Theodore some, then also can only become an elder brother's subordinate.

But idea should be also simple actually, is hopes that this expedition is defeated, such Theodore's supporters in North Korea , China instantaneously will reduce many, perhaps the senior king will change the mind to change vertical is a crown prince, at the appointed time the next Great Emperor possibly was.

Thinks that these think agitated, I also no longer go to think, now I must do is leads the palace guard to triumph, is the emperor not quite to be actually big with my relations as for whom.


Theodore is grasping the supreme commander sword, points to the sky the sword blade edge, shouted to clear the way loudly: „Expeditionary force! For empire glory, for the dignity of humanity, for our homelands!"

These words are very actually pleasant to the ear, many officers enter the war, to protect family member and homeland.

The three services are enormous and powerful and good, the palace guard altogether 5.1 thousand people enter the war, but flame Dragon Jun after filling up to strength, unexpectedly reaches as high as 15 thousand people enters the war, the population amounted to has surpassed 200 000, in addition the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den 10,000 people, were only NPC have about 22 thousand people, in addition at least several million players, um, enough Luo Lin ate a pot, in did not turn over to the war of sea, Luo Lin only set out the army and warship, oneself have not appeared from beginning to end, this den was attacked, he thinks that did not appeared not good!

Enormous and powerful arrived in cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, the [Zhan Long] 3 thousand troops in awaiting orders, Lin Wan Er issued an order, the player team advanced from cold uncultivated land Dragon's den goes to the north, to let the transportation troops vanguard, Frost has built a slopeway to go nonstop to the northern boundary from the city, but above the city the dense and numerous dragon crystal artillery, the hot crag artillery and crossbow car(riage) has prepared readily, unceasing shipped to go downward, I raised the sword to supervise the vanguard of palace guard, actually I was different, four Yorozuo to supervise all of palace guard to move considerable.


The men shouting and horses neighing, after entering the northern boundary, temperature dropped at least 20 degrees, starts to hike up the snow everywhere, the good people have prepared, palace guard almost every person lock armor has worn the cotton-padded jacket in soft armor, leather armor and, is insufficient too to affect the movement, moreover can the protection against the cold, the warhorse as if unable to adapt to such circumstances actually, soon after had to be many were having diarrhea, as if our cavalry soldiers certainly will be affected here, was good has not related because of the warhorse of player, never had diarrhea, body levers!

„Be careful, is demon spirit hunter!"

I look at the distant place, said in a low voice: „In formation edge blade shield, careful defense!"

Soldier in one crowd of barbarian blade shield camps protects in the formation surrounding, soon after really iron (spear gun)s project from the snow forest, „clang clang clang" spattering in all directions on the heavy shield of blade shield camp, has not caused anything to injure, the bow and arrow of palace guard projects actually, one group of demon spirit hunters exuded the miserable howling sound to hang.

At this time is different in those days, initially we came here time is been much more oppressive by the demon spirit hunter incomparable, but this time was only the riding archer of palace guard sufficiently makes making a harassing attack of demon spirit hunter fall short.

Looks at the distant place, the flame Dragon Jun's formation is very neat, worthily is the empire first trump card regiment, but [Legend], [Judgement], [House of Prestige] and other Guild the players protect around flame Dragon Jun, they are attaching to flame Dragon Jun, many people hold an office in flame Dragon Jun, but Fang Ge Que is flame Dragon Jun's Battalion Tuan controls, is raising the paper fan, facial color gentle walking in the crowd, the token that Battalion Tuan controls on the stamp in the waist, what and Enchanted Painting was saying, but Enchanted Painting rides a white warhorse, in the hand is raising the water deity halberd, long halberd flood. The glistening gloss, first rides the war this [Legend] is the beautiful woman player sets off the heroic spirit to be threatening.

Another side, the [Flying Dragon] Guild player also came to be many, Drunken Spear was raising the iron (spear gun), walking silently nearby the dragon good world, Ye Lai of distant place teased: „Whoops, the legendary Emperor Yu regiment subordinated commanding of fall harvest regiment to run to participate this time has moved, the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces were not do not hit Hybrid Demon? Goes to the armed forces to open up wasteland to farm quickly!"

Drunken Spear is resigned-looking: „Do I gain the meritorious service not to be good? Motherfucker, said again enjoys your transparent hole......"

Ye Lai puts out a hand to wield backward: „I behind four ten thousand [Judgement] elite, do you dare to punch me? Ha Ha, said again I am the squadron hundred husbands of flame dragon regiment am now long, you cannot annoy me......"

Drunken Spear holds the volume to smile: „Does not talk nonsense will die!"


The people are actually optimistic, in player as if on me to this expedition was not very optimistic, but thinks but actually is also, I was not this, the sky collapsed also to have Li Mu and Old K this tall person to go against, I had anything to be good to fear that the present mentality probably after the palace guard has commanded fosters, the shoulder pole on shoulder heavy the nature on was unable Xiao Yao Zi Zai.

Soon, army enormous and powerful passed through a fertile plain, here we had come, is the fringing field of heroic graveyard.

„Be careful, has the enemy intelligence!"

The distant place, scouts is roaring loudly, then, he has not run to be too far, suddenly benefitted the arrow to raid to put on his throat together, the bloody water has spattered in all directions, falls to perish, in the horizon of distant place, already presented one crowd of dense and numerous monsters, the demon flame archer, 154 levels of 5 levels of Hybrid Demon, attack power was fearful, and archery was unusual!

Matcha of [Zhan Long] edge is raising the Lion King shield immediately, said loudly: „Lifts the shield!"

One crowd of Steel Blade ride in abundance shield horizontally in the front, the next quarter, the soldier in palace guard blade shield camp also high lifts up high to overlap the defense the shield, the next quarter, airborne was similar dark clouds, when was close the people the discovery was the arrow rain, the demon flame archer starts a ejection to attack to us by the altitude advantage!

The arrow rain spatters in all directions unceasingly on the shield, but did not have the player and palace guard of shield shield can only eat these to attack hardly, in an instant several hundred people died in battle, That side flame Dragon Jun also by shield defense, but was killed many soldiers as before, this was the Hybrid Demon army attacks to our demonstration of authority, Theodore raised the supreme commander sword, the complexion is being furious completely, shouted to clear the way lowly: „The flame Dragon Jun cavalry, gives me [Assault], kills this crowd of damn Hybrid Demon!"

The next quarter, an flame Dragon Jun Yorozuo long brandished the long sword to lead the dense and numerous cavalries to clash Going out.

I narrow the eyes to focus to look at the tactical situation, the order palace guard await orders.

When distant place, flame dragon army cavalry close opposite party, suddenly a troop demon flame archer disperses in abundance, presented in one crowd of hands to raise the half beast person of long spear, the beast blood (spear gun) soldier, 4 levels of Hybrid Demon, my moral nature standard kept off immediately, the day, the Hybrid Demon army started to deal with Tian Ling Empire in the tactic of positional warfare, this seemed not a good sign!

The next second, both sides contacted, the flame Dragon Jun's cavalry soldier welcomed the arrow rain to attack the beast blood (spear gun) soldier, the cavalry soldier is pierced by the long spear unceasingly selects to fly, was miserably howling struggling, unceasing killing the beast blood (spear gun) soldier, both sides completely in exchanging the life, in an instant covered with blood one piece, are about several minutes, 10,000 flame Dragon Jun's cavalry soldiers after were breaking through 11 (spear gun) soldier positions continuously finally lost the impulse, was selected above the (spear gun) blade edge waits for death, but the warhorse has not dispersed to be killed with enough time by the demon flame archer, ten thousand people of cavalry regiments., Does not remain!

The Hybrid Demon tactic is very simple, demon flame archer fights while draws back, keeps killing, but the beast blood (spear gun) soldier looks like the wedge same sews there, preventing the cavalry soldier to advance, rank wind blows, on that ten thousand people of troop remaining opposite party lance points of flame dragon regiment has not only died also the person who struggles to wait for death.

All around player was silent, flame Dragon Jun commands, marshal Theodore of this expedition to be also silent, the complexion is exceptionally ugly.


The Han deep pool is raising the long blade, said with amazement: „Good...... Also fierce Hybrid Demon! Commands, what to do do we, I command the cavalry to attack?"

I said lightly: „Do you want to court death?"

„That what to do?" Dragon Xing asked.

My corners of the mouth raise, say with a smile: „Simple, making the dragon crystal artillery and hot crag artillery exhibit a weaponry, since these Hybrid Demon adopt the positional warfare, does not attack on own initiative, that rumbles them to become Zha!"

Zhan Long Chapter 816

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