Zhan Long Chapter 817

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The flame Dragon Jun's dragon crystal artillery as in Tian Ling Empire goes to cold uncultivated land Dragon's den on the way, but I order the palace guard to ship the dragon crystal artillery to cold uncultivated land Dragon's den ahead of time, therefore the military baggage instrument of palace guard, Locker Great Emperor grants the palace guard ahead of time 50 dragon crystal artillery, in addition seizes crazy Lei Jun and original, the palace guard like is a local tyrant had more than 100 dragon crystal artillery, the hot crag artillery at least 200, the crossbow car(riage) is countless, after I issue an order, ships the combat tank of dragon crystal artillery to anchor, turns around the direction, has aimed at the Hybrid Demon army of distant place the muzzle, artillery camp several thousand soldiers in abundance packing dragon crystal, next quarter Dragon Xing. Raises the long sword, loudly shouted to clear the way: „Puts!"

The rumble is lingering on faintly, over 100 dragon crystal artillery launch together, unexpectedly has formed a strength vigorous bracing cold shock-wave, pushes NPC and player retrocedes to all around, but on the soil bank of distant place , then erupts the ray that dragon crystal explode, one group of beast blood (spear gun) soldiers and demon flame archers were exploded torn to pieces, they altogether dispatched about 3 thousand + people, after the dragon crystal artillery and hot crag artillery round bombing, at least has blasted half people, everywhere is the stump residual limb breaks the body, the cloud of smoke float over sky, the flame everywhere, startles one crowd of Hybrid Demon to roar the unceasing backlash.


At this time, an leaning general Yorozuo in flame Dragon Jun long raised the long sword to progress to come, loudly shouted to clear the way: „Palace guard, were you insane? In the battlefield also has the brothers of our flame dragon regiment, how did you fire off?"

I visit him lightly, said: „In battlefield also has living flame Dragon Jun? I have not seen."


He stares to visit me, is helpless, my military rank is higher than him, and is the palace guard commands, compared with his status high many, Theodore has not said anything, he can be what kind, moreover the Theodore obvious complexion of distant place is not quite good, suffered a setback in its first battle, thinks that can defeat the Hybrid Demon army by the flame Dragon Jun cavalry, sometimes actually does not want by the palace guard ground a class, the strength unable to decide all well, the tactical contest is leads the key aspect of war, this point, Theodore even might as well my this player.

After a palace guard round fire, [Legend], [Hero's Mound], [Judgement] and other Guild the players were also dumbfounded, has not thought that the NPC fire so will be strong, Li Mu raises the Zhenhai blade to walk, said: „This dragon crystal artillery so is unexpectedly fierce...... Is hard to imagine, does not turn over to the fight of sea not to be probably strong......"

I said: „Does not turn over to the war of sea, the dragon crystal artillery got wet by the tide, the attack power sharp decline, now this is the plain war, is very definitely sharp."

However, nearby dragon whetstone said: „General, our dragon crystal artillery continuous emission is over 5 then to meet the muzzle to burn red, in short Cooldown is unable again packing dragon crystal, otherwise then from exploding, please carefully use."

I nod: „Um, I know! Do not go to control these beast blood (spear gun) soldiers, if they dare to approach, attacks them again, should not be delayed our traveling schedule."



Flame Dragon Jun still continued to embark in the front, [Legend], [Judgement], [House of Prestige] and other Guild also continue to set out with flame Dragon Jun, the quantity of player must by far many NPC armies, but extremely in loose, the sense of discipline is more inferior, even if [Zhan Long] Steel Blade rides this well-trained team also to be well below the array of palace guard to be neat.

Has passed through the edge in heroic graveyard, proceeded again is the awe plain, the plain distant place, an orphaned city towered there, was the city of awe empire, the Luo Lin den, the fog winds around, among this big section distance actually does not know that had anything to wait for us.

I progress to dash dozens meters, arrived in crowd of one group of cold uncultivated land Dragon's den armed soldiers, one group of Dragon's den armed soldiers saw after me, said respectfully: „Dragon Rider Sir!"

In the crowd, Queen Zi Shu is riding a red warhorse, said with a smile: „Master, you come!"

I nod, look to Frost, Frost rides a long neck hair flood blue warhorse, a fine mail-armor and helmet, in the hand grasps is cutting Hua sword, gets up the long hair simple plate, does not have any decorations, but the simple and beautiful cheek decidedly is actually passing the different aesthetic sense with the star pupil, she looks at the awe empire city of distant place, the spooky sigh, said: „Finally must arrive at this......"

I said: „Frost, Luo Lin initially betrayed humanity, should be doomed to have on this day, hopes that you will not forget the former friendship, shows mercy to him."

Frost smiles easely, on the cutting magnificent sword in hand passed over gently and swiftly a chill in the air, said: „Relax Xiao Yao, I remember my mission, remembers you once for I almost lost the life in the storm abyss, I recalled with deep feeling the past, but also knows that the day of yesterday, is unable to detain again, therefore I will not recall, only wants to end this nightmare personally!"

I nod: „Um......"

Queen Zi Shu said: „Do not be so serious, somewhat did me to be anxious......"

Nearby Qing Luo has not ridden the big dragon, actually changes to a white warhorse, said with a smile: „Dragon Rider the Sir, you now are the commander of palace guard, will look like is very different, I always thought...... You now one type the makings that makes person immerse!"

I have a look at her on the warhorse easely, said with a smile: „Did Qing Luo reach the age of being married?"

The Qing Luo instantaneous cheek is red: „I...... I have not thought these, powerful enemy watches, now I think follows Lady Frost, after exterminating Hybrid Demon, thoroughly thinks these again......"

I sighed: „Hybrid Demon army that many are so strong, after rooting out completely, perhaps hundred years, when the time comes the Qing Luo girl turned into Grandma Qing Luo, feared that does not marry Going out......"

Nearby Frost is out of control to titter one to smile, said: „Do not frighten her, Qing Luo a little fantasizes to the love."

Zi Shu asked: „Frost, don't you have a fantasy to the love?"

Frost was startled being startled, in star pupil was passing a helplessness: „I? I fantasize am also what kind, my status has been doomed I not to have the love, and...... I have the god body and immortality, makes me look that companion day-by-day dying of old age then did die? Ok, my this person do not damage others......"

Zi Shu breathed a sigh of relief, the front twin peaks fluctuated fiercely, said with a smile: „Love is similar to fireworks that the nighttime sky blooms, in an instant is eternal, if the eternal on years and space, such love does not have, therefore, if there is a love opportunity do not miss, otherwise your this does not understand for a lifetime anything is the love."

Frost is out of control to say with a smile: „Zi Shu, you understood the appearance that actually probably very much love, you have loved the silver spear?"

Zi Shu has been startled being startled, turned the face away, said: „He is only and I makes peace, never has actually loved me, I understand, moreover I do not love him, what I love is the master like this young handsome fellow......"

I „puff" almost spit blood, am repulsed to raise sword to transfer the wharf, said: „I directed the palace guard, you chatted slowly, Frost, real battle time, let flame Dragon Jun on first, we do not need to go to work as this cannon fodder, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den war became serious, the leading role was to protect Dragon's den, but was not here for others performed good deeds dead in vain."

Frost nods: „I know that you are also careful."



Proceeds again, on the plain already presented one crowd of dog class biology, bodies are rotten, but the facial color is fierce, on the long fang is hanging the saliva, hu-hu looks at the dense and numerous human armies, does not have slight fearing intent, pours is also, this 3 levels of Hybrid Demon purgatory hunting dogs are the souls, how also to fear death.

Dragon Xingti the long spear, was saying: „Is purgatory hunting dog, I have looked at this dog in the Hybrid Demon atlas, is savage, can rip open the human the body, and...... On this awe plain how so many purgatory hunting dog!"

I look to the distant place, sees only plain the end mist and dust to be billowing, the purgatory hunting dog of blotting out the sky dashes about wildly to come, obviously the Hybrid Demon territory already received the news that we can attack, had already guarded, these purgatory hunting dogs come certainly from the spirit rope way and blood original direction , the Hybrid Demon kings chose the taking responsibility battlefield this piece of plain, probably also thought that buried our these 20 + thousand armies to have a good location.

„Prepares to meet head-on!"

I raise Dragon Reservoir Sword high, said loudly: „Blade shield camp in the front, defends the attack of purgatory hunting dog to return the favor again!"

In the situation that my principles of war in lose lowly biggest killing, is defended by the heavy shield of blade shield camp, at least the purgatory hunting dog cannot massacre our many people, on the contrary, these 3 levels of Hybrid Demon , if unable to tear into shreds our defenses, that is gives [Zhan Long] and palace guard delivers the experience and equipment.

„Steel Blade rides, defends!" The Lin Wan Er euphonious sound conveys, is very of pleasant to hear, but actually does not get angry but the prestige, ordering of [Zhan Long] vice- Guildmaster, prestigious possibly this order in guild must still win by effort of Lin Wan Er in Li Mu and Yue Qing Qian.

[Zhan Long] and palace guard mutually for the defense of lips and teeth, but many Guild from Tian Ling Empire also exhibits a weaponry, the be continuous dozens li (0.5km) unfold on the plain, the adjustment angle of view from the airborne bird's eye view one discovered that this scene is splendid sight, the dense and numerous purgatory hunting dogs fired into the dense and numerous player and NPC Crowd, the people have drawn out the sharp knife blade direction front, was waiting for the impact of purgatory hunting dog, the atmosphere almost soon suffocated.


I lifted the hand also to pull out Zhen Yue Blade, when purgatory hunting dog close that moment has divided to cut, first even connected Tao output to kill directly a purgatory hunting dog, this output was really too powerful, but my left [Zhan Long] Steel Blade rode is attacked, right palace guard blade shield camp barbarian intermittent whooshing, forcefully resisted the attack of purgatory hunting dog, then the shield put aside instantaneously, the knife point anger divided, strikes immediately once more shield shield, this was the fundamental training tactic of blade shield soldier, actually appeared very useful at this time.

In the [Zhan Long] crowd, the dense and numerous arrow arrows and magics flow swiftly to fall in the monster group, at this time player true kills the monster main force, the system edition also such establishes, otherwise makes the player go to the Shua map experience daily, that extremely was also bored, because this system edition duty is therefore unceasing, making the player never worry that the safe may do.

Zhan Long Chapter 817

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