Zhan Long Chapter 818

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„Roar roar......"

The purgatory hunting dog is the mad dog, the first batch were killed, the second batch immediately nonseptate continues to worry the battleline of player, many small guilds quick could not resist, shrieking and howling wildly was shouting „, I do not want", what a pity the purgatory hunting dog as before pursues is nipping randomly, soon after, Tian Ling Empire ranks about 100 guilds almost to collapse on all fronts, unexpectedly links 3 levels of Hybrid Demon unable to resist, behind was needless to say.


Zhen Yue Blade tumbles, [Unbroken Blade Slash] flying shuttle, does not know that many purgatory hunting dogs lay down in my horse's hoof have gotten down, but the [Zhan Long] position front was dense and numerous big pile of corpses, HP and defense that Steel Blade rode was already placed there, the plane attack of purgatory hunting dog is unable to break through, that can only crowd is harvested by the remote precision together, but the palace guard was about also same, near one hour of slaughtering, unexpectedly [Zhan Long] and palace guards did not have a buckle, simply was a miracle.

Again shortly afterward, purgatory hunting dog appetizer was more killed are less, already only remaining sparse one crowds, then were the corpses that the ground piled up, good monster corpse Shua was new, otherwise our lines of sight must be covered up approximately, but the ground was the dense and numerous silver coins and equipment , etc., 3 levels of Hybrid Demon could not explode any high level equipment, but the stall goods were actually many, the people picked to obtain extremely happily.

The distant place, the Theodore big imperial prince is raising the supreme commander sword, the vision looks to the distant place, whooshes suddenly: „Attack!"

The flame Dragon Jun whole starts to prompt forward, my actually moral nature sinks, the Hybrid Demon regiment is impossible light to depend on a purgatory hunting dog to prevent us to approach the city, certainly also has other military strength, did this flame Dragon Jun that advance the day to be rather harebrained?

The flame Dragon Jun's cavalry gallops, raises everywhere dust, however suddenly broadcasts bang the sound in the dust, is miserable howling sound continuously.

„How?!" I raise Dragon Reservoir Sword speedily forward Ben Jinxiang to look at a clarity.

The Han deep pool is raising a handle long blade, said: „General, was the trap, the front cavalry soldier of flame dragon receives to ambush!"


I am silent, am far happily, the flame dragon regiment this and palace guard attacks together, their buckle serious words, mean that the palace guard must fight single-handedly.

The smog clears slowly, sees only big holes, in the front appears, when god knows the Hybrid Demon army dug the trap here, width enough dozens meters of trap, the length stretched across the entire plain, when I was bringing one group of palace guards and Steel Blade rode close, impressively in the discovery trap sets upright completely the dense and numerous pointed cones, one group of flame Dragon Jun's cavalry soldier was punctured thoroughly with horse miserable howling unceasing waiting for death in the trap, this trap, at least let the flame Dragon Jun buckle several thousand cavalry soldiers.

„Roar roar......"

Suddenly edge of trap shivers, a handle familiar hand blade broke through the ground suddenly, a fierce head appeared, digs up a grave the ghost, 2 levels of Hybrid Demon promoted now 5 levels, the attribute, has attacked the large scale promotion, one after another, more and more digging up a grave ghosts crawled from the trap, a dense and numerous group portrait is the big insect.

I retrocede hurriedly, said loudly: „Array, defends!"

This trap enough ten meters depth, blocks the player and NPC army south the plain, it seems like we did not massacre this crowd to dig up a grave the ghost not to pass, and dug up a grave the appearance of ghost also to show why the Hybrid Demon army can dig out such a natural moat quickly.

Digs up a grave attack power of ghost by far in the purgatory hunting dog, the sharp degrees of two handle blade edge blades are not the sharp claws of purgatory hunting dog can compare.


One group of barbarian blade shield camp soldiers run crazily backward, but some backwardness dug up a grave the ghost overtaking as before, three dig up a grave the ghost to fire into blade shield, the blade edge blade anger chops, speed of barbarian blade shield but actually also quick, turns around horizontal the shield one time to wave, „clang clang clang" defense, but digs up a grave the speed of ghost to be quicker, a body sinks, in the hand the blade edge blade sweeps away Going out, „" has shut off the right leg of blade shield camp soldier, another two brandish the hand blade crazily, under 2-3 on this. The barbarian soldier in blade shield camp gives **, the blood and internal organs have spattered in all directions place, makes one group of palace guards look frightened is angry.

„Ties, defends!"

Dragon Xing roars, simultaneously in the hand the long spear delivers, „tittering" penetrated one to dig up a grave the body of ghost, made an effort to select to fly it, several cavalry soldier arrows projected, dug up a grave the ghost to fly high to kill that.

Meanwhile, the crowd that digs up a grave the ghost has also covered kills to come, this underground no one knows that many digs up a grave the ghost, fired into our defense continuously, the shield of front barbarian blade shield camp is chopped Spark to spatter in all directions, some people could not bear the attack of this effort to retrocede, immediately dug up a grave the ghost to cut into one to oppress, [Zhan Long] Steel Blade rode the line of defense to be also similar, frequently appeared some loosely, dug up a grave the attack of ghost is really not the lid, was too strong!

From our not far away, 4000 + people of square formations of medium guild could already not be contacting for five minutes on all fronts to collapse, but [Zhan Long] could not help them, we must defend our position, otherwise was unable to defend oneself.

Draws back several hundred meters continually, in horizon full is the dense and numerous digging up a grave ghosts rushes ahead to come, I look backward, loud: „Pushes the crossbow car(riage), prepares comes a round fire to them!"

„Yes, commands!"

Soon after, dense and numerous crossbow car(riage)s the packing arrow arrow finished, Han Yuanti the long blade was shouting to clear the way lowly: „Blade shield camp, carapace battlefield!"

Immediately, the front barbarian partly kneels in the place, covers up the body the shield, the middle and back row barbarian also Qi Qichen lower part of the body, bends down the shield above the top of the head, the entire blade shield camp has formed one -and-a-half person of high shield armor, is unable to attack, was nearly in the perfect defense, the front all sinking body, the field of vision appeared, Han Yuan shouted to clear the way immediately lowly: „Crossbow laager, launch!"

„Zheng clank" the machine reed sound is unceasing, the strength vigorous steel arrow penetrates many to dig up a grave the body of ghost continuously, put on one string them, was the barbecue is likely ordinary, one crowd dug up a grave the ghost to be strung together in the same place, the body convulsion shivers to struggle, looked like very funny . Moreover the crossbow car(riage) continuous emission, the arrow rain was crowded, in an instant the digging up a grave ghost in palace guard front died a piece.

I immediately order saying: „Was good, the crossbow car(riage) stops launching, the packing arrow arrow, the blade shield camp sets out to meet head-on!"

One group of barbarians already suppressed a lot have been mad, stands up brandishes the long blade to chop to turn the severely wounded digging up a grave ghosts in the place, even if dug up a grave the ghost to fall to the ground also as before to make up several, digging up a grave the arm, thigh and head ghost entirely cut off then vents spleen, does not have the means that the soldiers of many palace guards died in digging up a grave the hand of ghost, moreover was the quilts **, this hatred was simply absolutely irreconcilable.

[Zhan Long] Steel Blade rides defense stiffly to dig up a grave the ghost, the superiority of player can fight duplicate, either uses [Drain], either drinks health potion, what are more depends upon the Healer treatment, but the NPC army did not have Healer this Class, can only depend upon simple applying ointment and wrap to bring back to the life.

Waits for several minutes, the arrow arrow of crossbow car(riage) filled completely, came one again time this tactic, one group of people of palace guard then continually some people promoted, killed to dig up a grave the experience that the ghost obtained is not general many.


I progress to run above the frontal line, on Zhen Yue Blade and Dragon Reservoir Sword full are the black blood, Hybrid Demon mostly are not the person, the blood are not the red, but dug up a grave the ghost obviously is not the person.

In this time, suddenly in the crowd of palace guard some people of surprise shouted one: „This...... What is this?"

I push in the crowd hurriedly, actually one handful of soils in discovery ground bulge slowly, immediately moral nature one cold, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Was careful that your under feet, digging up a grave the ghost must get down from the place!"

Was saying before rushed, the Flying Scythe War Horse knees sink suddenly, my maliciously pricked above Zhen Yue Blade the soil, „tittering" a black blood spatters in all directions, when I mentioned Zhen Yue Blade, was digging up a grave the ghost to raise together, Dragon Reservoir Sword sends out immediately, passed his nape of the neck, nearby barbarian blade shield and palace guard cavalry were also calm, immediately waved the sharp knife blade to kill him.

I raise the sword the line, warned in guild: „Everybody was careful that digs up a grave the ghost is the marmot, underground is their heaven, careful, will dig up a grave the ghost to launch surprise attack from the place bottom excavation, when all people will fight will pay attention to the sound of under foot, before digging up a grave the ghost will appear, ground slightly will swell!"

The voice has not fallen, in the [Zhan Long] crowd has heard many screams, digs up a grave the speed that the ghost presents to be extremely quick, and are getting more and more, they almost soon gave up [Assault] on flat land attacking, changed to this type from the tactic of place bottom surprise attack, was getting more and more intelligent including the monster!

Li Mu loudly shouted to clear the way: „Steel Blade rides, disperses to go, when T, everybody forms small teams, protects long-distance and auxiliary!"

The [Zhan Long] position decomposes rapidly, breaks up the whole into parts, the palace guard almost so, Han Yuan, Xiao severe, Dragon Xing, the summer leaf four command capability will can also be inferred, but adjoined to the flame dragon regiment of palace guard not to be rapid, digs up a grave the underground sneak attack of ghost to make them chaotic nearly 20 minutes of not have to be calm, Theodore after all was the crown prince, flame Dragon Jun, although was strong, but majority was strong in the population and equipment quality, if discussed the true pre-combat ability, perhaps palace guard now already by far in Yanlong Jun.


The distant place, many Tian Ling Empire guilds started to collapse, digs up a grave the sudden underground attack of ghost looks like the nightmare same makes them virtually impossible to guard against, but, this is also not the genuine nightmare, soon, does not know that is who shouted one suddenly: „Looked quickly, the space had eastern Xifei to come!"

My moral nature sinks, the first response is a predator!

As expected, is this fierce aerial flight living thing, and this group of predators promoted 5 levels of Hybrid Demon, attack power is more terrorist, the keenly blowing is diving, directly soars crowd most crowded place flame Dragon Jun!

„Puff puff......"

Blood spatter in all directions, flame Dragon Jun's dropping down of cavalry soldier almost trim, numbers of people fly, immediately, the flame Dragon Jun's will of the people bottom was a penetrating was already cold, the morale of troops started to become less crowded.


„Came, this flock of bastards!" The Han deep pool raises the long blade to look that to airborne flies to our predators.

Li Mu also looks up the day: „Everybody...... Careful, the predator collection hot attack capability is very terrorist......"

Zhan Long Chapter 818

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