Zhan Long Chapter 819

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„Jie Jie"

Predator Zhang Kaiman is the mouth of mucilage, especially fearsome, in the mouth two rows of four advantage teeth are look at the human extremely to be fearful up and down, one group of predators dense flushed, has formed an attack lineup of as if pointed knife, if this bang kills in the palace guard and [Zhan Long] position does not need to think that our losses will certainly not compare flame dragon regiment few many.

„What to do?" Long Xing said in great surprise: „Archer prepares, archery!"

I actually clench teeth, jumps from the warhorse suddenly, immediately Flying Scythe War Horse whooshes, changes into fragmentary incorruptible brilliance to pursue my flying apsaras, the whole person was lingered by the incorruptible elf in the center, the back battle dress stirs to howl, howls suddenly „bang", the incorruptible strength erupted a pair of ice wing, I such flew high to fire into the dense and numerous predators, the sword have waved, the body presented spiral-shaped rushed!

Yue Qing Qian and Yue Wei Liang two female look together to the sky: „, Brother Xiao Yao skill is good to lead!!"


The cyclone bang that the sword waves has dispersed one group of predators, the attack effects of thousand frost wings are specially fierce, in addition the two weapons in my hand both belong to the [Soul Army] rank, unexpectedly has washed out the impact team of this gang of predator directly, in the meantime, various arms, the napes of the neck and thigh places by the advantage tooth of predator to the baptism, HP fell suddenly at the same time again comes [Tempest Sword]!


This official bang has dispersed the impact lineup of predator, but my HP also fell suddenly the extreme, the battle dress has transmitted a dragon hisses, ices fire Shuanglong to linger around the body to protect me to be exempt from the following injury, the body is approached the ground by falling that one group of predators hit.


Is preying on one to dig up a grave Lin Wan Er of ghost to raise head to look to me, started being near of effect various god without hesitation, flew to me, in the hand the dagger waved to surge one group of predators, put out a hand to grasp my waist, brought to stumble to the ground, „bang" a hit on shield that in several Iron Blade rode, tumbled once more in the place, Lin Wan Er helped me unload the strength luckily, otherwise fell from hundred meters upper air, my this remnant blood estimated that must die in battle and leave this expedition to move.

But the airborne dense and numerous predator flushed, [Zhan Long] and palace guard contend in the bow and arrow and magic hurriedly, is quite frigid, some people died in battle unceasingly, but more miserable should be we not far Tian Ling Empire player team, the space predator, underground digs up a grave the ghost, this double-barreled attack virtually impossible to guard against, even if were [Flying Dragon] and male tyrant wind and cloud such guild also instantaneously degenerated into the object of slaughter, wanted to retrieve own rhythm not to be easy.

Drunken Spear raises the iron (spear gun) to jump in the crowd, thousand heavy wave impact monster groups, shouted to clear the way suddenly at the same time loudly: „Be not gawking, the archer [Seven Stars Teleportation] arrow anchorage, in the instance that the predator will soon fall to the ground, rides the war is locks with [Assault] and [Heroic Ram], hits not to have what to be fearful you them, do not let your teammate not bring death, on a bit faster, does not kill must die!"

After the [Flying Dragon] lineup moves restlessly, is gradually calm, has saying that Drunken Spear truly is the rare general's talent, if no him, what valley land was hard to imagine present [Flying Dragon] to drop.

On the awe plain, several million player from Tian Ling Empire and NPC armies such was given a class by the countless digging up a grave ghost and predator, this war is doomed is not will end the victory, the so significant buckle was equal to that layer on layer has given Locker Great Emperor, wants to work as the eternity enlightened emperor, must first think over to be capable of that saying again, if Hybrid Demon were swept away really easily, that feared this unrivalled distinguished merit not to be one's turn this mediocre king.

General that Cooldown every little bit past, the south as if blood of entire awe plain dyed, the position of palace guard started to organize shield to resist the predator with the defense of bow and arrow camp, but the flame dragon regiment was more chaotic, although Theodore's direction also calculated in the right way, but flame Long Jun lacked the exercise, was known as that the army of kingdom first regiment has not actually experienced the baptism of too many blood, after bumping into the fearsome predator, dug up a grave the ghost, was immediately in great confusion , the flame dragon regiment population were too many, each Yorozuo of control level operated independently long, even has the idiot who Long Jingpao to adjust the angle unexpectedly to airborne. Firing off, finally shell when airborne does not have the eruption instead falls to the ground to explode in own position, horrible to look , is not only NPC, the [Legend] Dawn Mills brand rode is exploded flew much.

Enchanted Painting raises the water deity halberd back and forth to rush ahead in the monster group, will dig up a grave the ghost to kill, the wrinkle that actually cannot bear the delicate eyebrows, said: „These are NPC pig heads? Goes unexpectedly, meets should not be blocking me, I must the head that Ying Tuan of that order firing off controls chopping, irritated me"

Fang Ge Que floating stands in the crowd, the magic twin engine, will attack own Hybrid Demon 11 to strike to kill, at the same time is calm: „Scenery do not impulse, we also need the strength of NPC army, temporarily do not tear to pieces the facial skin with them, does not have the means that the flame dragon regiment now altogether thousand person, can definitely have many idiots"

Small refined in bypath: „No, just a battle time died in battle thousand cavalry soldier, the trap died a moment ago 7000 +, now digs up a grave the ghost and predator to do again, at least must die in battle above thousand person, flame Long Jun many thousand cannot be many now!"

The Enchanted Painting complexion was somewhat ugly: „Has not arrived in the city on buckle that many people, this Theodore big emperor's son's command capability truly waits for discussing the Boss, did we go to the flame dragon regiment standing wrong team? If initially we went to the palace guard to be good, the military discipline is good, moreover is deep the Great Emperor to favor, commands is very graceful"

Fang Ge Que is somewhat speechless: „Scenery, you also thought that Li Xiao Yao is very graceful? Has not thought that you are also that superficial girl"

Enchanted Painting smiles above the warhorse: „Is Boss jealous? Ha, should not be angry, the person who others most love forever was you, the words said when you rose to me the monthly salary, my solemn elder wage level held flag Wei Yiyang with the small refined this type of trash unexpectedly, cannot endure!"

Small in almost drops refined immediately: „I go, what is trash holds flag Wei? I especially fighting a bloody battle, not having the merit also to have the efforts"

The [Legend] aspect is actually very relaxed, kills strangely while chatted, was very calm.

[Hero's Mound], [Judgement], [Vanguard] and other Guild are also similar, although buckle many people, but the morale has not received the too big buckle.

Near 2 hours of bloody battles, the bottom digging up a grave ghost was almost killed cleanly, the airborne Jie Jie's squeal are getting fewer and fewer, when the predator attacks in groups appears very terrifying, if completed the order form had been simply equal to the target of archer, one after another was killed, this small field partial fight is ended.

I stand in the [Zhan Long] crowd, asked: „Is battle loss what kind of?"

Lin Wan Er said with a smile: „Preservation completeness of quite, [Zhan Long] only loses the appearance that 5000 people did not arrive, relax, we hang also to resurrect, cared that your palace guard real, that is your genuine card in a hand the pig head!"

I smiled, open the hand to hug the girlfriend, said: „That [Zhan Long] depends on you and Li Mu, Qing Qian strives much, I focus on palace guard here, has completed the establishment of thousand person with great difficulty, does not think that this fought completely to deliver."


Turns around to progress to go to the palace guard position, sees only Han Yuan, Xiao Li and the others to take inventory the population, after seeing I came, on Han Yuan face is completely excited, says with a smile: „General, this fought us to kill near thousand Hybrid Demon, was too simply astonishing!"

Did I ask „how many people buckle?"

Xiao Lidao: „4000 people."

My heart one gloomy, said: „Did not have the city of close awe to lose that many are some were too many, once we attack a city, actually does not know that this group of palace guard also many people can have the life Tian Ling Empire."

Long Xing comforts to say in side: „Commands the Sir not to use so downcast, we were the empire serviceman, that moment of enlistment have disregarded the life and death, moreover these brothers died in the battlefield, this was they most perfect home to return, not?"

I smile: „Perhaps, your four come with me, sees under main hall, after all he is a marshal, we cannot arbitrarily decide how then must do."


Has four to go to the flame Long Jun's position, above everywhere is the corpses, already can look that the flame Long Jun's loss is serious, the armed forces place, Theodore's complexion was almost somewhat pale, raises the hand of supreme commander sword also slightly to shiver, one group of Yorozuo long stand in his body side, facial colors are dignified, appearance of not saying a word.

„General Li, did you come?" Theodore looks to me, the hostility in eye has been short of a point, probably he also this fought the Hybrid Demon army intrepidly is frightened instead to my hostility also to reduce.

I nod: „Under main hall, I want to ask, then we what to do? The front is a gap, digs up a grave to suffice to unearth, our soldiers could climb up, but the grain and fodder military baggage is unable to ship, the hot crag artillery and Long Jing artillery and crossbow car(riage) is our victory keys, must have the past."

„Fills in the gaps and that's the end" the Theodore light [say / way].

The Han deep pool said: „Under main hall, do we want to unearth the soil to level? Must know that we have not brought the digging tool, even has not led many military engineers to come."

Theodore looks in the battlefield dense and numerous corpses, said: „Simple, the remains of dying in battle will throw into the trap, naturally can level."


An flame Long Jun's Yorozuo long in great surprise: „Your highness, but these our brothers, level the trap with their remains, in the future we will have a space warfare dead, how in underground facing them?"

Theodore said lightly: „If the remains can also make contribution for the Empire Armed forces, I think the brave warriors who these died in battle will certainly not reject? Li Xiao Yao commands, do you think?"

The Han deep pool and Long Xing and the others look to me, waited for that my reply, but I was somewhat absent-minded, cross the sound lowly to say for a long time: „All obey your highness to dispatch"

In Long Xing the eyes passed over gently and swiftly a disappointment, but I also look to him, the racket his shoulder, said in a low voice: „Situation demands immediate action, only has choices!"

Long Xing eyes one bright, sinking sound track: „I understand, command not to need anxiety, end will understand this feeling, because I once had also faced such situation, more than once!"


Zhan Long Chapter 819

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