Zhan Long Chapter 820

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„Puff puff......"

Dull thumping sounds, the corpses of empire servicemen were invested dig up a grave in the gulf that the ghost digs out, dying in battle of flame dragon regiment were serious, several thousand people have levelled a about hundred meters channel, above has laid down the iron sheet and plank, otherwise is unable to pass through the heavy hot crag artillery and dragon crystal artillery, what contrasted with flame Dragon Jun is intense was the dying in battle corpse of palace guard has piled up completely, in pouring kerosene, after a fire , the roaring flame shot up to the sky, Dragon Xing, Xia Ye, Han Yuan and the others look that the corpse pile burnt flip-flop the sound, the eye was red, Han Yuanti iron blade: „Calculates that walked!"

Dragon Xing nods, progresses to turn around, one group of palace guards meander the line, the flame Dragon Jun actually extremely grief and indignation of distant place looked to us, as if thought that the treatment was unfair.

The player team also basically passes from the bridge of corpse build, the Wind Elf player directly flew, I instigate Flying Scythe War Horse, bringing one crowd of Steel Blade to ride with the palace guard treads the plank to cross a bridge fast, behind was the hot crag artillery and dragon crystal artillery of palace guard, the wheel is then billowing, presses in the plank and iron sheet made „psst" the sound, the corpse under bridge has as if sent out wickedly ** sound, this made Han deep pool such brave general unable to bear frown.


The armies through the trap, continue rapidly to the north set out, Theodore rode his big tall horse, on the face was leaving the heroic spirit of several points of gushing out, looks at the city of distant place, said: „The awe empire, this time must have a look at you also to have any method but actually!"

A Yorozuo long asked: „Your highness, do we attack a city directly?"

Theodore nods: „Yes, does not need to hesitate, gets there first!"

„Yes, Your highness!"

I lead the palace guard to follow, looks that flame Dragon Jun as if impatiently wanted to kill the city, actually at heart some quite restless feeling, although did not turn over to the war of sea the soldiers of awe regiment dead in battle, but the military strength in Luo Lin should continue these many to be right . Moreover the city of awe empire was not too firm, I and Frost have also come to here, they wanted to block the Tian Ling Empire mighty force by the city are actually not the wisdom, how Luo Lin will do, how will he deal with this war?

Thinks of here, I could not find answer, then in shook hand Dragon Reservoir Sword, in any event, we came, that must capture this city to walk.

„Preparation, attack!"

Theodore high holds up the supreme commander sword, that handle sword is symbolizing the treasured sword of marshal authority, can the verbal command army pointed weapons, when Theodore holds up the supreme commander sword, large quantities of flame Dragon Jun's cavalry soldier has fired into the city, they are away from the city also only then less than 1000 meters, even can see that above the city was standing the dense and numerous awe brave warrior.


Suddenly, the front door of city opened suddenly, the soldier, on one crowd puts on the silver mail-armor and helmet raised long halberd, sharp sword, Axe and other pointed weapons to clash in abundance, combative, the infantry later was the sequence neat cavalry soldier, and was the whole body covers in the silver heavy cavalry under mail-armor and helmet and shield, Luo Lin invited the reinforcements, the armies of these troops storm empires, but commander was child of Ge Wen storm, BOSS that was listed 7 th!

„Came!" The Han deep pool shouted to clear the way lowly.

I order immediately: „Defense, does not want frontage [Assault]!"

„Yes, General!"

I have been able to see these monster Level of storm regiment, 156 levels of 6 levels of Hybrid Demon, in do not turn over to these Hybrid Demon Level that the sea and Luhu fight to be higher than us, if our also frontage [Assault], perhaps palace guard more than 10,000 cavalry put in an appearance must kill off, the disparity of strength and quantity was too big, this wave of monster needed the player consume to win together.

Li Mu has also drunk one greatly: „Steel Blade rides, defends the lineup!"

Dong Cheng Yue, Dancing Forest, Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands and other female are raising the weapon respectively, was waiting for long-distance has output, but [Legend], [Hero's Mound], [Vanguard] and other Guild the Guildmaster also 11 orders prepare to defend, they know that fierce of Hybrid Demon, does not dare extremely in having a low opinion of the enemy, is Liu Ying Jianfeng raises on the contrary, said loudly: „Male tyrant wind and cloud, [Assault], clashes with the cavalry soldiers of flame dragon regiment together!"

Immediately, heroic Leon Lai, the drunk rain cold maple tree of male tyrant wind and cloud rode the war are the player progress to clash Going out in abundance, this made nearby Ye Lai stare round the eye: „, The male tyrant wind and cloud such plants, doesn't want to live?"

The distant place, the cavalry regiments of storm regiment accelerate in abundance, cavalry soldiers lift up high the left hand shield, the right hand actually worked on the javelin that side the warhorse was hanging to throw Going out, immediately a handle handle sharp javelin pricked flame Dragon Jun and in the player camp, the armed forces regimental commander hero of male tyrant wind and cloud daybreak put in an appearance continuously the attacks of three handle javelins, the injury figures flew





„......" Miserable snort, the hero daybreak the front pokes three handle long-barrelled guns to drop under the horse, brunting of body continues, drops under the horse at the same time „" several, the front long spear breaks off, was submerged by the Hybrid Demon army of storm regiment, the corpse was almost also trod the muddy flesh.

Drunk rain cold maple tree comes to square to keep off the carbine to project with the shield, leading several thousand cavalry soldiers to attack half to discover that behind the player of male tyrant wind and cloud has been not much left, the face was green: „, These Hybrid Demon what attack power?!"

Eye that the young pig runs blood red, is raising the flintlock, shouted to clear the way loudly: „All comes back, depends upon shield and long-distance defends, these Hybrid Demon armies cannot the frontage come hardly!"

Liu Ying was also scared, grips tightly the armored hand to stand there: „Scratches, was this too also fierce?"

Another direction, Wang Ze Cheng also appeared, a terse mail-armor and helmet, rides a rush of blood to the head red warhorse, in the hand is raising a handle to be similar to Fang Tian draws the long halberd of halberd, but obviously the strength of this goods with warm marquis Lu Bu one compared with is the trash, the bosom sits the pretty smoke to lock the love affair actually, this has Wen Hou to embrace Diaochan's feeling.

The [Hero's Mound] first point of Wang Ze Cheng subordinates already almost and Q-Sword [Hero's Mound] has separated from each other, but is going against the [Hero's Mound] name, in the surface has a cooperation, the first point also several pledges, making Wang Ze Cheng grasp about 3 thousand about troops, naturally this is by a weaponry that R motherfucker supports, the battle efficiency is not really what kind, but the population is placed there, pours also cannot be underestimated.

[Zhan Long] and Wang Ze Cheng always disagree, but did not have Cooldown to tidy up them at this time, Luo Lin and Ge Wen the subordinate has almost tidied up Wang Ze Cheng these 3 thousand motley crew.

Xu Yue sits in the Wang Ze Cheng bosom, grasps the dagger spin body to discontinue suddenly, said: „Dear, when my does [Unyielding Spirit] help me handle?"

The Wang Ze Cheng corners of the mouth raise: „This book was too difficult to receive, how many assassins entire Tian Ling Empire did not have to have, you looked that [Zhan Long] Lin Wan Er, Yue Qing Qian and Yue Wei Liang these people had [Unyielding Spirit], therefore was jealous?"

Xu Yueting the milk-white bosom, looked to the [Zhan Long] position, said: „Snort, Lin Wan Er? I looked that is you also never forgets to her real, did I speak incorrectly?"

In the Wang Ze Cheng eye the cold brightness plunders: „Yes, is that also what kind of?"

Xu Yueleng staring, in eye was passing dismal, said spookily: „What I to you am, is the lover, am I only your toys?"

Wang Ze Cheng had not replied that raises the long halberd to progress to forward, said in a low voice: „Defense lineup, prepares to greet impact!"


The next quarter, the cavalry regiments of storm regiment have engaged in hand-to-hand combat with us, the warhorse roared the impact, „bang bang bang" the hit on shield that Steel Blade rode, the impulse big astonishment, rode to hit unexpectedly directly Steel Blade flies to draw back, was hit by the shell likely general, hit thoroughly 4-7 Steel Blade to ride defense continuously, brunting of these storm cavalry soldiers have stopped finally, raised the long spear is one round fierce suddenly punctures the attack, the long spear shows the (spear gun) glow, can penetrate the crowd, the AOE injury of flash makes dense and numerous Steel Blade ride the crowd unable to endure, almost let the [Zhan Long] buckle instantaneously about hundred. Steel Blade rides.

„Long-distance, output suppression!" My loud [say / way].

Actually [Zhan Long] long-distance has been outputting, how the army population and battle efficiency that this storm empire loses is really too strong, the buckle is unavoidable.

I raise the sword to sprint in the crowd, a blade sword kills some Going out as if as before attacks to feel weak, then lowly drinks one, Flying Scythe War Horse changes into fragmentary brilliance to seep the body, the back erupted to open a pair of ice wing, entered the effects of thousand frost wings, around the whole person was lingering the ice profound strength, Zhen Yue Blade and Dragon Reservoir Sword were project 5 yards length the bracing cold, a blade wielded is AOE injures, and can superimpose the [Unbroken Blade Slash] effect, the lethality was astonishing, the price was loses 1 G every second, in my package enough over a million gold coins, did not care!

Zhen Yue Blade is sweeping away to one group of storm cavalry soldiers, immediately „Shua" blade ice shining sword air/Qi passed over gently and swiftly, falling blood of one crowd of storm cavalry soldier uneven Shua Shua, 6 levels of Hybrid Demon cannot block my attack





Once blew out fatally strikes were more terrorist, surrounding one crowd of Steel Blade rode is also dumbfounded: „NM, the attack injury of Guildmaster did not have the human nature!"

I have had no free time to chat, being silent back and forth rushes ahead in the palace guard and [Zhan Long] position front for the back row player reduced pressure, simultaneously Lin Wan Er depends armor of [Unyielding Spirit] and god effect also to walk randomly in the frontal line, Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others also leads one crowd to put on Steel Blade of Luming coverall to ride in the front back and forth dashes the reduced pressure, Darling Duck and other Healer locking front players treats, going all out holds one's ground, enabling [Zhan Long] to be insufficient to be broken through the position by this crowd of dense and numerous 6 levels of Hybrid Demon.

Does not last forever, soon in the awe city once again kills one group of people, uniform riding archer, what this time comes is the Luo Lin person, the dense and numerous riding archers kill to the position , the fierce opening mouths put out the tongue to pull open the long bow, the arrow fell like the rain, the surroundings started to have the player dead in battle unceasingly, the long-distance attacks of 6 levels of Hybrid Demon, were Class do not have what difference to the archer, assassin and cloth armor with the nightmare simply.

Zhan Long Chapter 820

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