Zhan Long Chapter 821

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„Clang clang clang......"

The consecutively three arrow arrows splutter Spark on the Lion King shield, Matcha put aside the shield, the long sword chop to cut on the body of front sword soldier, at the same time said anxiously: „It is not good, this group of awe rode the attack of archer to be too strong, moreover very crowded long-distance output our front, this way we can only come under attack passively!"

My Jianfeng pendulum, said: „Matcha, comes an effect of shield of time group lion, we bring 5000 Steel Blade to ride to Going out, rode the archer to chop up this crowd to come back completely again!"

Wang Jian nods: „Approves of the Xiao Yao elder brother's idea!"

The Matcha decisive shield sinks, the innumerable golden light drop from the clouds, is not only [Zhan Long], nearby the palace guard, [Legend], [Judgement] and other position in some players obtained the effect of shields of crowd of lion, my knife point shakes, the Zhen Yue Blade [War Song of Zhen Yue] effect almost starts together, the attack and defense addition finished, first battalion and that second battalion of players Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others in the point Steel Blade rides immediately ran out of [Assault] of storm regiment together, directly soars awe to ride the archer to go.


The arrow arrow shoots thoroughly the sound of armor especially gratingly, my Steel Blade rides 11 to fall to the ground, those who make the person almost spit blood is this group of awe rides AI of archer to be specially high, unexpectedly can archery while retrocedes, consumes Steel Blade to ride using the HIT & RUN tactic, the eye of Li Mu soon stared: „This...... This especially how to hit?"

My behind incorruptible wing vacillates slowly, falls the Zhen Yue Blade blade air escape in the crowd, while said: „Divides forces, full speed [Assault], about advances, surrounds these of our front to ride the archer!"


In this wave of Hybrid Demon army, awe rides the audiences of archer at least 5 thousand, but we are unable 11 to kill off , can only chase down [Zhan Long] and this of palace guard position front about 4000 + to ride the archer to come for own army reduced pressure, we were not the Savior, the ability are limited, cannot save more people.

Li Mu and Wang Jian lead one group of people, Matcha and Lin Wan Er to lead one crowd separately from two wing full speed advances, but I enter from the middle, ride attack power of archer unable to break my defense, but the attack of my sword and dance is actually the nightmare that this crowd rides the archer, the blood spatters in all directions, killing, change into the experience and meritorious value seep my body.

Several minutes later, the encirclement is completed, one crowd of Steel Blade ride the bullying general is killing, spells the loss must numerously also kill off at present the 4000 + ride the archer, Lin Wan Er is opening the [Unyielding Spirit] condition, the double dagger chaotic dance, erupts the skill gloss in the crowd, the output is astonishing, but Old K is raising blood giant Axe, mobilizes Kyle to get angry skill directly, [Whirlwind Slash] sweeps away the crowd, since one crowd rides the archer to fly from the warhorse under the attack of strength of destruction unexpectedly in abundance, the body was ripped the fragment, even if Old K has not caused that many damage, unexpectedly actually can also direct some, only then several thousand HP. Rides the archer direct second to kill.

Li Mu and Wang Jian also open piece to kill the skill speedily to advance, Steel Blade rides starts the defense skill to protect the body in abundance, then outputs fully, even if so, in several thousands ride under the attacks of archer several thousand storm regiments our battle loss speed as before to be in addition astonishing, quick 10 minutes of super BUFF Cooldown exhausts, actually as before cannot return to remove, after chopping up to ride the archer, can return.


Soaring in airborne, rumbles [Seven Star Fragment Slash] to intercept the following pursuing troops suddenly, I look at Zhen Yue Blade of left hand, the above trace almost must be covered by the blood institute completely, jumps to leap from the sky, pastes skices in the rear area that one crowd of Steel Blade ride, at the same time asked: „Li Mu, our attack battle loss how many?"

Li Mu has swept one, said: „5000 Steel Blade ride the battle loss 1400, but also is good?"

„Owed in a big way, the speed went back to defend, everybody must in the treatment range of Healer!"


When I return to the position, has a look at the lineup of palace guard, actually discovered that a large quantities of soldier has fallen down, even if there is a shield that Steel Blade rode they to lose many people, cannot help but looked at my pain, but had a look carefully also good, most also on loss 1000 + people, when Level of this group of palace guards, the step compared with did not turn over to the sea has promoted much, after battle efficiency sharp increase, was difficult to kill, at least when likely will not turn over to the sea battle in trivial several hours on battle loss over ten thousand such gloom.

I look at the awe city of distant place, kills, while also noted two people to appear above the city wall, was Luo Lin and Ge Wen, two people were the human military officers, to obtain nearly in Shen the strength degenerated for the demon, but now, is slaughtering own consanguinity, appearance that talked and laughed merrily.

„Han Yuan!" I drink one lowly.

A Han deep pool blade chops to fly a head of storm cavalry soldier, progresses to come, a face blood said respectfully: „General, what matter asking me to have?"

I nodded, have referred to the city wall in distant place: „Hot crag artillery and can the dragon crystal artillery be able to reach the city wall? Can the words, fought a decisive battle Luo Lin and Ge Wenhong!"

Han deep pool astonished, said: „General, the range distance of hot crag artillery and dragon crystal artillery is only 700 meters, but we from the city wall 1100 meters, perhaps are at least helpless, and...... We now in tangled warfare, is unable with the heavy artillery reenforcement, otherwise can injure to own brothers, temporarily can only use the crossbow car(riage)!"

I clench teeth: „That pushes to help in the fighting the crossbow car(riage), otherwise lost is too big!"

„Yes, General!"

After several minutes, several hundred crossbow car(riage)s appear in the position of palace guard, launches the attack from shield slits, makes the Hybrid Demon army of defense suffer loss instantaneously.

But the direction of flame dragon regiment, one group of blade shield soldiers advance violently, compelled to draw back at least 300 meters the storm regiment and Hybrid Demon of awe regiment, full was the blood, the courage of fighting a bloody battle makes the person acclaim, no wonder flame Dragon Jun can be the Tian Ling Empire first regiment, the courage of this going all out is other army corps mostly is unable to compare.

However at this moment, the crackle of gunfire in flame dragon regiment rear position resounds suddenly, the dense and numerous artillery sounds are unceasing, the next quarter, hot crag artillery and dragon crystal artillery crash in the position, there crowd is dense and numerous, has the Hybrid Demon army, there is a blade shield soldier of flame dragon regiment, the dragon crystal artillery explodes made this group of people change into one pile of rotten meat instantaneously completely, Dragon Li the eruption injury could be imagined, a big stretch of position turned into a deathly stillness in an instant.

„,......" Han Yuan stared round the eye, pair of tiger was instantaneously red, the sound shivered saying: „Is Theodore, he doing? Is this is killing the person on one's own side?!"

I clench teeth, the moral nature is actually passing the chill in the air, is this AI and tactic in game? Such resorting to all means that even if has won Hybrid Demon, what this Tian Ling Empire royal family also does have to distinguish with these devils?

Has not said anything, I removed thousand frost wing effects, stood up from failure starting to lead Han Yuan to fire into the position of flame dragon regiment, their fires were covering the city front as before, even many players had been massacred to the bang by the NPC cannon, this matter big strip, the gizmondo definitely will have been sued by the player!

Goes straight to the flame dragon regiment the armed forces account, I progress to go forward, the anger shouted to clear the way: „Your highness, why links the person on one's own side bang to fall together, why this tangled warfare must use the dragon crystal artillery!?"

Theodore sits in Shuai Zhangnei, in the hand is grasping one glass of liquor, said with a smile slightly: „Li Tongling is patient, soldier is bright, the military tactics have the cloud, the soldier variable potential and water variable shape, can because of the place change win, the god of saying, you also see, Ge Wen, Luo Lin collaborated, their military strength already above my Tian Ling Empire army, if not resort to the extremity, how can win? That 2000 brave warriors are I the person ready dead who selects from flame Dragon Jun, they are willing to be Tian Ling Empire die, changes 20,000 people of awe regiment by 2000 people of lives, Li Tongling thought that this act is absurd? Li Tongling is also familiar with the person of military tactics, should understand this simple truth."

The Han deep pool spat a saliva: „Bah, the honeyed words, lose the person life!"

Theodore gets angry shouts to clear the way: „Yorozuo long Han Yuan, you affronts me repeatedly, I have not actually decided your capital crime, do not think that my Theodore does not dare to kill you, the supreme commander sword in my hands, kills you looks like stamps an ant!"

I put out a hand to block impulsive Han Yuan, said: „Your highness, the military tactics have cloud, the [say / way] of resorting to arms, caress the gentleman to be expensive, the dragon crystal artillery massacres together with our person on one's own side bang together, you did not fear that the morale of troops, hasn't feared coldly the flame Dragon Jun collective mutiny?"

Theodore complexion one cold, said: „Li Xiao Yao, our flame Dragon Jun's matter we deal with, do not need your this palace guard commander to mind others'business, come the person, delivers Li Tongling to return to the position!"

I clench jaws, complexion one cold: „Han Yuan, we walks!"


On road that goes back, a moral nature chill in the air, has not thought that Theodore has acted willfully this situation, but thinks not to be groundless carefully, he needed an unrivalled meritorious service to consolidate the position of his crown prince, but this Tian Ling Empire long-distance, initially entered the heroic graveyard to let the flame dragon regiment buckle several thousand people, if did not use this type cruelly nearly in „exchange" way massacred many Hybrid Demon, flame Dragon Jun truly very difficult to establish the unrivalled distinguished merit in this war.

However, I have not been able to accept this decision, especially the dragon crystal artillery unexpectedly together with some player bang massacre together . Moreover the will of the people are unpredictable, the Theodore such cruel method will definitely initiate the subtle change of flame Dragon Jun morale of troops, only needs a blasting fuse, can perhaps be the great change that another is unable to know in advance.

The city front door of awe empire has been opening, the storm army and awe army continuously launches the attack to the palace guard, palace guard and the player surrounding, but cold uncultivated land Dragon's den position continuously steady, if Mount Tai, Frost is not radical, but holds hundred meters position, any invading enemy cuts to kill all, what in her concept does not have to render meritorious service, are some approximately only south the revenge and protection seven big empires?


Cooldown passes bit by bit, the protracted war has continued for nearly 7 hours, reality Cooldown is around 10 : 00 pm, but fights the meaning that do not finish, Ge Wen was about already the notch completely on hand in military strength, the storm army died group by group, actually as in the full reenforcement awe city.

Not far away, Lin Wan Er raised the dagger to walk, saying with a smile: „Dear, our does offline eat a thing to come again?"

I also thought that in abdomen air-to-air, this also affects the operation and battle efficiency, then the nod said: „Good, making everybody offline take a break in turn, comes again, today on night!"


Zhan Long Chapter 821

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