Zhan Long Chapter 822

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offline, has eaten a thing simply, then takes a bath, used less than merely for a half hour, continued to get online fights bravely, after I have fought bravely for a half hour, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue got online, the girl worked is really not general hauling, saw that they got online me unable to bear say: „Do you take a bath also take 40 minutes?"

Dong Cheng Yue raises the Luming stick, corners of the mouth is raising the smiling face: „We make up a makeup to come again"

„Makes up the makeup?" I am speechless: „Making up the makeup can add the attribute?"


Lin Wan Er satisfactory smiles: „Our matches are Luo Lin and Ge Wen, loses the human not to lose, therefore makes up a makeup to fight again!"

I was done to blame by two small girl also to be but actually all right, one crowd of [Zhan Long] male player must spurt the blood immediately, the beautiful woman has seen, but attractively is also so smart-alecky lovably was too strong on the lethality.

After Yingying Yanyan, the situation in battlefield is not optimistic, the Tian Ling Empire army advances step by step, finally approached the city about 700 yards, after a Long Jing artillery round wanton bombing, discovered that is unable to pierce with the thorough destruction city wall, then the next battle plan can only be the siege warfare, however Ge Wen, Luo Lin collaborate to defend the imperial city, where wants to attack to be so easy.

Under the city, the people as in killing Hybrid Demon, treatment ray rain are falling on the body of people, Theodore raise the supreme commander sword to stand on the observing stage outside armed forces account, on the face is elated with success completely, as if thousand flame Long Jun buckle has surpassed thousand to arrive under the city is one won, but according to my observations, the Hybrid Demon quantity in city did not calculate in fact too, because like this, before Luo Lin and on Ge Wen face was not so relaxed, as if they have not thought that the attack determination of Tian Ling Empire army so will be strong, firepower. Such fierce.

Has a look on the system contact surface, several million players who coming only remaining few were less than 1 million people, as for the meritorious list, I occupied first, thousand frost wings killed the strange effect to be too strong, even if were brushes the rank of strange crazy demon Fang Ge Que also as before above me, if as expected, this meritorious list first person was I

1 st, Xiao Yao Zi Zai meritorious service value: 771

2 nd, Fang Ge Que meritorious service value: 698

3 rd, Simple meritorious service value: 664

4 th, Cang Yue meritorious service value: 659

5 th, Mu Xuan meritorious service value: 622

6 th, Cang Tong meritorious service value: 600

7 th, Enchanted Painting meritorious service value: 591

8 th, Ye Lai meritorious service value: 585

9 th, Drunken Spear meritorious service value: 570

10 th, Q-Sword meritorious service value: 554

Fang Ge Que is second, Simple and Dong Cheng Yue follow, the digit bites very tightly, but Mu Xuan and Lin Wan Er are 5 th and 6 th, 7 th was to grasp Enchanted Painting of water deity halberd, the group of this little girl killed the skill not to be many, in the past linked first ten unable to come, country let her taste bud seventh, was Ye Lai, short spear tricks and Q-Sword three people, what a pity, Jian Feng Han and Yan Zhao Warrior first ten have not come in continually, Tian Ling Empire master like saying, the competition was really too intense, if changed into 20 people of lists to see them

When previous time receives an award everybody does not have experience, this time, if as expected, everybody will certainly choose the meritorious value changes into the military exploit, Fang Ge Que and short spear trick these people got to know the benefits, moreover I am also the model in player, the people understand how this palace guard commands comes, the dream of each young armed forces command, will arrange in order the dream of earth border never to cease.

In an instant is a half hour, finally the Hybrid Demon offensive in city has ceased, Luo Lin above city issues an order, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Closure city gate!"

The several personal appearance gigantic giant swaying from side to side handles of slowly, close the city gate, that heavy iron gate loudly closed also makes us understand instantaneously that this gadget only depends on the stone car(riage) not to be perhaps able to rumble broken with the crossbow car(riage), iron gate one meter width, the common sword chops looks like flexure is itchy, fiercely attacked the city gate would rather to choose the climb city wall to attack with it.

Saw that in the city has blamed, the meritorious value of player originates also stops suddenly, therefore many people were anxious, Soaring Dragon raises staff to look in the city, said: „How NPC has not attacked a city directly, why to eat?"

Drunken Spear said: „Do not be anxious."

Fierce Tiger is raising Axe, said with a smile: „Boss, might as well make me lead 3000 brothers to try to attack a city, you looked that the NPC aerial ladder apparatus have delivered, we came up to be able following the scaling ladder to open directly butcher Luo Lin and lid article."

Drunken Spear threw one to smile.

Fierce Tiger stares saying: „Does floret, you smile an egg?"

The Drunken Spear reverse wharf, the position of iron (spear gun) straight doctylitis dragon regiment, said: „Tiger elder brother you looked that flame dragon regiment gun tube of hot crag artillery is fiery red, on a pouring water beetle can cool, one can wait for you to bring the human attacks a city, the Theodore big imperial prince to your chrysanthemum is coming an artillery, you know that was exploded to be aggrieved by NPC."

Fierce Tiger face sweat murmur: „The grass, that considered as finished, waits for NPC to attack a city first."

Soaring Dragon alert looked at the position of palace guard, said: „The artillery and Long of Jing artillery quantity palace guard compared with flame Long Jun few many, you did not say that Li Xiao Yao can use one's office to redress personal grievances, making the palace guard bomb the hostile guild directly, our [Flying Dragon] also arranges in order in the [Zhan Long] declaring war guild lists"

Drunken Spear smiled: „Boss, this point felt relieved as far as possible, Li Xiao Yao is not that person, if he is really that villain, already rolled our [Flying Dragon] and male Ba Fengyun, the temple knight several guilds kill till disintegration, you must believe that Li Xiao Yao and [Zhan Long] have this strength, but he is not willing to work resorts to all means."

Soaring Dragon nods: „Hope so, NND, haven't these NPC armies attacked? Also can hold a pre-battle mobilization meeting?"

„Do not worry, wants to kill Hybrid Demon, the opportunity definitely is uses, must have the patience!"


In the player camp moves restlessly, but nobody acts presumptuously, after all the player comes 7,000,000-8,000,000 people, now only remaining 10%, have actually placed in the ancient war, died in battle that many people already the army to collapse, even, in the ancient war the battle loss exceeded 20% times the morale of troops greatly has burst, some farmer insurrectionary armies were when the enemy appeared has frightened flees pell-mell and does not have the fighting spirit, such looked like, our player teams also were really indomitable!

What a pity, this type indomitable is establishes clearly is knowing in foundation that the death can resurrect, if died on the conclusion consciousness and life, these Guild players who I want to keep already pulled out to return to the city whirl away the human, who is willing to be a nonsense empire offers sacrifices own life?

In the city, in the Luo Lin hand raises the magical instrument to despair, looks under the city that lets somebody cool off or calm down the dense and numerous Tian Ling Empire armies, said with a smile: „Damn, this flock of reptiles can [Enemies at the Gate], this simply be the shames of our Hybrid Demon territory unexpectedly!"

In Ge Wen the hand is grasping the magical instrument purple wind sword, sneers saying: „The person who I bring soon had been polished, that is some brave warriors who the storm empire is a rear survival, Luo Lin, how do you plan to compensate my today's loss?"

Luo Lin smiled: „Ge Wenxiong please feel relieved, after today, east the awe empire mine is you, I will recruit the artisan to fight Armor and pointed weapons from human there for your army recast, relax, so long as the strength of your king also , after waiting for this fight to finish, these dead then can resurrect, when the time comes, making this crowd of Tian Ling Empire reptile person on one's own side hit the person on one's own side!"

Ge Wen laughs: „Good, Luo Lin, I am like your this type deceitfully such as the disposition of wolf!"

„And you too, but, now what to do?" Luo Lin is somewhat anxious: „How we should deal with their following attacking a city, you also saw, Tian Ling Empire has brought many attacking a city combat tanks and project scaling ladders!"

Ge Wen sneers: „Makes your riding archer discontinue, on the city helps in the fighting, I naturally can send out my secret weapon, do not make this crowd of humanity think, only then they have the heavy firepower instrument!"

„, Yes Ha Ha" Luo Lin laughed, the laughter passes to our ears, sounds more like a taunt.

Theodore is raising the supreme commander sword, complexion is pale, weaponry Swordsmanship: „Comes the human, attacks a city to me!"

Immediately, bang the car axle sound transmits, large quantities of attacking a city combat tanks and aerial ladder apparatus sailed to the city in abundance fast, and large quantities of infantries raise emphatically the shield protection in the surroundings.

The Han deep pool asked in side: „Commands, do we also together attack a city?"

Let flame Long Jun attack a city alone, this also appears the palace guard covets life and fears death but actually, my nod: „Lets blade shield camp protection aerial ladder apparatus on first, the cavalry soldier do not act rashly, attacks a city is not their battlefield."

„Yes, the subordinate has human to go personally!"

„Um." I somewhat was restless, called out: „Han Yuan wait / etc.!"

The Han deep pool turns around: „General, how?"

I urged one: „Do not be right with Luo Lin and lid tattoo, you are not their matches, I hope that you can live coming back!"

The Han deep pool smiles: „General felt relieved that my Han Yuan joined the army on that day already life and death beyond consideration, since the general so said that my Han Yuan lived is coming back!"

I laugh: „Goes!"

Looks again to not far away Li Mu, Lin Wan Er and the others, I said: „[Zhan Long] also together attacks a city, otherwise the light is on the NPC army, definitely cannot block, I always think Luo Lin and Ge Wen the card in a hand definitely incessantly present these."

Lin Wan Er commended: „Agreement!"

The next quarter, the [Zhan Long] team also together advanced to the city, but the truth that the people deeply clearly interdependence of two neighboring states, [Legend], [Judgement], [Hero's Mound] and other Guild have one of the tacit understanding to advance to the city very much, aerial ladder apparatus fell on the city, the staircase superimposition advanced, from city, be only one meter remote can on the city, but in the city also presented the groups of riding archers, was grasping the long bow, on was being a violent shoots to the player and NPC.

Under the city, [Thousand Burial] Guildmaster Wei Fan issues an order: „Greedy Wolf rides, attack!"

Immediately, idle, knelt down to call Greedy Wolf of main superior artificial head to ride by You Yi full speed has fired into the city, dense and numerous, [Thousand Burial] population preservation good of actually, coveted life and feared death

Also at this moment, in the city wall broadcasts rumble the sound suddenly, an all trades black great artillery appears on the city, the muzzle is dense the strength of blood red soul, and also hears an intermittent expensive weeping sound.

Ge Wen face smug look: „Soul great artillery, attack!"


The muzzle shakes, blood red photosphere drops the city, „bang" erupts in the crowd that Greedy Wolf rides, surpasses thousand injury figure to fly, the huge courage vigor energy sweeps across the surroundings, about hundred Greedy Wolf will ride the direct second to kill, but these whole blood cavalry soldiers are also retaining the remnant blood, startles the face whiten: „CNM, what this especially is any artillery"

Zhan Long Chapter 822

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