Zhan Long Chapter 823

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Soul great artillery, the Tian Ling Empire army has encountered round sharp immediately, soul artillery erupt in the crowd, this type of soul artillery can have the high quantity of heat instantaneously, at least over 3000 degrees, almost periphery all will give to evaporate, several fell in the blade shield camp of palace guard the barbarian soldier on the buckle about hundred, cannot help but somewhat visited me to love dearly, wants to maintain 5000 people of blade shield camps establishes again, can only go to the open land to take away to recruit the new barbarian brave warrior.


A soul artillery erupts in the flame Dragon Jun's cavalry soldier group, this time Theodore one is raising the golden shield, was grasping supreme commander sword personally [Assault], exclaimed lowly: „Victory and defeat in this at one fell swoop, on, so long as we approached the city their cannon not to use, mounted the brave warrior of city first to destroy the soul great artillery!"

Fire again and again, but under city dense and numerous Tian Ling Empire armies as in crazy upwells to the city, many cavalry soldiers arrive under Dacheng immediately to get rid of the warhorse to raise the sword to climb up, but the Hybrid Demon level archers in city are are not a vegetarian, the arrow falls like the rain, falls flame Dragon player Large expanse of killing of Jun, attack power is astonishing!

The hoofbeat shocks the earth, about ten thousand Steel Blade ride starts [Assault] to the city in abundance, I instigate Flying Scythe War Horse in the crowd front line, with is [Judgement] that our [Zhan Long] meets the enemy shoulder to shoulder fights Yang Qi and [Legend] Dawn Mills brand incorruptible rides, the dense and numerous player teams welcomed the fierce fire to dash forward, Li Meng Yao, Matcha, Yue Yao Yan and other Knight were the player in the front line, early has held up the shield, immediately in the city rode the arrow arrow of archer to spatter in all directions in abundance on the shield, the damage of causing also naturally greatly sold at a discount.


A Jianfeng pendulum, I jump to jump from the warhorse, said ten million/countless incorruptible changes into a pair of radiant wings in the back, the foot pedal was void „" decidedly to jump to jump onto the city with the strength, the sword has swept away, Zhen Yue Blade has carried over [Seven Star Fragment Slash] [Vanguard], the direct bang killed in the crowd of archer, a body spin, Dragon Reservoir Sword carried over six glow stars that the [Combo] ray produced to flow swiftly to fall in the monster group, attracted many firepower rapidly, when one crowd held the demon spirit big sword master of sword fired into my time, immediately the supreme commander fights the boots to tread the stone brick on city, „bang" incorruptible spread to all around. Comes, froze this group of people directly, such one, Steel Blade rode to obtain extremely precious Cooldown with the palace guard, people start in abundance climbed up to the city.

„Damn boy......"

Not far away, in Ge Wen the eye pupil projects together the cruel ray, in the hand the purple wind sword flood the penetrating cold gloss, fought the boots to tread to clash to me, roared lowly: „Frost disciple? Suffers to death!"

Purple wind sword oncoming force is too quick, I am unable to move aside, must fly high Zhen Yue Blade comes to square to keep off in the front horizontally, only heard that „clang" shocks violently, left arm numb, nearly must unable to hold Zhen Yue Blade, but Ge Wen the speed is extremely fast, a sword drives out Zhen Yue Blade, the second sword rapid has swept from my breastplate, has cut open the defense of Hidden Dragon Armor directly, has left behind a bloodstain in my front


My [Wall of Dou Qi] almost must be defeated quickly, is in the midair hurried [Cleansing Rain] technique, fills next health potion again, will returns to the most blood, however does not wait for me to return comes pantingly, in addition the form kills to together, is Luo Lin jumps to bully impressively near, both hands are grasping the desperate long sword, vigorous Dou Qi dense around despair, smiles: „Death!"



This [Wall of Dou Qi] broke thoroughly, but I am similar to the shell hits hard general from the city am also dropped, the neglected advice sound howls, tumbles suddenly under the city in confusion , the whole body full is the blood, looks up above the city, sees only a Luo Lin foot to trample above a soul great artillery, that blood red muzzle has aimed at me instantaneously, „bang" a red shell non-stop flew.

Clenches teeth, boldly thrusts forward, thousand frost wing effects after behind, fight the boots to tread to jump as before, pastes the tread speedily to fly, flies with the Z character line, only listens to behind „bang bang bang" an intermittent stonk, is good is not astonishing because of the release rate of soul great artillery, otherwise I affirmed that was rumbled to massacre directly.

Above the city, Han Yuandai one group of palace guards are lowering roar are entering the Hybrid Demon crowd, the anger exclaim: „Kills off them, to command Sir takes revenge, this crowd of damn Hybrid Demon!"

As if I in the ground bring intermittent thick smoke, Han Yuan not to see to think that my quilt article and Luo Lin collaborated to give to massacre.

At this time, [Zhan Long] Steel Blade that Li Mu and Lin Wan Er and the others led rode also mounts the city hand-to-hand fighting, [Legend], [Judgement] and other Guild also withstood the enormous battle loss price to rush to the city, looked like as if the Tian Ling Empire camp is won to this city, Luo Lin and Ge Wen were fierce is also two people, is unable to contend with the mighty force, let alone Frost, Zi Shu and other high level NPC also above the battlefield, had Frost of superior god preliminary strength to assume personal command, this to Luo Lin and lid article simply was a nightmare.


I am raising the sword, after returning to full HP, killed the city once again, has saying that thousand frost wing skills were very easy-to-use, did not have the high limit that Wind Elf flew, wants to fly to take a higher position high, I sufficed the bored words perhaps to fly for several hours to leave the atmosphere, but I have not explored the interest of entire world, at present most what wants to do captures this city, making the palace guard and [Zhan Long] loss less.

Above the city, transmits Dragon Howl, 15 cold uncultivated land Dragon's den Dragon Rider gentlemen who finally, Qing Luo leads started to launch attacks, 15 big dragons circled above the city, Dragon Qiang, Dragon Jianxie fell the sword air/Qi, soul great artillery destroying, this to awing the empire was a lethality attack.

„Day kills!"

Luo Lin calls out one, fights boots to tread the city to jump, the hand grasped the desperate bang to a silver Dragon Rider gentleman, that silver Dragon Rider gentleman named feather was even, sees that in great surprise, hurried horizontal Dragon Qianglai kept off, who once thinks that desperate was too sharp, „" shut off Dragon Qiang, the sword blade edge passed over gently and swiftly, the feather even chest presented a deep bloodstain immediately, miserable howling one, the severe wound, Luo Lin opens the palm, drank one lowly: „Reptile, leave to me to the ground comes up!"


In the palm of Luo Lin is dense supernatural power, the next quarter, sacred Dou Qi erupts, rumbled the feather even silver dragon loudly whins to crash to the earth, above the left wing is ripped open the long opening, the silver blood flowed, the big dragon whinned fully is being in the artillery pit ground is crawling, at the same time was protecting carrying on the back Knight, pitifulness that could not say.

The eye of Qing Luo was instantaneously red, brandished the long sword to instigate the big dragon to fly to Luo Lin.

In this time, Frost was actually fluttering to the city, said lightly: „Qing Luo, draws back, this Luo Lin gives me."

Qing Luo nods: „Yes, Sir!"

Luo Lin is grasping desperately, sneers is looking to Frost, said: „What's wrong, traded a body really to think that can win my despair? Frost, but also remembers that we initially at the competition of cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, you had not won my one time!"

A Frost two stars pupil does not have a sentiment: „Do not raise the past events again, you no longer were former Luo Lin, I also no longer was former Frost, you think really the desperate invincible words, met my three swords to say again!"


The Luo Lin arm inspires, spiral golden Fu Wen linger after behind, this was holds an antiquity defense skill in in addition.

Wipes the happy expression to raise in the corners of the mouth of Frost, lifts a left hand gently racket, immediately „bang" aims at her soul artillery to be loose to the bang one, immovability, the imposing manner is arrogant, in the hand cut Hua Jiangeng wells up golden rays, that belongs to the strength of superior god, she bent down suddenly, fought the boots to tread fiercely void, as if trod an invisible iron wall, the personal appearance flushed suddenly, the left hand five fingers gathered to condense together the bracing cold, just liked the lotus flower, the right hand held up is cutting Hua sword to cut on the anger under!

The Luo Lin mao full whole body supernatural power condenses above the despair, the sword air/Qi swept forms a golden air/Qi shield to defend.


A Frost sword falls, chops the golden air/Qi shield directly fully is the crack, the body backward rebounds several rice, comes to strike rapidly again, „bang" a Luo Lin air/Qi shield was been loose by the direct bang, astonished, he does not remember that meets the agreements of three swords, brings to wipe the scarlet desperately suddenly just likes poisonous snake general biting to the chest of Frost.

Frost is nipping the silver tooth, drank the front condensed an ice shield, Luo Lin to puncture thoroughly the ice shield lowly desperately, is actually not able to touch the chest of Frost, instead is actually not able to pull out rapidly, the rumor resounded, the Frost graceful physique moved sky over the body of Luo Lin in a flash, left hand, that lotus flower shape incorruptible shelled suddenly above the back of Luo Lin!


Luo Lin miserable howling, must loosen has shaken the hand of sword, spread incorruptible along the back, making his whole body shiver, the left hand was grasping the right hand of shivering, panic-stricken looks at Frost.

Frost has gripped desperate handle slowly, extracts from the ice shield it gently, ices the shield to be instantaneously lax, looks desperately, Frost bites the red lip saying: „Is this handle demon sword, making humanity lose the conscience, making the good person degenerate for the demon?"


Together golden flame from the palm of Frost dense, but wraps desperately, Luo Lin has a big shock, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Frost, are you doing?"

Frost has not spoken, is only the desperate hanging control, the both arms catch up, roaring flame flaming lingering around the despair, several seconds later, this was known as that the unparalleled in the world the magical instrument was burnt unexpectedly fiery red, starts to soften one group of scarlet red scalding hot liquids, Frost, she unexpectedly this handle desperate melting!?

A hand, grasps one group of scarlet red molten iron suddenly in the hand, Frost face hatred, said: „It turns into the person who must kill the person who I most want to give loyalty, I hate this despair!"

Saying, Frost was raising the arm to throw Going out the molten iron, the molten iron loudly passing over gently and swiftly horizon, „bang" erupted in the mountain range place of distant place, just liked nuclear bomb storm is ordinary, the gale blew to plunder us, Luo Lin looked dumbfoundedly, the opening mouth crossed long time said one: „This...... This how possible......"

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Zhan Long Chapter 823

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