Zhan Long Chapter 824

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At this time, Luo Lin felt finally feared, his majority of strength came from the despair, but desperate unexpectedly like this by Frost destroying, the feeling of this end arrival made this murder innumerable devils feel that finally feared, the body trembled slightly, Luo Lin opened the hand suddenly, flame storms took away as many things as possible.

Frost beautiful eyes is imposing, hanging and vertical motionless, attack of Luo Lin actually relaxed was protected the supernatural power of body the standard parry to come, to be intact by her, after the smoke cloud clears, Luo Lin has disappeared, should run away to the city of awe empire.

„Now, can kill to cover article!"

Frost a few words gently, were actually equal to judging Ge Wen time of death, Queen Zi Shu was jumps to jump onto the city, was raising a handle long sword and Ge Wenhong kills in the same place, although Ge Wen the strength was very strong, but was is not too strong, which to did not go compared with Queen Zi Shu, added on Frost again, obviously Ge Wen on dead end, and 14 Dragon Rider gentlemen from the sky circled, the opportunity that Ge Wenlian escaped did not have.


I raise the long sword to lead [Zhan Long] one group of people to kill as before strangely on the city, is this our campaign final killing obtains the meritorious being on the set meeting strangely? Cannot miss...... As for Ge Wen, when his finally HP time makes up the blade again, at least currently Ge Wen has to destroy completely our strengths.

Yue Qing Qian sits on the crenelation of city, the surroundings full are the corpse of monster, she as if killed somewhat tired, has wiped the thin perspiration on forehead, said with a smile: „Brother Xiao Yao, just obtained news, the 8 th king in Hybrid Demon territory named ‚incorruptible demon emperor', was leading a troop incorruptible regiment to freeze has not turned over to the sea the West coast, crossed from there does not turn over to the sea to attack the main suburban railway skull city of US war zone!"

I: „Incorruptible demon emperor? Before had not appeared in our information banks, that belongs to BOSS of overseas server?"

„Was this......" Yue Qing Qian has almost cracked into a chuckle, said: „This incorruptible demon emperor also has one to belong to Country Weapon of US war zone, after massacring, 100% blow out, does not know that the American had the wood to have this skill to massacre the incorruptible demon emperor."

I in consternation: „Leans strength of the country to kill BOSS is very simple, what Country Weapon did that incorruptible demon emperor bring?"

Nearby, Dong Cheng Yue said: „That is all our Mage player long-awaited things, staff of Country Weapon level, the name is ‚the stick of snow and ice queen Aiersha scepter', does not need to think that this staff in the future can be the deep sorrow in our China war zone!"

„Aiersha scepter?"

I grin, say with a smile: „Has not related, has the opportunity this to explode Country Weapon, Aiersha scepter, it will sooner or later be you East city!"

The Dong Cheng Yue young lady smiled: „Oh, did dear Brother Xiao Yao give up with Country Weapon finally picks up the little girl? Good, if you explode to give me Aiersha scepter, I comply to associate for one month with you."

I hold the volume to smile: „Kills well strangely, does not want the wave."

Dong Cheng Yue: „......"


All progress very smoothly, even after Ge Wen has released several times the storm, an entire city wall broke wreckage, but Ge Wen also caused heavy losses to the right arm by a Frost distant sword, is almost unable to mention the purple wind sword again, the blood sprinkled the expansive sky, Hybrid Demon king who this once was insufferably arrogant actually distressed trod the spatial escape to go.


After a Dragon recited, Qing Luo chased down to go forward, Dragon sword erupted the sword air/Qi layer on layer to shell above Ge Wen the injured body, Ge Wencan howling, dropped by 35% HP in one pile of buildings in city.

„Can chase down to cover the article?" Li Mu said.

I nod: „Walks, was street fighting!"

A troop [Zhan Long] player rushed to the fence in abundance, enters in the city following the stair, a troop awe brave warrior covers by far kills to come, these were the garrison troops in city, probably was imperial guard one kind, but was equal to that has reached 157 levels, and was 7 levels of Hybrid Demon, Luo Lin stood behind the crowd, in the hand was grasping a handle new long sword, shouted to clear the way severely: „Kills, saves Ge Wen! Comes the person, informs sword spirit cavalry soldier, making this flock of lazy reptiles leave immediately, if the awe empire fell to the enemy, Dahlen's his day same will not feel better, don't forget, the Tian Ling Empire previous generation sovereign died in his hands, he thinks that Locker will let off him?!"


In the city, cavalries of one crowd of player teams have prepared the [Assault] lineup, Steel Blade have ridden, the Dawn Mills brand to ride and fight Yang Qi and other branch of the services to crowd incorruptible in the same place, launched the final attack to the front awe imperial guard rapidly, I also in the crowd, thousand frost wing in addition hold, the sword wields kills in the crowd, [Unbroken Blade Slash] promotion lethality, makes my meritorious value be able to stay at a high level.

But Fang Ge Que under the protection of Enchanted Painting from the flank attack, Mage suffers a loss suffers a loss here, is unable [Assault] to breach enemy lines, must some people protect to output, therefore Fang Ge Que, although overall output by far in me, but kills the monster number to be actually inferior my.



In a nearby blacksmith's shop, several Greedy Wolf rode to crack-up the wall to fall to leave suddenly, impressively was Call Me Master, was raising the long spear, stood up from failure from fighting the body of wolf crawls, has wiped a blood of corners of the mouth: „I go, Ge Wen the strength may be really big......"

Also is in the several Greedy Wolf outrider nearby windows of the wolf is rumbled to fly, „bang" a bang, the entire blacksmith's shop was torn, an anger and vexed and ashamed of Ge Wen face, said: „Do your ants want to kill me unexpectedly? Has a dream simply!"

Just said that „" an arrow arrow sewed on his forehead, Dancing Forest was grasping the long bow, looked around in all directions: „, Did I do wrong thing?"

„Did you say?"

My speechless visits her: „Steel Blade rides, the array greets [Assault]!"

Really, Ge Wen becomes angry out of shame came, on the purple wind sword is dense the wind vigor, the sword blade edge has swept suddenly, immediately several Steel Blade rode is rumbled to fly instantaneously, was killed one by the second, other was the remnant blood, I grazed to go forward hurriedly, said loudly: „Treats to me!"

Zhen Yue Blade meets the approaching enemy the purple wind sword, under shakes hardly I retrocede several steps, the thought control, Dragon Reservoir Sword start [Blade Spin] to penetrate Ge Wen the chest continuously, but he is the number sword, actually the second cannot massacre me, but my surrounding one group of Healer add the blood to me, this king level BOSS discovered quickly he in this case could not massacre me, instead was consumed horrible to look by [Zhan Long] one group of people, chases to kill, appearance that quick HP only then 10% did not arrive.

I raise Dragon Reservoir Sword with chase down tightly, at the same time said with a smile: „Is this, this Ge Wen is our [Zhan Long]!"

Has not thought that the variable are too many, the distant place two gangs of troops encircled to kill, one batch from the [Vanguard] cavalry soldier, Jian Feng Han led personally, another batch were the [Legend] Dawn Mills brand ride, Xuan Yuan Feng led personally, three gangs of troops encircled in the city square, had Ge Wen evidently very much in the sign that in the square destroyed completely.

Also is the chaotic war, my moral nature trembles, to this time thought covers the article possibly is not our [Zhan Long].

However, I guess correctly the process, cannot guess correctly the result as before.


„Your these damn ants, you give up any idea to massacre me, forever do not think!"

Ge Wen back and forth is attacking in the crowd, fights above the armor full is the bloodstain, has the player, there are his, but HP also little reduction, in an instant only then 5%, but three big Guild players together are attacking, which Guild even if massacres the estimate unable to distinguish is massacres, this was too impatient.

Li Mu shouted to clear the way lowly: „Xiao Yao, I lead the cavalry soldier in [Valiant Bravery] camp to hit the Dawn Mills brand to ride, how is it? Enchanted Painting is not, trivial Xuan Yuan Feng cannot block our."

I look at the distant place, shakes the head saying: „No, do not go to attack [Legend] on own initiative, you looked that [Legend] has not moved a blade sword to us, do not puncture thoroughly this window paper."


In this time, Ge Wen a long and loud cry, is roaring suddenly shooting up to the sky, the body week storm dance, this goods must start the destruction to strike finally, exclaimed severely: „Since must die, that side dies together, how? The Tian Ling Empire adventurer, a Theodore, the palace guard and flame dragon regiment, I covered article life to trade in addition in addition am also the value!"

In the entire world as if the air must coagulate generally, nearby weapon shop suddenly „bang" was ripped the fragment by the storm, that the black tornado, the long sword and Axe is ripped the fragment in the wind together, I looked dumbfoundedly, a moral nature penetrating were cold, then the terrifying destructive power, this Ge Wen was really the storm biological son!

In the city, tornado columns fly in abundance, not far away, the tornado wreaks havoc together in the flame Dragon Jun's crowd, long strangled to death flesh and blood with over a thousand people of his subordinate a Yorozuo directly, did not have including the pitiful yell sound, Ge Wen truly has been going all out, he must sacrifice the city of entire awe empire, in addition all people gave Tian Ling Empire to strike fatally!

Luo Lin grasps the fist, the anger is exclaiming: „Ge Wen, you were insane, unexpectedly starts casting a spell in my city, your this damn thing!"


Ge Wen actually as if could not hear the Luo Lin words, in the summon storm attack city, his body week is also revolving as before such as the blade edge storm, one crowd of Steel Blade ride, the Dawn Mills brand to ride to overrun to be strangled to death the fragment, the second has killed directly, is about this king level BOSS true strength? Almost has disregarded Level of player and defends.

However, at this moment, the light pastes sky over the city construction to fly together, crashes by the speed that I almost cannot see has covered the tattoo week in the guard cyclone, the speed is too fast, even has been quick the speed of maneuver air current!

The next quarter, sees only surrounding air to cool instantaneously, „", Ge Wen the roaring sound has interrupted, the surrounding tornado is instantaneously lax!


A little bit blood splashed down in the place, Ge Wen the head is cut, but was raising his head was a forehead covers the young girl in black cape impressively, reason that said is the young girl, that was because the stature was graceful, was not inferior in Lin Wan Er, she has lifted the cape slowly, revealed a beautiful cheek, worked on the purple wind sword, said with a smile: „Hee, the purple wind sword succeeded in obtaining finally!"

I am startled slightly, the eye opens the circle: „Odelia......"

Odelia also looks to me: „Yo, the boy, does not see for a long time, thought others?"


Surrounding player: „......"

Zhan Long Chapter 824

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