Zhan Long Chapter 825

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Under shocks, my Zhen Yue Blade falls in the place, NM this is in the pit father, unexpectedly Ge Wen to finally, root hair that Odelia massacres has not blown out, only then a handle purple wind sword was taken away by Odelia forcefully, sentimental our players killed the present in vain to bustle about badly beaten! However thinks carefully that Ge Wen will soon start casting a spell, if Odelia has not killed him, then here player perhaps meets whole army has been annihilated, as if Odelia has killed also well, we too underestimated that covered the strength of article 7 th king.

Bends the waist to collect hurriedly Zhen Yue Blade, I look to Odelia, said: „More than half a year has not returned to cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, which you went, how to come back to appear here?"

Odelia is raising the purple wind sword, puts out a hand to caress the trace above sword blade edge lightly, said with a smile: „Travels for pleasure everywhere the practice, what otherwise can I also make? In the half year...... Um, I went to one time not to turn over to the sea deep place, went to a time wild giant tribe and dark Moon Elf territory, several times almost did not come back, later, has made a business in Ze deep pool city and emperor, sold a handle to be known as that the iron (spear gun) of magical instrument to them, the money of changing all invests in my [gold/metal] pledge!"

„[gold/metal] pledge?"

I have been startled being startled: „What is [gold/metal] pledge?"

Odelia cracks into a chuckle, the purple wind sword slanting prick back sword bag , the both arms holds in the front, lives in the plentiful twin peaks extravagantly, said with a smile: „[gold/metal] pledge is actually one organization that is built by the gold coin becomes, is mainly responsible for the going on patrol world, for organization that the common people hardship strives, what kind , did I the status in your mind become great?"

I curl the lip: „Ok, you look at gold coin are more important than the life, how possibly to strive for the common people hardship, deceives others to go."

Odelia eats to smile: „Good, cannot deceive you, actually [gold/metal] pledge is an organization of swindling and abducting, our goals are to eliminate the dental cavity and chrysanthemum send......"

I felt instantaneously cannot chat, before flying, examined Ge Wen the corpse, really anything has not exploded besides the purple wind sword, somewhat cannot help but disappointed, turns around to look to one group of people of [Zhan Long] and palace guard, said: „Was good, attacks Wang City, massacres Luo Lin, captures the city, our time duties were accomplished!"

Li Mu nods, immediately transferred to ride with one crowd of Steel Blade horizontally to rush.

The Han deep pool and Xiao severe and the others took inventory the population of palace guard, then orders to lead the treatment the wounded soldier, at this time the military baggage and rear service arrived in the awe city, the massive military doctors carry the drugs to rush, such life that came to save many wounded soldiers, this was also the matter that I most cared about, this time attacked the Luo Lin territory, even if were the victory, must fall to lowly the buckle, otherwise I with Theodore's fate can be the same mostly.

Fortunately, the expedition starts now, the buckle of palace guard cannot over 1 thousand person, review the flame dragon regiment, because Theodore's cruel military order with resorting to all means that 15 thousand people came, died in battle at least 9 thousand people, even if were this time expedites successfully, probably flame Dragon Jun also lost the title of empire first trump card regiment, if won, believes Locker Great Emperor certainly big granted this crown prince, perhaps direct sufficiently entered flame Dragon Jun to go other regiment, this matter was everywhere, only the hope was not the palace guard and that's the end, if were really, I will not submit to inevitably., Is leading the palace guard greatly counter- Tian Ling Empire, army that my carrying over, is impossible to see that they become the sacrificial victims of politics.


In the city is carrying on the street fighting everywhere, but Frost and Qing Luo lead the Dragon's den armed soldier to attack Wang City, with the Luo Lin imperial guard dogfight in the same place, Cooldown cannot be deciding any victory and defeat.

I summoned Flying Scythe War Horse, continued to rush ahead in the front row of palace guard, although thousand frost wings were magnificent and formidable, but was too conspicuous, was low-key was quite good.

The Han deep pool is raising the long blade, above knife edge full is the gap, this fights him not to know that massacred many Hybrid Demon, on the face dyed completely the black blood, putting out a hand that actually not cared wiped on the face, the long blade swept away two imperial guards cuts off around the middle, at the same time flushed me to grin to say with a smile: „General, it seems like that this time we must win total victories, the empire artillery is really fierce, such that such as you foresee, Luo Lin and regiment of lid article suffered a loss under the hot crag artillery and dragon crystal artillery!"

I nod: „Do not be negligent, the quick attack, here is not suitable protracted battle, Seurre, Sif, Dahlen, the silver spears and Redding these kings have not appeared, in the event , our person insufficiently their subordinates fills the gap between teeth radically."

„Yes, General!"

The Han deep pool wields the long blade, gives a loud shout: „Quick attack, in ten minutes breaks through the city gate to me, enter Wang Chengnei to search for Luo Lin, this time must bring back to Tian Ling Empire to take undeserved credit the line to enjoy the number of people of this human rebel! Everybody could rest assured that so long as massacres Luo Lin, our military ranks should be able to promote first-level, and soldier's rations and pay turn time!"

The Han deep pool said not empty, the Tian Ling Empire opposition had granting of military exploit not to be always parsimonious, if has massacred Luo Lin , the palace guard decided however everyone to obtain the generous gifts!

The Han deep pool words, a soldier is more excited immediately, combative has fired into the city gate place, strangles to death with the Luo Lin imperial guard in the same place, has the damage mutually, but basically can achieve 1 to trade 2, the morale of Luo Lin armed forces after Ge Wen died in battle drops greatly, was massacred including the kings, how their these dogfaces can continue to contend.


When the people have plenty of fight in one, suddenly the distant place transmitted an intermittent Dragon to recite the sound, I cannot help but anchored the attack, vertical Flying Scythe War Horse arrived in a nearby ruins archer's tower, looked that was intermittent to the floating clouds of distant place, actually saw empty shades indistinctly, moral nature one tight, clenched teeth saying: „It is not good......"

The Lin Wan Er diving posture comes up, stands side me, asked: „How?"

„Had the reinforcements to come!"

I look at the distant place, said: „Wan Er, a bit faster orders Steel Blade to ride the composition defense square formation, stopped attacking Wang City, this reinforcements came from north, if as expected can be the reinforcements in wild Dragon Clan territory!"


Lin Wan Er floating fell to the ground, the clear sound ordered one, the [Zhan Long] 1 thousand + person to remove immediately from the position, constructed the position on the street, I have warned the palace guard with other Tian Ling Empire player guilds, only then [Judgement], [Enemies at the Gate] and [Hero's Mound] several guilds retreated, other as in fiercely attacking Wang City, but Frost also induced anything, leading one group of Dragon's den armed soldiers to defend in the artillery building edge, several dragon crystal punmetals mountings on the fort, was ready in full battle array.

Several minutes later, layer upon layer dark cloud covers sky over the city, the next quarter, Dragon Yinsheng is intermittent, a head of fire dragon has drilled the cloud layer, the fierce double pupil looks to the earth, is having the bearing of King, the appearance that must Ran vacillate, opens the big mouth suddenly, the anger exclaims: „Lowly humanity, dares so, simply to go too far, the time that Dragon Clan, we take revenge arrived, attacks to me!"

Saying, this fire dragon was fleeing suddenly, to the earth was being flame Dragon Xi, in a flash, a troop flame Dragon Jun's soldier was fired the ashes, the miserable howling sound linked up into a single stretch, but in the sky cloud layer, an ice dragon also hovered, was a Black Dragon, a then head, quick airborne full is the dense and numerous big dragons, at least over a thousand computations!

The Han deep pool is raising the long blade, looks to airborne, the Adam's apple has twitched, thump one, in the eye full is desperate: „Good...... Many big dragons, ended, we ended......"

The wild Dragon Clan territory has certainly turned out in full strength, the silver spear also inevitably hides in the cloud layer deep place!

My moral nature trembles, immediately raises the sword to retrocede several steps, said: „Big dragon may not massacre by no means that archer, one when the big dragon dives seek for the ambush point, the higher the better, uses the [Seven Stars Teleportation] arrow temporary dizziness they, the big dragon naturally can crash in the place, later the cavalry soldier on again, defeat in detail, do not fear that we escape now already without enough time, great dies!"

Li Mu, Wang Jian and Old K and the others nods in abundance, Dancing Forest and general Lian Po, Xing Lie and the others left the ranks in abundance, entered in the city rubble, stood up from failure to jump onto tall Ta, bell tower and other buildings, hid is waiting for arrival of big dragon after the great crag, after several seconds, a Black Dragon fired into the position that one crowd of Steel Blade have ridden, opened the big mouth, the nape of the neck place rises, a dragon rest/breath was vivid!


Benefits the arrow to go together, is the attack of Dancing Forest, „bang" voice glow surges, [Seven Stars Teleportation] arrow accurate falling in the flight in the eye of Black Dragon, Black Dragon has whinned immediately, the body tumbles is crashing into the crowd, was battered to death several Steel Blade to ride instantaneously, but Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others encircled immediately, this Black Dragon was the Demon Harvest step BOSS , 156 level, killed can massacre.

Another direction, Xing Lie attracted a fire dragon, a general Lian Po unexpected blow has hit a target, the fire dragon tumbling fell into the team that Matcha and Li Meng Yao and the others has led, the [Zhan Long] people surrounded are randomly chop.

But what in the entire battlefield is crueler is the innumerable big dragons like is the beast from the sky circles, dragon rests/breaths are firing the player and NPC army, above the ground miserable howlingly becomes a piece, Wang Chengnei Luo Lin led one crowd of imperial guards to counter-attack immediately, the imposing manner seized the person was killing the palace guard and flame Dragon Jun, the situation of entire battlefield was reversed instantaneously.


„Crossbow car(riage)!"

Dragon Xingti the long spear, is ordering loudly, the crossbow car(riage) of palace guard transfers the direction in abundance, goes upwards, „" projects steel arrows, although the hit probability is extremely low, but the crossbow car(riage) is crowded, one after another has the big dragon to crash in the place, before a troop iron cavalry soldier rushes in abundance, greeted with the sharp sword and long spear.


Blue air/Qi glow surges in ground, Frost already not in same place, in the next quarter sky blooms several sword air/Qi, three big dragons whin are crashing to the city, Frost is the superior god, killed the dragon for her is only a piece of cake.

On the crenelation of city wall, Queen Zi Shu curled upwards the big longleg to sit there, now finally could not sit still, on the pretty face reappears scales, slightly somewhat fierce roared: „Brats, dare to be so wild! Roar!"

Dragon Yin, Zi Shu mail-armor and helmet cracks, the skin changes to Dragon Lin, the body rises suddenly dozens times, in an instant restores the true body, a giant Red Dragon queen fires into the clouds fearlessly, the sharp claws has swept, a leader big dragon was massacred immediately, starts to be specially heavy, as if Zi Shu also knew the life and death time.

Zhan Long Chapter 825

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