Zhan Long Chapter 826

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„Dragon...... Dragon tribulation......"

On the big imperial prince Theodore's face full is the color of being frightened, the body shivers, almost does not dare to look at the airborne big dragon again, the supreme commander sword in hand soon cannot grasp, trembling sound track: „The prediction of prophets real...... Dragon Jiezhen came, the group dragon drops from the clouds, the world will not have the light, the fate of empire will also come to the end, ended...... The day plume empire ended, Dragon Jie really......"

A Yorozuo long walks to go forward, the anger shouted to clear the way: „Your highness, restores the reason, you are the three services commander in chief, the officers are waiting for your order, the fight retreats, what to do should we?"

Theodore gains ground to have a look at the airborne dense dragon group, has broken by biting the lip, muttered: „What dozen also hits? Are the person who we die not enough? Retreats, the army retreats, we possibly were not the north Hybrid Demon matches, gave up, little died some people, was empire's gracious gift to the serviceman, retreated......"

Yorozuo long in consternation: „Both armies already rubber does war in same place, retreat really?"

Theodore draws out the supreme commander sword suddenly, shouted to clear the way lowly: „I am the three services marshal, I am a crown prince, my words are the military order, were you questioning my order?"

Yorozuo long with amazement, kneels again and again kowtows: „End will know mistakenly, end will know mistakenly! Your highness please appease anger, I transmitted orders to retreat immediately!"


The flame dragon regiment does not have fighting spirit, is the palace guard is fighting on the contrary courageously, with hot crag artillery, the dragon crystal artillery and other bombing airborne big dragons, in addition player team one after another from airborne lures to encircle to the ground the big dragon kills, the big dragons of 1000 + wild Dragon Clan territories had hand-to-hand fighting of half in an instant in the ground, once the close combat will be hurt, in the city at least also surpasses the 200 000 player, 1000 people kill a big dragon also fully to deal with 200 heads, but...... This is the ideal estimate, the true situation is the population of player reduces extremely quickly!

„With my together [Assault]!"

Above the ground, Wang Chengnei ran out of one crowd of Hybrid Demon once again, Luo Lin has raised handle long sword [Assault], the imperial guard is breaking through the positive defense of Tian Ling Empire personally rapidly, the next quarter, the Luo Lin army already directly arrived in [Assault] of flame dragon regiment, one group of flame Commander Dragon the (spear gun) soldier welcomed goes forward, exclaimed lowly: „Luo Lin, your this rebel, suffers to death!"

Luo Lin actually sneers, the left hand dense roaring flame, has swept suddenly, immediately the sea of fire has embezzled one group of long spear soldiers, the strength disparately was really too big!

Several soldiers run hurriedly backward, said loudly: „It is not good, Luo Lin in attacking our armed forces!"

Theodore gained ground suddenly, stands up from failure to start, raises the supreme commander sword to run out of the armed forces, shouted to clear the way loudly: „Don't be upset, ordering Zuo Jun, the right armed forces to close up to armed forces, the squadron attacks to stop them, the bow and arrow camp should not be lax, kills to me!"

Saying, Theodore looked suddenly to the distant place, loudly shouted to clear the way: „Where hasn't palace guard, come to escort?"

But, in the camp of palace guard altogether dozens big dragons are wreaking havoc in the tumbling, does the military strength of which coming reenforce them? However I looked as before to Xia Ye, said: „Had a military strength of camp in the past, hurry up, cannot make Theodore have any danger, otherwise our palace guards were duty-bound!"

Xia Yeshen the bright truth, the nod said: „Yes, Sir!"


However, person who Xia Ye leads has not arrived, the Luo Lin imperial guard broke through the human army, the Hybrid Demon individual battle efficiency originally on by far in Yanlong regiment, at this moment is near body preying, without shield flame Dragon Jun of heavy artillery frail also naturally demonstrated that was killed to flee pell-mell to be defeated and dispersed instantaneously.


One group of roaring flame swept across the crowd, Luo Lin penetrated the crowd instantaneously, the armored hand horizontal, instantaneously a Yorozuo long rumbling pile of hashed meat, turned around is a sword, another Yorozuo's long head flew.


Theodore roars, lifts hand to go the supreme commander sword, Luo Lin quack to laugh fiercely, speed quickly certainly treads the spatial spin body, fist „bang" pounds above the sword hilt, pounds the supreme commander sword directly once again sheathes, simultaneously lifts to fight the boots layer on layer to trample in Theodore's abdomen, Theodore is just the imperial prince who has a high and respected position, the military force not necessarily compares favorably with Han Yuan, Xiao of severe and the others my palace guard, where can withstand the attack of king level Hybrid Demon, immediately the mouth spat the backlash of blood several steps.

Luo Lin took away the supreme commander sword suddenly, then grabs Theodore's war armor to raise him, sneers saying: „Is this Tian Ling Empire imperial prince? It looks like, is inferior to the Ba Huang City prince radically?"

Theodore gets angry exclaims: „Luo Lin, must kill then kills, do you why humiliate me?"


Luo Lin cold snort, supreme commander sword „clang" the sheath, the ray flashes through, the next quarter, all the NPC servicemen from Tian Ling Empire has been shocked, that head brings the blood from the sky to fly, tumbles in the rubbles, the eye has not closed!

Theodore, died in battle!


My moral nature is also one cold, Luo Lin has massacred our three services commander Theodore with the supreme commander sword, is this matter of how satire?!


I jump suddenly, warhorse disappears, said ten million/countless changed into the wings to appear in incorruptible behind, raises Zhen Yue Blade to clash Going out suddenly, simultaneously said loudly: „Odelia , helping me!"

The personal appearance such as the electricity goes, just likes the meteor hit above the back of Luo Lin, „bang" a sound energy fragment spatters in all directions, my full strikes Luo Lin unable to disregard, forward staggers walked several steps, he turns around to look to me, the corners of the mouth are reappearing sneering: „Boy, if not you, Frost will leave me? Today you must die!"

My sinking sound track: „Frost leaves you, is you have only self to blame, draws back 10,000 steps, can your this scum be joined to Frost?!"

Saying, the anger that I the sword added together cuts to go, erupts about 10 swords instantaneously rapid cuts continually, but Luo Lin condenses the flame air/Qi shield to defend, my attack hits unable to break the air/Qi shield unexpectedly, the king level Hybrid Demon strength is placed there, is some reluctantly!


Luo Lin gives a loud shout, the supreme commander sword belt roaring flame was dividing to me.

Zhen Yue Blade horizontal, I to attack the generation to defend, Zhen Yue Blade welcomes the supreme commander sword to strike, sees only to spatter in all directions a big piece of spark at present, the strength of supreme commander sword was too big, chops crookedly Zhen Yue Blade, has divided a sword on my shoulder directly!


Unexpectedly only then this injury? My moral nature is assured, reason that Luo Lin fierce is because the magical instrument despairs, left desperately, he probably lost the brave fighter of lackey, but can also how me?


„+ 23275!"

A [Cleansing Rain] technique has replied many HP, Darling Duck and other Healer are also fast gives me close at least, only selects Luo Lin, perhaps really hopeful!

[Wall of Dou Qi] and [Frost Armor] armor continues to hold, I and Luo Lin have put together dozens swords continually, finally breaks through its flame shield, but at this time, Odelia raised the purple wind sword passing over gently and swiftly crowd suddenly, the sword blade edge is coming out of the sheath, raised chops to the right arm of Luo Lin.


Luo Lin removes the hand hurriedly, without enough time, a Odelia sword has actually knocked to hit on the supreme commander sword, simultaneously the sword hilt received to cover the Luo Lin wrist skill, the catching up fierce belt, the supreme commander sword has been separated from the hand of Luo Lin immediately.


Luo Lin shouting angrily rumbles a fist, Odelia keeps off in the arm standard, draws back dozens meters continually, sent the silk to scatter, received a minor wound, actually the corners of the mouth raised went to me the supreme commander sword with a smile: „Caught!"

I graze, gets the handle of supreme commander sword, this handle sword does not have attack power, is only the stage prop, but truly the authority of three services command is, flame Dragon Jun who watches the rout, I jump to stand up in the midair suddenly, has lifted up high the top the supreme commander sword, loudly shouted to clear the way: „Supreme commander sword in my hands, the flame dragon regiment obeys orders, immediately defends same place imperial, crossbow car(riage) and gun laying sky bombardment big dragon, archer with arrow rope, big dragon wrapping, you are the empire servicemen, exerts to kill the enemy is your mission , to continue to fight to me! The combat enforcing detachment draws a sword completely, military deserter kills!"

These Mr. NPC in Tian Ling Empire palace said that I am the kernel, actually I did not think that I am the kernel, if compelled me really anxiously, some methods can use, especially to flame Dragon Jun this nominal trump card regiment, palace guard, in addition can die to fight does not draw back, flame Dragon Jun unexpectedly on the rout, was really the satire.

The arrow arrow has shot Going out crowded, on the Luo Lin shoulder an arrow, decidedly the backlash, he is not a fool, likely will not be Ge Wen such going all out, and after losing despaired, the Luo Lin strength greatly falls short, which actually will compare high level Demon Harvest step BOSS to not to go, now already, only then 40% + HP, so long as we will withstand the pressure of wild Dragon Clan territory, will massacre Luo Lin is not the issue.


Airborne, dragon blood sprinkle, the silver spear appeared, fights with all might with Frost in the same place, and 3 Dragon Clan elders aid financially the spear in the gang, perhaps otherwise he already had been injured, but Queen Zi Shu from the sky sends out roaring, scale many were bitten, but makes her hot tempered, spouts scarlet red Dragon Flame, this is including the dragon flame that the big dragon is unable to resist, finally Zi Shu is becomes the scene kills dragon most people on the contrary, is not Dragon Clan.

Above the ground, the players of major guilds are rising spiritedly to attack as before, the big dragon kills a few head, but the player also dies a piece, are getting fewer and fewer, in an instant on only remaining is less than the quantities of 10 thousand people, but the big dragon also buckle about half, airborne original silver spear howls, finally, the silver spear discovered that the wild Dragon Clan territory continued to fight to want the destruction.

„Roar roar......"

Under howling of silver spear, a leader big dragon dragged the meat wing to fire into the cloud layer to run away immediately, but Frost and Zi Shu and the others has not gone to chase down, gazed after the silver spear to flee, on the shoulder of Frost blood red, had been nipped one by the big dragon, but was not fatal, she looked down to the earth, had discovered a person, in the eye killed intent greatly Sheng immediately: „Luo Lin......"


Cuts the Chinese sword to come out of the sheath voluntarily, the bang to the earth, „bang" landslide cracks in the earth, has been leading one crowd of imperial guards to try from city north gate ceramic escape Luo Lin to be rumbled suddenly immediately continually draws back dozens steps, on the face full is desperate, looks up to Frost, the anger exclaims: „Frost, don't you that want to make me live?"


The Frost red lip opens lightly, said: „Living the person died, the person of dying why again was living."

Zhan Long Chapter 826

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