Zhan Long Chapter 827

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One group of people start to pick up a bargain, is the person of Ben Lveru fire, the rumor is raising the long sword, shouted to clear the way loudly: „Luo Lin already, only then 11% blood, came up, killed him, to be just, for the honor of Chinese war zone!"

I sneer, he is right for equipment.

The person of Ben Lveru fire has fired into Luo Lin, actually does not think that the insect of centipede dies, but is not stiff, a Luo Lin turning over the palm has carried gently over the overwhelming roaring flame, the player about hundred Ben Lveru fire will kill and burn, but [Hero's Mound] and [Prague] several big Guild people cover to kill immediately, has been doomed the Luo Lin dead end, that many people are keeping thinking about his number of people, he thinks that did not die is difficult.

I raise head to look that the airborne floating clouds diverge for a very long time, this war we have won, has won, has killed Ge Wen, the heavy losses silver spear, can massacre the Luo Lin words to win total victories again, but is I looks on the distant place stretcher Theodore's corpse, did not think that moral nature one cold, I and Theodore go to battle together, is one of the two big commands, finally Theodore died in battle, can I be unaccountably?

Approximately was very difficult, what god knows do this time I return to Tian Ling Empire to face?

At this time, Li Mu, Wang Jian and the others led a number of [Zhan Long] player to chase down, Luo Lin HP less than 5%, everybody must execute it in an instant, actually everybody waited for Luo Lin to explode equipment, although I thought Luo Lin lost desperately, moreover was almost regarded the cannon fodder by the north Hybrid Demon territory, his body should not have what perquisite to be right.

However raised the sword belt one group of people to rush ahead together in the past, what a pity around Luo Lin is the sea of people, each Guild player had, [Hero's Mound], [Legend] and [Prague] players were most, Uncle Yan Zhao Warrior some meanings of win, raised the long sword to say obviously loudly: „Yaya, must explode Luo Lin!"

Six his progressing lead one group of people to chase down, was actually rumbled the remnant blood to back up to return by a Luo Lin fist, is resigned-looking: „You think that Luo Lin is the [Vanguard] three giants, wants to kill kills?"

Said goodbye is the tears is also raising monk's staff, went all out to push toward Luo Lin side, at the same time said: „Scratches, always felt lying down (spear gun)!"

Luo Lin turns round is one time sweeps away the attack, finally said goodbye is the tears is also rumbled flies to draw back, on the face was burnt one piece burned black, the ball ball was not silly raises the long halberd to grasp the shield to proceed to advance, said loudly: „Monk halted the blood, the Luo Lin poor life gives me to be good!"

However the Luo Lin whole body covers in roaring flame, backs up to hit the goal ball not silly bosom suddenly, the armored hand horizontal, „" broke the ball ball not silly shield, puts out a hand to hold his nape of the neck, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Ants, leading you to ascend the sky to take a look!"


Luo Lin is god level BOSS, jumps to fly to the sky, although the remnant blood, actually also [Vanguard] reveals completely, but the ball ball was not raised the complexion to be green by Luo Lin silly: „CNM Luo Lin, lets loose father, the father is not a hoyden, you catch me to do shenma!"

The airborne, blue radish and child Queen Shu intercept there horizontally, a blue radish sword falls, immediately Luo Lin was divided HP to fall suddenly by the sword air/Qi, remaining many HP, the ball ball was not already silly is the face was greener, the mail-armor and helmet above back by the sword air/Qi of blue radish had been chopped into pieces, the pain results in the tears crossflow: „This NPC young girl does not know that shows tender affection?"

Luo Lin is miserably howling, is not already able to grasp the steady ball ball not to be silly, finally the ball ball not silly fell by the 20% HP stance directly to the earth, at the same time shouted loudly: „Is the brothers catches me!"

Said goodbye is also the tears lowers is roaring overrunning, opened the both arms the catching a ball ball not to be silly, including Ben Shubu, „" a ball ball not silly fell to the ground by the face, falls has hung, said goodbye is also the tears tiger body shakes, a face lamented: „Brother, computation fault"

Luo Lin actually fell in another crowd, [Thousand Burial] Greedy Wolf rode with the [Hero's Mound] hot crystal rides to strangle to death in the same place, after several seconds, suddenly ting passed over gently and swiftly


System announcement: Congratulates the player 【Q-Sword】 Struck to kill the Hybrid Demon monarchy 【Awe Luo Lin】, Obtains the reward: Level + 2, charm value + 100, prestige value large scale promotion and meritorious values + 300!

No one has thought that finally unexpectedly was Q-Sword has massacred Luo Lin, the chaotic war was really too intense, [Zhan Long] was beyond control, even Luo Lin side not far away [Prague], [Judgement], [Legend] and other Guild had no alternative.

This campaign had ended, massacring finally awe brave warrior who the player goes all out, moreover Luo Lin dies, the awe empire has survived in name only, here no longer is a Hybrid Demon territory, but was a wild city.

Inquired in every way that Q-Sword massacres Luo Lin, blew out a mage necklace of inferior magical instrument, in mage female to guild, in addition the Demon Harvest step shield, to [Hero's Mound] first knight Tang Gu, Demon Harvest Axe, was walked by Jian Tan ROLL again, this war final biggest benefit should be [Hero's Mound].

In the city a misery, everywhere is the corpse, even the soldiers of many flame dragon regiment are sobbing, but the player returned to the city to receive to reward, in an instant this awe city almost turned into a dead city, only then a small number of player and palace guard, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den and flame Long Jun's NPC army.

Flame Long Jun this time comes out altogether thousand person, altogether 15 Yorozuo is long, actually died in battle 14 people, only remaining 1 people, and leg of this person was seriously injured, but this fellow is a real man, is dragging the injured leg lamely walks to go forward, wields the long blade, „" the head of Luo Lin chopping, then kneed down, the sob of having tears streaming down the face said: „Under main hall, you saw, Luo Lin had been massacred by us, we have taken revenge for you, hopes that your soul in heaven can be rested!"

I stand in the one side am silent, Theodore planned obtains the entire merit after this war, but returning to the city stabler crown prince status, what a pity, he considers everything not to calculate that the Hybrid Demon army also has that strong strength, thousand flame Long Jun comes enormously and powerful, now actually only remaining is less than thousand person, oneself were killed by Luo Lin personally, all these are Theodore have not thought that his soul in heaven can rest damn.

Has a look in the hand is grasping supreme commander sword, I suddenly think somewhat improper, walk to go forward, the supreme commander sword thorn falls side Yorozuo length that in flame Long Jun is a rear survival, said: „General Xu, this is the supreme commander sword that your highness leaves behind, please well preserve, is bringing it and your highness the remains of returns to the Tian Ling Empire whereabouts Great Emperor to report after carrying out orders together!"

Yorozuo long nods, looks to me, discovered that my one is the sword trace, the white Zixiao cape was dyed red, the cape throws over displays the innumerable sword and spear hole hole, he cannot bear somewhat is also boundless, said: „General Li, many thanks your you were also laborious"

I nod.

The Han deep pool and Xiao Li, Long Xing, the summer leaf four will come in waves, received a wound, but is not heavy, after this fought their Level also to promote, this point made people think to like, Han Yuandao: „Commands the Sir, how then to handle this wild city?"

I think that said: „The brothers who burying died in battle, has then burnt down the Luo Lin palace, turns into the ruins this city, we do not need to be stationed in the soldier here, even if in the soldier cannot defend this city absolutely, this time Seurre, Dahlen, Sif have not appeared, otherwise we definitely are unable to live."

„Yes, General!"

The Han deep pool commands the soldiers to unearth tomb pit, palace guard and remains investment of flame Long Jun dying in battle, altogether 9 mass graves, to avoid these remains was used to reactivate into the soul, falls the kerosene to the pit, then a fire, the big holes of 9 flaming combustion appear at present, all living things changes countenance in abundance, neat kneeling in the tomb pit front, does not know that is the lead that who takes, the palace guard and flame Long Jun sang quite dismal empire battle song together, said that will be the elegy will be more appropriate

The day plume is clear, formidable vast.

Vowed me to be loyal, buries bone another region.

The day plume is clear, formidable vast.

One with Armor, the soul defends the country nation.

The serviceman life, is doomed to bury the fate of bone another region, we understand.

Soon , the palace of awe city has also been on fire, is the roaring flame, the palace guard and flame Long Jun tidies up the military baggage to return to the city everywhere.

Above, continued to burn down to bury the skeleton of dying in battle, the heaviness that the atmosphere could not say, after near three hours, arrived in Tian Ling Empire, moreover this time, Frost led child, Aodiliya and other cold uncultivated land Dragon's den audiences to follow us to return to Tian Ling Empire together, Frost was extremely bright, as if can also guess correctly that will have anything.

Tian Ling Empire, a palatial city stands and waits for a long time in the northeast of mainland, is symbolizing the human strongest barrier.

Before this time Tian Ling Empire north gate, sees only a big piece of person to wear the white clothing to stand there, the news that Theodore died in battle already disappeared without a trace, Locker Great Emperor, and the others wear the white clothing to stand there, cries the eye to be red, they are greeting Theodore's coffin.

The coffin slowly arrived at the city front due to the promotion of iron car(riage), Locker Great Emperor whole body shivers, dismal cries to put on Theodore's corpse, discovered that Theodore's the suture line of head and nape of the neck is cries ominously, he has not thought that is last time sees Theodore, has not thought that Theodore this was known as the person who the empire first command will end up to turn out a fate of being decapitated unexpectedly.

Also holds the coffin to cry, but I can look, perhaps his sob sincerity, he is not chuckling to oneself.

Leads the audiences of palace guard to stand there, I am silent.

Enough dozen minutes pass by, finally, two imperial prince turn around suddenly, shouted to clear the way fierce: „Where does palace guard command Li Xiao Yao?"

I nod: „I."

„Kneels down!" Wickedness that voice could not say.

My silent standing there, goes forward, said: „Why?"


In eye socket full is the tears, shouted to clear the way severely: „You and emperor brother go to battle together, the emperor brother died in battle, you actually intact return, does your this palace guard command has not known the crime? Do not think that I do not know, I already obtained flying to report, because beforehand emperor brother to you many discontented, you use one's office to redress personal grievances and see somebody in danger and do nothing, looks that the emperor brother was beheaded by Luo Lin, is right!?"

Saying, is angry saying: „Comes the human, takes down the token Li Xiao Yao, pares the military rank, immediately promotes beheads!"

Zhan Long Chapter 827

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