Zhan Long Chapter 828

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Two imperial palace bodyguards hold up the sword to come, immediately my behind Han Yuan, Xiao Li and other will fly into a rage, Han Yuangeng is draws out is also bringing the bloodstain long blade horizontally in my front, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Who dares to move my family general to try!"

Xiao Li also stands up from failure to start, shouted to clear the way loudly: „Palace guard, starts!"

A cavalry of big piece of palace guard binds Armor to start, 11 draws out the pointed weapons, has the stance that the war is ready to be set off, the palace guard preserves very much in this expedition is complete, at least also has above thousand person to fight, these soldiers have experienced dragon Long Jun, the person of awe empire campaign with me, I the prestige in armed forces am self-evident, because they are willing to take risks for me like this.

Looks at behind one group of people, my tranquil standing in same place, is raising the town mountain blade, said: „Two your highness, our palace guard and flame Long Jun same fight a bloody battle, we cut Hybrid Demon that killed at least to account for half, why have thought that my Li Xiao Yao did see somebody in danger and do nothing? You have not arrived at the battlefield, why to speculate that baseless thinks I do use one's office to redress personal grievances?"

Wore also said: „Yes two emperor brothers, do not have the matter of proof, do not excel at deciding the Li Xiao Yao charge?"

Gets angry: „Younger sister, but the person of dying the emperor brother, wasn't he your blood brother? For you unexpectedly Li Xiao Yao spoke like this, your doing right by emperor brother's soul in heaven!!"

Wears turns around hurriedly, kneels in the front of Locker Great Emperor, cried saying: „Father emperor, this war loses, but has massacred Luo Lin and Ge Wen also to destroy completely the awe empire after all, can cut to kill the hero to the master of triumphal returning? This certainly cold the heart of army, the father emperor, you spoke a few words actually"

The senior king trembling hand of grasped Theodore to say icy coldly that muttered: „Theodore, my child you walked, whom should I give the day plume empire?"

The senior king sad, lost excessively sanely, killing intent in eyes is more abundant, gets angry: „Comes the human, takes Li Xiao Yao, immediately executes!"

One crowd of imperial guards flushed, Han Yuan, Xiao of Li palace guard and the others move forward to meet somebody directly, even before Long Xing, Xia Ye also trail arms progress to rush, at daggers drawn, the palace guard army indignation, must hit, this imperial guard insufficiently looked radically that flame Long Jun not necessarily is also willing to help, perhaps I can control entire Tian Ling Empire in short Cooldown, but, if dispatches to attack a city the legendary Emperor Yu regiment and other main army corps, my only palace guard is doomed unable to defend, this was quite thorny.

Unceasingly, looks palace guard Yorozuo who angrily one crowd clashes is long, the anger shouted to clear the way: „Xia did Ye, you forget you are whose person? Do you dare to act in collusion and betray the empire with the palace guard?!"

On Xia Ye the face full is helpless, said lightly: „Your highness, Xia Ye knows that commands the Sir to bleed for the country, never has more than half point selfishness, if cuts to kill such one generation of stars, actually world not shame, what my Xia Ye eats is the empire military provisions, naturally must be utterly loyal for the empire, but kills the Li Tongling like this active feudal official, end will unable to achieve."


Shouted angrily: „Thing of one crowd of serving the interest of outsiders, flame Long Jun's Yorozuo long also who? Xu Yi, you stand to me, Li Xiao Yao saw somebody in danger and did nothing to harm the emperor brother dead in battle, didn't you know the circumstances of the matter? You now are the flame Long Jun's commander-in-chief, immediately commands flame Long Jun to attack the palace guard, massacres this crowd of rebel armies entirely!"

In the crowd of flame dragon regiment, Xu Yi walked slowly, eye blood red, the sound is very deep: „Your highness, under the main hall was killed by Luo Lin, we at that time bitter experience Long Jie, tens of thousands of big dragons in attacking us, Li Tongling led the palace guard to attack to kill, in addition could not take care of oneself, how also possibly to rescue under the main hall kilometer away, please end should not be able to obey orders!"

Short of breath, „clang" has drawn out the saber, walked toward me directly, NM, this goods must kill me, does not know that killed my me also to resurrect?

Han deep pool violent anger: „Two your highness, do not act willfully!"

Saying, in his hand full is the long blade of gap one horizontal, Dou Qi dense above knife point, jumps is the airborne maneuver, the long sword strap thousand honored strength anger were dividing, had already been ready, the long sword plundered crosswise to divide above the knife point, only listened to „bang" a Dou Qi fierce collision, Han Yuan long blade instantaneous disintegration, but the long sword in hand was the treasured sword, although has cut off the long blade, was actually shaken by the Han deep pool aggressive strength continually draws back the number step, hit above Theodore's coffin.

„Two your highness?"

At this time, Frost from the crowd, a two stars pupil looks at Theodore finally, said lightly: „Li Xiao Yao is our cold uncultivated land Dragon's den person, wants to kill him, whether can undergo my agreement? Moreover, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den has fought with the palace guard and flame Long Jun shoulder to shoulder, the entire process that under the main hall died in battle I watch, whether can also say my Frost does see somebody in danger and do nothing? Your two your highness stay and defend one's post Tian Ling Empire, may know that we must face Ge Wen, Luo Lin, the silver spear three kings in the battlefield, has the big dragon attack of blotting out the sky, under that situation who can save who? If your highness must act willfully as before, the enemy who on that day the plume empire must face does not stop a palace guard, will have cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, even, Ba Huang City same meets the soldiers of whole nation to attack, my Frost is willing to guard the human barrier by the life, but did not mind that is Tian Ling Empire changes a master, Queen Angela civil and military has both, believes that was competent sufficiently."

„You, Frost!"

, Could not speak angrily, component that the Frost superficial words brought actually not under the army alert of palace guard, continued again is not a palace guard mutiny so is perhaps simple, if cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, Ba Huang City and palace guard attacked together, Tian Ling Empire must exchange ownerships mostly, the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces, the strong wind from afar armed forces and some flame Long Jun many strengths, was very clear.

„Has sufficed,"

Crossed for a long time, the senior king has turned around finally, in a pair of opacitas eye is bringing the tears, said: „Class blood has sufficed many, Theodore gives life for one's country, actually the pride of emperor's clan, after Li Xiao Yao commands whether the dereliction incident accommodates reconsiders, asked Sir Frost to appease anger, was because too grief and indignation, therefore said some inappropriate words, Han Yuan, Xiao Li, you and others led the palace guard to go to the station, after having buried Theodore, naturally can reward according to merit, comes the human, commanded Li Xiao Yao please enter in the imperial palace dungeon, I will choose Cooldown to give him under the main hall justice."

The Han deep pool raises is breaking the blade, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Your majesty, our generals do not have active, really should not feel embarrassed him!"

The senior king shouted to clear the way lowly: „Han does Yuan, you dare the anti- aim?"

Standing that the Han deep pool clenches jaws there, did not say a word, actually Yan Hanqiu must, a stance of school of brave general, this make, Luis, Luo child and the others very helpless, to such brave general not only loved and hated, to love the gallantry of this brave general, actually hated him unable for oneself to use.

I smile, this seems the best means that then said: „Han Yuan, Xiao Li, Long Xing, Xia Ye, you lead the brothers to return to the camp rest to heal from a wound, in the battle path lacks the medicine, do not let the wounded die in vain, goes quickly, I will not have the matter in the imperial palace."

The Han deep pool said: „General, although my Han Yuan family background good five, but also knows that in the palace the wave of battle deceives Yun Gui, the palace guard can return to the camp, but my Han Yuan leads 500 own health/guard to be stationed in Wang Chengnei, momentarily protects the general!"

Long Xing, Xia Ye and the others also in abundance nod: „Subordinate also wants!"

But, I nod: „Goes, Song Fujiang led the people to return to the camp!"

The Song vice general nodded the head: „Yes, Sir!"

At this time, walked two guards, lifted the hand saying: „General, please disarm?"

I have not spoken, in a flash town Yue Dao, Dragon Reservoir Sword enter the package, both hands air-to-air, said with a smile: „You looked that in my hand where has what weapon?"

Two guards were fooled one, Lin Wan Er follows me, said kindly: „Pig, although this plot we have not thought that what matter but should not have?"

I smile: „All right, after meets I have been imprisoned, on offline, accompanies you to eat the thing."

„Um, good!"

Frost looked to child Queen Shu and Aodiliya, said: „We stay in the Tian Ling Empire tavern, how I must witness them to give Li Xiao Yao to determine guilt with own eyes!"

Child Shu also smiled, said: „Good, I also want to know!"

Aodiliya is holding appreciatively purple wind sword, said: „I also stay behind, has a look at these ugly facial casts, later assassinations, throw into their heads do not turn over to the nautical mile to feed the fish!"

Locker Great Emperor and fear, does not dare to speak, after all Aodiliya present strength is almost Holy Domain peak close inferior god, such person wants to kill them truly is not the too major problem, and Aodiliya collects the mainland [Soul Army] sharp weapon is became famous, depending on various types of concealed or hidden weapons on sufficiently murder invisible.

As the civil and military whole body of ministers enter the imperial palace main hall, I was sent under custody to enter the ice-cold underground prison by one group of guards, the token that but south the town the general and palace guard command had not been taken, probably is of awaiting trial, one group of prison guards look to me, on the face has the color of admiration, after all I am Tian Ling Empire first dare to lead troops to attack the person in dragon Long Jun, thorough Hybrid Demon territory, in Tian Ling Empire already was a legend, because this made these prison guard admirations actually worry.

Finally fell being out of jailing, I sit on the ice-cold stone bed think somewhat funnily, why cannot pass with me, I am well aware.

Theodore dies, Locker will definitely confer is a crown prince, such was my this palace guard has commanded in the only stumbling obstacle of empire, because I have not given loyalty to anyone, instead with wearing walked very nearly, and military authority that in the hand had was really too fearful, did not remove me, feared unable to fall asleep in the evening.

However what is a pity, like this with me for enemy , he since can do, that later will be doomed unable to fall asleep really!

Bites one, system System Notification I, noon tomorrow 12 roll-calls will reward according to merit in the imperial palace main hall, I can also go out of the dungeon to accept [Judgement], just, had Cooldown rest well one.

offline, accompanies Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue to eat to the full together, then satisfactory sleeping.

When gets online again, jointly checked Cooldown also to arrive.

The previous chapter wrong interpolated [Hero's Mound] Simple, please forgive the thing that the leaf formed in one's mind recently to be too many, therefore wrote chaotically, legal copy reading revised ~

Zhan Long Chapter 828

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