Zhan Long Chapter 829

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Appears in the dungeon, opens eyes, the discovery front is actually crawling a black mouse, raises its tail to discard, stands up from failure, durable of mail-armor and helmet is not high, above the armor completely by Axe and sword was divided the scar and hole that hole cuts, this was „just worked as" one, locked firmly, was a chief aide-de-camp said outside: „Li Tongling, comes out, on us palace!"

I have rubbed the arm, thought somewhat is sore, stands up to go out of the prison cell, thought that will not come back mostly again.


Arrives at the ground, bypassed several pavilions is the imperial palace main hall, my quick number of lines step, overtook the chief aide-de-camp, asked: „Chief aide-de-camp, yesterday what happened?"

A chief aide-de-camp forced smile: „Important matter does not have, but the minor matter occurred actually much......"


„Beard of Great Emperor...... Overnight was all blown light, coming the method of person to be wise, in the situation that unexpectedly in the Great Emperor does not awake has scraped off his all perhaps, the pointed weapons that holds inevitably were the magical instrument of cutting iron like mud."

I smile, the chief aide-de-camp looks that I think somewhat am disrespectful, said: „Has not thought that in the imperial palace will present this grade of outstandingly able person."

The chief aide-de-camp said: „Snort, this is clearly telling your majesty, does he want to take your majesty life is similar to takes something out of the pocket general? Snort, simply was really too treason and heresy, if made me catch him, certainly tore to shreds him!"

I already guessed correctly that was, besides Odelia who will also do such bored actually the rash matter?


Steps onto the main hall time, approached high noon, Lin Wan Er, Fang Ge Que, Simple, Dong Cheng Yue, Ye Lai and other meritorious list first 10 players, look at my injured shackles, Ye Lai somewhat is angry: „, What's all this about, Xiao Yao, who gave the handcuffs to get up you?"

I show a faint smile: „All right!"

When I arrive under the king stair time, Locker looks to me, lets somebody cool off or calm down said: „After Pearl and investigating thoroughly, this matter understood, all have nothing to do with Li Tongling, Li Tongling is not only innocent, and is active, comes the person, turns on the shackles for Li Tongling!"

I shake the head: „Does not need!"

Saying, the both arms catch up, drinks one lowly, this special cold iron the shackles of casting immediately the disintegration, by my present boundary and strength, this every ferric radical could not surround me, the shackles disintegration is a fragment of place, looks at the senior king and and the others to be dumbfounded, thinks that they also know, so long as I want to come out, the dungeon cannot surround me.


I arrive at side Pearl to stand firm, Pearl looks to me, said: „You know why will have put you easily?"

I shake the head: „Does not know......"

Pearl smiles lightly, said: „Over the two days had a lot, the beard of father emperor late at night scraped off, the suspicion is you do in the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den friend, and...... Dragon Xing, summer leaf and the others lead the palace guard, about hundred warships in the military god river bank, will frighten the atmosphere not to dare to leave one dock and harbor of legendary Emperor Yu armed forces horizontally, Han Yuan, Xiao severe about hundred dragon crystal artillery and hot crag artillery will advance outside Tian Ling Empire less than 1000 meters place, the drill equestrian skill outside the city and archery, consecutively for two days, the aristocrats in city has not dared to go out......"

I in consternation, have not thought these subordinates will make these matters to come, somewhat is moved actually somewhat worried that this act is deterring Tian Ling Empire, however certainly will also make Locker Great Emperor and conceive a plan, the person who is in the top digit wants to move our these servicemen, that has 10,000 methods simply!


At this time, Locker Great Emperor stood up from the throne, on the arm was entangling Bai Sha, that was in Theodore imperial prince who holding a memorial service dead in battle, looked to the whole body of ministers under place, Locker said: „This empire expedites, attacked to extinguish the Luo Lin subordinates thoroughly, and killed, the heavy losses silver spear Luo Lin and Ge Wen, my Tian Ling Empire in north crowd of demons, claimed credit really great, come, said the reward that you wanted!"

Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword and the others has chosen the promotion military exploit, this difference, almost all people chose have elevated the status in the armed forces the way, only Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue have not chosen, their two both were the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den people, had me in the armed forces, therefore would rather chose a equipment anything really came.

Finally, Dong Cheng Yue obtained a master ring of Demon Harvest, Lin Wan Er has attained a necklace of Demon Harvest, was good.

Locker Great Emperor is holding the sword of King , to continue to announce all orders, said: „Flame dragon regiment war resides in the first in merit, my son Theodore died in battle heroically, flame Dragon Jun for the empire chief regiment, holds the post of flame Dragon Jun to command by Xu Yi as before . Moreover, Fang Ge Que promotes for the bow and arrow camp controls, holds the Yorozuo long title, Mu Xuan, Enchanted Painting and Ye Lai are secondary Battalion Tuan control, hold the multitude of people long title!"

Saying, Locker, said: „Drunken Spear military rank promotion to general, Military Control fall harvest regiment expands to 10,000 people, still enrolled under the legendary Emperor Yu colors, Q-Sword promotes for the hot axe armed forces infantry battalion multitude of people are long."

Sits in opposite, vision looks to me, kills intent to be imposing. I also look to him, corners of the mouth raise, has not spoken.

Locker Great Emperor continues saying: „Finally, the palace guard commands General Li Xiao Yao the combat to be fierce , to promote to protect the country general, the third-level military rank, permits voluntarily the expansion of armaments, the palace guard highest expansion of armaments to 10 thousand people . Moreover, Li Xiao Yao commands subordinate Dragon Xing, the summer leaf two generals to promote for the town east the general and town southern general, is engaged since legendary Emperor Yu regiment Ren Jun, Xiao severe, Han Yuan promote for the general, enters in flame dragon regiment Ren Jun to be engaged in!"

My whole body trembles, is quite poisonous, this certainly is the European pension Locker's suggestion, all will transfer directly my four efficient department, such came is only my palace guard commands insufficiently has actually controlled the army, this was kicked upstairs gives my right-hand simply reduces entirely.

The steps go forward, my sinking sound track: „Your majesty, has improper."

Locker is fearless: „General Li, why not?"

I think that said: „Palace guard just reconstructed successfully, when is choosing a person, Han Yuan and other convenience that I use, and they and palace guard the soldiers of also very much have the tacit understanding, the prestige in the armed forces is extremely high, only then such general's talent can stimulate the strength of palace guard completely, I rather do not want this reward, asking your majesty continuation their four to keep the palace guard!"

Locker slightly one startled: „Li Xiao Yao, you protect the country generals not to want, to want these four people?"

I nod to say with a smile: „Yes, asking your majesty to help."


Locker implored the tone, said: „All military officer military ranks of palace guard are motionless, as before maintains the establishment, but allows you to recruit the troops voluntarily, expands to 10 thousand person armies."

„Thanked your majesty!"


I draw back, not far away Ye Lai purses the lips, says with a smile: „This world was too dark, active cannot Feng Shang, NPC this B types, MD I do not know that said any was good."

I also smiled: „Has not related, always has to defend one day of Yun Kai fog has lifted!"


Lin Wan Er I am for fear that unhappy, has dispersed after the palace conference accompanies my meeting as before, but I led her to pack off Frost, Zi Shu and Odelia, then on the matter of this processing palace guard, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue practiced the level, I went to the palace guard camp.

Stood up from failure to start, rides Flying Scythe War Horse to go out of Tian Ling Empire, reviewed looked that above the front door above sword blade edge construction of discovery city was actually puncturing 4 heads, was quite big, that was the blood giant Kyle's head, another three separately were Luo Lin and Ge Wen, Sellin, this was really a satire, the head of tyrannical Hybrid Demon king will be hanging unexpectedly here, if this made Seurre, Dahlen, Sif and the others see that they can fly into a rage, will happen one day will be hanging Locker, head on the city of Hybrid Demon territory?

Arrives in the camp, Han Yuan, Xiao severe and the others noticed that I must coming back of entire tail be delighted beyond measure, held a temporary conference in armed forces account rapidly, about the fitting out military strength, I will also seal the matter that enjoys to say.

The Han deep pool frowns, said: „Also thinks can obtain some granting, has not thought that this Great Emperor does not have to grant the meaning of palace guard unexpectedly slightly, was really the person old had been muddleheaded."

I show a faint smile: „Has not related, the Song vice general dialed to take some gold coins to reward from the stock of palace guard to the soldiers, emperor cold our hearts, we cannot cold the heart of palace guard soldier."

Dragon Xing nods with a smile: „Commands Sir word is really!"

Xia Ye asked: „Sir, does the emperor allow us to expand the palace guard to the audiences of 10 thousand people?"

I: „Um, yes, but I have not thought where must from recruit that many troops to come again."

The Han deep pool said: „Sir, you know why the strength of palace guard even does want high flame Dragon Jun, the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces?"

„Does not know, why?"

„Because our blade shield camp is the strength greatly infinite barbarian composition!" The Han deep pool laughs, said: „But goes on an expedition after continuously, 5000 people of barbarians remaining 4000 did not only arrive, this is not the means that end will suggest that we raise soldiers and horses, barbarian tribe military recruit who goes to the Ba Huang City southeast border region region?"

The dragon whetstone claps hands to say with a smile: „The life of barbarian is always poor, if we take away enough many gold coins to them and grain, to each barbarian soldiers family several gold coins, believes that certainly can recruit one group of terse brave warriors, General Han Yuan this suggestion simply wonderful to jolting!"

Xiao severe manner is prudent, said: „Somewhat was worried that barbarian fondness of countryside is difficult to tame, why do we want to tame their fondness of countryside?"

I said without hesitation: „South moon/month blade edge forest has a vast in territory hot crystal basin, can open up wasteland to open up wasteland as the armed forces, I applied, we can entire move the barbarian tribe, not only can plant massive opening up wasteland, but can also make them have the sense of belonging to the empire, did not fear that these barbarians will betray."

In Xiao Liyan is passing joyfully: „Sir good idea, this!"



The matter of application is smooth, Princess Pearl attained the hot crystal basin right of use with ease, the palace guard instantly has also sent 2 thousand people to open up the open land to go to the hot crystal basin, but I four will lead 10,000 cavalry soldiers to escort the grain and fodder and gold coins of dozens car(riage)s with Han Yuan go to southeast Ba Huang City.

Zhan Long Chapter 829

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