Zhan Long Chapter 830

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Team enormous and powerful crossed child Wushan, arrives in Ba Huang City within the boundaries, does not have need anything entry Wen Die, Queen Angela to order all the way, as long as has the palace guard token in the Ba Huang City border to move unimpeded, this has also given me a huge face, is riding Flying Scythe War Horse, at the same time has a look at behind the long team, I somewhat am disturbed, thought that the heroic spirit spurts thinly, not long, I unexpectedly have become this elite master has commanded, this sense of achievement makes each men be charmed sufficiently.

Way azure large male deer deep pool and Dragon's den, I make the team advance, oneself went to Dragon's den, recruited 500 Cliff Dragon Cavalry once again, such came Dragon's den to have 6500 Cliff Dragon Cavalry after these many days development, the total military strength has also achieved the fearful 13855 people, by Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing command, if took the combat , the complete force will not lose to the palace guards of 4 thousand people too many, even can compare the strength of [Zhan Long] entire guild, but the shortcoming was died in battle unable to come back to life, otherwise was really invincible.

Has managed the Dragon's den matters concerned, immediately dialed the horse to pursue, caught up with the transport team, Han Yuan was already raising a handle new long blade in all directions You Yi, saw that I came to say immediately: „General, we such enter the wild region, can encounter the attack of barbarian tribe, they may not be unfriendly to humanity......"

I smile: „Relax, I selected to choose 100 people of blade shield camps to accompany, they were the barbarian, the language are also interlinked, communicated with the local barbarian does not certainly have the issue."

„So that's how it is!"


Marches forward, I while opened the management list of [Zhan Long], has a look at the player position and Level fluctuation, then opens the guild chat channel, said: „Was right, the previous time does not have incorruptible demon emperor king level BOSS to attack Ze deep pool city? The final situation is what kind , does the American massacre this king level BOSS?"

Li Mu said: „Massacred!"

I am astonished: „Yo, is the US war zone so powerful?"

Yue Qing Qian chuckle: „Hasn't Brother Xiao Yao known? The incorruptible demon emperor collaborated to strike to kill by the player and NPC in has not turned over to the sea the edge, that handle Country Weapon level staff exploded, probably was calls ‚the stick of snow and ice queen Aiersha scepter'? The name is good to be long, heard that attribute is formidable, ‚in rain rhythm' by Guildmaster of US war zone second guild was taken away, it is said for this handle Aiersha scepter, the first Guild war sharp knife blade attacks brutally with the second Guild feather god, finally has not attained, the sky rose soon the air/Qi cried!"

I am speechless: „Sky rose woman...... Actually the person is very attractive, but was too crude, a girl played any Swordsman......"

Li Mu smiled: „But somebody's girlfriend plays specially assassin of assassination......"

Lin Wan Er seems killing strangely, actually also chuckle: „Whom Li Mu you said!"

Li Mu Ha Ha smiles: „What does not have, but in the afternoon soon time, Enchanted Painting had the Dawn Mills brand to ride to enter the map of northern Hybrid Demon territory to explore, [Legend] will definitely have the big movement, who had the news?"

Yue Qing Qian said: „Here knows something, afterward also had the person to go including Fang Ge Que, it is said obtained an information, in the Hybrid Demon territory has higher Level mount, the goal of [Legend] this act is very simple , to continue to strengthen one to ride the war is the strength of player, they can dominate the Chinese war zone to prepare for the future."

My knitting the brows head, said: „[Legend] is also thinking dominates the Chinese area?"

Yue Qing Qian smiled faintly: „Brother Xiao Yao, Fang Ge Que is the first person of Chinese war zone, can he not want to strengthen his status? Let [Legend] continue to dominate the Chinese area, this is the most direct way."

I said: „Called the king in the Chinese war zone in what way? Line of battles, are...... Will [Legend] launch the challenge to Tian Ling Empire other main Guild on own initiative?"

„Has the possibility."

Lin Wan Er is killing strangely, the cheek said ruddily: „Perhaps competes for some type of stage prop, perhaps look, in Tian Ling Empire meets the Shua newly any rare city and territory and so on, so long as has this situation again, [Legend] surely whole-heartedly, and...... [Legend] may list as the first competitor our [Zhan Long]."

I nod: „Um......"

Perhaps just like Lin Wan Er said that Fang Ge Que already faint regarded the first competitor me, but since [Zhan Long] was [Legend] dominates the strongest match in Chinese war zone, Tian Ling Empire cleared, the war is unceasing, people also faint can feel that [Hero's Mound], [Vanguard], [Prague] and other Guild somewhat felt weak slightly, [Thousand Burial], [Flying Dragon] and temple Knight group and other Guild cannot go to the genuine international battlefield, therefore rose [Zhan Long] that stiffened unceasingly to be able with [Legend] to struggle only high, this war was unavoidable, perhaps will fight before the country?

Does not manage, the racket the head of Flying Scythe War Horse, I am disinclined to go to think these again, if [Legend] challenges [Zhan Long] on own initiative, that should better, but, is ready to cope with anything to resist by whatever means available, fought then!


Soon, ten thousand people of palace guard rode with the transport team entered Ba Huang City domestic butterfly forest, across the butterfly forest, arrived in the fertile farmland thousand area units, then bypassed the station of cold wind regiment, the cold wind regiment was Angela's subordinate trump card regiment, the military might is astonishing, distant can hear a neat drill sound, palace guard not close, otherwise association doubtable anything, the south presented a peak by far, Mount Xing Yun in legend, in Ba Huang City the highest mountain range, was higher than the ice ridge mountain, but nobody has reached truly, under Mount Xing Yun was a military compound vestige, the station of purple star regiment, since. After the purple star the demon dragon farm tractor massacres, the purple star regiment by the Luo Lin demon is changed into Hybrid Demon, perhaps during had been expedited by us killed off completely, therefore this station is stretch of ruins, actually many hunters hunt in the camp, kill some hares, wild boars and badger to have a full stomach or the changing money job.


The Han deep pool looks to the ruins of all around purple star regiment, the purple star regiment war flag that there side is damaged is dragging, he sighed: „Back then, purple star regiment the trump card regiment that but Ba Huang City is listed third, places the entire day plume empire to arrange on number trump card regiment, has not thought that unexpectedly reduces this paddies, General, you said that our palace guards can have such one day?"

I do not know that whose brain Han Yuan this NPC memory fragment duplicates to implant from, but this combat general is truly fierce and heroic, with the artificial friend, probably must be more enjoyable than in the person contact that in the reality these did mistrust each other like this? Then smiles, said: „So long as we are also living, the palace guard never will meet the destruction, each of you are the soul of palace guard, even if some day I not, so long as you still, this fire seed can continue!"

The Han deep pool and Xiao severe with deep veneration, Xiao severe hold the fist in the other hand said sincerely: „Commands, you are the palace guard only soul, if you , the air/Qi of palace guard then, did not hope you...... Never must abandon us!"

In my heart somewhat is slightly sigh with emotion, the nod said: „Relax, I cannot!"



Again shortly afterward, across the Holy Flame Desert edge, arrived in a wilderness region directly, distant can see that brief city builds there, wilderness that horizontally between we and barbarian tribes are , the place above is fluttering Ba Huang City Wang Qi, obviously this is the Ba Huang City being stationed soldier, looked that situation will want Cery to be most not over 1000 people in soldier.

Han deep pool holds up the war flag of palace guard to progress to dash to go forward, was saying to the city borderland guard loudly: „South palace guard Li Xiao Yao commands the Military Control troops to go to handle matters personally, please allow to pass!"

In the city guards the officer to be stunned, said: „General Li of real palace guard?"

The Han deep pool nods: „Also can have the vacation?"

„End will get down immediately!"

After several seconds, this guard officer appears in the city fills, progresses to come, to hold the fist in the other hand to say with a smile: „End Liu Ren, see palace guard commands the Sir, please show your token, end naturally can allow to pass!"

I put out the token that the palace guard has commanded from the waist, after one is bright, said: „Good?"

Guards the officer to say with a smile: „Um, confirmed that asking the Sir to excuse me, the southern barbarian repeatedly invasion our Ba Huang City fertile farmland, really has been recently hateful, therefore the queen sent us to guard here, once there is a barbarian to invade then balances with the sword!"

I nod: „We passed, moreover our trip are to go to the barbarian tribe recruits their people to come Tian Ling Empire to become a soldier, you go to and Queen Angela apply for one, said that is my request."

„Yes, end command!"

The military rank of this guard officer is only a Wei, most 12 levels, south the 4 levels of general compared with my this town must miss much, therefore spoke is respectful and discrete, in this strength and authority decided that in all world, will disrespect will cause the fatal disaster, was I am a player, changed into the real NPC words, perhaps already was beheaded many by my achievement by the Tian Ling Empire emperor's clans times...... Just like Locker Great Emperor promotes four future to weaken the palace guard to be the same, they think to be cloudy I the words, this means have tens of thousands of types.


The palace guard cavalry through the fort, the rear transport vehicle also 11 follows one after another, quick, we army entered in the wilderness, approaches for a half hour to see that to the vanguard again some fragmentary crudeness have constructed, said that crude really crude, many in the cavern that above the mountain massif digs, more is the trees carelessly build house, from outside can see that the sunlight penetration roof projected in the room, did not need to think that to the wet weather, here certainly was outside the heavy rain, in the light rain, discussed the living condition, the barbarian sincerity is unable and humanity places on a par.

„Be careful, some people came!" Xiao severe lowers suddenly drinks one: „Shield array!"

Shield cavalry soldier of one group of palace guards rushed to the front to construct the position in abundance, saw only above the both sides mountain ranges many arrow arrows to fall suddenly, „flip-flop" falling on the shield of palace guard, or shot down on the armor, the arrow reflection on the ground, I looked at one, worked very shoddily, even was used to manufacture the wooden bat of arrow body to be curving, this possibly shot?

The distant place, one crowd raised the barbarian of hand made stone ax and cheap lance to shout wildly to clash, although the battle efficiency of this group of people was very strong, however equipment words...... Only can with decaying Ge Dunjia described that hits the young master armed forces also to think depending on such battle efficiency, words that but resists with the palace guard, that had the dead end!

Zhan Long Chapter 830

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