Zhan Long Chapter 831

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The Han deep pool captures from the shoulder of palace guard only injects the body the arrow arrow, said: „Damn, they dare to put the arrow, courts death simply, General, wants me to give them fiercely to taste? End will have the person to reduce several heads to say in the past again!"

I drink to stop hurriedly: „Stop! Do not impulse, our time comes to not to go to war with them, Xiao severe, you went to say with them!"


Xiao severe manner is prudent, this point makes me feel relieved actually very much that progressing leads dozens the barbarian soldiers in blade shield camps to walk, Xiao severe distant does not know that said anything, one group of barbarians also naturally stopped the attack, our blade shield camp soldier shouts raucously a meeting, the opposite party on lax the hostility, Xiao severe with a smile has referred immediately to our behind transport vehicles, said anything, the opposite party is doubtful, soon after an old man walked, poked under one with the dagger of stone manufacture in the bag of transport vehicle, immediately the white and shiny rice has flowed coming out, The eyes of this barbarian old man were instantaneously moist, the tears, this sense of hunger looked like falls into wild man dozens years not to see the woman result suddenly at present to present one crowd not to put on the clothes and white and shiny miss to be the same.

Xiao severe has referred to me, the barbarian old man then raised the stone dagger to walk, is shouting several to me, nearby blade shield camp soldier explained to me: „Commands the Sir, he meant that can give him first small bag of rice, his granddaughter has fallen ill, cannot eat up cheap reddish brown Kui, if there is a millet to cook gruel, perhaps his granddaughter can also live......"

I nod: „Gives him is, but makes him call here barbarian tribe leaders to see us, we must explain the purpose in coming to them earlier, otherwise on Bai to come."

Xiao severe nods smiles: „I knew, the Sir please await calmly the good news, do we pitch camp in the front mountain valley? Today probably cannot get away."



Enters the mountain valley, the region is open, I did not worry actually the barbarian can sneak attack us, the sneak attack cannot hit our 10,000 palace guards, they do not have excellent equipment, does not have good tactical training, can say that my 4000 barbarian blade shield camps sufficiently swept away this barbarian tribe, will not have the too big damage.

After the palace guards move into, probably at dusk, the last bunch of light of setting sun also vanish from the mountain ridges, around the barrack of palace guard has held up the flare, but the distant place is also dragging many point spark, finally, the barbarian tribe leader here nearby areas came, altogether 14 people, here altogether 14 barbarian tribes, attack in fact mutually, never have peacefully, but this palace guard has demonstrated the formidable military strength and material resource, therefore has made them move sufficiently.

The armed forces account, I sit on the commanding general seat, the order surroundings light the lamps, in the crane lamp bowl that the empire is rich is burning the lamp oil, the furious twinkle, shines on face of one group of barbarian leaders, these people mostly are the old men, but it is said is only 40-50 years old, but is long with 80 years old, should be related with their living conditions.

Looks that 14 tribe leaders arrive in full, I stand up, study the empire etiquette to hold the fist in the other hand, say with a smile: „I called Li Xiao Yao, commanding of palace guard, we came from the day plume empire, the goal of this time coming should know."

Nearby blade shield camp soldier translated half for me, finally a leader stood, said with not too standard standard spoken Chinese: „General, your purpose in coming we understand that we want to know, after going to Tian Ling Empire, can our tribe be put to death, looks like the beforehand some tribes is the same?"

I shake the head: „Cannot absolutely!"

This leader said: „Your humanity...... How can teach us to cultivate really?"

I said: „Yes, how did you live before?"

Leader look one gloomy, said: „We...... We walk along with the seed......"

„Walks along with the seed?" I in consternation, said does not understand completely.

Nearby Xiao severe explained with a smile: „Commands, their meanings are, how the barbarian does not understand sows seeds, therefore can only follow seed move about of plant, for example, on this mountain top has grain, but after autumn, the seed of this grain fluttered with the wind to the mountain, grew under the mountain, the barbarian can only move the housing with this grain to the mountain, year after year, did not have including a place of settling down, what was most miserable was the seed of this grain flutters to the river , the rock region accidentally, that they can only seek for the new life to depend upon, many people on were but because like this starved to death., Moreover, the bow and arrow production process of barbarian is shoddy, arrow arrow designing precision incomparable difference, even if the strength is greatly infinite not to shoot too many game, will be is bullied by the game on the contrary."

I stare slightly: „Was bullied by the game, what's all this about?"

That tribe leader eyes were red, said: „Our tribe altogether more than 50,000 people, depend upon a big piece of reddish brown Kui to live, but half a month ago, came monster beast of one crowd of torching from the southern endless place, tramples our reddish brown Kui, making us lose the final dependence, the brave warrior who in the clan and tribe sent out is also killed many by this flock of monster beasts......"

Saying, this leader tears, single Xigui on ground, was saying: „Commands the Sir, if you really the heaven send to our deity, that please help us massacre this flock of monster beasts, so long as massacres this flock of monster beasts, our 14 tribes agreed that moves 50% people to go to the Tian Ling Empire housing, once confirmed that humanity will not injure us, all goes to Tian Ling Empire surely, selects the young people to work for the Sir!"

„Monster beast?" I stand up, asked: „What monster beast?"

The leaders said: „Can torch, the head has corner/horn, is sharp, our many brave warriors die under this incisive corner/horn, this flock of monster beasts like the reddish brown Kui's flavor, therefore tramples the reddish brown Kui place, making us lose the final life dependence."

The Han deep pool walked, is similar one pile to the thing of plant rhizome loses on my table, said: „General, this is reddish brown Kui of legend!"

I draw out Dragon Reservoir Sword, incision, the purple, cuts a scrap, placed the mouth to taste one, exceptionally bitter and astringent, could not bear knit the brows: „Does barbarian tribe eat this to maintain the livelihood?"

„Yes, General!"

I nod: „Good, I have known in heart, your 14 tribe altogether how many people?"

„Altogether 200,000 people, can the Sir arrange the livelihood for us?"

My confident sitting down, said: „Relax, the trivial 200 000 person, the hot crystal basin enough you lived, was good, you go back, I will begin to kill the matter of monster beast immediately, will surely give you a confession!"

„Many thanks the Sir, you are really Heaven send to cause to our gods!"

I did not have to say anything, gave these person of several car(riage) grain, these tribe leaders like have not seen the world, feeling pleased pushed the grain to return to the tribe.


Goes out of the tent, I stand up from failure to start, said to behind the people: „Han Yuan, Xiao severe, search their reddish brown Kui places with my night, has a look at the monster beast in this legend is any thing."

„Yes, General!"

Soon, selects 1000 people of troops, left the mountain valley taking advantage of the moonlight, galloped forward for 20 minutes, in the noses has been able to smell the familiar smell, impressively was that reddish brown Kui's smell, on the mountain ridge of distant place several flames, was arching in reddish brown Kui, like was a leader pig, but these things wanted the military might more than the pig, was a leader whole body is lingering the flame...... Good dragon?

It is not right, the four limbs like are not Dragon Claw curving, but is straight, and above the back has the long neck hair, but the whole body is covering the scarlet red scales, the flame is passing the scales densely in the surroundings, in the top of the head such as the blade edge acute angle, saw that this contour I couldn't bear the moral nature tremble, belong to [Zhan Long] higher mount to come?

Walks to go forward directly, in the hand a sword blade edge pendulum, drinks one to start [Assault] to overrun lowly, saw clearly these monsters Level, 155 levels of antique level monsters, antique level? This was in Titan level a level, should the strength with 6 and 7 levels of Hybrid Demon quite? Looked at the attribute probably is similar, welcomed to go forward is a sword chops to cut!


This named „fire dragon beast" monster physical defense is not really low, a Dragon Reservoir Sword sword gets down 2.2 thousand + injury, but after it eats the pain, flings the head to counter-attack my one time, 3000 + injuries, were good, after three five went to two to reduce, has not blown out anything, but Han Yuan, Xiao severe and the others also led the palace guard to open in the surroundings kill, dozens people killed a fire dragon beast, basically compared the security.

Soon after sweeps away a mountain top, several fire dragon beasts exuded hissing to go on the escape long, the running speed certainly, our cavalry soldiers could not follow quickly, even my Flying Scythe War Horse could not overtake, along with him, turned around no longer to worry.


Also has killed a meeting, finally had discovered the first head 1 level of fire dragon beast, is a small beast, stands all alone, sends out low whooshing, I walked to go forward slowly, have read, unexpectedly read the mount attribute of this monster, was tyrannical

【Fire Dragon beast】( Divine Tier BOSS level mount)

Strength: + 310

Stamina: + 305

Agility: + 300

Magic: + 297

attack power promotion: + 100%

physical defense promotion: + 150%

Movement Speed promotion: + 400%

Max HP promotion: + 20000

Characteristics: The big dragon bloodlines, significantly promote attack power and HP of user restore the speed

Characteristics: Kings of beasts, crush target mount 30% attributes

mount toughness: + 70%

mount Stamina: 200 points

Stamina restoration: 0.5 point / difference

Needs Level: 140


Trembles slightly, I am unable to believe simply, unexpectedly is BOSS level mount? Just like my Flying Scythe War Horse grade, but requests Level is 140 levels, therefore the attribute explodes my Flying Scythe War Horse, MD, this mount is good, must take, in my package just several mount quartzes, can be used for the seal.

Puts out a quartz, starts seal, continual seal 78 times, finally success!


This fire dragon beast fell into my pouch, the feeling pleased signing contract rides, suddenly behind Han Yuanda shouted to clear the way: „Sir, is not good, looks at that side quickly!"


Turns around to look that a distant place troop fire dragon beast ran, front line the body of fire dragon beast huge, the forehead completely is an appearance of fire dragon, I immediately moral nature one startled, realized that this is my true mount, but...... This goods probably are not 1 level of mount appearance, along with the reason, killed said again!

Zhan Long Chapter 831

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