Zhan Long Chapter 832

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Certainly was several fire dragon beasts that before escaped disclosed secret information, finally this „king" directing, probably altogether 100 + fire dragon beasts added a BOSS appearance, I shouted to clear the way immediately in a low voice: „Ties, I attract this in a big way, you take out bend Yarai, first killed several to say again!"

The Han deep pool and Xiao severe and the others anything has not formed a team to experience, naturally did not understand that had anything to coordinate with me, drew a sword rushed, gave the heck with is one randomly chops!

But contact this BOSS of my also short distance, the attribute read in individual channel, saw Pin Jie time I had a scare, unexpectedly is the inferior god level? Is wild in the south place unexpectedly inferior god level BOSS that this bird does not defecate, said that Going out who believes?!

【God fierce Dragon Huang】( Inferior god level BOSS)

Level: 157

Attack: 18000-22400

Defense: 17000

HP: 1,0000,0000


Introduced: When god fierce dragon emperor, fire Dragon King in legend, Dragon Clan disaster, this Dragon King leads several hundred fire dragons to become a fugitive, and has killed over ten thousand guards in the well of god demon, therefore encounters Dahlen and Sif's chasing down, finally, god fierce Dragon Huang was held by Sif goddess, and Sif started has been full of the curse of evil, making this fire Dragon King incarnation be horse, for generations the manner controlled


Attribute very tyrannical, I started to sympathize with this god fierce dragon emperor, but this attack power was really overwhelmed with emotion, physical defense equally was also scary, was the HP quantity unexpectedly only then trivial 100 million, this somewhat could not be joined to the inferior god level BOSS status, wants to come should the cursed relations, therefore the ability large scale was also weakened, but this was also good, otherwise did our trivial 1000 people of palace guards resist?


The ice glow fragmentary condensation changes into the wings, I entered the effects of thousand frost wings instantaneously, the [Wall of Dou Qi] in addition held, Zhen Yue Blade one divided to cut horizontally above the BOSS body!


This injury obviously was not powerful, the god fierce dragon emperor violent anger, raises four hooves, the acute angle on top of the head erupts one group of roaring flame to shell suddenly on my Zixiao cape, a pain of being overwhelmed with emotion transmits, this is similar to the rest/breath of big dragon strikes, has killed my 3 thousand directly + HP, this is not good, immediately supposes next [Azure Dragon Crossbow], leaves to draw back anxiously, long-distance throws Zhen Yue Blade to rumble to kill this goods.

The Han deep pool and Xiao Liti the pointed weapons were welcoming go forward, with god fierce Dragon Huang stood, HP of these two fellows is thicker than me, boiled lives to hit, but I maintained the long-distance output am also enough.


The long blade of Han deep pool blooms a blood on the god fierce Dragon Huang buttocks, I aim immediately am [Great Realm of Desolation] attack, then tops up the blood to continue to approach is one set of combo erupts, leaves to draw back again, Ancient Heavenly Tiger roared, lingered around BOSS unceasing launching attacks, more palace guards led a cheer in the periphery unceasing archery, another group of shield cavalry soldiers waved the (spear gun) shield to prey in one flock of fire dragon beasts together, on the entire hillside instantaneous on fiery red was been almost incarnadine, the distant place can see that impressively many barbarians went out of the cave, astonished looks at the preying scene on mountain, Dumbfounded.

„Roar roar......"

The attack of BOSS is too fierce, several hits, Han Yuan front have seeped the blood, my hurried [say / way]: „Draws back, wrapped up to come again, this was the order!"

The Han deep pool anger chopped a blade to withdraw immediately, I and Xiao severe converging attack BOSS, continued am maintaining the scene of this fight in which several persons take turns fighting one person so as to wear the opponent out, Han Yuan fought after the awe empire promoted for Demon Harvest step BOSS, distance god level BOSS on a difference, I do not think that he hung here, that for me simply was the greatest loss.

(Spear Gun) that Xiao severe uses, a cold glow has covered in the god fierce Dragon Huang surroundings, punctures the (spear gun) flowers suddenly, wipes out god fierce Dragon Huang HP unceasingly, in addition leading a cheer of surrounding palace guard, quick god fierce Dragon Huang HP fell about 30%!


The big roar continues, god fierce Dragon Huang gets angry, airborne „Shua" a diarrhea falls together the column of flame around it, immediately one group of people including me was burnt, even several palace guards were burnt directly, I clench teeth to retrocede single-handed, the hand of purgatory starts, the luck is good, succeeds to imprison BOSS , to continue for 10 seconds!

The Han deep pool and Xiao severe make use one round to fiercely attack, the surrounding palace guard also in abundance brandishes the pointed weapons to kill, god fierce Dragon Huang is also getting more and more distressed, not being able to withstand gradually has injured like this, whole body scale one piece by piece turns, the rock magma common blood spatters in all directions unceasingly, the pitiful yell sound is lingering on faintly, quick arrived at point of death.


The big move came, this time is large-scale flame impact, my hurried top in the front, the loud order said: „All people, backlash!"

I am army command, my order is the highest instruction, Han Yuan, Xiao severe and the others retrocedes in abundance, but I continue to go against around BOSS, Invincible Body opens, 25 seconds of invincibility, holds halberd Raging Flames also to start, unceasing wreaking havoc BOSS, a hand, [Thundering Heavens] starts suddenly, innumerable Thunder dragon earthshaking is wreaking havoc on the night hillside, the BOSS whinning sound is extremely miserable, acute angle shaking of top of the head in my front, in my Shuanglong defense effect that Invincible Body finished hit to come out instantaneously unexpectedly, after it was cursed, only then 1 E HP, Cannot stand up to hit, Zhen Yue Blade sweeps the [Combo] skill, has carried off its final HP instantaneously, after whins, this god level BOSS knees down finally, becomes a decayed corpse.

My moral nature trembles, unexpectedly had not discovered the ray that equipment blows out, the pit father won't have exploded equipment?

Walks to go forward, a foot tramples the BOSS corpse, equipment does not have, ground one covered with blood.

The Han deep pool progresses to go forward, said: „General, what are you looking for? This evil dragon is a rotten skeleton, will also leave behind what to you?"

„Was difficult saying that looks......"

„, Yes, good......"

The Han deep pool stands up from failure to discontinue, unarmed seeks in pile of hashed meat of covered with blood, I have not discovered anything actually, but Han Yuan several seconds hold a thing of round to stand up, said with a smile: „What is this?"

Above is the blood, cannot see clearly.

Xiao severe walks to go forward, takes down the water bag from horseback, inside all the good wine that brings from Tian Ling Empire, sprinkles on the thing of this round, immediately the launder was clean, this is an egg of round, after good wine launder is passing the flame gloss, looks is not every thing, my moral nature is also one happy, wanted fond dream to become true?!

Received the egg from Han deep pool, puts out a hand to stroke, the attribute of fruit already appeared at present, is really mount pet egg of peak level, my eye opens the circle, this time gained in a big way!

【God fierce fine horse】( Inferior god step BOSS level mount)

Strength: + 510

Stamina: + 508

Agility: + 505

Magic: + 500

attack power promotion: + 150%

physical defense promotion: + 200%

Movement Speed promotion: + 620%

Max HP promotion: + 30000

Characteristics: Dragon Huang the bloodlines, significantly promote attack power and HP of user restore the speed

Characteristics: Beast emperor, crush target mount 40% attributes

mount toughness: + 110%

mount Stamina: 400 points

Stamina restoration: 2 points / difference

Needs Level: 150


Immediately the breaking by biting finger signing contract, the next quarter, the fruit bursts suddenly, a powerful scarlet red warhorse beat appears before me, the whole body wraps Dragon Lin, Dragon Linru the colored glaze is passing the flame gloss, the head of this god fierce fine horse no longer is the dragon, as before is the appearance of warhorse, all over the body flood light, the imposing manner of greatly bright beast, inferior god level mount, was the god is beastly?

Replaces Flying Scythe War Horse, stood up from failure to ride the god fierce fine horse, immediately the makings of whole person had some transformations, looked like changes into Porsche to be the same from Xiali, changed the height leads instantaneously richly......

Looks at the attribute again , the violent increased a big truncation

【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】( Protects country Dragon Rider)

Level: 152

Attack: 19510-23575

Defense: 12303

Life: 113865

Magic: 19840

Charm: 833

CBN Battle Ranking: 6


This attribute made other Tian Ling Empire riding wars be sufficiently the player has had tears streaming down the face, especially physical defense and HP have been able to end to explode the player with Class now, HP 11 thousand, even if were blood Knight also few people goes to this situation, what now the world game PK kingly way is? Steady! Not being able to halt words anything is not no need saying that had the words also to lie down was telling the match.

And, the god fierce fine horse contrasted the Flying Scythe War Horse words, physical defense and Movement Speed in addition holds a lot were many, grabbed the reins of fine horse, I urged the horse gently, immediately the whole person almost soon flew Going out to be common, rushed to dozens meters instantaneously, almost must unable to stop, frightened my, it seems like I must the familiar new mount speed well, otherwise to PK big was disadvantageous, but the Stamina value of god fierce fine horse were many, speed was fast, chases down the words that and escaped, believed in short Cooldown nobody to be able with me to contend, especially competed for in Country Weapon such fight, so long as I can. Attains Country Weapon, the ends of the earth, no one can overtake......

Nearby, Han Yuan hey said with a smile: „Congratulates the general to happily attain the marvelous horse!"

I nod, hey said with a smile: „Thank you!"

Xiao Lidao: „General, to kill this flock of damn fire dragon beasts, we buckle many people, what to do, have wanted to continue to return to the camp to dispatch more people to kill?"

I hesitate, said: „No, all return to the camp, that night rests well, naturally will some people help us kill the fire dragon beast?"


„Does not need to ask that walks!"

„Yes, General!"


Returns to remove, I while have reported a news to Lin Wan Er: „Wan Er, informs Li Mu and Matcha their these core members, leads the [Zhan Long] main team to Ba Huang City Holy Flame Desert east, found the barbarian tribe, after being thorough, can discover the monster that one type was called the fire dragon the beast, can the Shua new level of Divine Tier BOSS level mount hot fine horse, the concrete Coordinate Ba Huang City barbarian tribe ( 13718,7262 ) here, making them pay attention to keep secret, is the evening hurries while the present, can Shua many be many, after [Zhan Long], was not the world that Steel Blade rode, but was the world of hot fine horse!"

Lin Wan Er opened the voice excitedly, said with a smile: „Pig head, real?"

„Um, but also deceives you? Hurry up, comes according to the grid zone person, I accompanied you here all night the Shua hot fine horse, has not known while others, must quickly! [Legend] went to the Hybrid Demon territory to look for new mount, we had no reason to let up this golden opportunity!"

„Good, I call the troops immediately!"

Zhan Long Chapter 832

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