Zhan Long Chapter 833

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Waited for in the barbarian tribe about one hour, [Zhan Long] troop Steel Blade rides, Mage and other Class the players to appear in the field of vision finally, the day in game also not bright, the Eastern mountain ridge has revealed fish-belly white, Li Mu and Wang Jian lead the team to walk in the front line, I move forward to meet somebody, say with a smile: „Comes very quickly!"

Wang Jian stares the round eye, the surprise looks at my mount, said in consternation: „The Xiao Yao elder brother, your this new mount...... looks like cool, what quality, can show us?"

I do not hide the treasure shared the attribute of god fierce fine horse, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K, Matcha and other group of people were immediately dumbfounded, the inferior god step BOSS level mount attribute is placed there, powerful that could not say, moreover my thousand frost wing effects, can fly enjoy the mount attribute, this was more perfect.

Has referred to the mountain top of distant place, I said: „Has many fire dragon beasts in that side, the hot fine horse is 1 level of Divine Tier BOSS mount, a bit faster passes, careful, do not massacre 1 level of mount!"

The people nod in abundance, [Zhan Long] this time at least came 2 thousand + person, was divided into many thousand people to roll to enter the barbarian region to practice the level to go, but the barbarians in barbarian tribe did not garrison to these players, the honorable person who although in this game NPC AI adopted remembered the duplication, but the fundamental rule in game understood.


I also accompany everybody to kill in the game together strangely, to oneself a Shua empirical value, Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue and Meng Yao and the others composed one ten people to roll while convenient, but I was the tank and close combat of this team output the main force, Shua in the past, quick met several 1 level of mount continuously, helping Li Meng Yao, Yue Yao Yan and other female trade getting angry fine horse mount, the attribute of hot fine horse wanted big exceeding to ride in Steel Blade, Meng Yao iron pear azure was I delivers, but Level was only 115 levels, could not follow the use demand, 145 levels of fire dragon equus must be stronger. Some.

Has endured the greater part of the night, [Zhan Long] many Steel Blade has ridden mount changed into the hot fine horse, on the hillside a piece of flame cavalry soldier, looks like splendid sight, conceivable, when country wartime, if the night fight, trim fire Dragon Rider clashes, that has almost frightened the first-class following match in the momentum.


Also is a sword horizontal, chops to turn a fire dragon beast in the place, I wipe the sweat on forehead, as if killed some to make an effort, but Lin Wan Er eats to smile in the one side: „Pig, we tonight do not stay up late, tomorrow needs to go to work to practise, final several days, in January 15 have attended class, the practice work also ended."

„Um, good." I have a look at the [Zhan Long] guild crowd on hillside, said: „Our offline, here gave Li Mu, Qing Qian and Matcha they are responsible."


Officially informed one with the people, I was then bringing Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue offline.


Late at night, felt that the belly is somewhat hungry, then goes to the hall, finally Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue are cleaning up the dinner table, in the noses can smell the delicate fragrance, has eating! The night is the egg surface under Dong Cheng Yue, making me not think, under daughter Bai Fumei unexpectedly also meeting of this East city, and eats the flavor also good appearance.

Finished eating, Dong Cheng Yue went to the room, one side I had a look at animated Lin Wan Er, she also visits me, the matter that for these days has been busy the palace guard could not have attended to accompanying her, somewhat was at heart guilty, held her hand to enter her room, closing instantaneous Lin Wan Er opened the hand to throw my arms, dug the small mouth blame saying: „Soul is pale, you have not accompanied me for a long time!"

I was somewhat awkward, hold her cheek to kiss the red lip, for a very long time did not leave, until the Lin Wan Er cheek red has pushed me, this let loose her, the young lady was shy in the extreme, the front twin peaks fluctuated slightly, see me to think her, the cheek was redder, said: „Good, the cousin, early, a bit faster does not go back to rest today, do not indulge in flights of fancy......"

I have hugged her, said: „Good, I."


Lin Wan Er gazes after me to go out, enters the moment of oneself room in me, the cell phone bell sound, was the Shen Bing telephone number, after the connection, her unique attracting sound conveyed: „Hee hee, such late answers the telephone, said that is the woman who side falls asleep Lin Wan Er?"

My speechless [say / way]: „What in Shen Bing elder sister's your brain is thinking all day? Good, said the proper business, you are impossible to be all right telephones for my."

Shen Bing shows a faint smile, stern [say / way]: „Good, said the proper business, before ten minutes, I caught to break the Oracle Defence System signal, has locked the Coordinate, in the Sheng Lin Productions floor, moreover I also received the telephone of Tian Xin Corporation weapon manufacture department director, they have also discovered this signal, although was only the flash, but truly some people were attempting to untie the bone-script the defense self-defense system, once they have untied this system, research and development value over a thousand hundred million bone-scripts no longer only belonged to China."

I in consternation: „The Shen Bing elder sister, you meant that what making me touch in Sheng Lin Productions to have a look there to have?"

Shen Bing said: „Um, Wang Dui is also this meaning, while night, has a look? In Sheng Lin Productions has certainly the corner that you have not known, right?"

„Yes, 12 buildings, a I young dispatcher does not have the jurisdiction to enter 12 buildings."

„Hee hee, this easy to do, now in the company should not have the miscellaneous personnel, you can have a look while the night, with light packs, this is the duty that Wang Dui gives you to carry out immediately."

I sighed: „Life painstakingly, a monthly salary ten thousand, want the greater part of the night really unexpectedly works oneself to death, you said that I attempt anything......"

Shen Bing ridicules saying: „Brat, left poor, a bit faster went, careful!"



Arrives at the window, opens my combination-locked briefcase, took out one leaning black clothes from inside, then pistol don't in leg in the pocket, Xiao Hei is too long, does not need to bring, hid an electric arc sword to place the bosom, opened the window, outside cool breeze filled rapidly, immediately has fought a shiver, stood up from failure jumps from the second floors , the aura stirred, „whish" fell to the ground gently, did not have landing of sound close, stepped on the lawn to dash to go, the sound was minimum, this even by my some small self-satisfied, the skill seemed recently getting more and more uncommon!

Takes taxi, goes to Sheng Lin Productions directly, stops in the street, about waited and saw, I from the main entrance, there have not had the camera, but jumps to enter in the company from the fence place, in a soft voice moves, arrives at main building, comes up not quite to be realistic from the staircase and elevator, certainly will leave behind the image, I do not want to alert the enemy, then a fleeing body held the pipeline of building body edge, in the palms is dense the aura, the body week is being likely is the air current wing is ordinary, big reduces my weight, if by Tang Qi were seen this curtain can express admiration affirmative.

Climbed up to 12 buildings, the window has locked from inside, I deeply inspired, pull out the electric arc sword, in glass edge skid cautiously, „ka" a light sound presented a small slit, then closed the eye, the thumb and finger is controlling together in the air current injection window, this performed to separate the spatial control copper cash the skill to be similar to Tang Qi, is the small magic of our follower, in an instant the window handle rotated slowly opened, I took advantage of opportunity windowing leaping forward cautiously.

Gains ground to have a look at the surrounding all, in corridor altogether three cameras, but can use the dead angle circumvention in the past, when I jump pasted the ceiling to pass over gently and swiftly, already fell on the out of the door of 12 building technical sections, above had the opening key, I have pressed, immediately the sound said extremely lowly: „Started, gives me password!"

In Serbia's broadcasts the Shen Bing sound in ear miniature earphone: „Gives me 10 seconds, this is 30. 8 dynamic cryptographies of seconds replacement!"


Several seconds later, Shen Bing said: „34772112, you are careful!"

I fast input the password, really electronic gate „" a sound, the gate opened, Shen Bing in cultivation of computer domain for on one, the people in Sheng Lin Productions 12 buildings is really breaking the bone-script, actually does not know the system of own family by Shen Bing invading.

Shove open slowly, does not make any sound as far as possible, I have swept this work hall cautiously, rows of computers place there, by some computers also places is coming to regard mirror the material of actor, even here only then a camera, confirmed that here is the Sheng Lin Productions regular technical section, is not breaking the Oracle Defence System place.

Sound of Shen Bing in earphone transmits: „What kind, sees not to have, try not to begin, you have a person, and has not brought any nice heavy weapon!"

Shen Bing this was worried that I meet to breed to think of the person, if Blood Scythe breaks the bone-script taking advantage of the Sheng Lin Productions outer covering really here, that really will also dispatch to breed to think of the person to defend here, my atmosphere, avoids the field of vision of camera, circling slowly to the end of technical section, actually the discovery end is an office, above is hanging the sign of general manager room.

My knitting the brows head, lowered sound saying: „Inside is the technical section, had not discovered that the suspicious computer, the end of technical section also has an office, the general manager room, above......"

Gains ground to have a look at the door lock of manager room, I cannot bear tremble at heart, said: „Door lock is the iris scanning adds the password input dual confirmations, what to do, my iris definitely does not tally!"

„Mother, is thorny!" A Shen Bing anger, spoke a bad language slightly unexpectedly.

In this time, inside is hearing sound of footsteps suddenly, I retroceded hurriedly several steps, Qu Shenduo after a work curtain wall, saw only young people of short hair to walk, was holding one cup of surface, complained: „Mother, the greater part of the night links one hotly cannot eat, how cannot master the grandson always to think."

I look clearly, that opened, in the closed instantaneous innumerable [say / way] infrared ray passing over gently and swiftly aisle, this inside safety guard system simply was the cruel rank!

Small sound track of Shen Bing in earphone: „Was good, we basically have locked the place of this Blood Scythe secret technology base, you a bit faster leave, do not leave behind any clues, we will send the specialist to handle these people."

I nod, without the speech, turns around to go out, Guan window, goes downstairs along wall demon shade fleeing as before, is quietly, as if will be excessively ordinary from the future.


Stands in the roadside, takes off the mask, deeply inspires, Blood Scythe is really one group of desperados, for money, Wei Fan almost didn't have the matter that what did not dare to do?

Zhan Long Chapter 833

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