Zhan Long Chapter 834

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Next morning, got out of bed on time, opens A4 to bring two female to practise to go to work, had celebrated the new year, Sheng Lin Productions this company also as usual revolved, is not but actually meddlesome in the morning, swayed in the company, delivered the goods that each administrative offices needed everywhere, at noon, Dong Cheng Lei opened an illusory image to come to the company unexpectedly, delivered the sumptuous lunch to come to Dong Cheng Yue, female in company envied the envy to hate, thought that Dong Cheng Yue had tall Fushuai male trough friend too to be a, when finally knows this was the elder brother, on was happier, Such an elder brother is each girl's dream, I and Lin Wan Er seize the chance to be also a real treat, the dish that Dong Cheng Lei delivers is the Hangzhou chef burns to deliver before it's too late, thinks carefully, although Dong Cheng Lei is silly, but was really good to not having the words says to this younger sister.


In the afternoon, I deliver a number of material bags go to the staff office the time, actually discovered that Dong Cheng Yue was chatting with an old man of bald person in the office entrance, saw that my she welcomed, drew my arm saying: „Xiao Yao, gives you to introduce, this was Sun Hong, the general managers of Sheng Lin Productions 12 building technical departments, was the important partner in company . Moreover, Uncle Sun was father's good friend, it is said that has also drunk my full moon liquor......"

I smile, walk to go forward: „Grandson always hello!"

Sun Hong Xiaozhe nods the head, then said: „You are Brother Xiao Yao who the 29-day lunar month said that he he, looks like is truly graceful, has not thought that you practise in the company unexpectedly together, fortunate meeting fortunate meeting!"

I said capably: „Um, you chatted slowly, I continued to work."


Pushes the car to walk in the corridor, in the heart is actually uncomfortable, is this grandson Hong the general managers in 12 buildings? Behind of general manager room is the Blood Scythe crowded technical base, this Sun Hong cannot be inseparable from inevitably, is he concerned with the Blood Scythe person? Was that I must inform the Dong Cheng Yue careful point? This matter really becomes true thorny......

It is not good, must protect good Dong Cheng Yue.

„Li Xiao Yao!"

The distant place, an administrative offices director raised one's head: „Our material bags, have a bit faster delivered!"

I nod hastily: „Good, immediately comes!"

When I deliver the material, anxious pushes a cart to turn head, enters the staff office, actually disappears the Dong Cheng Yue trace, immediately moral nature one cold, asked a staff member: „Dong Cheng Yue?"

That female blinked: „She?...... Dong Cheng Yue a moment ago and 12 Lou grandsons always walked, said that is tea that goes to the long eldest grandson always to steep!"

I have flustered somewhat, pulls out the cell phone the Dong Cheng Yue call hurriedly, was actually informed unable to put through.

Isn't able to put through?

Has thought suddenly a point, in the Blood Scythe bases in 12 buildings has certainly the shield phone signal equipment, will push a cart one to put toward side, I go upstairs immediately.


When I open the front door, a security looked to me, said: „Li Xiao Yao, 12 buildings are technical sections, you do not have the jurisdiction to come, hurry Going out!"

I asked: „Has Dong Cheng Yue come up?"

„Has, just went in a moment ago."

„Helps me call her to be good?"


Security with a smile looks to me: „Your boy...... Hey, had a liking for others?"

My loathing: „A bit faster helps me call her, thanks......"


Looked that my complexion is not quite right, the security then leaves in a huff, but after a while, after coming out, one lets go, says with a smile: „Hasn't Dong Cheng Yue in 12 buildings, gotten down?"

„Got down?" I in consternation: „Here has an elevator, where does she get down?"

„I do not know that the people of technical section said in any case."

I am instantaneously burning with impatience, some not good premonitions, took a step to walk, the security wants to stop me, was actually shoved open the numerous hits by my one above the wall, the pain snort shouted in the intercom: „A bit faster comes up, Li Xiao Yao this bastard was insane!"

My speed is fast, has fired into the general manager room directly, opens the door suddenly, actually discovered that several grandiose men walked from the manager room, flat head said with a smile: „Yo, which is this develops?"

I have not spoken, goes forward directly is a knee hits, the fist brings the Royal Air storm to sweep across, five people fall to the ground instantaneously completely, in this group of people have not bred to think of the person, moreover breeds to think of the person not to send out in the daytime, will not send out in the crowd crowded place.

Jumps to enter the manager room, distant place rows of computers, above is analyzing the picture that I cannot be understanding, but looks at the advanced degree certainly is the bone-script, which that Dong Cheng Yue?

„Li Xiao Yao!?"

The general manager desk direction, Sun Hong walked, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Are you doing?"

I sneer: „Don't Dong Cheng Yue, where tell me you not to know her?"

Sun Hong Zuijiao raises: „I have not known that which really she went, Dong Cheng Yue drank" tea to go downstairs from the elevator of C place here, haven't you seen? cup

C place?

I realized suddenly that behind this manager room also half buildings, burning with impatience, I have swept surrounding one, actually discovery here basic on storehouse not under what person, except for the computer is a washroom, before rushing hurriedly, a foot tramples, inside nobody, the corridor end is an elevator, the elevator that the C place elevator in legend, my this staff member does not know, which god knows was Dong Cheng Yue delivered?

Has a look at Sun Hong's confident appearance, I know that from his here cannot ask anything comes, immediately turns around to go downstairs, looks Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue has possibly had an accident, must ensure the Lin Wan Er security.

Finally when I just went out of the elevator, Lin Wan Er also welcomed, a face is startled: „Do not tell me East city to have an accident!"

My complexion one cold: „Truly has had an accident, how do you know?!"

Lin Wan Er puts out the cell phone, said: „Before several minutes, the East city cell phone issues me a document, inside is an additive device, I make her phone call unable to make a connection, this document 10 M many point appearances, what I do not know am, exactly what happened?"

My pain, said: „East city possibly moves the computer that should not move, therefore has discovered anything."

Immediately pulls out the cell phone, I have dialed ** number, after several puts through, he asked: „How, Li Xiao Yao?"

I am utterly confused, said: „Dong Cheng Yue went to 12 buildings, as if moved Sun Hong's computer, certainly has discovered the document of bone-script, therefore has had an accident, Wang Dui, a bit faster around blockade abundant forest company all transportation, must discover Dong Cheng Yue, cannot make her have an accident, sends, all people base sends!"

** Listened to me to lose square inch, said: „You...... Do not be anxious first, I send for blocking immediately, you issue Shen Bing the document of Dong Cheng Yue transmission."


Hangs the power failure words, I use the Lin Wan Er cell phone immediately the circulation to Shen Bing, then the diving posture went downstairs, found the two people in protector base, let their strict protection Lin Wan Er, I left the company, spun in the avenue, looks at the surrounding suspicious vehicle, but heavy traffic, which did I to look for Dong Cheng Yue?

The dial Dong Cheng Yue numbers, actually closed down news, these time was utterly confused to lose the square inch.

Again shortly afterward, the car(riage)s of protector bases came, massive fully-armed soldiers in ** under the leadership goes upstairs, and Xihu police region also coordinates to start the barring traffic, inquired all passing vehicles, Cooldown probably crossed for 15 minutes, I actually know that was too late, now is not the traffic peak time, carried the Dong Cheng Yue vehicles to leave our blockade areas.

Returns to the company once more, on to 12 buildings, puts on my badge, Sun a Hong actually face sneers visits me: „Li Xiao Yao you...... Are you police?"

I nod: „Dong Cheng Yue where?"

Sun Hong laughs: „I do not know that perhaps went home?"

** cold snort: „Grandson Hong, hopes that you can coordinate our some."

Sun Hong's selfish smiling: „What coordinates, doesn't my what know? I said Wang Dui, we are also knew the person who many years, you put in order me like this, was careful that my Sheng Lin Productions considered you!"

** Some are impatient: „You must consider go, do not think that you destroyed here document father how you, told your Sun Hong, you with Blood Scythe these broken matters, the father surely gave you to count to come out!"

At this time, Shen Bing walked, said: „File locking, but I have analyzed, is code breaking procedure Jane Ma of bone-script, has carried on 74%."

Saying, Shen Bing arrives at Sun Hong's front, said with a smile: „You think that you did destroy your document to be useful? I same can restore the source document with this 10 M document, making you unable to eat to capture walking, the next generation is waiting in the prison!"

Sun Hong Zhongyu somewhat could not sit still, the corners of the mouth twitched, said: „Only if you did not want Dong Cheng Yue, otherwise waited, they always had the means to rescue Going out me."

I go forward am a fist fall on his abdomen, hits him the colic, lets somebody cool off or calm down looks at Sun Hong, I said: „Dong Cheng Yue, if were injured and a soft body hair, I make you regret to arrive in this world!"


Almost searched for the entire building upside down, actually as before could not find Dong Cheng Yue, has been able to confirm that she was shifted Going out.

Dong Cheng Feng and Dong Cheng Lei appear at the building scene one after another, shortly afterward, Lin Tiannan and Lin Feng also came again, saw that Lin Wan Er was all right Lin Tiannan to feel relieved actually, but Dong Cheng Feng two blood red, he had loves this daughter only then he knows that now Dong Cheng Yue has had an accident, Dong Cheng Feng was inevitably burning with impatience.

To about 8 : 00 pm, finally, a news appears on the Lin Wan Er cell phone, came from the Dong Cheng Yue number impressively, the information content is: „Wants Dong Cheng Yue, leading her to transmit to your document, in the evening 11 o'clock blue Shuijie 7 th, naturally some people will give back to you Dong Cheng Yue, do not lead the police, otherwise you can only receive part of this attractive young girl . Moreover, leading the police to come also to bring death!"


Looks at the information on cell phone, Dong Cheng Feng whins, almost faints.

Zhan Long Chapter 834

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