Zhan Long Chapter 835

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The protector squad base, the direction scene, a row of computer is revolving rapidly, Shen Bing sits in a computer front, looks at the above data, the eye winks, said: „Phone signal source has locked, near blue Shuijie 7 th, although closed down, but can look up the signal trace!"

** Makes a fist saying: „Damn, really really in blue Shuijie......"

Dong Cheng Feng said in side anxiously: „You a bit faster have not sent, why do the police eat?"

** Clenches jaws saying: „You think that we don't want to attack immediately?...... Blood Scythe this time like this secure, what takes advantage is what? Is their large quantities of breeding thinks of person, an immeasurably deep master!"

Dong Cheng Lei fights with the fists on nearby wall, unexpectedly has made a gulf, he was red the eye saying: „I manage his anything master, Yue'er in their hands, your police want to obtain 11 : 00 pm that on, I do not want to wait again, Yue'er each has the danger!"

I walk to go forward hurriedly, holds the arm of Dong Cheng Lei: „Ah Lei, do not impulse!"

This time, Dong Cheng Lei actually stems from unusual turns round suddenly is a fist, „bang" I was shaken continually draw back several steps, his eye blood red, is bringing the deep disappointment: „The Xiao Yao elder brother, I thinks that you same very much love Yue'er with me, for her security will be reckless, but I have made a mistake, what you will love will be own life!"

My whole body shivers, grasps fist to stand there, visits him straightly.

** Said the sentence superficially: „Li Xiao Yao, do not impulse, this is the order, after must wait till 10 : 00 pm , can move, blue Shuijie is the commercial entertainment street, must have Cooldown that the martial law clears to the police."

I look to **, said: „This, making me lead members of one team of protector squads to touch from the Beijie mouth underground walk of blue Shuijie, hits their one unexpectedly."

„Shut up!"

** The micro anger, said: „Your inherent responsibilities are command prompt, but does not act arbitrarily!"

My nose acid, gets angry: „Yes, the safety of other person is important, that Dong Cheng Yue? She what to do, she will suffer what in Blood Scythe, you ** has thought?"

** Trembles slightly, was roared by me starts to speak but hesitates, the HZ city police authorities chief of nearby high-quality police uniform visits me actually, said in a soft voice: „Li Xiao Yao, do not impulse, this is not the impulsive time, you is a police officer, is a serviceman of special combat, you should understand that what is takes the larger situation into account, the Hangzhou peripheral helicopter, the military fighter aircraft, armored vehicle is catching up, must to their certain Cooldown, you also know that the ordinary police are unable to deal with present Blood Scythe, you cannot for Dong Cheng Yue, make us rumble even entire blue Shuijie, making over a thousand people bury right?"

I had nothing to say in reply, depended slowly on behind wall, lifted the hand to grip the Xiao Hei sword hilt, slowly drew out this handle black long sword all over the body, the eye said bitter: „** Team leader, but also remembered once oath? The national flag on, my every word and deeds, does not tarnish the golden shield. Sacrificed an East city person for the so-called general situation, this is not considered as that tarnishes our front the badge? You told me, the empirical ego, greatly wasn't I, I? Dong Cheng Yue is also a person, who had the qualifications to sacrifice her?"

** Uncomfortable, fights with the fists on nearby table, eye blood red, looks up me: „What to do do you want me? What to do do you want me? With your same impulsion, goes to blue Shuijie to kill greatly, making the people in China have a look at our Hangzhou police region to be massacred over a hundred people by Blood Scythe?"

I shake the head, desperate visits him, puts out a hand to cast off the front the badge to place on the table, grasps the Xiao Hei sword hilt, said: „All behaviors of my today, have nothing to do with the police."

„Halts to me!"

The chief actually drinks to stop me, the order said in a low voice: „Comes the person, puts under house arrest Li Xiao Yao, today before 11 : 00 , does not permit him to leave the base half step, otherwise...... Executes at the scene!"

I: „......"

Xing Lie holds up the pistol in hand, is pointing to me.

I look to him, muttered: „Xiao Lie, do you want to open fire?"

The Xing Lie complexion is quite ugly, the tears roll in the eye socket, trembling sound track: „Boss, does not want...... Do not make me feel embarrassed, we do not want to lose you, does not want, your command prompt time...... After today, the brothers give you life......"

Nearby, Shen Bing also stands up, holds down my shoulder: „Li Xiao Yao, do not act willfully!"

Not far away, Lin Tiannan brings Lin Wan Er to dash to come, Lin Wan Er looks that Xing Lie and other police officers are pointing at me with the (spear gun), Mashangchong, shoved open Xing Lie, kept off before me, said loudly: „Do you want to do?"

I said in a soft voice: „Wan Er, all right, is all right......"


A Dong Cheng Feng opacitas eye full is angry: „Your police do not go, I go, old bones do not want!"

** Hurried [say / way]: „Dong Cheng Feng, are you so impulsive?"

Dong Cheng Feng turns around, eye blood red: „Because was put under house arrest is not your daughter, because you are not a girl's father, you said that I so will be why impulsive? You delay Cooldown like this, does right by skin?!"

**: „......"

Finally, chief a few words said: „We the elimination scene of quickest speed, in blue Shuijie already few individuals, large quantities of police forces and military forces were entering the urban district, please again give us Cooldown, so long as one hour were OK."

The people are silent.

Xing Lie and other police officers are pointing at me with the pistol as before, finally beat directly to me, no matter how Lin Wan Er entreated to be also useless, Lin Tiannan was silent in side, the complexion was ugly.


Shen Bing walks to go forward, said: „Xing Lie, do not look at Li Xiao Yao like this, does not need, Li Xiao Yao comes with me, I make you have a look at all monitoring in blue Shuijie."

I walk, on the large-scale monitor that several display monitors compose presented the public monitoring pictures, very lively blue Shuijie now was cheerless in the past, the surrounding gathered quantity many police, has pulled up the warning line, but the blue Shuijie 7 th nearby camera secretly had been demolished by Blood Scythe, can only look from afar, 7 th is a construction of castle appearance, is an office, I remember that there is occupied by a person, like nightmarish has lingered in my heart person Ouyang Chuan, has the person of Yang Flame strength.

Slowly by the chairback, I have rubbed the dry eye, actually full is worries and is anxious at heart, what at this time can I also make? Probably prayed Dong Cheng Yue is well?

Suddenly, outside has transmitted ** sound, he anxiously anxious clashes, said loudly: „Dong Cheng Lei person?"

Shen Bing shakes the head: „Does not know that nobody visits him."

** Stares, the fist grips tightly: „Was bad, won't that boy really go?"

The Xing Lie half step walks: „Wang Dui, the Dong Cheng Lei car(riage) disappears, some people said that saw him to drive the direction of blue Shuijie!"

I stand up hurriedly, said loudly: „Hasn't sent for pursuing him? Informs the police officer in blue Shuijie, prevents Dong Cheng Lei, do not allow him to enter the warning line!"

** Nod: „Knew, I manage immediately!"

I have grasped Xiao Hei, a heart suddenly fiercely pain.


Cooldown passes bit by bit, when does not know, outside had the flurry suddenly, and snowflake were getting more and more, this was the spring beginning later first snow, the snow that an evening came, went out of the room, stood in the balcony, I looked up the day, whatever snowflake fell on the face piece by piece, the faint trace cool feeling as if froze my heart, if in this world had the justice, why Ouyang Chuan and Wei Fan this person can run amuck in Shi? If in this world really bright, why Dong Cheng Yue will face such danger?

I cannot think that Dong Cheng Yue is suffering anything now, is not willing to think, if Dong Cheng Yue encountered any mishap, I will certainly rebuke oneself for a lifetime, forever unable to forgive my error.

Members of protector squad grasp the pistol to look to me: „Boss, goes in......"

I smile bitterly, ** sends for visiting me as before?


The weather was black, the night falls, all around silence, only has the floating snowslide place rustle the sound passes on in Erbian.

Also has not known how long, suddenly outside is a noise, I also sudden acupuncture ache, hurriedly flushed Going out, asked loudly: „How? How?"

Shen Bing face whiten, trembling sound track: „Dong Cheng Lei, died!"

„Ah Lei......"

I think absent-minded suddenly: „How Ah Lei can......"

Rushes out hurriedly, outside is snowing, but a police vehicle is glittering the dazzling caution light, one group of people encircle there, the Dong Cheng Feng whinning sound transmits.

My staggers, falls down suddenly, in an extremely difficult situation crawls to set out, does not clean the dirt on shoulder, staggering walks, separates the crowd, on the discovery litter carrier is actually lying down a corpse, the clothes that wears are Dong Cheng Lei, even, I can see that tattoo in his wrist skill, is an appearance of hammer, that is Dong Cheng Lei punctures, is very ugly, is very unique.

On the corpse, inserted completely ice-cold arrow arrows, that was the titanium alloy arrow arrow that the modern crossbow trigger mechanism used.

Dong Cheng Feng already faint in the past, although Dong Cheng Lei is his adopted son, but Dong Cheng Feng already regarded the biological son this dumb kid, in heart sorrowful conceivable.

„Xiao Yao......" Shen Bing visits me, in beautiful eyes worried completely that as if for fear that I do to have an accident.

I fall to kneel by the Dong Cheng Lei corpse suddenly, actually cannot see his facial features, the head of Dong Cheng Lei already uneven has reduced, the only this body brought the innumerable arrow arrows to come back, Blood Scythe lawless?


** Behind said in me: „Li Xiao Yao, you...... You do not want......"

I am similar to have not heard his speech to be common, put out a hand to hold a crossbow arrow, drew out gently, is bringing a black blood, above also quenched unexpectedly poisonously, every time drew out an arrow, I on as if the blade twisted the ache, when cramped out the Dong Cheng Lei arrow arrow on chest and leg all, the tears burst a dike finally.

Kneels to sit near the Dong Cheng Lei corpse, I raise head to whin, the sorrow in the hoarse sound, not being able to say.

Zhan Long Chapter 835

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