Zhan Long Chapter 836

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The whole person seemed frozen by the snow and ice generally, at this moment, my heart ice-cold, stands up suddenly, takes advantage of opportunity to draw out behind long sword, lets somebody cool off or calm down looks to the people, said: „Also do some people need to stop me?"

** At heart a pain: „You...... Do you also want to bring death?"

Shen Bing said: „We have gone in 27 police officers, only then 5 were living...... Waits for a half hour, SU-35 to carry the laser guided bomb to be able again to lock 7 th, the direct bang falls Ouyang Chuan......"

I get angry shout to clear the way: „Doesn't Dong Cheng Yue, want?"

Cooldown almost 11 points, I have put out a hand, said: „The Shen Bing elder sister, gives me the bone-script document of Blood Scythe decoding, I go to trade with them, changes East city."

The Shen Bing tender body trembles: „You......"

** Said: „Li Xiao Yao, do not impulse!"

I actually lightly shake the head: „No, this duty makes me be solved, he he, I will solve Ouyang Chuan......"

Nearby, Lin Wan Er as if sees my thoughts, the fragrant shoulder that cannot bear shivers, the tears flow copiously: „You...... Didn't you want me? You...... You cannot drop out me......"

I turn around no longer to visit her, for fear that turned head to lose all courage, only wants to defend in her side for a lifetime.

Also did not demand any document, I drew a sword to overrun, opened the door police vehicle, said to inside police officer lightly: „Gets down, this car(riage) I borrowed."

Police officer landing, when I start the engine, actually transmits ** shouting angrily sound: „Protector squad prepares to move, father does not manage, at the worst dies, mother, this flock of bastards......"


I turned on the caution light of police vehicle, shuttles back and forth on the night street, the Chest as if presses thousand jin (0.5 kg) giant stone, is flowing once again, Ah Lei that the tears cannot stop was killed, that flock of bastards chopped the head of Ah Lei unexpectedly, hung on the blue Shuijie 7 th eaves!

The automobile dashed to arrive at blue Shuijie, one group of fully-armed police defended there, the siren was unceasing, and ambulance also came and went, here has exchanged fire, even I noticed that the arm and chest of many injury police officer had the scar that scratched or pierces, that was breeds to install the attack of person, Blood Scythe finally and contends with the police for a bone-script defense system blatantly!

Stops the car(riage), a police uniform of my special combat, raised Xiao Hei to move toward the crowd, one group of police saw after my police rank, nodded in abundance: „Comrade, you are protector base?"

I look to the front, actually saw only the street to be blocked, did not have the common people, only then dozens police hid in the rear area of explosion-proof shield, and some people were bleeding unceasingly, above the street, aura hid during the two sides constructions, that was breeds to install the cruel aura of person.

Is raising Xiao Hei, I bridged over the warning line slowly, the sound was not loud, said: „The protector base's order, you defend completely here, do not act rashly."

„You?" A squadron commander visits me, actually does not know that was saying anything, I already but directly left.


The left hand raises, I grab a small USB, this is Lin Wan Er delivers me, the person to distant place shouted to clear the way loudly: „Document here, has to plant takes!"

Saying, the sword blade edge was hanging down, fast flushed Going out suddenly, in an instant vanished in the field of vision of rear police.


A gunshot, my subconscious being sideways, burns the fierce bullet almost to paste my face to shoot down in the place, has made into the smashing a complete flagstone, this is a demolition bomb.

By the street, heard suddenly just liked the roaring sound of wild animal, several bred to install the form of person to appear in the curtain of night, the next quarter flushed, on a neck grew the long dark golden hair unexpectedly, just liked the lion, the palm has highlit sharp bones, was being one time sweeps away to me.

The body sinks slightly, concentrates on air/Qi in the sword blade edge, I sweep the long sword suddenly, „" minces this to breed to install the palm of person also to divide into two his body, the scalding hot blood tosses in the snowy area, wipes the scarlet plum blossom likely.

Not corpse that goes to the control ground still to shiver to struggle, I lift the hand to draw out near the leg pistol, at the same time consecutively three (spear gun)s of body forward flying shuttle, immediately hides in the window three snipers exudes the miserable pshaw to fall to the ground, compared with the marksmanship, the Blood Scythe person also falls far short.

Front, the roar of wild animal links up into a single stretch, at least over a hundred bred to think of the person to clash along the ground, in some manpower was also holding the crossbow arrow, right, was these crossbow arrows has killed Dong Cheng Lei!

I am a pain, mentioned all strengths suddenly, the air/Qi in within the body as if instantaneously continuously general, continually promoted the strength, Xiao Hei to shiver slightly, around the sword blade edge was wrapping the naked eye obvious air/Qi glow, flushed Going out suddenly, loose wind swordsmanship move of attacking and destroying, the whole person has advanced 78 meters forward, both sides breeding installed the person actually to be struck the movement to shut off the body by cutting that the naked eye is unable to catch in abundance, the blood tossed.


On the arm transmits the severe pain suddenly, breeds to think of the person to be too many, attack also very chaotic, but I can do is injury minimizing that maintains oneself receives.

The right hand catches up suddenly, held Xiao Hei to cut single-handed one time in the crowd, several bred to think of the person the intestines to put on stomach rotten lying down immediately on the ground miserable howling unceasingly, simultaneously my left hand holds up a handle saber, the aura has concentrated on, the saber surrounding sharp air current surged, the personal appearance plundered then to breed to install the head of person a C level consist mainly of the saber, the Xiao Hei chaotic dance, two arms flew, the body one evaded a bullet lowly, the leather boots explodes tramples Going out, bred to install the person to trample one to turn, in the instance that he dropped down, Xiao Hei plunders, including head harness shoulder. Has hewn two halves it.

In a flash, my uniform was dyed scarlet, however more and more breeding thought of the person to clash, Blood Scythe at least raised over 100 people of breeding to think of the person, was this time turns out in full strength?



A gunshot, in my shoulder a (spear gun), the burning ache, speedily turned around, holds up the rise in the crossbow trigger mechanism of ground, lifted the hand to inject the eyeball of sniper the crossbow arrow, simultaneously the thigh a blade, bred the cutting tool that thought of the person to use is the sharp weapon that the titanium alloy built, my Royal Air level protected the shield unable to resist.

Blood unceasing is flowing, I as if completely am actually not aware of fatigue to be the same, am raising Xiao Hei and saber continue to wreak havoc in the crowd, will breed to think of the person to turn into the corpse, the whole person as if could not feel that the ache of body, those who let my ache is the distant place, the head of Dong Cheng Lei is hanging under the blue Shuijie 7 th front door, those who let my ache is, I do not know that Dong Cheng Yue is encountering anything now.

„Roar roar......"

Breeds thinks of the person kill are getting more and more, finally only remaining few dozens people, but in crowd, a You Yi face fierce finally appeared, a moment ago in the person who on my shoulder struck is he, but he has actually licked the blood on finger, said with a smile: „Li Xiao Yao, your blood flavor is good, but I anticipated that can eat your meat!"


My personal appearance violent walks to advance by rushes, loudly shouted to clear the way: „Do you have that appetite?!"

The going all out -type move that this time I use completely, You Yi has a big shock, roared to find out the right hand hurriedly, shot down fully on my left shoulder!


The blood spatters in all directions, the palm of You Yi penetrated my shoulder directly, the severe pain came earth-shakingly, but my Xiao Hei also passed the Adam's apple of You Yi, punctured the scale, his defense was not as if useful under my attack, after being punctured thoroughly the throat , the whole person sewed on the wall of side shop front, I turned the arm suddenly, has unloaded the entire head of You Yi, this person disappeared since then.

The saber wields, coordinates Xiao Hei is several times continuously cuts to strike, final one crowd bred to think of the person also to fall to the ground, the remaining some were also the severe wounds, was howling in ground unceasing miserable.

But I am as if more miserable, the place that chest happens to obtain somebody's favor was punctured thoroughly, as if injured the lobe of the lung, breath feeling gradually somewhat difficult, the blood stream continued, „Bang" an instance of gunshot, in left leg a (spear gun), but I like lightning have also thrown Going out the saber, „tittering", the sniper even connected Canhao sound without enough time sent out to be punctured thoroughly the throat.

Gains ground to have a look at the blue Shuijie 7 th front door, the Dong Cheng Lei head to be hanging there.

My step limps, staggering walked, tows a long bloodstain on the ground, is my blood, even somewhat becomes dark at present, excessive loss of blood, what awfully is the breath is getting more and more difficult, the aura also started the disorder.


Gains ground once more, actually saw that a person floating falls in the snowy area, on the shoulder is dense the flame, that is...... Ouyang Chuan, did this old thing appear finally?

Looks at my pitiful appearance, a Ouyang Chuan brow wrinkle, said: „Li Xiao Yao, although I already want to kill you, but...... Sees present you, old man some are not cruel enough, this, so long as you no longer with Blood Scythe for the enemy, again give me the analysis document of bone-script, I let off you, later will not kill you again, moreover can we actually together the duel practice attainment, this fine deeds?"

My distressed leans on the tread with the sword blade edge maintains balanced, looks up to him, smiled: „I will not make the transaction with the bastard, loses heart!"

„Courts death!"

The Ouyang Chuan violent anger, grazes to go forward suddenly, in palms one group of roaring flame, but I handle to guard, hurriedly Xiao Hei horizontal, „bang", roaring flame in the chest ** sends, Yang Flame the temperature by far in the common flame, Xiao Hei was burnt immediately burned black, even also some distortions, what fortunately is, Ouyang Chuan this strikes my wound also burns burned black, stopped bleeding actually, but this severe pain is actually far from the average man can endure, I draw back several steps continually softly, the knee one nearly kneel, hurried Xiao Hei leans on, big mouth respite, in mind some blanks, Was injured is really too heavy.

Ouyang Chuan sneers: „Li Xiao Yao, you are really impenetrably thickheaded, your this for what?"

I could not bear smile, smiled extremely frigidly: „I said that for just, for the weak one, you believe?"

„Damn just!"

Ouyang Chuan shouted angrily, the body almost moves to me in front of instantaneously, trampled a foot to kick suddenly, immediately my left arm heard „" one, this has been dislocated, in the instance of arm dislocation, Xiao Hei of my right hand fiercely divided in the Ouyang Chuan armpit, the sound that „clang" a firm friendship called, his armpit condensed Yang Yandun armor the shape, kept off the attack of Xiao Hei, but the clothes were stave, was already seeping out the blood.

In my heart moves, my strength already was the Royal Air peak, the strength level of distance positive flame will not be far, the Ouyang Chuan guard bracing cold was unable to block my attack completely.

Eats under the pain, Ouyang Chuan draws back several steps continually, the corners of the mouth grins fiendishly completely: „Today you must die here, Li Xiao Yao."


I fall down, the body full is the snowflake and blood, distressed crawls to set out, the right arm holds the left arm, the left arm is leaning on the tread, turns suddenly, the skeleton dislocation, the arm of dislocation was joined, the ache of web.

Stands up slowly, the body is still shivering.

The happy expression on Ouyang Chuan face is thicker, goes forward suddenly is two sides kicks, but I can only depend upon Xiao Hei to come to square to keep off, see only the Xiao Hei sword blade edge almost to twist become C, the Xiao Hei toughness was greatly strengthened, however Ouyang Chuan every struck to supplement Yang Flame the high temperature, Xiao Hei is burnt to melt to be lucky.


Taking the opportunity a foot kicks, my numerous trampling in the Ouyang Chuan thigh big hole, the air current wormed one's way into, Ouyang Chuan somewhat does not stand immediately steadily, staggers will stands firm, in the eye kills intent more abundant, the palm raises, a superhuman hand of surging roaring flame falls on my chest loudly, under hits hard, I almost fell to fly Going out, Xiao Hei was lets go to fly.

The joint of whole body as if soon has broken to pieces general, the line of sight is extremely fuzzy, even present Ouyang Chuan looked to disappear.

Didn't moral nature dying embers, have the opportunity really?

Kneels to sit in the place, puts out a hand to try to find out in the snowy area, finally has bumped into the Xiao Hei sword hilt, grasps, leans on the sword blade edge to come to a stop reluctantly, gains ground to have a look at the head of Dong Cheng Lei, suddenly the tears flowed copiously, mutter the sentence: „East city, I possibly really could not save you...... Ah Lei, the Xiao Yao elder brother will certainly lead you to go home......"

Gradually, bringing the bloodstain to step forward, I know that could not massacre Ouyang Chuan, my line of sight is too fuzzy, cannot see clearly his movement . Moreover, my injury is too serious, the movement could not follow him by far, Ouyang Chuan will not let off me, his these time will definitely kill me, but was not willingly, wants to recapture the head of Dong Cheng Lei before dying......


Ouyang Chuan looks my distressed gradually moves toward the head of Dong Cheng Lei, stretches out the arm that shivers to touch his, the anger of actually being filled with, exclaimed lowly: „Li Xiao Yao, are you really an idiot? What person Dong Cheng Lei is your, do you go all out to be worth like this?"

My voice hoarse: „He is Ah Lei, he is calls me Xiao Yao elder brother's one in three person...... He is......"


, Ouyang Chuan penetrated my chest by the palm suddenly, me according to above the wall, the wall cracks directly, his finger as if pointed knife, cuns (2.5cm) puncture thoroughly my skin, rib and heart, bringing endless burning hot, the blood rolling to flow, was evaporated rapidly the ashes, the Ouyang Chuan appearance in my eyes already completely fuzzy, he visits me fiercely, said with a smile: „That is also what kind, you must die today here, but this Dong Cheng Lei, is my one cuts his head, was shot that many arrows not to have not died also clamors is giving back to him the younger sister, boy...... Hey!"

The roaring flame is firing in my heart, I feel my body to cool, the life strength passes unceasingly, but his words let my suddenly heart suddenly scalding hot, indignant is in an uncontrollable rage to stop, as if the soul instantaneously has been burning, the heart whinning severe pain, tears falling cannot help but, is looking at the head of near at hand Dong Cheng Lei, I held up the electric arc sword of waist suddenly, „Shua" electric arc was prominent, pricked in the Ouyang Chuan nape of the neck directly, the right hand was holding up already Beng Duanwei two sections of Xiao Hei, roared, the roaring flame welled up to mediate the sword, occupying a commanding position direct pricked. In the Ouyang Chuan mouth, the anger exclaimed: „He is Ah Lei, he is the Dong Cheng Yue elder brother, he is my brother, you have killed him unexpectedly!"



Ouyang Chuan is panic-stricken in the extreme, the roaring flame has swallowed his head instantaneously, the next quarter, his upper part had been fired ashes.

„", I fell to the ground slowly, have loosened the head of Dong Cheng Lei, actually feeling own body unceasing cooling, almost lost all strengths, fell in the place slowly, was holding the head of Dong Cheng Lei by near being damaged wall, gained ground, the snowflake rustle falling on the face, did not have the remelt to fall, the life elapsed slowly, I have closed the eye gently.


Zhan Long Chapter 836

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