Zhan Long Chapter 837

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Looks at the endless darkness to cover me in all around, is hard to breathe, is unable to move, I hear many people in calling me, I smell the thick medicine smell, but has lain down in the darkness, as if this body no longer was me.

The death, what is that felt?

The death, represented is not having the pain again, again not joyful, is unable to have any sensation again, in this world will not have you, your person in as always crossed is having the life that lost your trace only.

If I died, how Lin Wan Er can?

If I died, [Zhan Long] later will be what kind of?

If I died, Blood Scythe really completely did eradicate?

If I died, some people won't think of me again?

If I died, some people late at night will lose one's voice for me the sob?


The consciousness has from time to time, from time to time does not have, I almost am unable to control anything, can only wait for the ruling of life, I do not know that I am living, died, alone lying down in the darkness, is unable to handle anything, is unable to change anything.

But suddenly, „the Xiao Yao elder brother" reverberates in the ear, that is the Dong Cheng Lei gruff sound, my moral nature suddenly stabbing pain, „" shouted one lightly, intent into the sea instantaneous well-illuminated, as if recalled to mind all things.

„He awoke, he awoke!"

Side, transmits Lin Wan Er to have the cry of weeping voice.

Hears a disorderly sound of footsteps, I heard Li Mu, Wolf, Old K, Matcha and Yue Qing Qian and the others sound, did they come?

Opening eye of effort, saw clearly everybody finally, saw own whole body almost binds in the gauze, lies down in a hospital ward, the surroundings have stood the person, Wolf, Old K and Fox three person eyes red visits me, should stay up late to be very long, but Lin Wan Er is the eye is more inflamed, does not know really my stupor period how she comes.

The palm is binding the gauze, has bumped the Lin Wan Er small hands gently, I said: „Wan Er, I am all right, Wan Er does not cry."

Lin Wan Er nods, but the tears are actually not able to contain falls following the cheek, on the long eyelash is also moistening the tears, nods again and again: „You were all right were good, you were all right well......"

I shouted a foul air, expiration and inspiration fell in the chest to save for a long time aura, struggling that then made an effort wants to sit, actually the discovery body seemed not own, cannot move, Lin Wan Er held me to let me hurriedly by in the head, I looked to everybody, asked: „My stupor how long?"

„7 days."

The Wolf sound somewhat shivers, the eye one red almost cries: „The Xiao Yao elder brother, we thinks really you were dying, for these days Lin Wan Er and Qing Qian have been crying, we do not know how to comfort them, luckily...... You are all right, was really good!"

„7 days, then long......"

I breathed a sigh of relief, suddenly a moral nature pain, lowers the head saying: „East city...... East city she how......"

Wolf said: „You have turned away, look behind."

When I go all out to turn around, actually discovered that Dong Cheng Yue tearful eyes dim standing there, the tears fell following the cheek, cries saying: „You are the same with the elder brother, is the fools, is the crying foul......"

My voice somewhat sobbed: „East city...... East city is all right well, was all right well......"

Dong Cheng Yue sits gently falls to the ground, lies in the bedside, the tears falls on the pure white bed sheet, the sound hoarse said: „But the elder brother walked...... But the elder brother really walked......"

I feel like a knife twisting in the heart, put out a hand to touch the Dong Cheng Yue long hair, said: „East city do not cry, Ah Lei does not want to see that you are so sad, he loves you, so long as you cross joyfully, Ah Lei will be also happy in the space."

Dong Cheng Yue is crying the nod.

I gain ground to have a look, said: „Li Mu, Wang Jian, Bai Qi, Lian Po, Qing Qian, micro cool, did you come?"

Li Mu touches the nose, the eye said red: „[Zhan Long] Guildmaster like this, have we been able? Oh, if you only walked, abandons our group of brothers, how after we should walk road......"


At this time, the gate of hospital ward opened, the doctor and nurse flushed, doctor hurried [say / way]: „A bit faster makes way, making the patient rest well, your this crowd of person several days were also here tired, hurry also to go back to rest."

Saying, him immediately was coming the inspection body, the nurse inspects the heartbeat, my bitter and astringent smiled, was saying: „Good, a bit faster rests, when I will leave the hospital tomorrow, asking everybody to eat meal."

„Tomorrow leaves the hospital?" The nurse looks to me, is surprised different way: „You injure this, tomorrow to leave how possibly the hospital?"

I smile: „My body, I am clearer than you."

Spoke a moment ago time I the intention sea examined the situation of body, the organization was damaged rapidly restored, the heart and lobe of the lung that even was damaged have repaired the majority . Moreover, my present within the body cell almost every strengthened dozens times, this was Yang Flame the boundary effect, even, in my in rest/breath momentarily can grow the scalding hot life strength, although was injured heavily, so long as I maintained the consciousness am sober, a self- repair day certainly can leave the hospital.

Li Mu, Yue Qing Qian, Wolf and Matcha and the others goes back to rest in abundance, was exhausted, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue two female are not willing to leave, I have to make on the side of their two rest side me, is good because of this hospital bed is the bed of VIP room, is big enough, two female sleep in clothes but actually does not appear crowded, but is that doctor as if look strange visits me, probably thought that I can also have that good welfare during the hospitalization, this is unscientific.


In a while, hospital ward gate opens once more, I noticed that outside had the police officers in several protector bases to defend there, but also several people directly walked, impressively was Lin Tiannan, **, Shen Bing, Dong Cheng Feng and Xing Lie and the others.

Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue rub beautiful eyes to sit set out, defends side me, poured does not have any avoiding suspicion to say.

** The half step enters, visits me, a face is joyful, is a child laughs likely generally, said to Lin Tiannan: „I said that this boy has good luck ever, Ha Ha...... This has not died unexpectedly, the life of Li Xiao Yao your boy was really too hard!"

I said: „Also worries at heart, does not give up......"

Lin Tiannan also gratified smiles, said: „You, if walked, perhaps my this daughter few years cannot restore...... Luckily, your boy a little conscience, such has not let go to go."

My vision falls on the body of Dong Cheng Feng, thinks in suddenly heart a pain, guilty, said: „East city uncle, sorry, I...... I cannot protect good Ah Lei......"

Dong Cheng Feng old eyes one red, said: „Ah Lei...... Ah Lei has you like this for the brothers who he went all out, under the dwelling place of the dead certainly is also very happy...... Li Xiao Yao, you do not need to rebuke oneself, without you, Yue'er is also not necessarily able that easily rescues......"

I asked: „How does Dong Cheng Yue rescue?"

** Said: „When you fight a decisive battle Ouyang Chuan, that the young fellow who called Tang Qi has stolen into the Blood Scythe interior, killed 7 to breed to think of the person, sent lossless Dong Cheng Yue rescued."

I nod: „, This, Tang Qi this boy really very much has the courage and wisdom......"

Shen Bing holds the arm front to visit me, said: „Tang Qi has the courage and wisdom not to have your Li Xiao Yao to have the courage and wisdom again, you know how many people you had that night killed? Including Ouyang Chuan, dies the person altogether 113 people under your side Xiao Hei!"

I close the eye, depends slowly in the head, the body somewhat shivers: „I...... I had not thought that many at that time......"

Lin Tiannan actually comforts saying: „You do not need to rebuke oneself, the people who you kill are the damn person."

I have a look at Dong Cheng Yue and Lin Wan Er, somewhat rejoiced that their two have not seen the appearance that I kill people, perhaps such I link me to think fearful, then asked: „How did the Blood Scythe matter process?"

** Said: „Wei Fan pushed all matters to Ouyang Chuan, but we took advantage of opportunity to smash their research base, this batch bred to think of the person almost to clear off, but Wei Fan first sued us unexpectedly directly, the evil person complained simply first, but has not related, the Blood Scythe person had been almost cleaned up cleanly, the buttocks of Wei Fan are not considered as that too clean, this account calculates slowly, after his Wei Fan lost a troop in any case, cannot turn any spray."

„Did Ouyang Chuan, die?" I asked.

** Nod: „Person is you kills, should you always be clearer than us?"

I relaxed: „Died well, this...... I can confirm...... Some surrounding area thousand li(500 km) again people were not my match......"

** Smiles, said: „Li Xiao Yao, were you broke through Yang Flame the boundary?"

I in consternation: „You...... How do you know?"


** Continues to laugh: „I see one that you kill people on the camera, Xiao Hei can unexpectedly the surging flame, exactly the same of this type of flame with Ouyang Chuan, if no Yang Flame the strength, perhaps you cannot massacre Ouyang Chuan, therefore I concluded."

Saying, ** said excitedly: „Good, our Hangzhou protector squad had Yang Yanji a master, looked he also has any demons and monsters to dare with us to speak the last words!"

I said: „Where does Wei Fan, have to arrest him?"

„Already in bureau."

„That is good."

„Will have quickly his friend to obtain a guarantor to post one's bail to await trial his, we do not have direct Wei Fan to participate in Blood Scythe, breeding the evidence that thinks of the person to plan, most also can only close his several days."

I sighed: „Like this putting to continue to damage others a bastard?"

Shen Bing said: „Law is the tasteful evidence, we will make contribution."


I gain ground and have a look at Dong Cheng Feng, said: „East city uncle, had the Ah Lei funeral ended?"

Dong Cheng Feng nods: „Yes."

I sobbed: „I will leave the hospital tomorrow, I want to worship him, Ok?"

„Um." Dong Cheng Feng sighed, said: „This should be."


Thinks that the Dong Cheng Lei death, I feel like a knife twisting in the heart as before, good brothers, such did not have.

Zhan Long Chapter 837

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