Zhan Long Chapter 838

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The entire night passes by, next day, at my request, the nurse finally agreed intensely has removed stitches for me, when opened the gauze the instance, the blood clot on front and under the arm is actually pure white such as the newborn skin of jade, nurse female as if damn same immediately called the doctor, the doctor was also unbelievable, thinks that humanity should not have that strong restoration speed, certainly where has made a mistake, what I did not have saying that the moral nature actually knows that this on was the body of Yang Flame boundary powerhouse restores the speed, person who or stepped into Yang Flame, is close in the person of god, various intensities of body. Already was at variance with the mortal.


9 : 00 am, reached agreement Li Mu, Wang Jian, Yue Qing Qian, Dancing Forest, Old K and Wolf and the others is Dong Cheng Lei sees off in the graveyard, Lin Wan Er drives, is carrying me and Dong Cheng Yue, but my hand was holding one bunch of white flowers, fluttered lightly fragrantly in the noses, made my heart heavy, the Dong Cheng Lei tomb fell in the graveyard corner, the area was not small, East city in Hangzhou were also the famous family prominent families, naturally did not lack this money, but Dong Cheng Feng regarded such as to leave Ah Lei, the degree of this love was it can be imagined.

The car(riage) stops outside, I wear one new clothes, holds the flower to go down the car(riage), Li Mu, Dancing Forest and Matcha and the others car(riage) arrives in abundance, the group are wearing the black clothes, strolls in the graveyard slowly, nobody spoke, the atmosphere almost constrained makes people unable to breathe.

Soon , before arriving in the Dong Cheng Lei grave, the picture on tombstone as before is that silly appearance.

Before I the fresh flower places the tombstone, slowly kneels down, the moral nature trembles suddenly, near the ear as if reverberates Dong Cheng Lei to call me the Xiao Yao elder brother's voice, nose acid, the tears full in the eye socket, lowered the head, the tears the drop splashes on the flower, the body shivered slightly, has wiped tears, gained ground saying: „Ah Lei, hopes not to slaughter in the heaven, hopes in the heaven, only then joyful, you felt relieved that the Xiao Yao elder brother knows, the person who you most worry is East city, East city she is all right, sends lossless in Blood Scythe, Ah Lei you called me the Xiao Yao elder brother, I was also the elder brother in East city, starting today, I will become this elder brother for you, no matter, I will not allow anybody to damage East city, I will not be will accompany her to approach the person in wedding palace, but my certain meeting forever cared that she, loved her elder brother, Ah Lei, please rest, the Xiao Yao Elder Brother pledged you., Only if I die, does not go back on word!"

The body side, the Dong Cheng Yue tender body trembled, has cried.

I bent down slowly, kneels down to the Dong Cheng Lei tombstone officially, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Yue Qing Qian, Matcha, Wolf, Dancing Forest and Chen Yong jie, Tang Xue and other [Zhan Long] core level player uneven Shua Shua kneel down, did not attend to the ground the dirt smearing the clothes, even, Yue Qing Qian, Matcha, Dancing Forest and Tang Xue several female have cried.

The life is how frail, dissipates if in a flash still in wind remnant butterfly, we are helpless, can only treasure the person who can treasure at present.


Worships, before bunch of white bloom place tombstone, but East city also send for defending the grave here, 11 return a courtesy to us, finally, that old person said to Dong Cheng Yue slightly: „Young lady, restrains your grief and accommodates change, should not be too sad, Ah Lei does not hope certainly that you are sad because of him."

Dong Cheng Yue nods: „Knew, thank you, Uncle Liu."

Cooldown approaches noon, I breathed a sigh of relief, look to the people, said: „Walks, at noon finds a place to eat meal, I treat, everybody Fatigue of travel runs up to Hangzhou to come, was laborious."

Li Mu and the others nods, in fact everybody does not have the hearty appetite, but I actually mindless has eaten many last night many, the average person three days of capacity for food, as if for seven nights of capacity for food completely make up the stupor seven days.

At noon, looks for a restaurant in the Hangzhou urban district, one group of people gather round a big table to sit well, nobody proposed drinks, ate meal, the chopsticks rapped the sound of dishes to be unceasing, these fellows were also as if hungry.

Soon finished eating, I coughed, said: „What atmosphere makes tight, puts with ease, my stupor that many days, what said in the game to me, are [Zhan Long] all good?"

Li Mu said: „...... Was good, lets save says to you."

Yue Qing Qian puts down the chopsticks, said: „Brother Xiao Yao, according to your order, we killed off these fire dragon beasts of barbarian tribe completely, mount that can also tame all 1 levels occupied completely, even also in the thorough endless place fell there fire dragon beast also all Shua, entire 5 days 5 nights, [Zhan Long] obtained 3000 rush of blood to the head fine horses, following Sister Cang Tong suggestion, assigned to the guild in Level and attribute all-round strength has placed the first 3000 riding wars is the player, now [Zhan Long] had 3000 fire Dragon Rider, complete force, moreover, Steel Blade on Steel Blade Mountain rode is also new in together Shua. We have also been preparing for war, now [Zhan Long] registers member 8 thousand, the online player reaches as high as 5 thousand, Steel Blade rides altogether 1.5 thousand people, in addition gets angry the Dragon Rider 3000 people, altogether 1.8 thousand main cavalry soldiers!"

My satisfactory nod: „Um, is really good, with this main cavalry soldier, believes that we are meet the rival in Tian Ling Empire rarely?"

Wang Jian said: „Is the Xiao Yao elder brother, the [Zhan Long] development speed was too fast, making [Legend], [Hero's Mound], [Prague] and [House of Prestige] these Guild feel that the inexplicable tremendous pressure, [Zhan Long] recent Cooldown has not antagonized people luckily, therefore they did not have the excuse to keep in balance [Zhan Long]."

I deeply inspire: „Continues maintains......"

The Yue Qing Qian sip sip red lip, said: „Brother Xiao Yao, did Sister Cang Tong have with you said that another matter, did go on an expedition under the Wings of Heroes Tournament line about us the matter of world final?"

I in consternation: „Probably...... Did we miss?"


Lin Wan Er has shaken my hand, said: „When you remain unconscious, under the Wings of Heroes Tournament line the final started, finally, the Wings of Heroes Tournament awarding cup had been won by the sky rose team of US war zone, Fang Ge Que [Legend] occupies second, has been a pity, on several days I was distracted with East city, therefore...... We gave up Wings of Heroes Tournament, do not blame East city, is I proposed that gives up."

I show a faint smile: „How can, the trivial awarding cup, we be young, next year will compete again and that's the end, again said that I have not cared about a success and failure of awarding cup now, what I care is this world success and failure."


Nod that Lin Wan Er makes an effort, on pretty face reappears a happy expression, said: „We must buoy up earlier, after this time gets together, everybody many efforts, strive, when the next guild wind and cloud list ranks again overthrows the first throne to come up [Zhan Long]!"

I laugh in spite of trying not to: „This somewhat is perhaps difficult, others [Legend] and [Hero's Mound] have fought that many years in the game, hides points to be very high, only if our [Zhan Long] can attack and occupy over two other country cities continuously, otherwise the sincerity is very difficult."


The Lin Wan Er sip sip red lip, looks to Dong Cheng Yue, said: „East city is not willing to enter the game, what to do?"

I also look to Dong Cheng Yue, squeezes a smiling face, said: „HI, does East city, smile one to Brother Xiao Yao?"

The Dong Cheng Yue eye is red, has a look at me, has a look at Lin Wan Er, said: „I know that everybody is good for me, gives me again...... Does not give me again two days of Cooldown, I will reorganize myself good, enters the game well, well life."

I: „Um, this is our good East city, come, eats again......"

In the afternoon, delivers Li Mu, Wang Jian and Yue Qing Qian and the others to go to the airport, 11 have packed off, Li Meng Yao also delivered her to ride to fly to the airplane of Xiamen, the side as before only then Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue were accompanying me, in the airport, I pulled the Lin Wan Er small hands to returning, but Dong Cheng Yue was depressed, I then put out a hand also to grip the Dong Cheng Yue small hands, she gained ground to have a look at me, the tears circled in the eye socket, then loosened my hand gently, small sound track: „I, Ok, have been able......"

I: „......"


In the afternoon, returning to villa dwelling, Tang Qi to wait for us in the hall, after seeing me, he deeply inspires: „Li Xiao Yao, many thanks you."

My look one cold: „What thanked my?"

Tang Qi said with a smile lightly: „Thank you can go all out for East city and Ah Lei, if no you to divert Ouyang Chuan, I think that I absolutely do not have opportunity close Dong Cheng Yue, do not want to save her."

I turn around to visit him, said: „Said that actually I should thank you, thank you rescues East city."

Tang Qi smiles awkwardly, then looks to me, said: „Li Xiao Yao!"


„You really...... Stepped into Yang Flame? I 1 : 00 cannot see you cultivate for the depth now, even, I have an misconception, you now are just an average person, in within the body strength does not have."


I show a faint smile, have turned around to look at Tang Qi, has raised up an index finger, said: „A strength of my finger, Tang Qi you, if can block, I asked you to have one month of food, how is it?"

Tang Qi one cold: „What is I wants to eat to eat what?"



Saying, Tang Qi was retroceding two steps, the both arms inspired suddenly, naked eye obvious air currents appeared around his both arms, no wonder this boy is willing to make a bet with me, originally he comprehended the cyclone!

I raise up a finger, catches up slightly, immediately the strength in within the body changes into Yang Flame the strength to well up to point at instantaneously, finger surrounding fiery red, this is the supple fire, the single layer strength of strength of Yang Flame, is the strength of most essence, fire of Yang Flame the lies in person's control, or may gentle such as the water, or may rapid fierce like the flame, when I will point at promotes slowly, fire of Yang Flame the suddenly rises suddenly!


Cyclone Beng San, the flame on my index finger also instantaneously from the fire of murder turned into the supple fire, body motionless and calm appearance, but Tang Qi continually draws back several steps, „" a hit on wall, a complexion paleness: „Scratches, this strength...... Should surmount initial Ouyang Chuan?"

I show a faint smile, index finger wields flame to clear, said: „Ouyang Chuan, although the strength has stepped into Yang Flame, but a heart actually seeks revenge for the slightest grievance, cruelly extremely arrogant, this person can only control Yang Flame the primary strength, if day of Tang Qi you can also step into Yang Flame, naturally can understand difference."

Tang Qi nods: „Um, direction thank you, I will continue to try hard!"

Zhan Long Chapter 838

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