Zhan Long Chapter 839

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Returns to the familiar room, has tidied up, on the desk puts the flower that several troughs are putting, does not need to be Lin Wan Er arranges for me, she knows that I like such environment.

Has drunk a water, I have not gone to think anything again, takes up in the game hard helmet connection the network, got online has a look to say again!

Reads the biographical information time, has swept at a forum the Level rank of Tian Ling Empire, really said on such as Li Mu, my 7 days have not gotten online, Level had been guessed by many people, now can only occupy Tian Ling Empire 4 th by my 152 levels, but the day list went forward 20 players completely already six revolutions!

Quick, the character reads, enters the game!


The characters appear in the palace guard graceful account of barbarian tribe, when I read the character completely, stands up from failure the time of the bed standing, near the instantaneous ear is reverberating continuously a series of tings, but these are I hope for a long time ting unexpectedly


System System Notification: Congratulates you, your combo 【[Strength of a Thousand Men]】 Agreeing with completes, breaks through promotion officially is Holy Ghost third-order combo, because you are first comprehend the Holy Ghost third-order combo player, obtains the extra premium: Charm + 30!


System System Notification: Congratulates you, you comprehended the god level passive skill 【Yang Yanjin】, Attack injury effect promotes 50%, because you are the first comprehension god level skill player, obtains the extra premium: Charm + 100!


System System Notification: Congratulates you, you have created the god level skill successfully, „starts cuts to strike to attack the front target continuously, condenses the strength of in addition universe to hold the sword blade edge, making each sword compared with the might of previous sword stronger, comprehends the layer to be higher, the attack number that then starts is higher, may break through 10 high, achieves 27", please immediately name as the skill!


The whole person was shocked, destiny game really has the relations of not talking clearly with the follower, the boundary that even connected Yangyan this average person does not understand knew . Moreover, Yang Yanjin promotes 50% injury effects, this was too fierce! Those who make me shock, [Strength of a Thousand Men] also flew upwards, moreover as if I triggered comprehended the essence of loose wind swordsmanship!

Thinks that immediately rides the wind to cut for new skill name!

In fact, this set of swordsmanship I already gave the name to call the riding the wind swordsmanship, sprinkles at will however and without restraint of style, this name the name that is suitable this sword to incur.

The next quarter, the skill confirmed that in the skill fence presented the golden god level skill to ride the wind to cut.

【Rides the wind to cut】( God level): Starts cuts to strike to attack the front target continuously, condenses the strength of in addition universe to hold the sword blade edge, making each sword compared with the might of previous sword stronger, comprehends the layer to be higher, the attack number that then starts is higher, may break through 10 high, achieves 27, at present 10, the skill cools the Cooldown 60 minutes!



Has drawn out Dragon Reservoir Sword and Zhen Yue Blade, when I trigger the instance that rides the wind to cut, at present suddenly golden light glitter, the supernatural power rises suddenly, both hands speedily leave the move, rode the wind to cut is the single body attack skill, the sword blade edge and knife punctured the air, „Shua Shua" in the air surged the ice fierce energy, almost forcefully has output in 2 seconds 10 swords, and a sword strength strong in a sword, if changes into the player at present, I am unable to imagine the attack that who can block me one time to ride the wind to cut!

Turns over to the sheath the sword, standing silently there, Yang Flame boundary that many advantage, the sincerity has not thought unexpectedly.

At this time, „whish", Han Yuanti the long blade was lifting the curtain of armed forces account to walk, saw that I was delighted beyond measure: „, The general you regained consciousness finally, this rests is nearly one month, the palace guard waited for here for one month, general you , if not regain consciousness, end also can only lead the palace guard to return to the Tian Ling Empire camp to wait for you again!"

I, said: „Han did Yuan, how with the matter of barbarian tribe discuss?"

The Han deep pool said: „General not in the month, one group of adventurers replaced us to butcher all fire dragon beasts, and entered the endless place to root out the future trouble, the barbarian tribe to the empire thoughts of returning home, has been willing to admit our offering amnesty now, first dispatched 50% people to go to Tian Ling Empire with us, General, these tribe elders were waiting for that the general you acted!"

„Good, leading me to go!"


Published the armed forces account, proceeds again not far, sees only one group of tribe leaders to encircle there, lets the brave warrior duel ability in tribe, but these barbarian brave warriors have also put together a brute force, is only in the palace guard can choose many people to defeat them, for serveral days they were bored, think that little has not suffered loss in the palace guard hand.

When I walk goes forward, Dragon Xing, Xia Ye, Xiao severe three excitedly will walk: „Commanded the Sir to come finally!"

I nod, bows toward 14 tribe leaders, said: „Sorry, I somewhat critical matter delayed everybody, here has apologized to everybody, if no what important important matter to discuss that we instantly do start Tian Ling Empire?"

The people nod in abundance, these barbarians are already thinking can drinks spicily, always feels better is eating rough reddish brown Kui who goes to Tian Ling Empire to be popular here.


The armies move, leading troop dense and numerous barbarian clansmen to leave them to live for a long time place, led a cavalry regiment to come to salute after Ba Huang City time Angela, in fact admonished, after all that many barbarians, once launched the attack, Ba Huang City shortly will be nothing left.

Crosses child Wushan, enters Tian Ling Empire within the boundaries, does not have any regiment to come to prevent, does not have any aristocrat to come to salute, thinks that Tian Ling Empire these aristocrats are still passing the drunk [gold/metal] Mi day, who will care about a you trivial palace guard? However, this time I actually guessed mistakenly.

Palace guard army after Tian Ling Empire time, discovered on impressively one crowd of NPC soldier complete arms is wrapping the white cloth, when palace guard cavalry soldier close city, actually discovered that Princess Pearl led cavalry soldiers of one crowd of strong wind from afar regiments to encircle, a Pearl face dark green accommodated, saw after me, finally has shown a facial expression of comfort, actually tears billowing, stood up from failure to discontinue suddenly, cries saying: „Li Xiao Yao, the father emperor passed away......"


I also stand up from failure to discontinue: „Wasn't Locker Great Emperor in the past few days body also very?"

Pearl cried saying: „Father emperor not has been healthy, finally half a month ago had the serious illness to pass away, two emperor brothers he...... He had ascended the throne for emperor half a month ago, after you arrange the matters concerned of palace guard and barbarian, immediately comes to the imperial palace to look for me, two emperor brothers he proclaimed summon your three times you not to come, I feared that he will vent anger in you."

„Yes, good......"


Leads the palace guard to continue, I am disturbed, ascends the throne, this is not any good deed for me absolutely!

Soon, enters the palace guard camp region, the barrack, tent of surroundings almost finding at everywhere palace guard had constructed, but I have not stopped , to continue to lead the barbarian tribe clansmen of altogether 15 thousand + people to push onward toward Tian Ling Empire south, across moon/month blade edge forest, proceeded again is a fertile plain, but in the middle of fertile plain was a giant basin, was vast, can speculate that the formation of this basin certainly because of the collision of photostar, otherwise is unable to form such natural basin.

In the basin rich resources, the fertile plain grows thickly, every large or small animal goes through in the forest land, but on revealing land outside presented flame crystal stones, these crystal stones are hard, are called the hot crystals, this is also the name origin of hot crystal basin, but in the basin, the surrounding woods was felled, has built many log cabins, simultaneously opens up massive opening up wasteland, my one month has not come back, here has sown seeds many paddies, even in some paddies stretched out the sprout.

In hot crystal basin also palace guard in the barracks, in the camp one group of blade shield camp barbarian soldiers walked, a law clerk holds the book to progress to come, said respectfully: „Commands the Sir, these barbarians move into need to register the register of names, this is the stipulation of empire!"

I nod: „This group of barbarian many people do not have the name."

The law clerks smile: „Has not related, can presently take."



The Han deep pool and Xiao severe and the others is also responsible for arranging the lodgings, soon after, the barbarian clansmen of 15 thousand + people already arranged about partly to move in the log cabin, other, then builds the crude tent, waited for that the lumberjack continues the logging to build the house, Han Yuan was also rapid in the surroundings has set up the recruiting service, then recruited ten thousand young barbarians quickly, the life of barbarian was short, young and middle-aged Cooldown was longest, these 15 thousand people removed the females and old and young, at least can 5 thousand people use for our palace guards, but did not use anxiously, took your time, first made the young adults build the homeland to recruit to enlist again also with enough time.

Dragon Xing, Xia Ye are responsible for dividing the land, and invited the farmer to teach the barbarian to sow seeds from Tian Ling Empire, invited the artisan to teach them to cast, carpenter, to netting to catch fish, hot crystal basin south was Wu Shenhe, nettinged to catch fish in Wu Shenhe the edge but actually is also a good job way, the barbarian day activation was greatly infinite, the selection had the patience acting fisherman, can be many for the camp meals improvement.

Has bustled about to game in evening, Han Yuan already the move the barbarian soldier who fills 2 thousand people to establish, 50% people act as the blade shield soldier, another 50% people use the specially-made entire iron lance to come, when long spear soldier, the barbarian strength is big, the lance is not easy to break off, can withstand stronger impulse, even can the cavalry soldier in high-speed [Assault] select to fly from the warhorse, such long spear soldier will be the branch of the services that all regiments will admire.

The night falls, a messenger comes rapidly, said: „Palace guard commands Sir Li Xiao Yao, your majesty is invited!"

My moral nature sinks, finally came, and is Great Emperor summons personally.


Stands up from failure to ride the god fierce fine horse, fine horse long hissing, swung the powerful head, the transmitting orders officer went to Tian Ling Empire, but the transmitting orders officer looks at the appearance of god fierce fine horse, in the eye has filled astonished.

Zhan Long Chapter 839

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