Zhan Long Chapter 840

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Enters the imperial palace, by far, main hall both sides full is the sword flood the cold brightness bodyguard, as if after succeeds to the throne , the guards in imperial palace have additionally appointed much, a chief aide-de-camp walks to go forward, sinking sound track: „Sir, please relieve your pointed weapons and warhorse, otherwise is unable to enter the main hall!"

I stare slightly, when Locker reigned does not have this stipulation, has in the qualifications the military commander in palace generally is the empire high-ranking court officials, will be unnecessary worries will assassinate, will look like the security sense is too low, this stipulation came out.

In a flash hand, I already Dragon Reservoir Sword and in Zhen Yue Blade income pouch, then god fierce fine horse income pet space, unarmed took a step to step onto the main hall, above the main hall only then more than ten ministers, steady sitting above the throne, represented are governing the world authority the nine types of gifts given by emperors to high officials, ten skill vigorous bodyguards defended after behind, but Princess Pearl was built on under the right stair of king throne, on the face did not have any facial expression, but visits me from afar.


„Palace guard commands Li Xiao Yao!"

Stands slowly from the throne, said: „Your this time goes to the Ba Huang City barbarian tribe military recruit to be active, what Feng Shang wants? Although said that orphaned naturally cannot be mean-spirited."

I always feel dishonest, respectful who in this saying cannot hide however bows, said: „Your majesty, I do not need any Feng Shang, strives for the empire, the strengthening of the armed forces sets up the prestige is the job of empire military officer!"


Corners of the mouth raise, reveal wiping to let the smiling face that the person is unable to completely understand, said: „Li Xiao Yao commands loyal Monarch to be really patriotic, is the model of empire serviceman, comes the person, grants axe yue!"

So-called axe yue, in fact is a symbol of military exploit, is hanging one stage prop in armed forces, can promote certain palace guard morale approximately?

Nearby bodyguard helped me meet axe yue, I bowed to thank politely once more.

Continues saying: „After Sellin died, does not turn over to the sea in the sea level continuously uneventful, but recently, started the casting warship from northern dark Moon Elf, these dark Moon Elf archery might be called the unparalleleds in the world, grabbed along the iron skull city and Full Moon City, lets the iron skull empire and full moon empire is miserable beyond description, if made them continue to wreak havoc, sooner or later will threaten the Tian Ling Empire coastal security, these came from Moon Elf of dark Moon Elf territory probably amount to the audiences of 10 thousand people, their archery were unusual, the Hybrid Demon army yielded and withdrew to them, but the dignity of day plume empire could not be deceived, which general is willing to go to battle for the empire, subjugates this crowd of darkness. Moon Elf?"

Flame Dragon Jun new commands Xu Yi to leave ranks, holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Your majesty, the palace guard has warship about hundred, is the empire sharpest sailors, end thinks that should send the palace guard to go to battle, Li Xiao Yao commands to draft cleverly in fighting, wants to come certainly to win victory, making that group of Moon Elf young women not dare to intrude into the territory of my day plume empire again!"

I gain ground to have a look at Xu Yi, the knitting the brows head, said: „Your majesty, the palace guard goes on an expedition continuously, does not turn over to the sea, Luhu, the awe plain and barbarian tribe, has been able to cease , the development open land in the hot crystal basin, the soldier is tired, needs Cooldown to convalesce to fight again, and...... Since dark Moon Elf is taking warship, we think that their sailors also already quite formidable, why not we sets up the camp in the coast, waiting at ease for an exhausted enemy with them socialize? Our armies have behind Tian Ling Empire extensive resource supplies, dark Moon Elf is unable with our protracted war."

Princess Pearl goes forward one step, holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Emperor brother, Li Xiao Yao said is not groundless, we do not need, in did not turn over to marine and dark Moon Elf one high, let alone sea-nymph clan, although has been dormant, but did not kill off on behalf of the sea-nymph clan completely, once the sea-nymph clan entered the war, we dispatched to bring death in the marine warship simply."

Shows a faint smile: „Understood orphaned, this, the palace guard commands Li Xiao Yao to obey orders!"

I hold the fist in the other hand: „In."

N'dow: „Allowed your palace guard rest for half a month, to go to battle half a month later, no matter I palace guard with any method, but must leave Tian Ling Empire territory 100 miles away the warship action of driving away of dark Moon Elf, otherwise was the dereliction of duty of palace guard!"

I deeply inspire: „Palace guard meets the command!"

Stands side Pearl, I with a worried look, this was imposes dark Moon Elf this duty in the head of palace guard, NND, after the emperor, as if also commanded to turn into a waving the arms about storekeeper from the astute strong legendary Emperor Yu regiment, but, him blatantly has not torn to pieces the facial skin with me well, otherwise by his present authority, my means does not have.

Then, was discussing official business, was the wars of two countries borders, Full Moon City, Port City and fire Yun City three big main cities had been contacting with Tian Ling Empire, was some local actions, but also indicates that storm will soon arrive, the Wings of Heroes Tournament world final had ended, does the country fight also?


The night falls, leaves the Tian Ling Empire imperial palace, inside atmosphere was really too depressing.

Returns to the palace guard camp, Han Yuan, Xiao severe to welcome immediately asked that my emperor said anything, they also were very as if sensitive, know the present palace guard already on the crest of wave crest.

I have not said the meaning of any emperor actually, but said: „The army of dark Moon Elf territory went to sea, hoists the sails not to turn over to the sea to grab the south bank humanity, the Great Emperor has given the palace guard the resistance dark Moon Elf duty, your several go to the city to recruit the artisan immediately, instantly goes not to turn over to the sea, constructs ten small city on the coastline, in the city fills with the dragon crystal artillery and hot crag artillery defends, each in the soldier 1000 people, then constructs a harbor, with resist dark Moon Elf."

The Han deep pool nods: „Yes, General!"

Xiao severe frowns: „Dark was Moon Elf also unexpectedly ready to make trouble?"

I: „Dark Moon Elf how?"

Xiao Lidao: „Dark Moon Elf, a cursed clan, the legend is the unclean product of god and person, but, dark Moon Elf is the uniform young girl, since childhood then studied the archery, all shoots with great precision, in addition the cheek is attractive, the stature beautiful fascinating'winsome, therefore in dozens years, occasionally 1-2 dark Moon Elf appears in the mainland is the miracle, moreover these dark Moon Elf, once were held by humanity, will lock by the shackle mostly, does as a temporary measure the something for one's own exclusive use of these rich men, for its amusement, approximately also because of this, dark Moon Elf to human unusual hatred, General, your majesty gives us this duty, is really hot. Sweet potato!"

I nod: „I also know, but must be compliant."

„Yes, end will understand!"


To evening, the speed of artisans is quick, did not turn over to the sea edge to build the embryonic forms of fortresses, surroundings teams of palace guards were transporting the stone material, artillery, simultaneously sent out the light vessel in the marine You Yi search, once the dark Moon Elf warship presented us to be able first Cooldown to be warned.

Is riding the god fierce fine horse, I raise the sword to walk on the coastline, looks at the northern sea, cannot bear somewhat sighs with regret, this game did too maturely, makes me somewhat be infatuated with the life of this expert equestrian unexpectedly, or was my moral nature deep place hiding a militant heart of one's blood bubbles up to the brim really?

Follows Han Yuanpai to ride to my hundred people of guards, outstanding person who was the skill resulting, although I am not willing to want, but Han Yuan said that commanded should have the appearance of commanding, always a person comes and goes freely is unsafe, in fact I had a look at behind these NPC soldiers, highest on the antique level, did not have including accurate BOSS, perhaps linked me not to hit......

In this time, a distant place palace guard is riding suddenly will graze to come, sinking sound track: „Commands, said that the person from marquis Tian Ling Empire wants to see you, needs to see?"

I have been startled being startled: „Makes him come!"


After how many minutes, about 300 jin (0.5 kg) fatty speeds away to come under protection of one group of guards, this body weight has not crashed the warhorse of crotch unexpectedly, my vision sweeps knows that is a splendid steed, this marquis Sir looks like actually very rich appearance, but does he come to here to do?

The fat people progress to go forward, the stance was stubborn, visited me, said: „Are you palace guard command Li Xiao Yao?"

I nod: „Is I, are you?"

He laughed, thrusts out the belly saying: „Don't I know? I am the trans-lunar marquis who former generation sovereign confers personally, this was my token, General Li favors!"

I have swept a that token, an appearance of above truly trans-lunar, in addition is carving a picture of beautiful fascinating'winsome female flying apsaras, cannot bear knits the brows, said: „This is Chang E......"

Trans-lunar Hou Xiao: „General Li is really knowledgeable, right, this Chang E was one of the before the Flood flies moon life the peerless goddess, the legend she has the society most beautiful facial features with the most charming physique, the Great Emperor granted me the name of trans-lunar marquis is to then let me some day can trans-lunar, please descend to earth this goddess, altogether narrated night of good with the sovereign!"

I cannot bear throw finally smile.

The trans-lunar marquis looked at my one eyes bitterly: „South town does the general, what you smile to smile?"

I repress laughter, stern [say / way]: „Then, marquis trans-lunar marquis has the significance truly, collects the world beautiful woman for your majesty?"

The trans-lunar marquis laughs, straightforward acknowledgment: „Right, trans-lunar marquis for this, therefore Li Xiao Yao commands me to speak frankly with you, this time I come, to discuss a matter with you."

„What matter?" I raise the eyebrow to say.

On trans-lunar Hou face has written all over the color of obscene, said with a smile: „Palace guard can definitely battle with dark Moon Elf in the near future, in fight, if you have captured the live dark Moon Elf young girl, do not kill, sold to this marquis, how? Grown dark Moon Elf, I leave...... Um, 5000 gold coins buy, is not right, I am willing to leave 10,000 gold coins to buy, do not have the upper limit, how?"

I in consternation: „It looks like trans-lunar marquis also is really rich, the armed forces storehouse also hundreds of thousands of gold coins of palace guard army, you unexpectedly want 10,000 gold coin one buys dark Moon Elf?"

The trans-lunar marquis corners of the mouth rose, continue to thrust out the belly saying: „On the conjugal bed happiness, how your such military person will understand, you only need to reply me, do you want to sell dark Moon Elf to me?"

I have turned around to look that to does not turn over to sea, cannot bear a heart loathing, said with a smile: „I am only responsible for defending do not turn over to the sea, protects the empire territory, I am not a merchant, this matter do not look for me."


The trans-lunar marquis sneers: „General Li, you puts best into it!"

Zhan Long Chapter 840

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