Zhan Long Chapter 841

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„General, this trans-lunar marquis......"

The Han deep pool progressed to come, to look at a back of trans-lunar marquis, said: „From the former generation Great Emperor, this trans-lunar marquis very much has received the king favor, because can lead the world most beauty outstanding beautiful woman to the king side, this person is a villain, was inferior that end will pursue to make up a blade to be him to consider as finished!"

I almost fall from the fine horse, cannot bear say with a smile: „Does a blade make up trans-lunar marquis? Thanks to you could say, don't forget, he was a Monarch marquis, was not the small role, moreover your Han Yuan was Yorozuo of palace guard is long, this status killed Monarch marquis you not to fear that was implicated the nine generations?"

The Han deep pool touches the nose, said with a smile: „General felt relieved that the villain loner, rotten life, did not fear! However the general, this trans-lunar marquis makes many people break up a family, is really hateful, such puts him to walk?"

I nod: „Um, some people will kill his, but is not we, now the palace guard on the crest of wave crest, is not knowing that many people are staring at us, remembers my caret-shaped true words high-sounding talk training, the low key cultivates the behavior!"

Han deep pool riding is stopping immediately there, seems still tasting the caret-shaped true words that my this was speaking thoughtlessly to pinch.


Again shortly afterward, the defense line on coastline basically has constructed, I went to Dragon's den , to continue to recruit Cliff Dragon Cavalry, now Dragon's den rose the top 10 levels of player station, is the entire Tian Ling Empire first 10 levels of territories, was only 10 levels of branch of the services Cliff Dragon Cavalry already 8500 + people, Cooldown passed bit by bit, means that [Zhan Long] the territory will be getting stronger and stronger, is unable to shake, will be [Zhan Long] at the country strongest backing in war and civil war, naturally, a palace guard, this was my strongest card in a hand!

To late offline, accompanies Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue to go to the street to eat the thing very much.

The night wind is very as before cool, Lin Wan Er is binding a down clothing, Dong Cheng Yue is a black wool suiting coat, three people walk slowly on the street, has not spoken, very much has continuation of tacit understanding to walk side-by-side.

Finished eating the midnight snack, I had a look at Dong Cheng Yue, said: „Doesn't East city have the mood to get online today?"


„Level by pulling to first about ten?"

„Has not related, I have your this elder brother, you will lead me to practice the level......"

Lin Wan Er laughs in spite of trying not to: „Your this elder brother is fooling around together with the Han deep pool and Xiao severe several NPC day in day out together, where has Cooldown to lead you to practice the level, I accompany you to practice the level......"

Under the star light, a Dong Cheng Yue pretty face changes countenance slightly, shouts the tone to stand there does not walk, then looked to me and Lin Wan Er, the fragrant shoulder shivered slightly, in the star pupil gushed out the tears, low has cried, the sound was very small: „In Blood Scythe, I was closed there, I also think after I will not have, when I come out, sees elder brother's corpse, I......"

She lowered the head to clean tears, said: „At that time my entire world avalanche, I was unfair to the elder brother, implicates him, loses him, I even...... Even has almost killed Xiao Yao, I am a burden, but you are good to me as before like this, I......"

Lin Wan Er walks to go forward, supports Dong Cheng Yue, supple sound track: „East city was clever, do not cry, all passed, we are the friends, we forever will be accompanying you, will never give up you."

I was shouting the tone, said: „Right, even if were I and Wan Er will have married in the future, will not give up you, only if your which day has not been willing to work as this electric lamp bulb again."

Dong Cheng Yue tears dim looks to me, the tears fell once more, cry saying: „I know that you are I most important people, before I get married, the person who I most love forever is you, your show love on the show, I could not bear punches you one to be good."

Lin Wan Er throws smiles, I also smile, looks like, our Dong Cheng Yue soon came back.


Returns to the bedroom, as a result of body and other aspect reasons, although began school, but we play truant as before, therefore this late rests very soundly, but I can also feel that unexpectedly during [Lullaby] strength of Yang Flame the is revolving in within the body, as if in protecting me . Moreover the sense organ, the spirit sleep and other aspects had the archery target promotion, from Tang Qi to incurring can look, Yang Flame the strength is far from Royal Air can contend, the strength degree had the difference of heaven and earth, therefore I cannot massacre Ouyang Chuan in the Royal Air boundary in any event diligently, until stepping into Yang Flame the boundary at that moment has massacred him., But Ouyang Chuan is I who Yang Yanji the master initially was actually entered Yang Flame massacres, the reason two, his too dregs, did not cultivate the mind cultivation of aspect for him is almost zero, this living several hundred years of person, has all stepped into Yang Flame by the strengthened exercise of body.

In the morning wakes up, depends upon in the head, looking pensive looks at the palm, slightly catches up, a piece of small Yang Flame strength has formed the flame shield protection above the elbow, although only then a small piece, but I know that the armor of tenacious degree this piece of Yang Flame is rare, even if the nano bullet is unable to penetrate, can end to explode explosion-proof shield and other equipment.

Slowly expiration and inspiration, when I promote the instance of arm gently, tiny supple fires are lingering around the arm, slowly dispersing, just likes the wing, even can control the strength in wind, makes the body of person frivolous.

Until air/Qi of Yang Flame the surrounded ten in within the body several times, the whole person only thought the whole body to be comfortable, was sending out the strength all over the body, the beforehand grief cleared off, was escapes the cocoon butterfly to be ordinary likely.

In this time, the cell phone is receiving a message suddenly

Content: The users please note, the «Destiny» client side informs you, you duty in game had the fluctuation, please as soon as possible enter the game processing dependent event!


Unexpectedly in can inform the player to play has the matter, on this day the life really more and more sympathized!

Gets out of bed hurriedly, washing is ordinary, accompanied Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue to have the breakfast in the sunlight bright hall, simultaneously Dong Cheng Yue also indicated that finished eating the food to enter the game to accompany Lin Wan Er to practice the level, this was a good news, our [Zhan Long] first Mage returned! But I also hurriedly finished eating must get online, two female then laughed at me is goes to and Han Yuan, Xiao severe, Dragon Xing, summer leaf these Yorozuo long lover's rendezvouses went, I was said shamelessly red, me enjoy this barrack life in fact actually very much, thought that this belongs to my world, naturally, and Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue in also let the life that the person yearned for actually together, one was the risk, one was the happiness.


Gets online, appears, in does not turn over to sea on the coastline, immediately the equipment good sword, to stand up from failure to jump onto the god fierce fine horse, not far away, the coastal city of palace guard fills the thick smoke to be billowing, but opens in the sea actually 11 black warship rows, the fire rumble, is bombing the position of palace guard, but the palace guard erects in the dragon crystal artillery, the hot crag artillery of city borderland has not been idling, times are shaking the warship, even two warships soon close have disintegrated.

Looked that I progress to come, Han Yuan said immediately loudly: „General, in the early morning time this crowd of dark Moon Elf started has attacked, mother, on their warships also had the cannon unexpectedly, but the might was away from our dragon crystal artillery also some disparities, hey, wanted me to dispatch several warships in the past, to kill them thoroughly!"

I shake the head hurriedly: „No, the dark Moon Elf archery was too high, once near body, our these palace guards are the living targets, covers with the fire directly, does not use the economical ammunition, can bomb and sink one is, these dark Moon Elf definitely have not thought that we will establish city here, just can hit their one to be caught off guard!"

„Yes, General!"

The Han deep pool issues an order, the fire of palace guard also strong, soon, four dark Moon Elf warships disintegrate, the dark Moon Elf young girl of stature beautiful fascinating'winsome falls in the water, they inborn are the marksmen, is actually not the swimming skilled person, can only lie on the deck calls for help, then the fire of palace guard was really too strong, quick three warships were attacked and sunk, remaining 4 immediately stopped bombing, the companion who started to rescue to fall in the water.

I draw out Dragon Reservoir Sword, shows a faint smile, said: „Sends out the warship, expels that 4, the blade shield soldier embarks the resistance dark Moon Elf bow arrow, we capture dark Moon Elf that falls in the water, is quick, otherwise they completely were drown to death!"

„Yes, General!"


In the harbor, the warship array of palace guard on, altogether set out 12, distant several bombing, immediately that 4 dark Moon Elf warship on the escape.

I have boarded the biggest warship, stands above the broad side, looks dark Moon Elf that falls in the water, on these young girl faces full is angry, unexpectedly stands in being damaged deck to me is being an arrow, „clang", the arrow arrow spatters in all directions on Hidden Dragon Armor, my physical defense was too high, does not touch me!


The Han deep pool rushed to the warship suddenly, a foot steps on that shoots the waist of my dark Moon Elf young girl, treads it on the deck, raises the long blade to take a blade to cut the head of this dark Moon Elf, I by this fellow do not know that from the start shows tender affection four characters to write? This goods fragrance and jade character do not know that writes? It is not right, definitely continually will pity and pities two characters not to write from the start!

„Han Yuan, stop!"

I give a loud shout hurriedly.

The Han deep pool looks up in consternation to me: „General, this cheap person almost kills you, keeps her to be inadequate?"

I nod: „All dark Moon Elf captives can not kill, detains completely, if who kills dark Moon Elf arbitrarily, military law handling!"

„Yes, General!"

Xiao severe somewhat is puzzled, raises the long spear to stand side me, asked: „Sir, these dark Moon Elf come to humanity, does the Sir also want to keep them?"

I deeply inspire, said: „I remember me once when cold uncultivated land Dragon's den carried on defended the imperial war, heard that between the dark Moon Elf territories and Hybrid Demon armies have also had the war, I spoke frankly that depending on humanity was to hit the Hybrid Demon army, they also had are too too many unknown fearful military strength, therefore I am thinking, if we can unite the dark Moon Elf territory, can have the opportunity to win this time consuming war?"

Xiao Lizheng being startled, in one-eyed was passing the ray: „Hey, the Sir takes a long-range approach, end will admire, these dark do Moon Elf escort back under guard the palace guard barrack?"

„No, was too conspicuous, nearby the build tent, making them have the shelter!"



I look that periphery salvages the dark Moon Elf scene unceasingly, actually thinks that trans-lunar marquis, cannot bear a brow wrinkle, matter that hoping that goods unable to come badly me.

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Zhan Long Chapter 841

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