Zhan Long Chapter 842

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After one hour, in 7 warships altogether 1400 + dark Moon Elf almost completely have become the captive of palace guard, the bow arrows in their hand had been disarmed completely, strongly detains in tent that in our coast establishes, the rope ties up, this I am also actually an expert, has not felt all right with the Han deep pool ties up together.

In order to guard these dark Moon Elf dispatched 2 thousand palace guards to be stationed on the coastline especially, the camp be continuous several li (0.5km), the lights illuminated the coastal forest just like the daytime, I was leading Han Yuan, Xiao severe in the camp patrolled, because finally has defeated dark Moon Elf one time, obtained 210 meritorious values and 25% this level empirical value rewards, was the harvest not poor.


Is pulling the god fierce fine horse, my mark time in the sand beach, asked: „What kind , did the military officers in this group of dark Moon Elf look?"

The Han deep pool nods: „Looked, but dark Moon Elf not that stern military rank establishment, but in every 100 people had a platoon leader, in every 1000 people had a squadron commander, then in every 10,000 people had a chief......"

I in consternation: „Then 100,000 people of commanding were five bar super teams leader, told me quickly is?!"

The Han deep pool is also stunned: „General, their 100,000 people command are dark Moon Elf Queen Feiouna......"

My face joyfully: „Luckily, does not have the dog blood......"

Han deep pool: „......"

Xiao Lidao: „Sir, in this crowd of dark Moon Elf altogether has 14 platoon leader and 1 squadron commander, has sent under custody in the bedroom account of Sir, whatever the Sir punishes, hey!"

I review to stare him: „What meaning your this hey is, am I that person? Person who I have the girlfriend, do not tell me the dark Moon Elf stature to seize the person, actually my girlfriend Cang Tong stature approves......"

Xiao severe: „When brings to us has a look, otherwise does not believe!"

„Is beautiful you!" I smile, these NPC AI were too astonishing, then said with a smile: „Walks, your several pass with me together, examines these platoon leader and squadron commanders, having a look at dark Moon Elf actually to want the iron skull city to do anything in Tian Ling Empire, Full Moon City and."



Shuai Zhangnei, 15 dark Moon Elf young girls tied up there, the mouth is filling the broken cotton fiber, on faces has been full of the anger, but one passes shortly truly is outstandingly beautiful, the skin snow white, the longleg waspwaist and twin peaks are tall and straight, and cheek is clear, but, this group of dark Moon Elf young girls, once obtains the nature, possibly the next quarter will command, Yorozuo long to shoot the hedgehog several of us.

I walk to go forward, asked: „Which is a squadron commander?"

A Han deep pool direction chest specially is big, said: „Is this!"

I step, in her side sinking lower part of the body, has a look on her shoulder, two bars, she has not alerted visits me, on the face is having the spunk, a two stars pupil passes is killing intent, when I take down in her mouth the cotton fabric, she to my face on is being one!


I have turned around, wipe off the saliva on cheeks, then visits her, lets somebody cool off or calm down said: „I do not kill you, does not represent other person not to be willing to kill you, is best to cooperate some, otherwise...... Ahem!"

This young girl has been startled being startled, said: „Who are you?"

The Han deep pool said: „Snort, he does not know that this is commanding of our palace guard, south the empire town the general, commands general Li Xiao Yao of 7 thousand troops!"

The young girls have gawked staring: „Does this rash fellow command unexpectedly?"

My ear wanted red, the moral nature could not bear obloquy CNM, the good and evil I was also south the town the general, in the reality was also Yang Yanji a super master, how was the rash fellow, it seems like that the dark Moon Elf squadron commander also had the blind time!


Around Dragon Reservoir Sword a sheath, has opened the rope on this young girl arm, I have released her, who once thinks that she jumps, worked on the dagger on nearby table on the thorn to my armpit spot.

I smile, grasp the wrist skill ingenious turn over of sword, to approach the sword blade spot of sword hilt to cover the dagger, „clang" falls the dagger standard, then the body advances forward, supple vigor „bang" hits but actually this squadron commander falls on the wooden stake, her face is pale: „This...... Good...... Pretty skill......"

It seems like the dark Moon Elf territory also advocates the powerhouse.

I show a faint smile: „Said that you name."

„I......" she have been startled being startled, said low voice: „I called the flower bud."

I continued: „Our Tian Ling Empire does not want with dark Moon Elf for the enemy, the words that therefore, I asked you should better consider truthfully, come, what does your queen Fiona actually want to obtain in Tian Ling Empire and Full Moon City?"

„Food." Flower bud said.

„Food?" I in consternation: „The dark Moon Elf territory should not calculate that is barren, how to lack food?"

Flower bud said: „We planted with the hunting truly can live the plentiful life, since Dahlen to train the soul army boils out the plague pot, our lands one turned into the place of corrosion piece by piece, is unable again the growth plant, the wild animal and small creature are also getting fewer and fewer, we lost the source of food, can only to not turn over to the sea the south to put out a hand."

„So that's how it is."

I think that said: „This flower bud, I puts you to go back, you see your queen Fiona, transmits my wish to her, Tian Ling Empire is willing to provide certain grain, fixes with the dark Moon Elf territory, resists the Hybrid Demon army together, how?"

Flower bud winked a two stars pupil: „Sir, what you said is real?"

I nod, said: „Naturally real, you spit my face saliva I not to kill you, couldn't you have seen my sincerity?"

Flower bud elegant cheek one red, said: „Sir, really sorry, was I was too a moment ago crude, but also asked the Sir to forgive my error, Sir, you...... Are you willing to put me to go back really?"


I turn around immediately, said to the Han deep pool: „Gives her a boat, making flower bud go back!"

The Han deep pool nods: „Yes, General!"

Flower bud said: „Sir, I believe your manner, but...... Before we arrive, inviting the Sir must guarantee that my sisters' safety, otherwise, by the temperament of Queen Fiona, I believes leeway that definitely has not cooperated!"

I show a faint smile: „Good, I promise you, relax, the palace guard will not disappoint dark Moon Elf!"

„Thank you......"

Flower bud stands up, bows in salute to me, these Moon Elf young girl truly graceful beautiful fascinating'winsomes, are very charming, no wonder these aristocrats will capture the object who these young girls act as to profane to play, Tete was evil!


Arrives at outside the graceful account, gazes after flower bud to ride the small boat to depart, she promises me, before dawn certainly will have the response, moreover my manner is so sincere, Queen Fiona will certainly accept my request, hopes so!

In waiting, as soon as is one hour, finally, presented the dense and numerous warships in the sea horizon of distant place, about 20 + appearances, but should to not attack the palace guard, otherwise these 20 + warships perhaps also insufficiently looked that our Luo Lin warship team does not pay attention, let alone is dark Moon Elf that this crowd of shipbuilding crafts are well below?

In the sea level, a boat full sail speedily comes, the quick arrival shore, is flower bud, she raises a handle long bow, on the face is bringing excitedly: „Sir, the queen agrees with your demand, so long as Tian Ling Empire gives our certain grain every month, we no longer will stir up trouble the Tian Ling Empire coast, and can also resist the Hybrid Demon army with Tian Ling Empire together, the first sisters but who, queen Sir must have a look at these captured, determined after their securities, will agree to cooperate."

I nod: „Does not have the issue."

However, at this moment, distant place one row of cavalry soldiers come suddenly rapidly, on hundred husband long faces full is angry: „Commands, a moment ago...... Trans-lunar Hou Dai his palace soldier had been robbing several dark Moon Elf from our tents a moment ago, our people could not block, damn!"

My moral nature sinks: „What, did the trans-lunar marquis snatch the person here, the person goes which?"

„In our Eastern forests, there has several their tents!"


I cursed angrily one: „Comes with me, then wanted the misdemeanor!"

One group of people go rapidly, when we arrive, the several hundred palace soldiers of trans-lunar marquis defend in the surrounding, is grasping the sword, shouted to clear the way loudly: „Any person, no admittance!"

I urge the horse to advance by rushes, washed out one group of palace soldiers, stands up from failure to discontinue a foot to trample the curtain screen of tent, the body positive pressure that actually saw only that trans-lunar Hou Feipang was shrugging on a body of dark Moon Elf young girl, immediately my flower bud fragrant shoulder trembled, on the face full was the desperate color: „Day......"

Trans-lunar Hou turns around suddenly: „What person?"

I drink one lowly: „Takes!"

The Han deep pool walks to go forward to raise from the young girl the trans-lunar marquis, but that young girl sits sets out, face tears accommodate, after seeing flower bud, is to cry the pear colored belt rain, said: „Flower bud elegant elder sister, will say goodbye next life!"

Saying, she grasped a nearby arrow arrow to prick her throat, in an instant the fragrant disappearing jade perished.


I walk to go forward furiously, a foot tramples in the chest of trans-lunar marquis, rear Xiao Lidao: „Sir, the warship of Queen Fiona disembarked, you...... A bit faster passes?"

I clench teeth: „Walks!"

One group of palace guards leave the camp, distant place beautiful dark Moon Elf wear the long cloak to walk, she as if obtained some news, gets angry: „Mean humanity, do you give my commitment? Why can such as insult my clansman?!"

Saying, Fiona raises in the hand the long bow, said in a low voice: „Dark Moon Elf, the preparation attacks!"

The Han deep pool also lowly exclaimed: „This is not we hopes, Queen Fiona do not act willfully!"

Xiao severe is single-handed: „Blade shield camp, prepares to defend! The cavalry camp starts, prepares [Assault]!"


Sees the war to be ready to be set off, I take a step to go forward slowly, look at dark Queen Moon Elf, said: „Queen Fiona, I am palace guard command Li Xiao Yao, this matter truly is our negligences, the palace guard is willing to accept any penalty, but please do not act willfully, bets the one breath with the lives of two clan clansmen!"

Fiona pair of beautiful eyes brings to visit me proudly: „Li Xiao Yao, you have pledged me, will not injure my clansman, why my clansman will be captured the chastity, will lose her life? Today, you have two roads to walk, one is to hand over the murderer, another is declares war with us officially, dark Moon Elf does not die inevitably continuous!"

My behind trans-lunar marquis is startled immediately, is swaying from side to side the obese body, shouted to clear the way loudly: „Li Xiao Yao, you cannot hand over Going out me, I am the empire marquis, I am your majesty trans-lunar marquis, south a you small town the general does not have the qualifications to decide the life and death of this marquis!"


My face spunk, said: „Han Yuan, gives Queen Fiona trans-lunar marquis, whatever handles!"

Xiao severe in consternation: „Sir, perhaps your majesty investigates that our palace guards could not be inseparable from......"

I said decidedly: „Has not related, has anything's words, I undertake."


Zhan Long Chapter 842

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